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Wednesday, April 4,-19621
Majority Disappointed, But...
There is an air of general and wide
spread disappointment and, perhaps, dis
illusionment among most students who
attended the All University convocation
to hear Sen. Barry Goldwater speak.
In fact, as one person
quipped, his speech at the
University excited no vis
ible emotionalism among
the listeners.
However, this feeling
was certainly vanquished
for the fortunate minor
ity of students who were
among the Arizona Sen
ator's audiences at later
and smaller conferences
and meetings. The key
word to the change of feeling from dis
appointment to adulation is "smaller."
The student who attended only the con
vocation should try to remember that a
controversial man such as Goldwater,
who is often misquoted because he is
not afraid to state his position in no
uncertain terms almost to a fault
when addressing 9,000 students and citi
zens, must speak in generalities and
broad terms, or else he would have half
the audience on stage.
During the remainder of his day in
Lincoln at Wesleyan before an audi
ence of about 1,000 students, at a noon
luncheon, at a visit to the Law School
here and the Sigma Chi house, at an aft
ernoon press conference and at an over
flow Republican dinner in the evening
Goldwater dropped his previous barriers
of generalities and got down to specifics.
The audiences at these other meetings
were more receptive to his comments
and in general conducted themselves in
a proper manner as would be expected
college students which the convocation
audience most certainly did not!
During the question and answer ses
session at the convocation, students were
restless and many of them got up and
walked out before the convocation ended.
A good deal of the trouble was the fault
of the convocation committee. They
should have allowed students who didn't
want to remain for questions an oppor
tunity to leave. Also, some more reliable
method of asking the questions should
have been used. Students in the back two
thirds of the auditorium could not hear
what the questions to the Senator were.
Much of this could of been solved by
doing as previous convocations had done
allowed Sen. Goldwater the entire hour
for his speech and then take extra time
for those persons who wanted to ask
questions or listen to answers. This was
the proceedure used by the convocations
for Victor Riesel and last year for Jus
tice William O. Douglas. Both these con
vocations were much more successful.
And on and on he went throughout the
day. His visit here was not just a pleas
ant side trip between tough and import
ant speeches to be made elsewhere. The
national party is concerned over the sit
uation in Nebraska. For the last sev
eral political campaigns in the state the
GOP has been divided by intra-party
feuds that have resulted in a split front
and a Democratic governor in the state
house. With the spring primaries com
ing up and the elections in the fall, the
GOP is bringing in some of its biggest
guns to try and unite the party again.
Goldwater spent a good deal of his
speaking time at the fund raising din
ner, which was billed as his only political
speech, trying to impress upon the state
GOP leaders present, and they just about
all were, to campaign hard for their in
dividual candidates before the primaries
and if their candidate won, fine; but if
he lost to get out and support the win
ning Republican candidate in the No
vember election.
"We can not afford the luxury of an
intra-party fight," he pointed out. And
it is the lack of this luxury that the na
tional Republican leaders are trying to
show to the Nebraska GOP. Goldwater
drew a comparison to the ' Democratic
party and their campaign practice of
saying "he may be an SOB but he is
ours" and they will work together to get
their candidate elected.
It is likely that this same tone or
emphasis will be again voiced by anoth
er one of the GOP "guns", William E.
Miller, National GOP Chairman, next
week at the Nebraska Republican's 27th
Founders Day. It appears that Nebraska
will be getting quite a bit of the party's
attention in trying to regain the state
house. This should be a common objective of
of entire state party since, as Goldwa
ter said, any Republican who wins a
gubernatorial race this year will be is
a rather contending spot for the 1964
GOP presidential nomination, including
Fred Seaton, wbo appears to be the only
serious GOP candidate for the job and
the partly doesn't seem to be very in
terested in finding competition. After all
Seaton is a home boy made good.
So Goldwater's visit, though disappoint
ing to the majority of people who could
only attend the Convocation, was signifi
cant and highly interesting, as can be
attested by the number of press corres
pondents from local and national press
and wire services who follwed him
throughout the day.
Meet Sheet
Dear Students:
This response if pre
sented for the purpose of
clearing up any mis
conceptions which might
be held by members of
the Student Body as the
result of the "H from H"
column written by Miss
Herbie Nore, and appear
ing in the Rag on March
3G, 1962. It will include
deserving 'H' from Build
ers. There are just a f e w
facts which I would like
to state to eliminate some
possible misunderstand
ings. First of all, the
comment in last week's
Builders' Meet Sheet, con
cerning the Alpha Gamma
Rho fraternity, has been
apologized for, and it ad
mittedly was in poor
taste. The individuals re
sponsible have been made
aware of this. This type
of comment does not and
will not belong on t h i s
Sheet in the future.
The next point I wish to
make is that the Builders'
Meet Sheet is anew
idea. Granted it has not
been perfected in two
weeks. The main idea,
however, is basically a
good one. Many people
are working hard to build
this into a service from
which all campus organi
zations, activities, and
events can benefit. The
Daily Nebraskan itself
admits that it cannot
print as much, or as of
ten, as is warrented, the
information about all
campus events. It is our
interest then, to make
this information avail
able to as many people
as possible in the best
possible way.
There is a definite place
for a service like this on
our campus. The Builders
Publicity Committee has
received letters from
campus organizations,
and comments from cam
pus leaders, stating that
there is a definite need
here, and thanking us for
initiating this effort.
The Builders' Meet
Sheet will be a service
in proportion to the
amount and frequency of
the information we re
ceive for publication. This
includes information from
all activities, organiza
tions, events, publicity
chairmen, colleges, spe
cial departments, church
groups, honoraries, etc.
Our service is open to
all areas of campus life.
We encourage and request
information to be sub
mitted to the Builders Of
fice by the Monday noon
of the week preceding the
Wednesday to Wednesday
dates of the Meet Sheet.
It is unfortunate that
Miss Nore did not inves
tigate nor inquire about
the promising future of
the Meet Sheet before she
got on her critical high
horse. We welcome con
structive criticism, but
realize that anyone can
criticize another's efforts.
It takes some real thought
to continue to see the
need for new things, cre
ate a way to answer that
need, and then continue
to work to improve th
This blind lashing-out at
what can develop into a
real service for the stu
dents of the University of
Nebraska, I feel, was on
called for. I do hope that
campus activities take ad
vantage of the Meet Sheet
and aid in its growth.
Thank you.
Mary Kokes
Builders President
J About Letters J
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One pair trousers
or one skirt ....
Student Conduct
ee Dear Editor;
I Last Friday the honor
I able Senator Barry Gold-
water, Republican senator
I from Arizona, spoke to
the Student body of Ne
ll braska. Invited by the
Faculty Senate Convoca-
tions Committee, Senator
Goldwater spoke for a
brief half hour without
financial reward.
I It was quite a decent,
s cultured, Nebraska -style
I respect that Senator Gold
I water received. The sel-
fish citizens and students
of Nebraska did not even
pay this man the respect
of remaining seated until
1 he finished. He has risen
1 far above any level these
1 people could ever hope to
fumble to. At 15 minutes
before the gorging hour,
these people sensed the
1 animal growling of their
2 digestive systems and
waddled off to their res
pective eating areas.
Now that this is past,
and these "Nebraskans"
have satisfied their pal
ates and are happy with
their SO pound earlobes
and 40 pound eyelids, I
hope that Senator Gold
water will not feel all Ne
braskans to be bumpkins.
Al Thomsen
2 Party System
of U.S.A.
After a long illness, finally
succumbed because of hy
pocrisy. Survived by Young Demo
crats and other "Liberals."
Funeral burial pending
trilh this coupon al
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