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v A
Poge 4
Grad Record
Set Jan. 30-31
Thursday, December J 1 , J
Hi iiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiBMIMIII Mm ill mil mmmmmm?
Graduate record examinations q
re scheduled for Jan. 30 and 31,
1953, said Harold E. Wise, as-J
iistant dean of graduate college, h
Scores on these examinations!
constitute a desirable credential .
to submit when applying for ad-'fs
mission to the Graduate College i
of the University or for a gradu-i
te fellowship or assistantship, J
Wis said. i
requirements or the various de
partments of the University may
do secured from the departmen
chairmen. A number of other
graduate schools require that ;
scores On the graduate record ex-
aminatfon be presented in support ' f
of application for admission or for I v v
a fellowship or assistantship. y 'v
ADDlication forms for thncf u;rm ;a
wish to take the examinations may1
be secured in the office of Pro-?!
fessor H. M. Cox, Director of the 4
?ureau ot Instructional Research, ij
emporary A.
Union ... I
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Joined In such manner as to :!
permit free flow of traffic on l!
all levels. Proposed construe- J
tlon will be designed to con- ;-'
form to costs of approximately j
$500,000 at present cost aver-
ares. '4
The addition will consist oH
basement level and two floors .
above in a modified "L" shape. -J
A center court or patio will operi
off the fountain room and main
lounge and will house bowling 3
lanes at basement level.
Other recreation facilities f,
considered are a billiard room '
to accomodate eight tables, a ta- v
ble tennis room with a mini-
mum of eight tables, and table
games facilities for card fames, h
duo-units for chess and check- -
era.. '
A proposal is being considered :
for a snack bar and fountain -lounge
with adjoining outdoor
terrace. r
Cultural facilities proposed in-
elude a recital and reception t
room, a wall arrangement de--'
signed for art displays, a televi--"
sioQ lounge seating approximately
75, and built-in display cases :
along corridors for exhibiting arU
objects, handicrafts, and depart-1"
mental works. S
Student organization offices and
file room are proposed, arranged j
as units or three or four small
offices with conference room ad-;'
joining each unit. About eight tH
12 office areas are proposed. -;
Offices and service areas for -Union
Activities will be located J
near north entrance with corri-1
Hor service counter, suite of of-
fices and meeting area, and a fl
private office for Activities Di-!J
.... 1 : ;
NU Republican
Election Set
Thursday P.M. 6
Unfversity Young Republican!
officers that served during the 3
November campaign will be re-
placed or re-elected at the meet-'
ing Thursday, 7:30 p.m. in the:
Union. g
; The official slate of 1953 offi-tf
cers Is: . president, Jim Adams,
Beth Rbwher; vice-president, ffl
Charles Klasek, Ernie Bebb; sec-ft
retary, Marilyn Tyson, Roger b
Wait; treasurer, Polly Ackerson.B
Bert Linn and assistant secretary,'
Dick Dempster, and Mary Middle-1
ton. 1
The official slate was drawn up,1
by a nominating committee com-i
posed of Roger Wait, Ted Cannon if
and Ruth Raymond, but morefj
nominations may be made from
the floor. II
Committees will be set up andij
chairmen appointed by the newS
officers. i
The Unfversity Young Republi-i
cans area separate group fromS
the Lancaster County Young Re-!
publicans. The University organi-j
ration exists under a Student h
Council approved constitution. p
Deadline Set Friday fj
For All Sports Tickets fj
All sports tickets for Unlver-
sity students will remain on saleM
until Friday.
; These tickets selling for $3 areW
good for all basketball games, fJ '
track meets, gaseball games and IS
other sporting events. '
The tickets may be purchased,!
from the ticket office in the Coli-S
seum. ,1
Coffee Hour To Feature
Doha Omicron Concert 1
Special feature at the Lutheran Ij
Student Coffee Hour Thursday!
will be a concert of American H
Christmas music by Delta Omi-
cron music sorority.
Coffee will be served beginning Ti
at 3:30 p.m. at the Lutheran Stu-M
dent House, 535 N. 16. The con-M
cert will begin at 4 p.m. p
t i r
fin J&l&A 4 .,v ' rv
Open THURSDAY t.'l
Store Honrs...
Mondays nnd Thnrsilnys 10 to 9
Other Days 9:30 to 5:30
Rifle Down by Dns . . FREE . . 5:30 to 7 p. m.
Come', to
Millet's before
Clock Strikes
"im Jill ill I
STOLES to Steal Her Heart!
The gift slie'll love for all occasions ... ready to
iwoop, with an air, around lirr dliouldcrs, drape
about her arm., to wear in daylight and in night
light. Take 'your choice . . . evening knits mingled
with metallic, jerseys, and casual wool pluids
her to adore for their eory warmth and dramatic
beauty! r .
KNITS, White, Pink, and Blue
JERSEYS, White, Grey, 7Voy, Red, BlaekYellou and Brown
NECKWEAR . . . First Floor
295 ar95
Ok So doiny,
(ozia n lAa
V 1 lit. 1
i I
Just What Every Col
lege Girl Want$ to
Find on Christmas
.4;-iii h
PHONE 2-7631 I
PJLEARB return gmy cwrr.nat taken ttd
the i MlilUrj Bail to the. Jjaily Kebrfcnj
KfDB wnntea to east eoajrt. Iavtns forli
Chrlatmaa vaca tion. Call 2-61 T befor. 5. l
rvRjarMA8st'OOEsnox8 M
V ( g, Luiiters. Billfolds J
Oilier bf --Jrateiy Piied GUt fS
I ' i H PF N SHOP It
1-d South 11 8t. ii
Efdm to Ife Ariifpleii Bhar. expenses. 5
L.',nt December 19 or 30. Dean Hebbe 1
8-7. 4
EMarji to Detrtiit. IRVlnir Friday. 19 !
December. CaU fl-9H35 1237 "C" Streets
rDKr.SV"td'"frNew York. Round H
t'fa, Call Daily MebnuKan H
r::.i!H-. ti :-. w.
Striped 'n Iright! just the
way she likes her night
wear . . You'll hear her
sigh with pleasure at the
sight of this gay little set
with its clever "granny's"
nightcap and heavenly
warm boots to match the
full length nightshirt. Soft
striped Sanforized flan-,
neiette so right to dream
in! Be sure she has one
under the tree on Christ
mas morn! Sizes small,
medium, and large.
Red While and
LINGERIE . . . Third Floor
Ijf ij
s it: : , tt ar
m ' ' 'II' H II ll'll ; i
W:Mm Iff' " I
km f - i
i J ukt A III. -T a
9 pm !
rfr1'!. 3 . K
il fi'tt'ii4 v ' I
I i M I LI
i 1 I
"3 :;!.;( iV j. 1 f
7 ti 1
' V..' i 1 s.
'WJlial to (jive J4erl
See Miller's Wonderland
of Enchanting GLOVES
You'll find the perfect glove to echo the style of her
meticulous personality in Miller's day-inlo-evening colic
lion of leading-fashion gloves. See their perfect detail ....
exquisite stitching, soft, fuckings, new lengths lo crush to
her wrists, tones lighter or darker for all-important contrast.
Hanging from our Chrittmat tree are juit
m few of the many enchanting style
i . . .
. n she l.kes ft.ndsome leathers she'll love these Genuine
i ;o,h,?erfeo ?sr in 'xm M -d--so
2' fc'm' T'rt ' m ,,S''al Re!'" y Madeline in
Beige, Blue Grey and Rust . . . 3.9S. Other styles 3.95 to $5.
3' nSyTindS kW
" Xin,w'u,J.!nf"g,i"eu.- ' r.1 Uet ,0M WrUed with
rhinwtone w.lj bring a shine to her eyes. f White. Pink
Black and Be?ge . . . 3-50. Other style. 2-75 to 3.95.
5. For the longer look elegant Capeskin of devastating beauty by
Kislav... 10.50. Kislav doeskins H.50 lo 15.50. 7
er a
A Smart Circlet Clasp Gluv-Gard.
This newly fashioned Gluv-Gard fastens her gloves quickly safely
to her handbag. Gold plated, beautifully embossed, with t
matching metal ornaments. It's pretty . . . it's practical
It's ready for gift giving In a rayon-satin lined transparent box
Same Blyle with timulated moonttonet or pearl 1.25. plus tax
GLOVES . . First Floor
It y shs to ADVERTISE
niwTi niOTimiM iiiirauir wfci'MiUii !a twit