The daily Nebraskan. ([Lincoln, Neb.) 1901-current, May 04, 1972, Page PAGE 10, Image 10

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    Itanw must ba submitted to tha
Daily Nabrastofi. 34 Nebraska
On ton, two working day prior to
lha dasfaad data of publication for
Insartion In Short Stuff. Ittmi mutt
ba sutomittad in writing.
The ASUN Parking Appeals
Committee will have its final
meeting of the semester 7 p.m.
Thursday in the Union. Those
wishing to appeal a parking
ticket may pick up an appeals
form at the Campus Security
Office before noon Thursday.
The Art Auction at
Centennial College scheduled
for Saturday has been
There will be an additional
organizational meeting for
students interested in David
H iblers summer reading course
English 155, at 3:30 pjn.
Friday in 333-C Andrews.
Dirk Grathoff of the Free
University in Berlin, Germany,
will speak in German on the
reception of classical German
literature in the Marxist
literary criticism of the
German Democratic Republic
8 pjn. Thursday in the Union.
Grathoff will also speak at
10 a.m. Friday in 1107
Oldfather on the growing
politization of the German
The Art Lending Library
will check in is art loaned this
semester iMay 4 and 5 from 2-5
p.m. Pictures should be
brought to 237 Union.
RHA refrigerator pick up
will be May 8,9. 10 from 3-5
pjm. and 6-8 pjm. in each
residence complex. The RHA
office wiS be open at these
tinaH fur any questions.
HP'S! 47
tO 5 at. an. Mebrfca
Onion Indian Gtrtmaa Maafc
12:30 pjm. Uniorv Nebtaka firm
Uoluaraity (MFU) fmm Sdhac
2 pjm. Lkvtom open rap wlfh Oaaa
Ely Mayaraon.
2-5 a.w. U,1a Art Landing
3:30 fLMi. Union uHder CeUega
5 ipjnik. Union-tcnoMia Taint Your
S:30 ptnu tnlon-bJ Ma Atptia
Sinf c5i1a
6 VJm. Ifewon filabjwAa Unton
om. ttwtom-aWy iiacwthaj '
:30 fua. (MavWUF
a 30 4a.m. Unton-Jten Talta anal
Xopios Coamia'tlaa
V30 Unloa-eioc onalsVidla
7 pjm. Aba Sa1 SMtft
awaaana-Hyipan -mtA anaattnf .
7 ci.m. UrtJfta-Oirlaflaa
7 xb. IMtoa-WWrw
7 pm. IMteoHUidlM Cut Shack
7:XI fMW. tirtton' wvaO mmatora
' 730 UwioaWat9W ,
7&9 pjm. Unior-euyitM Tharapr
ctuk -
0 pjn. Koioo Dapartuwn of .
Moalara) La "Gtrk
' GrafifV
prn. DrtleHfflf T' Your
4 pjjaj. Onion Young "lapMblkjwa
fasanti cano'tdata dabaai
4 30 pjm. !Mtoft-lFU "flack
An open house win be held
at the Cornhusker Co-op (705
N 23rd) from 2-4:30 p.m.
Interviews will be from 9-11
p.m. May 10 in 331 Union for
a student summer job with the
College of Arts and Sciences to
evaluate and analyze data from
John Robinson's survey of
freshmen. Job description and
applications are available at
331 Union (472-2581).
ASUN is sponsoring a
benefit for the Poorhouse
Coalition with the Bill Haley
and the Comets film, "Rock
Around the Clock." After the
film will be a sock hop with
crowning of the Poison Ivy
Queen and a dance contest.
The gala affair, UNL's society
event of the year, will be from
9-12 Friday at Henzlik Hall.
The new telephone number
for the information center.
Window 2, street floor.
Administration Building is
The CSL meeting 7 p.m.
Thursday will concern various
reports from standing
committees and others and
plans for summer and next
year. The meeting will be in
the Union.
David Novelli of the Gak
Ridge National Laboratory will
speak on "Change in
Isoaccepting Transfer RNA
Species During Viral Infection
and Cell Differation," at the
Chemistry Department
Seminar at 3:30 p.m. Friday in
104 Hamilton Hall.
There will be a
closed-circuit showing of the
film. "Social Work" in the
Union small auditorium 7 p.m.
An additonal section on
elementary astronomy.
astronomy 3 (now No. 103)
will be offered next fall.
Section 001: MWF 1:30-2:20
p.m. and Section 002: TT
10:30-1 1:45 am
Certificates for Pi Mu
Eps'lon (math honorary) may
be picked up in 910 Oldfather
accord i ng to Mary
Sommermeyer. treasurer.
Bird... "chirp.'"
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Vla a coisipletely isislas
tvcc'icnd on Playboy's 1st.
CoM 4S tovtes vos to lessaaof j
aWtaffW aamiBtftjaffl aLfHatf gw4la MAiraMM4 llajllamaai -aa
Playboys togandary jet (complete with Jet Bunnies), fawfia
7 friends. You leave Friday and iet from anywhere in the
4S continental slates to iiani or Las Vegas (you choose).
Stay at a luxurious resort hotel and return Sunday afternoon.
AS expense paid. Date and fome ot trtp to be determined by
mutual agreement and availability of aircraft. Rather nava
cash? Co3 45 c, yo S10m (But whether yon
choose cash or carry as 1st prize, yout have a completely
unigue ecperSenca.)
2adA2rd Mass:
1 sawek., &tl expertee paid holtday tor two at Playboy Cktf
Hotel. Jamaica. WJL Incluoes 1 st Class air fare. feod. drink
and fun (or cash equivalent.
4Sti fhnv 10th ftizaa:
Dinner for four at nearest Playboy Club (c casheoinatenQ. y
1 adKiooa1 prtzM il atoo be nvaia(orcafiejuvatent)
45 Colt 45 Tiffany lamps 45 Colt 45 Thermos Uua
45 Cott 45 Transistor Radios 45 Cc4 45 T-cturts
a total of 130 winners!
To enter. KH in coupon beto or um a plain piece of paper
or post card and anaJ io6f. Includa the words 1C11 4S
Wat Laquor" from any psckae of Cott 45 or the words
CoJt 45 Ma UquoT prireted in plstn block teCe on a plain
fee of paper or post card. ttoptrchMne
see rules bekMa for details.
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