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    Vol. 50 No. .129
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UNIFICATION Retiring president Bill Modk hands the gavel to
Bob Phelps, new head of the Candidate Officer's association. The
group is made up of candidate officers from the Army, Air Force
and Naval divisions of the ROTC at the University. Mook repre
sents the Army while Phelps is in the Naval ROTC program.
(Rag Photo by Hank Lammers.)
Union Addition Drive
Enters Final Stages
Campaign maneuvers are still
In strong operation in the drive
for -a Union addition.
"Nebraska Next" posters with
large bold red letters, aotive
campaigning for support from
campus organizations, scheduled
radio time on University pro
grams, a planned questionnaire
to be taken to every part of the
campus by a staff of nearly 100
Union activities workers all are
a part of the big drive initiated
at the beginning of this week
by the Union expansion com
mittee. The campaign will continue
through Tuesday, April 25. Wed
nesday the students will decide
in an all University poll whether
thove will be a Union addition.
So far, 42 organizations hav?
pledged their support of the in
crease in fees which is necessary
before any expansion may be
They are:
Independent Student's As
sociation, Gamma Lambda, Pt
Kappa Phi, Women's Athletic
Association, Phi Upsilon Oml
cron, Alpha Omicron Pt, Kap
pa Phi, Theta XI and All
Women's Society.
Pioneer House, Non-U House,
All University Fund, Towne
Club, Sigma Chi, Phi Mff Alpha
Sinfonia, Beta Sigma Psi, Tas
sels, Innocents society, Tau
' Kappa Epsilon, Sirma Delta
Tau, Zeta Beta Tau, Kappa Sig
ma, University Builders, Slma
Kappa, Alpha Chi Omega, Delta
Tau Delta, Sigma Alpha Mu,
Delta Delta Delta, Amikita, Al
pha Gamma Rho. Corn Cobs, PI
Beta Phi, Gamma Phi Beta, In
ternational House, Love Memo
rial, Alpha Phi, Chi Omega. Phi
Gamma Delta, Kappa Kappa
Gamma and American Society of
.Civil Engineers.
- The questionnaires to ascertain
students' opinions will be taken
out Monday afternoon by a spe
cial group of workers who will
be fully informed on the Union
situation as it now stands and
will be able to answer questions
concerning addition proposals.
They will note the views of the
students regarding the consid
ered facilities.
More information tbout the
large scale student contacting
and results will be published in
following editions of the "Rag."
It is planned by the commit
tee that the student contacts will
be as representative as possible.
In order that this may be ac
complished, the contacters, who
will not merely be pollers, will
take out the forms to all parts
of the campus. "
Also the survey will be more
authoritative if the student in
terviewed will include simple
information about himself. This
will eliminate any haphazard
tabulation on the part of either
the interviewer or. interviewee.
This Is the reason for the pre
liminary section asking personal
The committee is asking the
co-operation of students in grad
ing the questionnaire sheets. The
compilation of returns from the
contacts Monday afternoon will
be revealed in Tuesday's edition
of The Daily Nebraskan.
It is felt by the committee that
with the student contacts a
careful analyzatlon of the feel
ing on the addition may be made.
It will give en opportunity for
all students to participate in the
planning of the building if the
vote is "yes" Wednesday at the
Members of the committee
wished to point out to students
that as students visit the polls
they should remember that the
fee increase is the only means
Summer, Fall Registration
To Benin With Ticket Issuance
Registration ticket numbers
for summer and fall registra
tion will be available to stu
dents with 89 or more hours on
record Monday, April 24. This
announcement was made by Dr.
Floyd W. Hoover, assistant regi
strar. Dual issuance of picket num
bers for registration of the two
terms will take place m the
Military and Naval Science
building on the second floor be
tween the hours of 8 a. m. and 4
p. m.
It will be imperative that stu
dents show their identification
cards in order to obtain registra
tion tickets.
The order for the remainder
of the students to pick up reg
istration ticket numbers is as
follows: Tuesday, April 25, stu
dents with 53 to 88 hours on
record; Wednesday, April 28,
students with 25 to 52 hours of
credit on record; and students
who have not yet been advanced
from Junior Division, Thursday,
April 27. ,
. No Ag Tickets
Ag college students will not
need tickets for registration, ac
cording to Dr. Hoover.
However; they are to schedule
appointments with their advisors
during the week of April 24, and
work out their class schedules.
Official Ag campus registration
will begin May 8 in Room 102,
Animal Husbandry Hall.
Graduate students have been
requested to wait until June 6
or Sept. 11 to begin registration.
They wil not need ticket num
bers. City campus registration for
the 1950-51 school year will be
Rag Contrasts
'New and Old'
Page Sizes
Today's front page is a far cry
from what students and faculty
members have been seeing in
The Daily Nebraskan this semes
ter. The amount of news-filled
space represents the old tabloid
size, the size to which The Daily
Nebraskan will return unless
students vote for a 50 cent fee
raise to continue the present
seven-column paper.
Students will have the chance
to express their approval or dis
approval of the larger Daily Ne
braskan in their Wednesday 9
o'clocks, with the proposed Union
fee raise. The seven -column
paper has been running on the
same subscription price which
paid for last semester's five
column "Rag," and this fee has
not proved sufficient to make
ends meet. If the students vote
"yes" on the subscription hike,
they will continue to receive the
larger paper.
Short of Space
Last semester, working with
the amount of space represented
on 'today's front page, the "Rag"
staff often was unable to print
much of the news which came
into the Nebraskan office. It gen
erally was necessary to cut
stories down to the minimum
facts; and if an item wasn't the
"big" news of the day, it ran the
risk of not being printed.
Had the tabloid size been used
throughout today's paper, on all
four pages, much news again
would have been lost. "Just
Around" and "News and Views"
would have been tossed out, and
the other columns which appear
in the larger "Rag" on other days
of the week would never see
print. Sports would take a heavy
blow, and editorial space would
be limited.
Continuance of the present,
"king-size" Nebraskan depends
on the student vote.
gin' May 8 in the Military and
Naval Science building. Regis
tration will go according to
Class Lists
Class lists are available in the
office of the Registrar, Jtoom 103
Administration building, for stu
dent checking. Any students in
doubt as to their classification
should check their grade rating
before obtaining registration
"This will give students an
opportunity to determine their
standing in advance of the week
of April 24, anc also make it
possible for them to make any
corrections," said Dr. Hoover.
Following the issuance of
registration tickets, students are
asked to make appointments
with their advisors for confer
ences. .These conferences will be
held during the period of April
24 to May 3. s
Fall Program x
When the programs for the
fall semester studies are made
up, students will leave their
work sheets with their advisors
in order for necessary signatures
to be affixed.
Students registering for sum
mer school work . may register
for the six weeks session which
will run from June 6 to J illy 14,
or the eight weeks session' to
run from June 8 to July 28.
Questions concerning , Junior
Division registration may be
answered by contacting those
headquarters in Temporary
building A, according to War
ren R. Bailer, director of Uni
versity Junior ' Division and
Counseling Service.
To Open
P (Th
rvJ U
d P
Formers Foitr
Ag Goddess, Whisker King
To Reign at April 28 Affair
Music by Eddie Haddad and his orchestra will enter
tain students in rural garb at the Cotton and Denim
dance Friday night, April 28, at 8:30 p.m. in the College
Activities building.
, The Cotton and Denim dance traditionally opens the
Ag College Farmers Fair, to which all students are in
vited. Cottons and denims are the order of dress as they
will be all this week on Ag campus. Tickets for the dance
if, U
P ! '
; v ' . ;
m im iiiliinffiiMMiilliiMn4-rVhJ-""t''ftrr"v"'
for the annual Farmer's Fair,
Friday, May 28.
Groups Plan
May Banquet
Five journalism organizations
will combine to sponsor the
annual spring journalism ban
quet at Cotner Terrace on May
The banquet traditionally
marks the climax of student ac
tivities for the year in the School
of Journalism. All students in
journalism, staff members on
any campus publications or
others who may be interested, are
invited to attend.
Like the last two years, the
speaker will be a journalism pro
fessor from a neighboring state
institution. Prof. Leslie G. Moel
ler, director of the University of
Iowa School of Journalism and
past president of the Iowa Press
association, has accepted the in
vitation to be this year's speak
er. Sponsoring groups include
Gamma Alpha Chi, women's ad
vertising sorority; Theta Sigma
Phi, women's journalism pro
fessional; Kappa Alpha Mu, pho
tograhpy; and both the campus
and state professional chapters of
Sigma Delta Chi, men's journal
ism professional.
Following a custom of previous
years, undergradua'1'' s, who have
been initiated into Sigma Delta
Chi this spring, will be guests of
the chapter at the banquet. Other
guests will be five state news-
paper editors who will he- initi
ated into the professional chapter
at a special ceremony preceduig
the banquet. '
Med School Test
Deadline Mays 13 ;
All : premedical students who
hope to enter any approved med
ical college, September, 1951,
should make application to ,take
the Medical College admission
test, May 13, 1950.
Application for admittance
must be made with the Educa
tional Testing Service, Princeton,
New Jersey, not later than April
29, 1950.
Nebraska students may obtain
application forms from Dr. Pow
ell, the premedical advisor, 306
Bessey Hall.
Sunday, April 23, 1950
will be on sale in the Ag Union
from Tuesday to Friday for $2
per couple.
Goddess and King
The presentation of the God
dess of Agriculture and the
Whisker .King will take place at
10 p. m. in a unique ceremony
sponsored by the Home Eco
nomics club. This year's pre-
Farmers Fair Program
Friday, April 29
9:00-12:00 p.m. Cotton &
Denim dance in College
Activities building.
10:00 p.m. Presentation of
the Goddess of Agricul
ture and Whisker King.
11:30-12:00 p. m. Farmers
Fair rally and lighting of
the barbecue pits.
Saturday, April 30.
9:00 a.m. -5 p.m. Midway
and concessions.
10:00 a.m. "A Greater '50"
parade on Fraternity row
and downtown Lincoln.
1:30-3:30 p.m. Rodeo in the
arena near beef barn.
3:30 p.m. Women's program
in 320 Foods and Nutri
tion building.
5:30 p.m. Barbecue at the
Athletic Field.
8:00-11:00 Square dancing
in the College Activities
sentation will be centered around
the song "K-K-K-Katy." Arlean
Beam will be master of cere
monies. At 11:30 p. m., all dancers
will go out of doors for the bar
becue rally to be held near the
pits. The barbecue pits, to be
located south of the College Ac
tivities building, will be lit at
the rally. Group singing and
pep talks by students will high
light the rally.
Judging for the Whisker King
contest will be held at 5 p. m.
Thursday in the Ag Union.
Judges will be Mrs. Angeline An
derson, Prof. R. Abbott and K.
Cannon. Beards will be judged
on uniqueness, length and den
sity. The Goddess of Agriculture
will be chosen by an all Ag stu
dent vote Wednesday, April 26.
Voting will be from 9 to 5 p. m.
in the Ag Union. The Goddess
and her four attendants will be
presented at the Cotton and
denim dance along with the
Whisker King. The Goddess and
attendants will reign over the
entire Fair and will be featured
in the parade.
Senior 'Women
Candidates ' are senior women
enrolled in the College of Agri
culture who have been active on
the campus. A srhnlnsHo aver
age of 6.0 is required for all con
testants. ' - ' : , '.
. The Goddess of Agriculture
contestants are:; ..',
t La verna . Acker, Elaine Aren
son, Sue Bjorklund, Dorothy Bo
land, Gladys t Spencer Brown,
Joan Corzine, Connie Crosbie,
Charlene Eggert, Vivian Frazier,
Joyce Freiberg, Joan Graham,
Florence Hagen, Sally HartZ' and
Jean Howe.
Donna Lu Johnson, Donna
Lauber, Mary Ann Lindauer,
Doris Malmberg, Mary Manning,
Irene Maricle, Gwen Monson,
Louise McDill, Margaret Mc
Geachm, Winnie Ricketts, Donna
Rudisil and Mary Travis.
Vote for Five
All Ag college students may
vote for five of the seniors on
See 'FAIR DANCE, Pag i.
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