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Friday, February 17, 1956
Worship, Study:
The Religious Week
Cfcarca EUtr
Rev, Solomon Jacobs wl ad
dress the &uder.t World Day of
Prayer services to be held Sun
day at 430 p.m. at the Univer
sity Episcopal
Jacobs is the
rectnr of St.
.Phillip a Epis
copal Church
, la Omaha, a
member of the
Department of
Christian Social
Relations and
an instructor
la religion at
BrowneU EalL Jacobs
At the services, sponsored by
the City Campus Religious Coun
cil, he will speak a the topic,
"Students Bound Together in
Prayer." Music will be provided
by the Episcopal choir.
Lentea sea-rices will also be held
for the students at 15:38 p.m.,
Monday through Friday, at Cot
oer Chapel The services, which
will continue ttirough Lent, are
jointly sponsored by the freshy
Student Fellowship. iSCesley Foun
dation, Otterbeia-AIIbright Fellow
ship, Baptist Student Fellowship
and the YTTCA. h
Speaker daring' the corning
week will be Rev. Robert Daws,!
Monday; Rrv. Donald Bliss, Toes-!
day; Dr. Rex Knjwles, Wedaes-
day; Miss Emy Jackson, Thurs-!
day, and Rev. Marvin HerrkkJ
Friday, "
3 X ltta
Sunday; S:36 jlhl, verse chair;
5:30 pxsL, forran wiia The Ans
wers1 Isy the verse', chain v$:38, Student World Day ttf Prayer
aervioes. , ;
Monday: 7 :3jrn, Eiale Staly
breakfast " ' :' .. ' ; -
Thursday; 7 j.ra Sigma Eta
Wednesday; 7 pjn vespers.
I'aivmnJty Lutberaa Chapel
15th 4 Q ... fJ
Sunday; 10:45 a.m, worship;
S:3B p.izu Gamma Delta supper;.
p:m Assembly Council meeting-
Wednesday; 7 jim lenten j
worship; 7.30 Jim, choir rehear-'
sat i
Wesley Feaadatiea
Mil R
Sunday; 5 p ra, supper; 4 p m..
Student Council meeting; ;3fl
p.m.. World Student Day of Pray
er services.-
Wednesday: S 30 to 7:43 p.m.,
lentea breakfast and devotions
with Rev. George Edgar as speak
er and Frank Lindstxom, devo
tional leader.
railariaa -iSta
a H ,
Sunday: 11 a.m., orship serv
ice; 5 p.ra., student group, lunch
and panel discussion, on "Educa
tion in Preparation for Living'''.
Transportation rwill be provided
from the vestibule of the Union
from 4:4S to S pa.
Newman Clae
16M Q
Saturday: pjn., get-acquainted
party for married Catholic stud
ents. Sunday: 9 a.m., 10 aja, and
12 noon masses.
Religious classes: 11, Tues
day and Thursday; 7, Tues
day, Wednesday and Thursday.
Baptists and Disciples f Christ
, Stwteat Fellowship
. t 'i2S7 r.:,i ..... v.
Sunday: $ p.ra, Fellowship Sim
per, worship and forum.
Tuesday; 7:3b ijd, chapel serv
ice. Monday through Friday; U:30
pan. lentea services. . :
Iwrrrrsity Eaixwpal Cfcaael
2S X. ISt i
Sunday: 11 am., service; 4 .m-.
study group; e pju,, Canterbury
dinner; 7 pjn, compline; 7. IS
p.m., Canterbury meeting. ; :
Wednesday; 7 pjm choir re
hearsal. -; .,. I,
Latberaa Stadeat feaaaatiM
SSS X. ISta ' . .
; Sunday: 9:30 am-, group Bible
udy; 11 a .rn, wrnang worship;
5:38 p-nu, LSA "dinner and pro
gram. Wednesday; 9 pan-, choir re
hearsal. South Street Teaaale
Friday; pja4';..ersice."T : ;"
Sunday; 10:30 ta, religious
school; 9 pjn., worship.
Council Discusses
Ag Exec, Spring Day
Classified Ads
WniWbml X:p3ttnirt tM Shti Wtth
Ik jltuaua. jPhanc a-25.7 artiiro
J0 XM,
"Your Credit Is Good"
Set 1
ctJn I
Ph. 2-512& p
An additional amendment to the
Ag Exec 'Board constitution, report
of Spring Day plans and plans for
the Council spring picnic were con
sidered at fee Council meeting
Ag Exec Board submitted an
amendment proposing that the
Farmers' Fair Board representa
tive have full voting powers on the
Shawee Mangold, vice-president
and chairman of the judic
iary committee, recommended that
the council approve the amend
ment. "This is in line with the
Council action last week on the
situation,'" she said.
The Council had voted last week
that organizations have the right
of self-determination. This, in ef
fect, disapproved the merger of the
Ag Exec Board and the Farmers
Fair Board. The Fair Board had
stated that it still wished to carry
out its function and could do so.
It was moved that the parking
problem be discussed at the Chan
ceDera Round Rahle. Council sug
gestions for remedies to the situa
tion included a special parking
buildiog, having parking restricted
as to scholarship, having hour park-:
ing or underground parking under;
new class buildings. '
Don Beck outlined plans for the!
Spring Day. They include a bar
becue on Ag campus, ' fun and
games" for the afternoon and eve
ning activities of a street dance
and variety shows.
"We are quite optimistic about
the possibility of having Friday aft
ernoon classes dismissed for the
Spring Day," Beck said.
Council members felt that hav
ing the barbecue at noon would in- i
sr-e greater attendance. Ag Exec
Board has petitioned to provide
food for the barbecue.
First Of Four
Programs Set
The first in a series of four in
structive programs dealing with
rehabilitation of the physically
handicapped will be he'd Sunday
at 3 p.m. in Morrill Ball Auditor
ium. The film, "You Can Hear
Again," will be shown.
Dr. E. S. Maness, ear, nose and
throat specialist, and John Wiley,
asocial professor of speech and1
speech pathology at the University,
will discuss "Rehabilitation of the
Hard of Hearing.
Bui? vf
H 1
raj era
E Tt w wast to radrs to sa?mst mam for ear tveordiag
I lahL
Thr wr lota ef record booms: Dacca. ECA Victor, Capitol ft
Columbia, mi ohr w0 hwwi aamw. s
W wwat mm tor OUB OWN RECORDS.
H'a toot chaac to win a prise. Send as a smom ya fhialt E
will be suitable lor record labeL Tea do mot awtve to hwf eay- E
thiag. fat write aogyested asa ea a card, sigm year aaate 9 '
oad wddresh wad acil it to as. E :
There are 3 Oar jadyea wiQ eelect 3 aaaM treat fhoee s
suhaiined. We will fbea deteradae which is to be let Sad wad E
3rd. Oh Tea' The priaes ore lat tlUtO. Sad SUM ami 3rd Q
Of ceorse we cosaot aae a aaate already biag releeeed. so oet E !
-year "Tiuoldag Biucp" to peridaa awd aead a XEW KAKE"
tor ear BAST.
Semi urntiM fea mmir) ts Q
S19S -O- Street E
lincela, Xebraska
AU rmtrir mart i im ey Aforca f, 19SS Q
cruumwiDmiiiiimia: 1 1 Biinmonimninfoi itffimmaiitnmmo uifnmo!niBSK
IT ""J
DANCING 9.00 TIL 12:00 .
Admi&$ioa 73c prr prrMMi
Tickets Available at Door
Z. jHemmt t pst Inow "Out Spice JLnm $nxt
Lotiok. Each lime won ulmvr. you can look Sorward aonie--iliksg
jic"iij3; die Old Spice aueut Lriuk, r"iHp, Iretik a
2 4utdoars.'v.tiie 2ang t3 itkat wlgoraus ontririgeifl 3
jLfift slkCVMonp 4,lm, Kftals tiny razor uicts. Splatib 'a
Oi.i I -to. tl tiut cry ureireiihedl
a Spice to Tovr Lif ... Spice Fo-r
" ' ' '''M"'""rl!il .. "'""""" .,allMilJ"'te"' ""r "
- " ... ' : ", -
rpHE development of a new airplane such as tie Crusader, tie World's Fastest
Navy Fighter, cannot be credited to any one engineer. Eadi engineer, hew-
erer, is inraliiable because tnis truly new fcigi-perfennance airplane is only the
final result of the creative tnocgit and teamwork of a large number of engineers.
The individaa ideas cf eala CEgineer re most
importauL In aircraft design, (the Sime Uf between
diBcoverj &sd tie utilization f lencrwieflg-e 5
extremely short, shcrteT perimps tJi&m in any ether
major anflnstry. The scHntsans to tlie most s&nu
lating problems miiitii arise in the industry are
frequency dependent upon ttihe dsSSy mtaEz&tion cf
new ideas anJ new kncrwefig"e.
The fradlnatang engineer censiiderinx hit first
career decision may choose mitetiier lie wiH enter
Chis field cf work ithe dssagn cf airplanes and
roiBEiles that progresses htui in ihand wrili ew
disewcries in a3 facets f science and eEgiaeeriKg.
r choose a less aggresslTe indastry. Of course, at
follows logically that frater and more rapid ad
vancement opportunities lie on a field that does not
stagnate, in a field that as hounded by the creative
imagination f asaan alone. At Chance Vcught, air
craft design dravs capable engineers to positions
f greater respisnsibiflity in derelopirg new ideas
and .supervising the additional technical marpower
iueeded ,t "radicalize'" the ideas. Starting sala
ries are commensurate iLh education and crpe
rience for partaralar specaalizatioa and are also
competitive m-ith ther industries as well as
ther companies- Advancement, as cne wtsld
expect, is based upon demonstrated performance,
not seniority.
The future f the aircraft industry as e?ual ton, if
cot brighter than, that f other industries. The
complexity f maodern aircraft and missiles, the
iwesttgation 'cf mew fields f Ikncrwlefige as air
craft y higher and faster, the possibilities cf
man's farther use f science and (engineering f or
conijaest f the air in the second 3Mf f the 201h
century, all emphasize the challenge and oppor
tunity t the joung fraduale.
...We' urge the cra&uating engineer tt iowstigate
these ppxjrtnnitieB at Chance Vccght He wiQ
find a stable, S S-year-ld aircraft designer and
builder rith young ideas, a designer and builder
moled far adranring 4he slate-cff-fthe-art f air
oaft and guidad missile desigja. Me wiH discover
tthat Chance Vought ffers career pportunities,
not merely impressife titles, and that he wS3
join as engineering rg-anizatsn that thin!
and operates as a team rather tthan as a random
collection cf indMdual engineers.
We hare the usual fringe benefits including am -ce2ent
graduate study program, group insurance,
retirement income plan, paid vacation, rick leare,
raorirg aUcrwance, and cumerous paid hoSidayju
Wt ivviU yo H ii&vuxi yovr v?portvmiUu tit Charm VmsH ttrisk
wli.9 kZ2 interview
SS MS. r PhD.. $rc,dmU f
of the clan i j '5$
in Ike Hacenttid Cffa mi
February 22,
4 r 1 4vk,
r nrnU: l