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Tuesday, November II, 1955
The Daily Nebroskon
Page 3
Powerful Pitt Looks Like Bad News
Soccer Team Wilis Midwest
Tourney; Blanks Both Foes
Saturday, the Nebraska Soc
cer team blanked two oppon
ents on the way to the Mid
west Soccer Championship.
The Huskers opened against
Carlton (Minn.) College in a
morning game that saw the
Scarlet start slow but turn
on the power at the half to
pull away for the win.
Lone Goal
Martyn Bowden scored the
lone goal in the first canto as
the Huskers left the field at
the half with an 1-0 lead. Dur
ing the first half Martin Car
rancedo, halfback, and Albert
mgunaga, iuuDacK. tea ai
stout defense against the Carl
ton onslaught.
The second half was a dif
ferent 8 t o r y as the Nebras
kans with a strong wind at
their back dominated play
Hith Herman Ridder scoring
was the South Dakota Coy
otes whom they soundly
trounced 4-0.
Large Crowd
two goals, while Monsou Dan
ashzdeh scored one to give
braska a 4-0 victory.
The Huskers afternoon foe
Before a surprisingly
large crowd the Scarlet and
Cream dominated the play
throughout the first half, but
still could only come forth
with a 1-0 halftime lead. The
lone tally was made by Her
man Ridder.
Nebraska pounded the Coy
otes for three goals which
were made by R i d d er,
Danashzadeh, and Bowden.
Nebraska might have scored
more if it had not been for
the efforts of the Dakota gaol-
ie-field captain.
Carlton College was the run
nerup as they whipped South
Dakota 3-0.
Nebraska used only t h i r-
teen men in tneir two con-i
tests. Scoring was held down
somewhat by the strong winds
which prevailed throughout
the tourney.
i - - 1..-...V. t
Huskers fight for ball in match during Midwest Soccer Tourney that was held at Ne
braska for the first time. The Nebraskans shut out both Carlton (Minn) College and
the University of South Dakota for the championship trophy.
by larry novicki
W L Pet. Pts. Odd.
O 1.000 126 13
1 O 1.000 110
4 t ,6M 107
S .00 57
Dick "Yogi" Hergenrader
the Sigma NU passing flash
who led all University selec
tions threw 32 touchdown
passes during the season.
That's a pretty good output
for a guy who has never
played the sport before.
Basketball starts tonight.
What an operation it will be!
last year. They not only ap
pear to be the best choice for
frat honors but for all-U hon
ors as well.
Phi Delta Theta will be hard
to beat this year. Last year
it appeared that they would
wallow through all opposition
without flinching too much,
but they were throttled by the
Delts in the tourney. They
Missouri ....
NEBRASKA 1 4 .200 3S
Kansas Slate 4 .200 52
Iowa State 0 S .(KXp 12
'Conference schedule completed.
, ... ni i 1 I
iuau1,;,v:v.,iave practically the same
tip to play in 17 leagues. This . ;av.ers back from tnat prom.
should put about 800 boys int jbjng team
action on the maples during, & c'hi Si phi E
the IM season. Along about I gil Canfield, Boucher .Beta
the 8th of December when TWa Pi r,Pita Tflll rplta
Oklahoma Sta
Iowa State 3
Kansas State 2
L Pet. Pts. Onn.
1 .(57 193 42
basketball, handball, swim- L-h cia'm Ainha
ming, wrestling, and indoor might be rated as
xracK aie an utMiig r , darkhorses
uuaneousiy, mere snouiu ue
about 1,500 men taking part
in some intramural sport in
the course of a week.
Since baskeball is starting,
I should probably try to make
a couple of predictions again.
If ihey turn out like my foot
ball predictions did, I might
as well not make them. Per
haps it would be best if I
were to go about this little
chore in a slightly different
manner than usual.
Last Year's Champs
All-University Hitchcock
Fraternity A Sigma Nu
Fraternity B Delta Upsilon
Fraternity C -Delta Upsilon
Ag College Alpha Gamma
Sclleck Hall Hitchcock
Burr Hall Smith Independ
ents 8 Newman Club
It's hard to tell anything
about the dorm teams because
of the large scale turnover of
men each year. However,
since Hitchcok came up with
a pretty salty football team,
one odd guess that they have
at least a better-than-average
IM setup, and that they will
again be tough in the round
ball sport.
Sigma NU
I have a few doubts about
their1 captiring the big trophy
though. Sigma Nu, the defend
ing fraternity champion, has
most of their boys back from
Have t MRU) of f Ml
Travel with IITA
lnbeievobt low Cost
60 fct t- $645
,43-65 UnJSim-m $993
Mony tours include
c"eoe credit.
Alio low-coil trips to Mexico
$169 up. South America Vk99 up,
Hawaii Study Tour $549 up and
Around the World $1791 up.
Ask Your Travel Aoent
Q 2 132 Se. HicaifM W
' ttit mm. MC Chicses 4, lit 7 255
Down in the Independent
j circles, it looks as if the New
i man Club will not quite have
26th CI
the stuff to win the title in
that division again. Most like
ly predecessors are probably
Dental College and Phi Ep
silon Kappa.
Delta Upsilon will have
plenty of trouble defending
their "B" title, but they
should hold their own in their
attempts to retain the "C"
plum. Most of the DU's who
were members of the "B"
team that easily romped to
the all-university champion
ship last year have either
moved up to the "A" team or
have graduated from school.
This leaves the "B" race wide j
open so wide open in fact, ;
that I won't make any pre- E
dictions concerning it. !
Hitchcock looks like the
best bet for the dorm laurels.
Out at Burr it should be Van i
Es. The Ag crown could go to ',
Class "C" I
From the looks of a few of j
the pledge classes around;
campus, there should be aj
pretty spirited race for thei
"C" championship. The de
fending DU's have some good
men as do the Delt's, Phi
Psi's, Sig Ep's, and Phi
Delt's. This could prove to be
the most interesting title race
of the season. Time will tell.
And time will tell quite a
bit about these predictions.
Much of this has been de
rived from heresay, last
year's performances, and just
a tad of guessing. We'll see. ,
TD Kick Other FG TP
Cook. CU 5 1 0 1 34
Snowden. MU S 1 0 0 31
Grnsse, KS z 1 0 4 26
Baker, OU J 3 1 0 23
Floyd. KU 3 O 1 0 20
J. Carpenter, OU . 3 0 1 0
Dowler. CU 3 C 0 (I m
Sloan. MU 3 0 0 0 18
Other peorers: 13 Price of KS; RiiOi
of MU. 12 Adams and Weiss of CU;
Boyd. Pellow, Tillery and Hobby of OU;
Harshman of NU. 11 Indorf of CU.
10 Hanline and Holt of OU. 7 Mor
Tin of KU. 6 McDole. McCashland,
Sapp and Naviaux of NU; Smith, Miles,
Kuhlman, Stevenson West, Haas. Mehr
er and Brossart of MU; Suder, Mar
shall, Kraul, Mailen and Crank of KU;
Harden and Nichols of IS; Semenko.
Dove and Campbell of CU; Whitney and
Kroll of KS; Gautt and Coyle of OU.
2 Osborn of KS; Merritt of KU; Cor
nell of OU. 1 Steffen of CU.
trr.f if 1$ ELMIRA, N.Y.. -
vi "JC V w to serve in ,
190 LBS. OP f7 (2 L
...BUGGED ED It V f-S f
PANTHER. F rjf 11 1
Foes with L0&'yl jrt
his vicious r! ii H SH
TACKLINO. T"S''-,- ..3 Tl
, Saturday, Nebraska meets
tne ntsDurgn anmers m me
last home game of the sea
son. The Huskers with a 2-6
record for the season will
have their backs against the
wall as they have all season
when they meet the Panthers
who are 5-2-1 for the season.
The Pitt losses have been
to Michigan State, 22-8, and
Syracuse, 16-13. They were
tied by Army 14-14. They have
beaten UCLA, 27-6, Holy
Cross, 17-0, Minnesota, 13-7,
West Virginia, 15-8, and Notre
Dame last weekend.
The only common opponent
has been Syracuse which Pitt
defeated. Nebraska 1 o 8 1 to
Orangemen 38-0.
Leading the Panthers of
fensively has been fullback
Fred Riddle who has carried
for about a three yard aver
age. Riddle has been the
workhorse of the team. Bill
Kaliden and Ivan Toncic have
given the Panthers a potent
air arm. They have hit on al
most 60 per cent of their
Michaels: No Offers
K fatty k J
Just around the corner, so now is the time to brush
up on your dancing steps.
While we're thinking about it, we want to re
mind you that HOUSE FORMALS aren't far away.
Stop in and learn tome dances for the party.
1232 'M" St. 2-5800
Across from Cornhusker Hotel
Ed Michaels, Co-c a p t a i n
guard from Elmira, New
York, was an outstanding high
school player, but many big
time colleges coaches thought
he never would make the
grade because of his size.
The 196-pound star earned
a letter as a sophomore and
is one of two monogram win
ners on this year's team. Al
though he played more as a
sophomore than a junior, an
injury hindered Michaels the
latter art of the 1957 season.
Nevertheless, he attended ev
ery practice he could, even
if the doctors didn't want him
"I've never seen a boy with
more guts and determin
ation, " said Howard Waite,
Pitt trainer for nearly twen
ty years. "Kids with minor
bruises have missed practice
sessions, but here was a kid
who was in pain when he bent
over. Yet, it was impossible
to keep him from practicing."
Michaels never thought of
coming to Pitt when he was
a high school star. "I wanted
to go to school close to home.
but nobody wanted me. I visit-
X I ed Pitt, looked at the curricu
lum, and decided this was the
place for me."
Ed is taking a. Liberal Arts
courses and hopes to work in
the Pittsburgh area when he
graduates next June. He will
be married to Miss Nancy Te
sone, a senior, on Nov. 29,
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