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C-( class Jtlour Arrives
sfP 15 1959
Vol. 34, No. 1
The Daily Nebraskan
Tuesday, September 15, 1959
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RUSH HOUR 14th and S was a teeming
mass of students and autos .when this
photo was taken just before the beginning
of the ecw year's classes at 7:50 a.m.
Monday. Parking lots seemed unusually
NU's Budget Increase
Is Near $1.8 Million
The University budget was ; creases are determined on a ; pense and equipment, includ- stepped down to second Women Step Down j tnaj we nave had."
increased by nearly $1.8 mil-' merit basis and not on an ing social security, $3,140,022, ! and made room for new title- Tne anfemaie score was a jn a note 0f weicome, Har
lion for the coming 1959-60 across-the-board scale. up $177,629. j holder, Theta Xi. 5 914 compared to a 5.976 the din said the new 1,800-mem-
fiscal year. ;
ine Duagei will loiai it, - -
will total $16,-
066.129. Increased legislative
aporoDriations were credited
as the primary reason for the
budget hike over last year,
More than 90 per cent of
the increase will eo into
higher salaries for University
personnel, according to Comp-
troller Joseph Soshnik. Of the
increase, 75 per cent will go 1
into academic salaries, 19 per
cent into classified, hourly professors, $7,700 to $11,000; tural extension and College average from a 5.Z40 to a
aid graduate assistant salar- associate professors, $6,000 to of Medicine, $191,000. ; 5.553.
ies, and 6 per cent into execu- $9,200; assistant professors. No new activities at the1 Although their averages re
tive salaries, including deans, $5,000 to $7,800, and instruc- University are proposed byjmained higher than the
directors and superintendents, tors, $4,500 to $6,600. the budget, Dr. Soshnik said, men's women took a slight
Hardin Gets Hike i Dr. Soshnik said the general Tuition income is exacted to
Chancellor Clifford Hardin's
salarj' was increased from
$20,000 to $22,500.
He explained that these in-
Rag Has
J -School Majors
Dominate Staff
r . !
For the first time in
years, a. feminine hand will
handle the reins of the Daily
Nebraskan staff.
Diana Maxwell, senior in
Arts and Sciences, will be the
first woman editor since Sally
Hall held the post second se
mester in 1954.
Chain of Command
Next in command is Car
roll Kraus, senior in Arts and
Sciences, who will be man
aging editor. Sandra Whalen.
another Arts and Sciences
Sfnior, is news editor
Copy editors include Herb
I'robasco, Sandra Laaker and
John HoeniT. Jari"! Jane
cek. Karen Long and I)oula
?: "z" "
!n if.-i a 4
Pa! Brown,
and Sciences,
junior in Arts
will be sports
I'j.siui's Side
Heading the business staff
is Stan Kaiman, junior in me
chanical engineering. Assis
tant business managers are
Charlene Cross, Gil Grady
and Don Ferguson.
Seven members of the paid
editorial staff are majorip
in journalism, including the
editor, managing editor and
news editor.
Miss Maxwell, who
worked on the paper for three
j. -.i-- ' .
ears, IS also Secret arv ui
1 . .' . .
jkiortar ioaru ana a memDci
of Alnha Lambda Delta, fresh-'
man women's scholastic hen-
ir t.. a i u
juuiudiiBiu .mirnmui
ary and vice-presiaent ot
Theta Sigma Phi, professional
women's journalism fratern
ity. SDX President
Kraus, in his fourth semes
ter of Dady Nbraskan work,
Is president of Sigma Delta
Chi, professional journalistic
fraternity and serves as sec
retary and IFC representative
of Kappa Sigma.
Miss Whalen, president of
Alpha Omicron PI Sorority,
is a member of Ka.ipa Tau
Alpha and is secretary of
Theta Sigma Phi. She has
been a member of the Daily
Nebraskan staff for t b r e e.
Brown, a former sports
writer, is a member of Sigma
Delta Chi.
President of Sigma Alpha
Mu fraterni'v. Hainan B'rd
as assistant business manager
i lr .I.i i.ir1(arr as portions were changed and sale of agricultural commodi-jthe present year with a $40,
'lovr ening as tumor Man r , , . " : . 'i-, o' oiinmnf
lur four semesters.
Chancellor Hardin, com-
menting that he was pleased:
menung inai ne was uieasea
with the budget, said that
"the salary increases will
place the Nebraska faculty at
about mid-point in the aver-
age salaries paid faculties of
principal comDetine institu-
Salary ranges for Nebraska
faculty members of under-
graduate colleges on academ-
ic year appointments are: i
current funds budget, with an,
increase of $1,797,871, c o n-
sists of: academic and ad-
ministrative salaries, $8,906,-
401 UD n x
401, up $1,322,155; classified
; salaries and hourly wages,
$3,500,386. uo $191,827: erad-
i uate assistants, $519,320, up
$106,260; and operating ex-
Open House
For Union
On Friday
Although formal dedication
ceremonies are scheduled fori
Friday afternoon, the . Union :
k.. ..-r::!i.. i ; -
jidj uiiviih-hju.v 1US
doors to the student body. j
The Crib, bowling, p i n g-
pong, party rooms and billiard
tables have been in use since j
New Student Week. Meals are !
Rug Plans Edition
For Union Opening
The Union's three day
opening celebration Friday
through Sunday will be com
memorated by a special edi
tion of the Daily Nebraskan.
being served in the Round jp student bookstore; revolving
room and activities prepared accounts, such ai payroll de
lo move into new offices. ductions and storeroni and
Construction continued in service departments.
various Darts of the old Union
remodeled. -
The formal dedication cere- ity testing services and Ex- First installments in the
monies will be at 4:30 p.m. on tension Division services. program arrived last March
ihe terrace, sparking off a Each of these activities according to Harper, and an
gala weekend crammed with must produce receipts to other arrived in May. A total
tours, exhibitions, rallies, match any disbursements i of 45 requests for $11,739 was
dancing and all facilities going ! which are made, he explained. I granted then, and so far 158
at high gear. I Cash auxiliary funds are not requests have been granted
The Four Aces will be fea-' used to finance the regular j for the first semester of this
tured in the ballroom both1
Friday and Saturday nights,
New Parking Meters Installed Near Union
Parkine meters, an expert-
ment in University parking,
have been installed in the, Mx meters nave a lz-minute
rn. o thii'llmil 11 havo a lun-hmir limit
uiiiuii ummij wi mi ujjc una
,., T
ThP ra.rar arPa has been
black-topped and provides
. . - :
time irom u. minuics iu sum
Jamec S. Pittenger, assist
ant to the Chancellor, aid
I the new rrea is designed to
prm ide centrally located
close-in parking space for;
.Another Story
Page 5
those who need it when the i
occasion demands. '
A different type than those
used by the city, the meters,
have a flag marked "legal j
time" to indicate that park-
ing time still remains, instead
of having an arrow showing
the minutes of time remain
ing. Nickel an Hour
, Instructions for using the
meters are marked on each'
one. Based on a rate of five
, cents aa hour, the meters will
packed, indicating few were cutting their
first classes or that the number of com
muting students has taken a big jump this
Revenue Sources j
Revenue Sources
aix auierem sources 01 rev-
Six different sources of rev
enue will support the general;
current funds budget. These
include state general f u n d,
$12,250,000; tuition income,
Sl.971.371; federal funds, $l,-j
456.757: endowment income.
.$40,000; county levies, for pa-1
tient-care at
university nos-1
pital, $152,000: and cost reim-
bursements in such areas as
vocational education, agricul-
continue at its present rate.j
If enrollment is increased, the j
increased tuition wfll be used1
to hire additional teachers, if
The general current funds
budget is for teaching, re-
search and public service pro-
grams in the nine colleges at
the City and Agricultural
campuses in jncoin, tne Aiea-
ical Center in Omaha includ
,ing the College of Medicine,
School of Nursing and Uni
versity Hospital
Concluding the list are the:
Agricultural Extension Serv-j
ice m 93 counties; tne Agrt
cultural Experiment Stations
at Lincoln, Mitchell, Alliance,
North Platte, Fort Robinson
4 1 . u ol 1 ,.r
Agriculture at Curtis and the
Division of Conservation and
Activity Funds
Dr. Soshnik estimated $7,-
711,928 in addition for the fis
leal year in cash auxiliary
l funds. These are essentially
l - -: . r I t :..::
revolving iujius lur acuviues
I which are
-,.Hi;,..,;jni; r.
1 These are auxiliary enter
prise activities such as dor
mitories, dining halls, student
health services. Union and
Others are purchase and
ties, equipment and commod-
instructional or academic ac-1
tivities of the University.
all accept coins from a penny
to a quarter.
........ . .......
J tt III, o tn.,w.t,n.,r llmlf '
bum - .
:Pwto of meters with f-
minute and two-hour limits
nnlntiil vellnw and hln
'") ' n. ' ' ' ' pf
I - : - si . -...
" - ' , . '
''' a1M '
NEW METERS The newly completed 72
car parking lot east of the Union on S St.,
pictured above, features four-hour meters
in the center section. Twelve-minute me-
oo ver Terms Registration
An "Incredulous Success'9
Registrar Floyd H o o V e r
called this fall's registration
"an incredulous success,, as
students left card pulling wor
ries to the administration for
the first time.
Further praising the plan
suggested by a Student Coun
cil committee last February,
Hoover said long waiting'
Crade Averages:
Theta Xi Cops Title
From Farmllouse
Sixteen semesters afterjstep downward, according to
taking first place on the figures released from the Of-
" - 1 1 i : 1 n.. nil " fi nf Pnnlrtvntlnn T nr.
mat KiMwuc liuuui
FarmHouse fraternity
The successors to tM non-;
orea ursi piace iur mm o i-
ganized houses won
5.975 compared to
i di Hi-
j House's winning 6.225
i semester last year.
Love Hall Stays
Love Memonal Hau mam -
Love Memonal Hall mam
tamed the ; first place women,,
position, out aroppea irom a
j 6.485 to a 6.333
! University students
gether raised their overall
c Chnirmvn
OULUll KjllUiriUCIl
i j rViff Tfn
oIlOlllU, Cull ""5
Social chairmen of organ
ized houses should contact
Pat Dean at the Daily Ne
braskan office to report pin
ningg and engagements.
The social column will be
ran in Wednesday's paper.
All pinning! and engage
ments must be called in by
Tuesday at 1 p.m.
I r liriH
Of 8168,000
One-third of the state's Na
tional Defense Student Loans
total will be available to Uni
versity students during the;
present fiscal vear. accord-
md to the U.S. Office of Edu-
j w p Harnpr T'nivprsit v"
... . , , -
administrator of the loan pro
gram, said $ll3,84o has beenjPhi
allocated and the University s
mnfr-hint sharp will 1w
; , , .
approximately $12,700.
The total state allotment is
J'317' . ...u ,t
Harper noted the University
will have a total of $H.330
lUciiliiig JiiijJUbcs uuiuig
last year s allotment.
school year at a total ot sv
The lot will be checked for
violations by campus police
from 8 a.m. 10 a p.m. .Monuay
Ihrnnuh Frirlav and from 8
o m nrvm nn Katnrrlav
Overtime penaUy is a $1 fine.
1 mitir area most register their!
ll It. ( '.
lines were eliminated and
class sections wound up in
better balance
Freshmen who hadn't pre
registered, transfer studenis
and others who for some rea
son hadn't registered in the
spring were the only ones
pulling cards during New Stu-
WB- -u v-
previous semester and sor-
or tv women dronned from a
o.9o4 to a 5.887.
i(t. .. i J l J
erases, moving from a 5.375
' for the overall to a 5.407 and
' a 5.410 in the fraternities,
- mn. . nro.C 5
' ct. n amnna
.-'"ZL ,6 .""3t
llic uiganiicu nuiucu s
Love Memorial Hall
Kappa Alpha Theta 236
Chi Omega
Alpha Chi Omens 6192
Terrace Hall l'-9
Kappa Kappa Gamma 6.110 !
Delta Delta Delta 6.108
Alpha Xi Delia 6.0M i
Alpha Omicon Pi 6.012 1
Delia Gamma 5.9i
Kappa Delia 5.949 j
?lriM Is
Hammond Hau s .wi
Bine Ford piper Haii ::::::'.'.::::::5 Sf.5j "In adding up all of these j Hoover said he plans to dis
u.ThTiIu TaB "I". lm factors," the Chancellor con-j cuss the entire registration
zeu Tau Alpha III""""'"'"' 55 eluded, "you can see that the process with Student Council
HetpoerHaHaii . 5M5 potential for an outstanding president Jack Nielsen soon.
suwia Kapp. ... ... s 179 education is before you. To; The Council, objecting to al-
oM? SfnIw-laSUC averageSigain full measure of this op- phabetical card 'pulling for
are aioiiowa. 5 portunity will depend, of glasses at each registration,
FajmHoa , 5sr7 C0UrSe, on you. the student. s offered the following com-
sfJma p?.'..:::::::'.:'.:'.::::::.52lt requires hard work ahead, plaints when proposing the
SLiloa :;:::::::::::::::1$:And i hope that each and ;new plan.
sma Alpha Mu srso every one of you will make Seniors had trouble
"attAEp.iJoa'::::::.":::::::l?" the most of your opportun-; getting courses necessary for
Sigma unj j.on,
Maclean House 5 6ai
Hitrfacork Rouse 5i
Delia I ptilon 6i5
Andrewf House 5.571 '
rinif.iam Hmtf rf 5 54?
Ail Men'f Club 5 519
Kowiier House 5.5U
Burnett House 5.4!'
Kappa Sutma 5.4461
Brown Palace $.441
Kieaselbarh House 5 4.',
Avery Hise .5.40'
Alpha Gamma Slkma 5.30 i
Cornhwtker Co-op 5.3W
Alpha Gamma Rho 5 .32
Bessey House . 5.309 ?
Phi Kappa Psi 5 J4
Beta TDeta Pi S.336 i
rIU Sima Phi 5 3 9 1
DelU Tau Delta 5.JII i
Alpha Tau Omega 5-3ii
FairlieM House $.273
Selletk House 5 .2SS !
Tnela Chi 5 2!i
Sima .Vu 5.210
' sJ
T1 Aa ,? 1
Pi Kappa I'hi , $14
mun .v.u
ICanheld House 5 '
Sraliifi I4ue I i.UUt
Uenvm He 5(113
u.miir. i'u ............... d
Va b. nous. 4.w
2a Meu Tau 4 847
Seaton Htmst II
gmik h.
'Seniors Em
j ns prize
A Law College senior, Law
rence Murphy, was awarded
first place for his essay in the
1959 Rocky Mountain Mineral
Law Foundation essay con
test. The topic oi his essay was
"Partition of Mineral
Estates". He received $400 as
the prize.
cars with the University and
display the standard Under
Darkin2 DerTriit 0n the
J " b v
I ,:i..i.i0ii
"If premium parking proves
successful, we n be in a posi
tion to use more of It next
year." Pitienger said.
- -
x 'i
lert are to the extreme left and not visible.
The remainder of the meters are for two
hour parking.
dent Week, last week. Just
paying fees was the main ac -
tivity for most students.'
A staff of six pulled cards
this summer, working from
worksheets compiled by . stu
dents in the spring. Seniors
with at least 95 hours had
their cards pulled first. i
Hoover said first choices
Chancellor Clifford Hardin
M d caUed present
. th h t
ber freshman class "has the'
nntpntial nf heini? one of the
best classes that has entered
' U I Tnitrai-citu in raonf
j "The beginning of another
srhnnl vear is now imnn us.
, .i , tha ctAant
bod back to the camnus. I
- m fidPnt that the future
is extremely bright and that
the coming year should be a
profitable one for you."
Hardin stressed that the
faculty is composed of "top
flight, conscientious men of
He also commented that the
university facilities
are con-
j tinuallv improving. i
Law School
Fight Brings
Bernstein Quits;
Belsheim Stays
Merton Bernstein, associate!
professor of law, resigned i
irom tne university L.awi
College July 3. j
Bernstein was involved in
.... ...
. . . th lpfri.iatl.r la.t
SCH001 and ttie legislature last
spnng. Alter a Din araitea
by Bernstein for Gov. Brooks
was defeated in the legisla
ture, the law school hiring
procedures were attacked by
Sen. Jack Romans of Ord and
Sen. Ray Simmons of Fre
The executive committee ofi31"? were set P the
the Board of Regents June 16
held that Bernstein "was and
is educationally qualified for
the position he holds, notwith
standing that fact that his po
litical views and past polit
ical affiliations may be at
variance witii those of the
people of Nebraska."
In his letter of resignation,
Bernstein said his role in the
Nebraska legislature "was to
serve as immobile political
punching bag. I decline to
further in this capac
Srwn( Knmmpr in N'nrwav
He also stated his decision1
to resign was made final by
"the demonstration in recent
weeks that attacks upon the
College of Law and me would
continue indefinitely
c-- Romans tinon
on Himani utvin nfin u
Jim vu nil, vi vi bvvi v avo
ignation, stated, "1 didn't
I think much of Bernstein be
I cause he didn't tell the tmth
4 1 . . I . t - At .
laooui ine asitui'iatitins ui
i which he belonged. I k n o w
nothing about his resigning
from the University."
Bernstein spent the sum
mer in Norway with his fam -
'ly' Belsheim Gets Raise
Law school Dean E. 0.
Belsheim said July 6 that he
'had no intention of resigning.
!Jle had been convalescing
from a heart attack during
the affair.
! Shortly after Belsheim re
ceived a $1,000 sahry increase
from the University.
When asked about his views
on the Bernstein affair by the
Daily Nebraskan, l-LMekn
replied that he had nothing
to say.
I were most often granted, but
1 some seconds and thirds wera
! also necessary. Students wera
i contacted before the alterna
tive cards were pulled.
Comments Favorable
The registrar pointed out,
It is impossible to assure all
students all the courses they
want when they want, but
comments after contacting
students who were obliged to
take alternatives seemed
He noted the speed and
ease with which his staff was
able to fill sections and said
it was much easier to compile
classes with all the work
sheets in a group at once.
Enrollment in different sec-
Student Comment-
Tomorroic's Rag
tions of one course had often
rantwH fmm mo ovtr-o t
another, but this has been
1 IimaI., 1 1 . . I I 1 : J -
"Now students are not only
, served better at the actual
: registration bv avoiding stand-
i nft s ; hut. thv or.
served better in classes with
this new method." according
. CT
to Hoover. "It's not good for
classes to be too large," he
Opening new sections
made easier with the
1 method, Hoover commented.
1 since it was simple to con-
tact professors as soon as
classes were filled.
Discussion Planned
Students didn't get what
courses they wanted when
they wanted them.
Standing in lines was a
waste of time.
"Running around" fo'r
signatures was a bother.
Returning just to pay fees
was inconvenient.
Girls Dorm
At Capacity
This Year
"If there were any more
girls seeking residence I
don't know what we would
have done," said Helen Sny
der, dan of women, as all
houses reached full capacity
last week.
Corridor parlors were con
verted into rooms and tempor-
recreation rooms ot tne itesi-
dence Halls for women as it
exceeded its 500 bed capacity.
A total of 548 girls and three
graduate counselors r e gi s
istered in the Residence Halls
on city campus. Terrace Hall
with 34 was also full to capaci
ty as were Fedde with 70 and
Love with 49 on Ag campus.
Graduate and International
students are being housed in
the Sigma Delta Tau sorority
house. When graduate regis
tration closes next week, it no
doubt will also be filled to ca
pacity with 32 women. Rooms
are being rented on the month'
lv basis and residents obtain
meals in the Student Union.
Sigma Delta Tau girls are
residing in the Residence
i Halls this year since the Na
tional Chapter decided the
chapter was too small to op
erate a house. A future meet
ing of the Panhellenic will de
termine whether the chapter
will continue to meet as a so
rority. FoolbH Ticket
1 JJcatllinC 1 Ollay
All fraternities, sororities or
j ! UP" wishing ticket;
tor ine tooiuau seasun suouiu
have their orders in before
4 p.m. today, according to
A. J. Lewandowski, athletic
business manager.
Groups wanting tickets
should present all I.D. cards
and money with one order.
Tickets wjll also be avail
able in the Coliseum lohby
Wednesday between 9 and 4.
The p ri c e - for six home
games is $7.00.