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    -hursdcy. April ), 1954
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miifh To
orts Staff Menace
uv- i-aoh Bill Glsssford re-
.f-vecl c-r.e big ?w Wednesday
ihe". he was trfocrr.ed that two
. v see oj
' i -.-.v Loehr. wo
xJd rvc: be
w;th the
for aniret
ice c.rei !.c u...t
. few days after the close
VH.fcJ. s srriar foolbull
l '
ir.Uh. ho bad been counted
lo -Tv wach tt the load at
iit fu'.ack po$itioa. announced
rne5-iay that he was unable
.nl (r fMttiill hMinu
it --------
f a trr.'.ict wiia cis eness c-
ivitirs. mita siropiy saia taat ute normeast corner ot ine main
t diilr chess workouts were flx-r in the Student Union Boild
sst roufh for him to carry in.
it N I
t , -
Smith's With Him
This distir.cuished ger.tlerr.aa is
Kcary MoGulLgaa. coach, cf the
Nebraska chess corps. McGul
1 c a expressed sa'usfacticr.
w.a the aaaouaccraeat that ere
cf his ace perfcrraers. Bob
Sr.ith. had dropped foottill to
Baseball's Best
Baseball is just arouad the
orr.?r aad the current favorites
o take it all ia the Na
ci Araericaa Leagues are the
burgh Pirates and the Phil
,ia Athletics, Ia fact they
are r?2r!y rated "crr.ches to be
-too 5 it e each other in the
3'orld Series r.ext fall
The Pirates hare a bard-fcit-ans
crew, sporting two .408
sitters, and have two 20-game
tinners. They are currently
-idir.r an lg-game winning
jreak in Grapefruit Season
oIit. Philadelnhii has been re-
mtd to as the -class cf the
American League." They have
verjthing, according to the
baseball experts.
Tr.e l:w:y New York Y'aa
ees are slated to be down ia
he taseraent of the American
league, or at least close to it.
:og: Ferra. the Yankee catcher,
s c:r.5.aered to be one of the
'or- a ; KStcps in
s ci the weakest nature.
'Welcome Back,
An unidentified cheerleader
Turhes un to the ramp of the
P'ane that brought Nebraska's
Jed Connor back from the
National diving championships
' iron Flats, Arkansas. Con
nor took top honors on the
'she : '$
1 w
beta I ' "
leri I t f
lis is it X" -
let 1 r -' x O
.'X- , J, '
X '- ! q 4 A
i I f . f I - I
l? l ;T ' ! J f-
0-Y0 Champ Challenges Men
.Arabella Airedale, yoyo cham
n of the women's physical ed
jon department, rias chal
'Sed any University male to a
this spring.
Women have ten considered
8njficant long enough," she
.. a- "1 aim to prove that men
et'Sily be out-vovoed. After
:,' .es w practice, I have per
i ( f my n7te and am confident
sa 1. can beat snv mM male.
fu-yo competition has been ne-
ay vness
es o Mew
two sports at the same time.
rougher the sport was. the
be liked it" so he decided
to ceo-
As &r.:th put it: "I have nothxf
ajau.?: the g.rr.e cf footbaU. but
i rawer p&mc:ps.e in a,
garr.e which the y rougher
sa I kv to wak .
Today we found Smith busily
at work en the sport he ehse te
keep. Sweat was penrin doww
his brow as he and his fellow
rhi tTnmt r
-. . -7 .
inroujtn a Prists pracure session in ,
cor.oer.rrate oa his chess activ
ities. MoG ullicaa adaiitted that
it would have been difficult for
Sra:;h to c.vade his chores be
tweea the football ar.d chess
Huskers Get New
Q-Back Prospect
C.-i.-h Bill Glassford had a ae.v
car.didate for the cuarterback
position ca the Nebraska football
team Wednesday. Dei Kardiag. a
sraart, reuaa.e T-forraatioa sp
eia-ist for Luacc.a high severai
years ago. nas aaaouaeeo taa; ae
will try for a position with the
teara whea the fall drills begin
ia August.
Big Bill Johnson
Bean Bag Leader
B.1I Johr.scr. flashed to ar. early ;
iead :a the All-Ur:vers:ty Bean
Bag coatest Thursday.
Johnson, who tossed a two-ounce
tag. passed the other ccatestaats
u - f-rst few raiautes cf
tae game.
Some doubt has arisen as to
whether or cot his hesitation pitch
was more effective thaa his over
head backhand.
Johnson said th
-e secret c.
bis success was his overhand
backhand. "The toss is extremely
cifficulfy.'- he said, aad must be .
practiced for years before it caa
be delivered any degree cf ,
accuracy." Johnson has trained "
for the match for 6 raoaths.
3-centimeter board which is
considered his ipecialty.
Shown with the Husker
champion is Bill Schabacker,
another contestant in the big
glected in the University sports
schedule, Miss Airedale feels. "I
hope the new athletic director
will emphasize it. sne saia.
She also indicated shyly that
if prizes were awarded to official
yoyo champs, there might be
more incentive to compete. She
suggested a four-year scholarship
as a possible reward. "If awarded
a scholarship. 1 would even be
willing to eat at the training
table," she added.
CVvach Ke-rv X'Vi -i
year. The cirer.i sw-i -A - -r
practice w-l e-i tt rv
ule ber-"--6 ia the
ci Septerr-ber.
---.--i - .v.
attSef ad w-
Biases .a .wvw w.ta the
rvussiaa Acaaeray cf
wt.;ca last year -ere upse: fcv the
Nebraska tearr.. Arx-J;er "
w-JI send the suad foe a two-ga-.e
ser;es the Texas S--i
"-i-..c... i seS5 e
csr, i p.i.T. Koh t.v T-.i.-k
The Loehr incider.t cair.e as a
shocker to the Kusker
and to bus rr.aay Xr.eads. No one
reaUj- kr.ew too much about the
rugged ead's le. but
:t was a coar.plete surprise when
his pa'.. N:ck Adduce truora:.ed
Coaca Glassiord that Loear was
ia New York, happjy rr.arr:ed
and uaaixe to return to school.
Accordinr to Adducl. who many
believed putted the same stoat
seTeral years as only to haTe
University otficuis find out that
the Army jot him, Loehr mar
ned a iiss Beulah BeJiadorfer.
a former coed at Slippery Rck
1 etchers a no. up to Mondar, a
Elria Watch Co.. employee.
Loehr. a to-usa. due-fr.gered
erd for the Husker ioctba tea,
the '.as; iew ear. had beea
ccuated oa hea-ily by G'.assford.
G'.ESstord ur the s;:a
tion by statua: "We certa-ualy
can't let football ir.tsrfere
Aadv's a-.arr.ed life. We wish hira
the best of luck.'"
An ancle coaoeraiac Pitcher
Eod Cerv's chaaoe cf wiaruag
carats tor the Baitiraore ;a
the Arr.ericaa Learue this season
was expected here. The amc'.e
w as to cor-.e from Ge-orge "Peso"
Payaioa. Mexican writer a a d
former FINK F.AG sports editor.
who is rurreatly vacaticruaz
aith his vsa'e aad four kids in
k -:
ft"- '
f V-
You Guessed It
es. these are the trophies that
ere rerer.av won cy iea toa- wiaaiag their respective events,
nor. Bill Kolioraa ar.d Jerry A". h ee ;'vi comc-eie o
Miarack La the recent Big Seven the NCAA meet this weekend,
gyraaasties meet. All three dis-
Bus Whitehead Back Again
For Year With NU Cagers
Coach Marry Good, thanks to a
rew B:e Seven ruline. should have
. a pretty gcod basketball season
i rext year. The Conference rules
j committee announced today that
ar.v aV.swr: rf r "R: (T Cevxn
school may pi
basketball at
I that schoo! for another year if
he so desires.
I Action cn this was said to hare
occurred because of the genera!
feeling throughout the conference
I that graduation losses w ere just
too heavy this year. Most of the
coaches, including Good, ap
I peared enthused OTer the new
' ruling.
It was learned today that big
, Bus Whitehead, a former star
, center at Nebraska a few years
ago. will take advantage of the .
ruling. Whitehead announced to-;
day that he will re-enter the ;
Husker institution fcr another :
year of basketball. Whitehead is
reported to be in fine playing '
condition. !
Others expected to take adrant- j
age of the efier at Nebraska are (
said to include Bill Johnson, Don :
Weber. Fred Seger. Bob Pierce. I
Joe Good, Jim Buchanan, Bob '
Gates, Claude Retherford. Anton j
La wry and Kod Cox. There are !
others who also might return for !
another fling at college basket-.
Nebraska won't be the only i
Bie Seven school benefitting from
the new ruling. Kansas released
today that they expect Gaude
Holden To Swim
English Channel
Joan Holden, Phi Beta Kappa
recenUy announced she u tram-,.
ine in the placid waters of Salt
reeai prcjjuiujg w - ,
Ugun winnn u, c .
near luxure . " .
wmxer w .
in an - .
-It wiU be cold." Although she .
wiU be covered with oil, during
the swim, that is. Miss Holden
expects to keep warm in her .
new electric swimming suit.
Miss Holden may currently be J
seen studying her English very 1
rabidly because she believes,
"when in England do as the ,
English do."
K i i t 1 a I !
L .-.:.A I
Concerned Over Andy
Nw ."-a .u A ..-.w - ....... .
s-aowa oa the tc.err.oe-e ta a
oor.servat.oa with N.cs Adduc:
is Adaat Kuga'.bee. aa assataat
stalct.c director receatlv r
poiated to aid Bill Oris. Kuga'l-
roe is try ir e to co. e e
oa the reoer.: e'.orer
played f r.e-and-smocth forr
ran ia
Lovellette. Charlie Black aad
Dean Ke' ev book fo:
other sea-
son of college competition. Kansas
Slate v co" Gene Knosta-aa
tack while Missouri and Okla-
h wa - t Vwir r,
fught cagers to return.
i, : -St'
t rW
i. ' V
v.. V - -
Happy Harry
Elated over the new Big Seven j
ru.e that should strengthen the
1954 Husker basketball team is
Coach Harry Good. Notice the
A roprocontouTe iron Hallmark
A 2 . ea
5. . ' , ,
end womon lor positions in
Kansog City.
Idllto .B jugin.M odmmi,.
ttatioft. Secrotarial .ubiectt.
Art rotafliBg end markoUog.
cceountioo. moth.maticm. mar-
IJ9 aoHoa JT mffT
... . n . . '
qualify you for an inlorosting
... h m Clan,, rr,T.n, Inr Affl
r..w ...
R. M. Beurno. Chairman
Committoo on Placomonts
Collea of Business ,
in SIT
Aaay Loar
-C.. t..e era
coots or. :
t ?..-. at a
is araarer.t
Husker f.v.ball
.oa: rv:-t. Loehr
a New York a
-ord re'oeive-a hv
NU Football Stock !
Could Be Booming
.re v.::
anaour. ce-d
re c: Aa iss.or.s has
the arrlioaaoas for
traasfer cf a large b..v of Ckla-
Amor.g the re-auests for traasfer
were discovered the aaraes cf
beta tie first aad sec-cad Okla
homa foctb-al". teams. This
prompted THE PINK F.AG to
make several phone calls to the
Oklahoma campus to verify these
actions which have proved to be
Because cf these transfers an
en: reer. received.
from he L
nter 00.-:
tie c iiicma foct-;
the intramural fect-
ra prcgrara next fa...
iaese actions have caused great
consternation in Big Seven
schools. Aa aaaouaceaieat is ex
ported momeatano". aaao.1r.01ag
a fa program of c.-.aa sta tcuraa
meats to replace football at all
E.g 1 schools
Head football coach at NU Bill
Glassford. could not be reached
at th.s time f:r comment.
- -
Geier Signs Fact
ithPHt pro
harder cf the
the Nebraska baser
ol. the
p -c-c
cuit s:
Geier was" believed to have re-
ceive.i aearly SfO.OD for ir.kiag
the Pirate coatraot.
The bin Luacclr. southraw was
imeo.iate.v inserted irt
Buc lineup in s game with the pete are Bob Oberlia. Gar.- Ken
New Ycrk Yankees Wednesday relm.-.a. Cal Bentz. Dick Lauer.
ar.d he promptly silenced them Don Willard Facler. D.-n
or. a lone base hit during his six Hodge. Pat Mallette and Crarley
ir.air. stint. Bryaat
V -. V- t . 'Acn,
lit i
iottiH) uwext autmott ot
toft." n i 4
0 0 j-DD(S.
Ted Connor, Bill
Hard For NCAA
Sports Seme thine
Ir.trsrr.-ura: Director Ed K:fsf
bothara hss ar.rur.ced the rew
earfed ari expa-dei Ir.:ra-v
ral profraaa forkO-.e schcvC e. r
Sports ia which tearr.s or iasi.
viduals raay eater are bll bo.uio
iag. aetless vcCleybiU, crow h.v.
ir. parachute ;ua-.?u-.s. tra -. o".?
raUia;. hotrod racis. hoj ci'.:
ias. f.ea scratchiai. a-.ud p.e
ra a k i c j crestiver.ess . h..'.a
daacias. koayak drir.kirc. br:
caa beading, tj'pi"? 'speed', bar
rel roulir.c.. pledge psddl.aj:. te.e
phoae bock teariag. brie); th row -la.c.
house r-.s?.hir.i iKallriveea
eveat . tire chaasias. racket ess
teaa:s. tihr ire wa.k.aj. r : a f
throwiaj. duck va'.kir.jc.
hur.ur.f . gorilla wrestliag and art
Of all the CTeriU the ant track
ing is probably the most difficult
and requires a treat deal of
study prior to competition. The
black ants are not so hard to
iimi-rt irrn .....'
ft ft ... 14. . v
$ i.
A Send-Off For Max
This is :ust part of the celebra- Radio City. New Y ork. Kitce 1-
tioa that gave aa agile lilsx man. v. hrse e!r;i:eat form ar.d
Kitoelmsa a big send-off Wed- grace whipped all comers at
r.esday for the men's ballet Nebraska, is a heavy favorite
championships to be held ta to dance to top honors at the
Big Running Event
For Saturday
Coach Ed Weir aaro-nced to-
day that the cross-ceuatry
face will be held Saturday start-
-r-g at the Coliseum. The event,
considered a snap by many, will
cover eiht miles over the Ne-
braska couatryside.
Weir also released the names
cf several top-flight individuals
who are expected to take rart :a
the big race. Exrected
:o co
n COCaocxa covt t
C tfc. U. Ck Cmmi
. ar
r f
d Ant
Holloran, Jerry Minnick All Prepare
Gymnastics Tournament This Weekend
track etc Utfh they are smal
ler. HowTfter. .j re4 ants kaie
feet fck-a are atxached back
w ards.
If cce s .-t fasvlEar with the .r which is so e--...ves
ui.k.rc ackwrd to ixl
iv.sect h.-i.-j: -era-.ia. he -a
h.rk ..'; a.;-. left the.r hc.'.cs
:'rc-t:.r te-f- they hae act--;-ll-
gore c ;m a ' backward fcr
thc.r siesta.
A tracker is also cauticced to
he i f:: :'.: t? raay go rere
t.-.ey hve be- and rsot where
trey ire cc ioout to be.
Lead trophies will be awarded
to e wiarctj vins three years
after the eets The deiay is t.
allow the CfrirtmeBt to check
all rosters ai-i results in order
to make sere i one wsed trailed
acts. usderweifht gorillas, top
heary traits or fake grass skirts,
0-cr ia
"e au- o.o
of paysical educauo:-.
o:a.-h Jake Ge:er r-
t tare of his tor gyra-Hcl.-ffaa,
Ted Coc.rer
Mu-.asck, have c,oa.
-ceo 1
.ilO-.V Jf ' I' .-.... .-.V.-.
:-:-? -0 -V ,'
v -onr- w,'.'?.,vp j
v . -. ;
- i' ot. v. . Xfr-ru w s Y"t i
Campus Wolf Looks Over
Underwear Situation!
ft W M - 'l Vj I'll . r
? 1 v,titVr x yiv
"GRESRl' says Lupo Leer, notorious roue and fa
mous library lover. "Yes, GRReat is the word for
those comfortable Jockey brand Shorts! Don't over
Jock a good thing... get Jockey and comfort is in
the hooks for vou!"
Ves.ccWeqe men choose Joiky ccmfbrtl
T don't have to be a wolf to appreciate
the sni.g-tiiting, tailored-to-fit comfort of
Jockey brand Shorts! Jockey comfort g--s
for rvyfcrfy, because. . .
tJ iifttittt ewntourvd pitw it- tu.i.ullv
cxafied into one smooth-fitting garment.
Nawr-4.iep4 heat resistant rubber in
waistband outlasts other leading brands.
Nott atrial rvoboe in leg oprnings elimi
naies ssg or bind around the legs.
Uniajua ixkf front opening never gaps.
a! uivtM fits jrwi cciSige bJI
9iv yeu
U SlOln!
i racicing
tra murals
- f-- .o .io-.fy to the NCA.K;
tifur pet oer.ts.
--' -orit. -ho re-otr.Cy wc- tht
ra-.-ca. i-;ic-::.t oor.tcst.
perrcc-- r .gocird bccr.oia
-o ta evert ia whKa he
-raetfi:; fee tie crrer
.--. -e f; cccrpet ir. tie
'-f a-' - kre-e ,-:i'..., a rata
t: r'i. veat a.oh is graded
or. bfirr. r.cro. ar.d speed.
teaat u? with
tie ca-el a:k." a
- ia e.fort as is the elerhar.t
a-s ut ar.d Coo
roc ocrarete.
Ctcir's pet ereat U hi.hhar
beodj. ta eeet which reim
fwra, onricality. creaurenes
d C-ise a fcid fc-r new hifV
bars, CeBAr. yoa kaew. has Jbsi
revrrced rnom the aabosal diT-
lt coc;esu where he took tp
hoeors o the J centimeter beard. who reoer.tly 'eft his
: roo.-.e'.ir.g Maidcatom bras,
s retired to school ia order
cccr.p'.eie hi, degree in butter-
catciag and c
ew-iag aa
".at sucoessiOia-
rc evert
this weekend. Ar-
mraaying Max is bs ocAch.
ke Mulligan, s former great
his ballet days.
iecftry T S rtl
full comfort!
'.-.-.V . " 11 lfrJ.H." .'--rt 0Kf -JJKt,e. '- - j
, ,.' 1
O- 1
WtHl-. ."Ho
JfXl le 1 1
... ft. 4 1 1
,. i r j 1 1
9 1 : " i' u' t. m ,. s
0? jt-w f
V . -' -
it 1