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    Frido'y, April 3, 1959
Page 2
The Daily Nebroskan
v V
Editorial Comment:
Everyone Has Points
In Library Squeeze
f's sort of like a squeeze play. Nobody
seems to be particularly at1 fault and
since everyone seems to be acting in good
faith, it is rather hard to decide what
should be done. However, since it is the
Wanted -Ten
Five applications!
, That's all that have been so far turned
In to the Union Activities office for the
Union Advisory Board.
Interviews for this new concept in Union
management will be held Saturday.
The Union Advisory Board will be com
posed of ten students there will be two
Greeks, a boy and a girl; two dorm resi
dents, a boy and a girl; two Lincoln stu
dent commuters, a boy and a girl; a grad
uate student; a married student and an in
ternational student.
Their job will be to sit down with the
Union Activities Committe. once a week
and advise them on what to do with the
student body's money. There will be no
poster painting, committee meeting busy
work involved.
It is strange that on a campus which
makes much of its maturity and its right
to govern itself in a state which make
much of its frugality and financial inde
pendenceten people cannot take the time
to insure that right to govern and that fin
ancial independence.
It is more than strange it is disgusting.
The Union Activities Committee, from
which the idea for an advisory board first
came, has worked long and hard to pre
sent an ideal implement of student self
government to the campus.
And the campus has ignored it.
The campus got it on a silver platter
they didn't even have to fight for it like
they fought for the Tribunal there isn't
even any work involved in it like there is
with the Tribunal.
All it takes is someone who can think.
Surely, there are ten people who can think
left on this campus.
students who are in the midst , of the
squeeze, it seems as if something mast be
done. .
Forewarning came last year, when Love
Library attempted to close the downstairs
study hall. Student protest was so great
that the plan was shelved. However, it
has been taken down again, this time fly
ing under slightly different banners.
First hint of trouble came when the
Student Council was told that if it did not
take some action to cut out card playing,
the room might have to be closed tempor
arily. Council members then agreed to
make periodic checks on the room.
The first check was made yesterday.
Five groups of card players amiably
agreed to put the decks away. . Okay, so
far, so good.
It later became apparent, after check
ing with library officials, that closing the
study lounge where vocal study is allowed,
is imminent anyway. Probable date of the
closure, which library officials say is
necessary to make room for more books,
is scheduled to more or less coincide with
the date of the opening of the new Union
Now, while it is true that the expanded
Union will take care of the card players
and the commuters who eat lunch in the
study lounge, the new Union will not pro
vide the most important function of the
present study lounge. That is a place
where students can study aloud. At pres
ent, the downstairs lounge is used pre
dominantly by students working problems,
where group thought often is necessary,
and by students studying jointly for exams.
This sort of study cannot be done up
stairs in the Reading Rooms where silence
is the rule. The Union will not provide any
such place for "loud" study since Union
officials feel that the Union should be a
place of relaxation rather than study.
Okay, so everybody has a point ... the
card players can move ... the library
needs the space ... the Union wants recre
ation ... the students want a place to talk
and study . , . Anybody have any suggestions?
distillery . . .
4 !f
5 . --V
rCAItor! Bmuw we an owrtdtW with ad
vertising and became the Wmlc Rac threw our eolomm
nlata off stride one day, the Dally Nehraekaa le today
turning over part of 1W editorial eolumne to one of Itt
colamnlfits. The view expreeerd In any column by a
Individual are not neeeteaiily thou held by the Dally
IVebraekan. A looa m thlnga are back to normal, mr
eolumnleta will move back to their regular four eolnmnt
a the right aide of the page.)
So far every printed opinion on some
very touchy subject floating around cam
pus has been couched in a great deal of
journalistic compromise. I do not hold
to this sort of thing, nor do I believe that
this wishy-washiness will
solve the questions of a
genuinely concerned col
lege undergraduate. What
is said has not coincided
with the facts. What is
privately thought has
warped the facts Into a
jumble of crooked rea
son. Between the office of
laws in the faculty sub
committee on social af
fairs and the personal feel
ings of a University student there is a can
yon of apprehension and misunderstand
ing. I have dope nothing, nor has any
other student, to breech this canyon. I
hate this thing which I call creeping Big
Daddylsm with an unreasonable passion,
and I have opposed its existence in both
the campu leader and the administration.
Thus I join the camp of those who oppose.
However this will not create any more
good will with the administration or
change any laws.
The arguments on both sides are un
reasonable and tempered with a great
deal of personal prejudice. What I want
more than anything is to see this argument
come out In the open. I think there is a
need for frank, specific opinion divorced
from the nsual banty of words which ob
scures sensible understanding.
This is what I mean by compromised
opinion. It is the kind of thing you see
every time a University official is inter
viewed, and the kind of thing you see in
the private opinion voiced through the edi
torials and columns of this paper. Since
I have asked for realistic thinking, I must
admit that no official, except Terry Car
penter, wants to take any strong stand on
any touchy subject. This will have to be
recognized when we turn to the admin
istration for understanding.
What I have said may seem obscure be
cause I have chosen to generalize and
moralize in the accepted fashion. To be
specific; The letter in Tuesday's Rag at
tacking a recent column by Judy Truel is
the kind of biggoted thinking which indi
cates just how strongly people feel about
how students should conduct themselves.
Dean Colbert's crack about parties in
Plymouth Church basement shows how
much concern he has for student opinion
of him or his underlings. Next, my own
biased dislike for the administration policy
shows how far this breech can be carried.
I have voiced this dislike, and I need not
run through the scores of campus opinions
which have done the same. Furthermore,
the action of the Registrar acting without
even sampling student opinion, and the re
fusal of department heads to admit to un
just grade discrimination or freshmen, is
proof of the breech between student and
The canyon which exists is one mostly
of lack of sympathy. We are far more
intolerant of the Administration than they
are of us, yet it is up to them to make the
first move. We have no one through which
we can speak.
I suggest that the Student Affairs office
start practicing grass-roots politics. I
would be the first one to listen if Deans
Colbert and Halgren outlined the actual
situation as it really exists. There is a
very apparent crack-down on ell students
at Nebraska, and there is assuredly some
logical explanation. I would abide by the
rules if I knew why, after my four years
here, they are suddenly being tightened
around my neck. What is the answer?
Are somebodies mommies and daddies
pressuring the Regents? Is the recent
Sheriff's crack-down on teenagers hitting
the Student Affairs office? There is quite
obviously pressure coming from some
where. With the coming of spring I want
to know Just how many times the woods
will be raided and Just how much longer
I have to hide. I would welcome any rul
ing on what I as an individual must and
must not do. If I ask friends to a pre
nuptial stag I sure as shooting don't want
to register it.
Daily Nebraskan
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ent opinion, rulilienllnn under the lurtedletfna of tb
HuheommltUw on titunent fuhlicationa (hall be free from
ditnrial eenenrahlp on the part of the Hobeommltten at
an tha pert of any mem her of the faculty of the tint.
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Oil Chraar
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ay.ujika II II 1 1 except for the
-r-ot (occasional INANITIES')
N i hI.
Daily Nebraskan Letterip
To the Editor:
I can see only two rea
sons for the editorial in
Tuesday's Rag which ques
tioned the high school ad
ministrator's alleged "feath
erbedding". (1.) Either the
writer was woefully unin
formed or else (2.) he was
simply scratching for some
space filler. He began by
lamenting the waste of the
student's time. In regard to
the interruption and use of
studying time, the confer
ence took exactly one hour
of each freshman's time.
The rewards passed on to
the future freshmen should
make that hour spent well
The writer felt that the ad
ministrators should have
waited a day and held their
conferences at home during
vacation, rather than travel
to the University at the ex
pense of the local school
board. This suggestion was
hardly feasible.
If the writer had bothered
to examine the situation he
was debating, he would have
found that the individual stu
dent conferences took place
only in the morning. In the
afternoon, the high school
administrators met with the
chancellor and the deans of
the various colleges. In this
meeting, the administrators
relayed not only the
students' feelings on their
secondary education, but
also their suggestions and
ideas on how the Universi
ty could improve its own
teaching techniques.
To the confused author of
the off-base articles on
4S :v--.- 94-
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Janet Hosppner
Sharon Andenon
"featherbedding", I should
like to offer one suggestion
which he might try apply
ing in the future. When
writing try first and fore
most to find out what you're
writing about.
L. L. Greenwald
(Editor's note The Daily
Nebraskan was in posses
sion of all the facts con
cerning the high school ad
ministrators' visit to this
campus when we wrote the
editorial in question. These
facts did not change our
minds about that visit.
Neither does Mr. Green
wald's letter.)
To The Editor:
Doodness Dwacious. I
have nevew w-written a let
tew wipe befowe as I am
to sowt of pewson who
doesn't do that sowt o f
thing. But I feel that I
weally must pwotest the
tywannical actions of the
Administwation. Ot has
gone too faw. It is not con
tent to let the students do
anything they want, but,
wathew, insists upon, with
out consulting student opin
ion, enfowcing ihe laws of
he state of Nebwaska. It
has gone so faw as to say
that thewe cannot be dwink
ing on campus. It adminis
twation must be bwought to
wealize that those students
wodding awound in caws
and dwinking beew in the
Elgin Pawking lot are ma
tuwe, gwonup, adults, and
should be tweated as such.
It must must be bwought to
wealize that a student, like
e v e w y gwonup, matuew,
adult needs to have a drink
in the evening befowe he
can go to sleep. It must
wealize that a student like
e v e w y gwonup, matuwe,
adult has the wight to
dwink himself into a stu
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