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Monday, October 15, 1 962
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old guard
Everything seems to be going quite
well, and then wham. We've talked about
interfraternity spirit. We have advocated
that pledge classes be brought up with a
cooperative spirit as their guide.
Junior Interfraternity Council (JIFC)
is coming of age. Last year it woke up to
the reality that it could do something and
be a valuable part of the campus.
BUT, the lates has it that the new
pledge presidents and JIFC reps are play
ing politics at the urging of their upper
class IFC reps and activity jocks and
pushers in their houses. JIFC elections
are slated for Tuesday. Sunday, a fraction
of the houses that "aren't too big" and a
few that are met in a session to "get better
acquainted" and "get our men in". -
The campus, over the past few years
has shunned such political shinanigans.
Everyone even thought that the days of
honest elections had arrived. Elections
which would allow the people who de
served the offices to be chosen on the
basis of their merits, not their political
affiliation or their fraternal association.
And, while we have the knife in, let's
turn it around a couple of times. Rush
week is over, kiddies. Most of the leader
ship in the various fraternities and, yes
AND sororities realize (or should) that we
have to work together as a system. Dirty
rush should not have played even in rush
week. But more, why should it continue?
What is to be gained? So maybe you have
petty gripes against a house. Maybe you
feel that they cheated you last year so get
even this year. Maybe you fail to realize
that house is as important to a total frater
nity picture as yours.
So I say it again we have big houses,
we have little houses, we have inbetween
ers. Go ahead. JIFCers, get off to a bad
start after starting good. Vote with a
closed mind with your only purpose being
to "get your man in" and chop the big
'ens. Put aside the basis of your group
operation. Be manipulated.
Or, think for .yourselves. Forget about
the votes you promised or swapped away
on Sunday. Maybe the man you planned
by don ferguson
to railroad can really meet the challenges
and tests. If so, elect him fairly.
You know, the campus hasn't beet so
full of spirit in years. We can't even recall
a time when the team members received
standing ovations. We can't recall such
bedlam in the stadium (since Oklahoma).
And now the troops across campus start
talking about migration. Nearly every stu
dent would like to make the trip. So, the
cry once again goes out WE WANT A
reply comes back BECAUSE ADMINI
So, Student Council, maybe you could
latch your hooks into this one again. It
will only be the umpteenth time. The ru
mer mill reason that Admini gives is
that they would have to be responsible for
the students that go. Well, why not have
them call off classes on Friday, release
a public statement that they will not take
any responsibility and that all parents
must assume direct responsibility if
Johnny goes.
Let's face it, there will be hundreds,
maybe thousands go anyway. Official or
unofficial. Anyway, with the spirit as high
as it is now, the team deserves this sup
port at migration time. Even the band
s going.
Changing thought again, Congratula
tions definately are in order to the mem
bers of Delta Tau Delta for sponsoring
the very successful street dance on
Friday night. This is the type of interfra
ternity spirit that we should have on
campus. House parties are generally so
blah anyway, that this was a refreshing
We feel that the Delt party was an
indication of changing and progressive
attitudes not only towards social, but to
wards the general role of the greek system
on the campus and its obligations to its
membership. Congrats again.
. AS
5 ' ! I'i'''' ' J . 'If, X' i" 'W'"''" 3 ' I ' '"'Ii' " mammmm
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I From 'Ole Miss' Editor
Daily Nebraskan
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PUBLICATION mrmliert af the Dally Nrbraskaa staff re persoaallr
responc1 e for what the? say. or oe, or cause to Da printed.
Telephone 432-7631 ext. 4225, 4226, 4227 t. im.
Member Associated Collegiate Press, 14t" & K
International Press Representative, Na- editokui staff
tional Advertising Service, Incorporate?!. Mnatin Editor 7..;:;"iaW wowfarth
Published at: Room 51, Student Union, R wSL ." J??MlB
I Innnln S Vohrnclrn Copy Editors . . Linda Jensen, Susie Rutler, Lynn Corcoran
tjU"-"IU CuruMHt. BU(f Writers Sue Hoylk, Gary tacey, Karen Ganllcks
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t student opinion. Pablicatioo under the Jurisdiction of ham, Tom Fltrbett
the subcommittee on undent Puoiicatlons shall be frea Circulation Manarer Jim Trestar
(Editor's Note: The fol
lowing editorial is f r q m
the Daily Mississippian,
the official newspaper of
the University of Missi
ssippi by its editor, Sidna
Brower. )
This is an appeal to the
entire student body and to
anyone concerned with the
present situation:
Not only do the stu
dents chance forfeit
ing their education by
participating in riots,
but they are bringing dis
honor and shame to the
university and to the
State of Mississippi.
When students hurled
rocks, bottles and eggs the
federal marshals were
forced to resort to tear
gas to back off the
When outsiders show
their objections in the
form of violence, they are
seriously injuring the stu
dents in an attempt to
continue their education.
As a student, I beg you
to return to your homes.
This is a battle between
the State of Mississippi
and the United States
government; the univers
ity is caught in the middle.
The Civil War was
fought one hundred years
ago over almost the same
issues and the United
States of America pre
vailed. The Federal gov
ernment is once again
showing its strength and
power to uphold the laws
of our country.
A Proposal
To the Editor:
I would like to restate
a proposal that was, made
by me two years ago in
the Daily Nebraskan.
What has hap,ened to
the suggestion that stu
dents on this campus be
given a chance to give a
formal evaluation of their
instructors at the end of
the semester?
For those who do not
remember the purpose of
this proposal, they were
as follows:
1) To let the instructors
(those who care at least)
know or be given an idea
of how well the subject is
being grasped through
their instruction.
2) To aid the various
department head to make
fairer judgments on ad
vancement of personnel.
This would give them an
idea of how well the in
structors are working to
make their subject pres
entation clearer.
One must realize that
there will be a few who
would use this chance for
evaluation for their own
petty grudges, but I be
lieve the large majority
of University students
would be able to give an
honest opinion and fair
evaluation of how well the
instructor has done.
This proposal is not
new since many cam
puses across the nation
do include this evaluation
in their scholastic pro
grams (University of
Southern California for
I now appeal again to
students and faculty to
get this type of program
rolling. I think it has been
long overdue.
Sincerely yours,
d. o.
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