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Vcuc of Greet if ires Jera CaJrersify I
j2 Y 41
VOL. 52 No. 83
Wednesday, February 18, 1953
Gibson, Amos
Delong, Lehr
Named Leads
From 120 students, he largest
number ever trying out for
Kcf-met Ktub Spring Musical, a
can of wer 70 was selected to
present Anything Goes." i
The cart of the Cole Porter,
musical was chosen by Frank,
Bock, director; Barbara Brittin,;
dance director and Dick Young,!
musical director. They were as-,
sisted by Mac Bailey and Kock
lord Yapp, Kosmet Klub members.1
Three of the Sour chosen lor
leads have starred in previous
Kosmet Klub productions. The
leads and their roles are Jean
Carol DeLong, Hope Hareourt;
Nick Amos, BiDy Crocker; Hank
tLiKcnn TLPV. Dr. Moon: and
Marilyn Lehr, Keno Sweeney.
Students selected far supporting
noles are Marian McCulloch, Bon
nie LaTour; Herb Jackman, Whit
ney; Dick Marrs, Sir Evelyn
Oakley; EHie Gillialt, Mrs, Went
worth; and BartTTooley, Mrs.
Miss DeLong as a sophomore
major in radio and speech. She
Tm.nrefl an "The Circle," a Uni-
'Theater production and'
took part an a
v -. "
I i t c
''. V
: V. :"-.. .
mini .Jf-- s L , ,-,.
Kit Stow
Bank Gibson
Nick Ames
MarUj : Lehr
Thursday Marks Election
Of 'Bachelors? For Follies
University vcaea wz2 c to'Corn Cobs. Sta5ert Vxtcei. UrJ-
the polls "Thursday to elert Vx .rers:7y caaa; jerry mua.
1S53 EiElble Bacbelars. ElectJons iUpsuan, a ju a w-.
mill be held from IB tm to SOIWayne MtoCy, rana Boase A
pjm. in Ulen Smith Hal and Ag'Esenitive Board. .SMtoy ol At
Union? ilYMCA. Block asd Bridal, Builders
The six roost available men will Dave Noble, Ffci Kappa Ed, ftwi
be presented at Coed Follies, Mao-1 ball manager; F.JJbert Pecba, Ai
ds v. Feb. 23. fcr Syria Krasnc'pba Taa Omega, COA.
Mortar Board president. j Thorn Snyder, Taa Kappa rp-
Candidates added the past wi suon. awhwi J" '
and their activities aire: Bill Student Union, COA and Provost
Adams, Delta Tau, Delia, Tice-Club: Carr Tnimbua, Sima Cfcl
president ef Kosroet KliJb and ' president, Corn C&hs, Student
Bob Wagner, Kappa Sigma, xooi
ball; Torn Wodward, Sigma Jffa,
Corn Cob worker, and copy editoi
on the Daily "2f ebraskan.
Jeaa Carol Drionc
Scabbard and Blade, Ininoee-ti;.
Ira FJStein, Sigma Alpha Mu, In-.
Barents, 195Z Yell King, gym-'
nasties; Dick Hmsmanm, Pi Kappa
Phi; Cy Johnson, past president
icl Sigma Alpha Fpsilon and pren-i
Ident cf Interfraternity Council; '
jDave Knapp, Theta xl; Marsiiall
Kusbner. ZeU Beta Tan, member
iof PublicBtions Board and Kosmet
jKlub; Joel Mead, Alpha Gamma I
Eho; Marvin Srtimman, Theta Chi;!
Rocky Yapp, President ol AUF.S
Kosmet Klab historian. Beta Theta
Candidates announitjed previ
ously are: Jim Cfeierdahl, Phi
Delta Theta, ffootliall and baseball;
James Collins. Acacia, Corn Cobs,
Junior - Senior Class Board,
Brass Choir
To Perform
In Concert
Ten Debate
Winners off the first prelimiruiry
raoproduction EpQnsorei Delta
Anthor d the Ages. She is .iatsba1ie 0,. toternity, were
it happened at nujSinging, Dancing Gals
In a discBfisioa of several stn-mm m ! A i II
Enl'arfain At Follies
Univeraity CoMs are makinglSorenson and Kitty Wilson,
last minute pressaraiions for their; "Persian JJautcb, a dance hy
skits and trareMng arts for the Mima DuTeaa and Jane Deppen;
in . the
Febr, 22,
member pi ajeita weiia weiuu jamjounoed Tuesday
A junior majoi'iiiE an yaay,
maruyn. .onr. - "rr.Ynnni. Thrta Xh Lora Lee Smith.
ana was a.u:----------7 ----
The winners are Clarence De-i
role in "Girl Crazy'
th dancing chorus
Coed Follies
24, at 7.3.0
Theater. !
The Follies, sponsored oy the
AWS, will be pen to the public;
The show win pen with a wel-
come br Chaarmam Jam SteSen.
Jean Hester will present the ; koohq iiyoer ana micke? waxci Assistants 1 the Ag iaoara are:
Typical Nebraska Coed finalists , "I Know a Secret " a Tecard munic publicity. Dean linstroin; sates'
.K1Xt TXi oT j Kappa Kappa
and -ldiats Delight. She is a w '
me rrrf "1 x" f .hSigma Chi; Sharon Mangold,
""tS a Phi Beta; Allan Kenyon,
TimrtiirtinnK. She ameared on Uni- .'tlxi"J".1JT iTiT
versity Theater pliys, 7Dtheiio K Gamms. Katb
Aur P'T-
Swerre. Kappa Alpha Theta.
dmini-' TheBe winners will participate
in the semi-final contest to be
and the Eligible Bachelors at the; toy Betty Stratton and
emDCT,Jijr;imer, Kappa Delta; Ann-Griffi
jaiionai n-onec t- rimna nmms and -Ineri
YWCA, and Kappa
To Judge
TNC Finals
Kick Amos, business
Ktration iunior, played
aeafl in -tujtj -f 'Thursday. The linal contest will
Christmas vacation he sang on TV , '
in Chicago and this spring toe will, Tfae ,goraritJ jj-aternity Which Tj-pical Nebraska Coed will be
appear on bis wn Hoilywooa mofit winners 4n semi-lselacted fcona 20 finalists, Thurs
musical show. He is a member 01, -. , .m r,(rraf.fl!riTr 7 n.m. in 316 Union.
University Singers, Kosmet Klub; vel I The judges ;are Dr. Doretta M.
workers, and Alpha Tau Omega.:- - .1,; lhSchlaphof, prolessorof homeeco-,
,.5 eil fiS revrrlnSaJelomi
juiuuu iuou - n l anx proieHeui w ui. ,
.nf fh r,.liminrT .con- MUton W. Beckmaiv supervisor
test were members of Delta Sigma
Eho. Judees for the final con-
H a y 1 0 f t finals will receive an
theater reductions this summer.
He pla i leading Toles in "Girl
Crazy -Othello" and "Idiot's De-
Review. He is a member of Pi department !
Karma Alpha. ; U V-i Ctnte? "1
"j pannfirs iLiQiieEe w uk'
A iuruor in
.and Fine Arts, Marian McOu-lp-. Iitfheran Chooel
nn,,nV m,c a momhfiTof the chorus;"" twinwan wiiujjc?
in "'Oin CrazV" and "'Good News,"" ILenten wspers will be Iheld
and sang on the Horace HeidtTal-! weekly, ginning Wednesday,-.
lent Show. ;&ne iB a meniuer nu. jrurc .1 iw-.i .ov m .mt u-
Sigma Kappa. i-versiry liutheran Chapel, 15th
in Ihe summer .ol -51, Herb anfl W Jstreeis. 'to vice - oresideot .of . sung
dents roncerning the Jnmor
Srnior Class Board efforts im ret
iindem Tilers for the Junior
Senior Prom, it. was pointed eat
that in previous years under
writers were vtnek for the finan
cial responsibility f the affair
with last years uiflivifluiU tuu
running upwards f 10 dollars.
One junior. wb apparently
h&tnt realise. that his signature
involved financial responsibility
reelaimed. 'Oh my Gosh.
"And 1 signed the thing
end of the program.
The live skits are Alpha cum
cron Pi "T.une Train." skit-;
masters: Uanci DeBord and Bicky
Jiedrow; Kappa . Alhpa Theta,'
"Wish Yon Were Here," sTdtmas-l
ier. Mary WocraJX
Kappa Kappa Gamma, Xiove,
Ifs Here To Stay." skitmasterK
Nancee Peterson and Pat ILoder;
AlphaXi Delta, "Ton Can't Get a
Lois Anderson; and Delta Gamma,1
Man With a Brain," skitmaster
'Harma and the King of Siam,"
Ekitmasten Barbara DiUmam.
Separating the skits will be
Curtain and Traveler Acts. Theione to Watch Over Me,'
four curtain acts are Sigma Delta
Tau, "Travel Tips," skitmaster:
Cheryl Kerfinberg.: Kappa Delta;
"'By the Shores of Elen Smnhee,",
Ekitmaster: Marilyn ILehr.
Pi Beta PM, "United Scn.oo-3
lions," skitmaster: Kara Devore;
and Terrance Hall, "Glory Comes
from Jungle Drums," skitattEter::
Barbara Britton, (
The Traveller Acts for each
night will vary. TSiTlen MuHarky
will present each might s winner
after the judging following the
last skit.
The Traveller Acts for Febr, 23
are "mecuey oi cia s avarites,
ILynn Holland doing piano and
vocal numbers; "Khapsody in
Blue," a piano soldi by Fauneil
Gutzman. i Appointments cf assistants
A Delta Gamma dance number ithe mew Unhiersity
The annual Brass Choir concert
will be presented at 4 pa, Feb.
22 in Ihe Union ballroom.
Under Ihe direction of Jack
NUCWA and tennis fteam; James Snyder, the program will feature
Farris, Sigma Phi SpsUon, Student j a tuba solo by .Robert Cfcab and
Union, wrasUing and dimming; a jtraight percussioa ettsemble.
jucnara uojj, arm uaimni iLeiia, Several cf the seeirtjons to tx
football, N Club, and C of A. 'Iplaved by the Brass Choir have
Dick Huebner. Beta Sigma Pa, I been arranged by studenls in the
brass department cf ihe Univer
sity School cf music. The selec
tions and their arrangers are:
The Festal March" by James, ar
ranged by Kadia Watson and "The
IB 12 Overture" by Tschaikovsky,
arranged by Bob Olson.
The program cf the S5-piace
organization includes: "Colonel
Bogey March," by Alfard; A1-
Builders legro from Erne KJeiae Jtacht-
music," by Moaart-King; Can
non Sepflmi Tana NiO. 2 from Sac
rae SymphoaaSaV' by GabxiDi-
Ki-ng said "Sonata HI, largo, Al-
Park Names
20 Assistants
For Builders
by Jedy Seiffert Dot Wat-! Board have been announced by
son, Joan Meyers, tana uisonuiiUiaon fark, asuiiaers presiaent
Maryland membership, Marx Peterson;: legro," by GaUiard, Bobert Chah,
jtcrurs, Jerry jLangemeier and par-. Tuba. Also mcluoea are "Wr-
tes and conventions. Pat Pauley.;; tare 1.812," by Tscnaikovsky-t-Crty
Board assistants are: mem-; sen; "Sextet in X Flat Minor." by
bership. Ann Thompson; campus jBohme; "Modulation," by Blount,
Drum Ibsembie; "Festal March,
by James-Watson; rSuite Minia-
"With a Song in My Heart"
sung by Jackie Orr and acocm-'
panied by Gladys Wovotny; and
"Out cf a Suitcase,'" a tap dance jtours, Shirley Dewey; parties and
by Shirley Jesse. .conventions, Judy Joyce; calen-
The Traveller Acts for Febr. 24 jdar, Betty Krueger; effiee man
are vocal impersonations cf male ager, Mary Margaret McKoenei
mathematics, and Dr. Eoy.ce i.
Knapp, professor ictt secondary eo
ucation. Thi. Tvnical Hebraska Coed will
be presented art Jhe Coed Jollies,
The finalists .are: wuu-jt
wrarnnclp. iunioT. Kappa Delta,
vice president .of Ag YW, secre-
Student Union iioara, riu vinju.
iarmr&. Wenke. nunior, Xappa
1 Alpha Theta, Managing. Editoi- tcf
singers by Jan Harrison and ac-
.companied by Phoebe Dempster;
"Bird f Paradise," a tap dance
by Nancy Kelly, a.coompamed by
Gladys JJovotny.
Publicity, Mart Dedrick and art,'
Annie Bevon.
Assistants on Board publications j ynnrrrffing to Snyder.
are vjrruma jieaaerscin. atssauia i
tore," by Miller and -juazon
March, by Fillmore.
The Brass Guar ennoert is free
and the public as incited to attend
Tea for Ttso," a marimba s&olsnaifr Kebraskan; Kathy Olds, as- StllnPnt ? Pifln
by Marymaude Iseaiord. aocom- fl0ciate
pamea cy &nerry uover; same-
sung by
bv the Mu Phi Ensilon
Student Pastor A. J. WOTeenlT-. AltihalBeaUty Shop uarteL Mary ILou
heart" at Pinewood Bowl in lUn-jsaia me .compacx ndu-nvui t z: h Bierman, Pat Felger Schmidt, JoiFolhes on Febr, 24.
-n. 4nm Limmprc . s 'tvouoBU rperioa -m mauue
LUJU. JC kJ.V-i.!. w " ' -
editor cf Scarlet audi
Cream; Jeanne Bangstron, secre-' m
tary .of Scarlet and Cream and CQSIClTl lOUl
Winifred Winston and
panied by line FoialL
"Sylvester and Tweetie Pie," a
record mimic by Eita Angell and
Pat Kellis; songs by the Sigma
Alpha lota trio, Delores Garrett,
Janice Wagner and Harriet Swan-
son, accompanied by Gladys Itov-
.atny. !
Kappa Gamma dance number by Wafer Yell Drillers
Marne Cook, Kancy Thompson,!! T Q Meet Al rtU
Bernie pLOitjtuKt associate edi
tor .of First Gtonoe.
Student Directory staff mem
bers are: faculty lists, Ann ILau-J
ner; organizatianE, Alice Todd;,
proofreading, Janet Heaiey; stu
dent lists, JoAma meyers ana typ
ing, Marlene wirhs.
iancy Carman and Marian Whit
worth; and "'Modern Interpreta
tions, by Betty Searcy at
Jan Steflen win present
skit winners at the end cf
period will include
national music camp .at Inter-1 reacting 01 a secuun .01 uic jrai
lochan, Michigan. He played leads 'sion history, a special Lenten se
in "'Girl Crazy" and "'See How, lection by the .choir, a sermon-
Thev lun." a Hayloft Theater i"cl b
.nninti tj iK s -niprnhpr eif Choir renearsai
Thi TCnnna Psi. ,larly
Sue Brownlee, junior.,
Gamma, Junior utaBB ouuum,,
AXJF Board, Junior Class oe
Chlorvce Ode, s op ho rn ox,
Loomis Hall, Tassels, Ag YW Cab-
which is regu-
held on Wednesday eve-
Tooley, Teachers College TKWf,.-,
Of UN, Capitol
Uiuversity students are matong
plans to journey to Kew YgeSc
City and WasMngtom to attend the
United Katians and Meet Year
Government seminErs sponsored
bv the Katicinal Student CromdJ,
The students will leave lincola
March 20 and wi& arrive m Wash-
Approximately 200 members of ington the 22. l'in ere fhe
K'-he Nebraska Water Well DnHerE:-fc Ttaey wwwm ff
il Association, the eldest active cr-pml Jst?rcm'rn. - m
W'ganizatioii of its kind in the na- J,-KDmJl!S1
Si! 'Hon, will meet cm the University .highlighted by a dmner speech to
icampus mext Thursday and Fri- be given by Mrs. Kteanar Koose-
laar, pelt The students wiH also atbend
The association's . 22nd annual a session ci xne aecoriTy
conference and shortcourse willj Sight-seeing tours will toe con
be held in co-operation with the ducted in both cities. Studen
University's Division cfConserva-'will, stay at the Hotel Diplomat
tion and Survey. m Jew -i.ont. toKt ci
Gov. Robert Crosby wjfll speak kciucung tbtouti.uu,
at a luncheon ThurBday eienmgiapa aooa win ve syux
,( CjntinueC s fare )
CBinpus fashions
Counselor President To Give
Twenty 31g Sister Citations
v-or, twRt rw treasurer
cabinet member, lumon wmuuium
Chairman, ipanneuemc wiuc-ctu-
derxt. Alpha Lambcta alexia.
Connie Clark, junior., Alpha Chi
Omega, vice president .of Home
irnnn,.mins ,r.luh. seeretary .of Tas-
selB, Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Up-
silon micron.
Murilel Pickett, sophomore, Ti
Beta Phi, Builders Board, Coed
Counselor Board, Cornhusker sec
tion head. !
JSancy dum, sophomore, Gam-
Phi Beta, iiunoeri. jautuu,
meaa, luaury
I ma
Kan Kappa ouse, past W secretary.
fc-aPPa Jiappa luarnnia, urir ,fcv,nhairman. Phi
.... . . ..1 , -ti : tj... t..,. . wr trie
tier, weanesaay ax in iNaiuue inuisuu, j-j xicm rm,
"house will amodel the appropriate inc. Adelptu; Janet Lynch, Ami-
styles for special occasions sui.'lnHtu; (Connie Decker, International
nc or. "formals. banouets and IHou-ie: Eleanor Chapman, Loomis
Kathleen Dill, senior,, Interna-
.at the Lincoln Hotel
Other speakers during the two
Pennsylvanians Started
As 4 'Baniazzatrists'
By KATALIE KATT tedhnigues cf rhythm as when the -
Staff Writer . group (originated, j srty; John F. Sihrunk of the Uni-
Thirty years ago four -tam-! Encourageu by -Paul Whiteman.y anfl thanes
jazateiBtB" began playing forpe lour mgmai jmemoers
dance parties, mixing their banjo au-uuuu jcw w
students interested 3a
oo;r, rrn 4nrinrt Trof.knakin the trip or desoring in-
J u-i-.." T .ij
iiormaaioii iiautuB iwuu
Janice siborn at the YWCA am
Hedges of Ellen Smith BaE or Sam Gibson
at the YMCA an temporary ju.
dt spring fashions lor all occa
sions will highlight the annual Ante
Coed Counselor Friendship Din-jy0ung
ballroom. - JKovicatt, SigmalJeita -jau; vuaro- ."T" v-rwin. iunior.. Inter-
from .each organweft Lee, Sigma li.appa, Joan iieu-i -, lCoed Counselor
: Innrt 1 .vni'h mU . ' .. . . ,
Board, Tassels, :bT.uaera uouucu,
Home Hconomies Club,
frii7 ,oTih omore.
.dates. Two acts, presented aurmg Hall; Oira 1 J nompson, x.t-Muei.i c , EAEW treasurer,
me firyie snow, win .ueun ,nuu n ii '.mv...v --
possible .costumes to be worn ai : yard, wvuson wau.
ri-thms along with their .quieter
hymns. These "banjazzatrists," in
creased in number, have come to!
be anternationaiiy iEnown as me
Fred Waring, and the PennryV
vanians, will appear at the Coli
seum, Mar. a. The concert is spon
sored by the Union.
The Pennsj-lvanians have in
creased from four to M, but the
songs they ing .and play retain
essentially the warne fervor ana
various .campus parties
Girls participating in "Take Me
. j .(in It 1 . . .1 V ' i ll.i
and Ann Bevnon. Jan Beachler
wiU dance "Holkllau:"
Ann Launnr and Jun Sarrison
will co-narrate the show.
Twenty citations will he pre
sented to the 1802-53 .outstanding
Coed Counselors by Elizabeth
Gass, president. The .counselors
are selected by board members .on
-the basis of their work with little
fiisters .during the past year.
Guests and the present board
members will be introduced by
Miss Gass. The guests are Mury
Mielenz, Mrs. . lieret. Helen
Knvder. advisers: Mrs. Elsie Ford
ieT. past adviser; Mary Au-t
rust:t, asnistnnt tto the oJean 'Of
Vomen and Marjorie Johnston,
Tuinn rif IVnmPll.
All big and little Sisters. Cw.6
Counselor sponsors nd house
mothers have ibeen Invited to at
tenithe dinner. Tickets .re tl.10
and .are sold by sisters and Coed
Counselor board members., Tickets
will mot be sold tit the floor.
Sue Reinharclt is .chairman of
ihe banquet. Her (committee chair
winn firp Joan Johnson, style
ahow "Wturliil Pickett, decorations;
Tta,.i,. ,r;oofldinc. ticknts; Mar.
lone MaCUllough, invitations; Jane
Bredy, menu; and Sue Gorton,
. The girls moduling and the
"house thev Vepresetrt arc: Auary
jlowetl. Alpha .Chi, Pacidy
Vrifiht. Alpha Omicron Pi; bimdrv
Ledmghum, Ahiha Phi; Brtty
fiearcy, Alpha 2U Delta; BJurtey
Decker, Chi mepir; Marr.r.ret Ku
.7 t .'.! TH-lta Delta: Mary Do-
iniiigo, Delta Gamma; Alice Hun-
if'.'.-" ' - i
i i
i 1
I f, n , j
I " V' I
I - " f
f ' ' "",. f
!' . . i. - t
.... ..,
Taasels, YWCA, Coed (uounsemr
Beth liobwer, junior, Chi
Omega, Assistant Editor .of Corn
husker, Farmers' Fair Board,
Builders vice president
fcuDy Jo Speicher, .sopnomore,
Kappa Kappa Gamma, corn
husker section iheait, AUf uoara,
Guilders .assistant
Elaine MuMen, -sophomore, uu I'ryehoiogist: " Are you irouwieo
OmeEa. Home Economics CJ-uh by improper thoughtsr"
Council, W Cabinet Coed: "Iflo J rather
Darlene Godding, junior, s owne ihem
taff Writer
prominent nightspots. The sroup
expanded and became known as
the College Synoopationist play-,
ing primarily .on college and uni
versity campuses.
In 1828 Waring aid ttus group
were booked an ne of Europe's
most (distinguished supper clubs,
Des Ambassadeurs, an Paris. This
'booking (encouraged the group to
work vem 'harder., ana aiso
showed Americans the popular
appeal .of the Waring type of
The public, after hearing and
setwg the Frist Wx&i"', show, ,de-
more popular jrenoiuons. ine
Penn'lvanians have re.ccr.fled
Masquer's Production
such conoerts as:
"Twas the
Wifht Befoi Christmas." "God
Kind lady ((about to give back- Bless America," "The Holy City,'
Members tf the singing sgraupi
come from all parts .of the su,.-;
and from varied backgrounds.
Club, vice prefudent BABW Board,
Coed Counselors, iasseis.
Sandra Daley,, numor, ateaiClence
Halls for Women, Tassels, Coed
Counselor Board, Governor
Residence Halls for Wromen.-
Joy Wacliul, Dunior., Deuta
Gamma, viue president .of AUF,
Union Board, past member .of
Builders Board.
J Johnson, .sophomore, Alpha
XI Delta, treasurer .uf Tassels,
Coed Counselor Board, Builders
Board. '
JJara Stephenson, sophomore,
Kappa Delta, patrt Daily IMe
braukan Copy Editor, Builders
Board, Tassels, fled Cross.
Joyce Johnson, junior., Alpha
Chi mega, ;&tudeiit Council, vice
president .of lied Cross.
Pjoi t y Gark To Specie
At Zodeo O'Jb Meeting
'The University's Fvodeo Associ-
doar caller a .ouarterO; "Poor man
Are you married?"
Tramp: ""Pardon me madam'!
Tfvc think J'd he relvin'' on total
KnmPPrK nr intiort al n nafl a Many aormer nennsyivauiuns xwvr
wife?" achieved success with the help of
the Choral :6ingmg ;pacxgrouna
Ticket for the Fred Waring!
.concert are on sale at the box .f-
njoy fice an the City .and A Onion,'
Mam floor seating will he solo lor:
i!$8 :K2 and fl with balcony seats
The best way to fight body odarisening for $&, $2.&ft, 12 and $150.
Is to .chew that oworopnyu furs
Although it turns your teeth,
of green
It tastes a lot better than Mum,
'Jacket Sales
A surgeon, an iardhitect, and s w w
politician were arguing as to f"
hose prolesaion was the oldest. ;6-fy fffi r4 rOlT
The surgeon .contended that when w
iGod (.created Eve from a rib of Sales of the Farmer's Fair .and
Adam that was a wurjgieal opera- Kodeo Association jackets btgms
tion. !l Wednesday said Dill Waldo,
"But said the architect, ""before Farmef's Fair Board member..
that, God formed order t of
"Yes, agreed the pauticiaa,
'but how about chaos?
ine a "Jlu Catcher" fashion t
the Coefl tlutiw!tur rrienUdhlp
Huuiiir iMifl tyle Show IH'eiU
iietidisy aaiClil '1U be lpue
1 mui&-
The first order of the jackets
win be .delivered around March
15. !
The Ag Union and the Farmer's
Fair Board are the sponsors of the
A aoof was walking along the sales, , .
beach in the nude with his clothes Students anay jtoee wde
hung over bis arm, A cop tran tup'ia the booth at the Ag Union,
to Sum, ! Waldo related the jackets for
'M'hiit's the idea, walking along the warmer rur wxu vk
mm mmm mmmwummmmvwmmmfmmmmmnmwimwm , .
I- ...... .... ".,'"'" -""-" "t.
I t. - " v; i i- 1
1 - 1
ntion wiU hold a special meeting .without your .clothes on.? de
Wednesday at 7:30 pm. an the Ag , numdei I ttie cop. ,
Trr; i J HWI J Willi 'ws"
Plans lor the 1958 Farmer's Fair .mim, uu iw.e
Rudtio will be discussed, said
rFrnncis Gowne, .unib publicity
George '"PotFy" Clark. Uuiver
uity athletic .director, will be the
ljeaker Sor the meeting. 1
The wefttltwuutB sufiflehly
4!hu.iir.e(i bis mund juxt mm that
Thnrbflay will bt iiir and ery
ul, bwt awfi JurMO'w-Dhuef.
imd the liodeo Association jackets1
will eU lor :f.85. Purchasers of
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