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    Faculty Senate sets
agenda precedent
The Faculty Senate Tuesday
decided to add to its monthly
meeting agenda a report on old
senate business items awaiting
action by the UNL
RIGHT NOW there is no
mechanism to ensure that
administration takes action on
matters referred to it by the
senate, English Prof. Paul
Olson said at the faculty's
November meeting in the
Nebraska Center for
Continuing Education.
As a temporary solution to
the problem the senate decided
to keep tabs on reports in the
administration's hands.
Law Prof. James Lake, the
senate's president, said re
would keep track of such
reports and place them on the
agenda. He said he would also
bring up the issue with the
senate's committee on faculty
OLSON SAID all reports
sent to the administration
should specify which arm of
the administration should
handle the report, and the
length of time in which the
senate can "reasonably expect
a response" from the
Students give Nov. 16 meal
Dormitory students can give
up a meal Nov. 16 for a
nationwide drive to raise
money for East Pakistani
Food services will give the
money saved on meals to the
ASUN Human R ights
Committee, said chairman Ann
Pederson. The money will be
sent to Americans for East
Pakistani Refugees,
headquartered in New York,
HELP!!!!!. . .Help Line aide
another crisis.
, .7
t . ;l L ,.,,,.. ..'....-J
About 100 faculty members
attended the 45 -minute East
Campus meeting, in which the
senate also unanimously
approved a College of
Dentistry plan to institute a
passfail system in its clinical
areas of instruction.
The experimental system,
which includes a student
profile evaluation, was
approved for a three-year
DENTISTRY students will
be able to take up to 80 credit
hours passfail out of a total of
up to 180 hours in the
Dentistry program.
The senate's grading
committee said the passgail
system should provide a more
accurate picture of a student's
progress in the clinical part of
his training.
Also approved at the
meeting was a report of the
faculty liaison committee
rejecting the idea of a senate
budget committee, which was
proposed earlier in the year.
THE LIAISON committee
said instead of a separate
committee to take over the
advisory function of the
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for medical supplies and food,
she said.
Although Nov. 3 is the day
set aside for a nation-wide Fast
to Save the People, the ASUN
committee will have students
sign up Wednesday and
Thursday for a fast Nov. 16,
Pederson said.
Greek houses can fast on
Wednesday or choose another
date, she added.
Phil Pfeiffer helps solve yet
League-ASUN drive registers 674
by H. J. Cummins
The League of Young
Voters-ASUN voter
registration drive registered
674 students Monday on the
two UNL campuses, and the
League helped register an
additional 60 at Union College,
according to newly-appointed
Lincoln coordinator Bruce
On the University campuses,
432 students registered in
Lancaster County while the
remaining 242 filled out
requests for absentee voter
forms to be sent to their home
towns, Beecher said.
The breakdown at Union
College, he said, was 11
registering in Lancaster County
and 49 absentees.
Booths will open at
Wesleyan Thursday and
continue through Friday.
Beecher said registration
booths were "not quite as
busy" Tuesday as Monday, but
he predicated that close to
Monday's figure would be
registered by day's end.
A registration booth was
open in Abel-Sandoz 1 1 a.m.
to noon Monday. Beecher said '
only about 100 students
Phone services provide aid
by Cheryl Westcott
Got a gripe, a question or a
pressing problem? One of the
University's four telephone
information services may be
able to help you.
Bitch Line, a new service of
the ASUN Education
Committee, began operation
last week "to help students
who have educational problems
in the University," according
to John Theisen, committee
complaint about an unfair
grade, or a question about drop
and add or integrated studies
should first call Help Line,
472-3312 or 472-3311, and
explain the problem to them,
Theisen said.
This information will be
recorded and passed on to the
education committee. The
committee will contact the
caller and try to cure the
problem through existing
channels, Theisen explained.
Committee members meet
once a week on campus,
Theisen said. Only two calls
were received the first week;
Theisen blames lack of
publicity for the small number
and anticipates an increase of
THE CRISIS Health Aide
Center, begun last April, helps
callers deal with immediate
(tress situations and develop
ways of coping with future
stress, Dr. Carmen Grant of
the University Health Center
Grant said the aide center
was developed "in order to
anticipate the University
registered in that booth.
"I was disappointed. I hope
the turn-outs will be better in
dorms," he said.
There were no figures
available on the exact East
Campus turn-out but Beecher
said it, tao, was "disap
pointing." "It wasn't nearly as good as
City Campus," he said.
Today's voter registration
booths will be set up at the
following locations and times:
Nebraska Union 10 a.m. to
4 p.m.
East Union 10 a.m. to 4
Cather-Pound Cafeteria 1 1
a.m. to 1 p.m. and 4 p.m. to 7
Beecher said the drive is
"trying to make registration
just as convenient as it can,"
with information booths at
each registration site.
Students with questions can
also call ASUN or Lancaster
County Election Commissioner
Bill Davidson.
"Now that students have
bverr given rhancetO"h-ave a
voice in what's happening in
community's needs, and as part
of an overall philosophy
concerning community mental
The crisis health aide helps
individuals with problem
solving, assessing the crisis and
looking at solutions. If
necessary, referrals are made to
professional people, Grant said.
PROBLEMS encountered
by the aides range from
immediate crisis situations to
chronic emotional or family
problems. The 19 crisis health
aides attend an intensive
four-week training course that
relies heavily on role playing,
Grant stated.
Prospective aides develop
listening and interviewing skills
during the training sessions and
after selection attend a weekly
discussion session.
The Crisis Health Aide
Center operates a telephone
line daily from 6 p.m. to 1 a.m.
The number is 472-2200;
about eight to 10 calls are
received nightly, Grant said.
HELP LINE,the University's
first telephone service, begins
its third year of operation this
month. The line's policy is to
try to give an answer or a
referral to every request,
supervisor Donald A. Holm
In fall 1969, no personal
problem counseling service
existed, Holm said. Initially
Help Line provided crisis help.
Now callers with severe
emotional or physical health
problems are referred to the
Crisis Health Aide Center.
The original staff decided
the telephone service should be
broadened to include academic
the country, they should
vote-and in order to vote they
need to register," Beecher said.
He added he hoped large
student turn-outs would drive
the older members of the
community to vote more often
t!ian they do currently.
"Even if they vote just
because they're afraid students
will take over, that's fine,"
Beecher said, emphasizing his
belief "there's definitely power
in voting."
ASUN President Steve
Fowler said, "It's important
with the Presidential primary
in Nebraska, the election of two
regents, cne senator, three
congressmen and half the
Legislature, that students
register and vote this year."
Beecher said the League
"intends after this drive to go
into the community to register
other young people."
He said he wants to register
as many people as possible, and
the campus drive "just
happened to be the first one."
Anyone interested in
organizing registration drives in
their home town can write the
League of Young Voters, Box
8 1814, Lincoln for
information, he added.
problems, University red tape
and general information, Holm
last Tuesday, When 141 people
requested help. Between Aug.
29 and Sept. 30, the line
answered 1,449 questions.
One of the more common
questions regards the gestation
period of gerbils, Holm said.
Pre-Halloween callers asked for
a popcorn ball recipe and asked
how to cure a sick turtle.
Help Line operates from the
office of Student Affairs, 207
Administration Building. In
addition to the usual reference
materials, three other members
of the staff are on call to
provide information.
BtMUhii answering
questions, and forwarding
Bitch Line inquiries, Help Line
has also acted as an answering
service for University
organizations. During a
pesticide pick-up program last
year, the line handled calls for
the environmental organization
sponsoring the activity, Holm
Help Line also functions as
a clearing house for temporary,!
work study. University staff
members can call when they
need student help for up to 2
weeks, Holm said. The line is
now keeping seven students
pretty busy, he said.
The four people answering
the phone are paid by the
Office of Student Affairs.
uriemarion and training are
tailored for the individual and
he does not begin to work
alone until he meets the line's !
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