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Entered at tho poBtofllco at Lincoln,
Nebraska, up second-class mall matter,
under the Act of CongrenH of March
3, 1879.
Saturday. October 25, 19 K?
Does Concentrated University Work
Get a DancingmaBter from Chicago
Why Not This at Nebraska?
Th lango agitation at Illinois has
taken still another turn. Recently a
numlii i of prominent upperclassmen,
both men and women, expressed
opinions in The Daily Illini that tango
darning in university society either
should be. corrected or suppressed For;
the last tow days there has been much
agitation both for and against this
popular new dance
Sat in day evening it was rumored
that two prominent seniors had con
sidered i ho situation so severely that
they were planning to start a tango
I class for students.
I It is the nlan to nive lesson tn
those men who desire a better undor
standing of the modern dances, and
While City Organization Spreads.
Some do not understand the relation
that oxlsta between tho University and
the City Young Men's Christian Asso
ciation, and for this reason an explana
tion may be in place, especially as the
University association Is now making
a campaign for funds. The University
association is a separate and distinct prm ,. (anK() (lnncng hpro
organization lroni the city association
and has its own board of director
budget, secretarial force, etc., and c.n
lies on its work independently of the
city asso( lation. The reason for tliiy
lies iii the fact that tho student com
attempt to secure the cooperation of
the s"ernl dancing lubs in ('ham
palgn for hotter dancing at Illinois
I It is probable that with tho con-,e'it
j of the arious dancing clubs an e
perienced dancingmaster from Chicago
will lie brought to the university from
time to time to instruct and eorre t
poor dancing at the club dances.
When Dean T. A. Clark was inter
viewed by the piomotors of the new
tango school he expressed himself fa
vorable to anything which would im-
Too Weak For Minne.
Clwle Williams, coach of the Min
noMM i eecii, is attempting to can
cel then- name with North Dakota,
M-hedn'ed 01- n.xt Satunl.ix The ilc
........( standing as It does as more oi f(.llsi. uiv(u ,jy wmininB , , ,lfTort
less of a unity can better be reached ( () havi. u, wmi(l stlk.kon fl()m ,,, '
bv a separate organization. especiall.M hHlt ,,. is ,h.u , D.llv()tus IU.(V QO '
since student lile and problems aicIWl.Jlk U) ghl, Mimi(HOta a R.u T,u, '
-onslderably than those of , MllIu.M)tallh IUM,(1 haV( ,. ()f (x I
the young men ol the city in general ,,, ,, ,1)f. OVorconndence Their'
That the woik is thus separately or i,,,,,,,,, llm..hini; a , lian(,H ()f
ganized docs not imply in the least Stu , s (, nluisKt.,s last S:ifimlliv
uiiii mere is auvimiu; less man ucair i
cooperation and good-will. An illus
(ration of this, the joint gnancial cam
palgn which the two associations an
, sliou d liold in check anv chestiness
whi( Ii Williams' athletes might have
a tendency to exhibit. Dally Kansan.
planning to carry out among the clti
zons of Lincoln Another example of
the co-operation is shown in tho fact
that next Sunday the two organizatiom
C r. Alldritt, dentist, 200 Ganter bldg.,
1240 O st. B-3905.
Delta Chi's Visit.
will givo a program in tho Oliver, at. Ceo I! Hush. Riverside Calif, Stan
whlch the captain of the Haskell foot-1 ford '11, and M. E. Cornelius A R '07
ball team will speak. This will be a Law ')!) Nebraska are visiting at the
meeting of special interest to the stu 'Delta Chi House Roth are on the
dent young men.
Many of the student young men de
sire to join the city association in or
der to take advantage of the dormi
tory, swimming pool, etc. To all such
as are members of the University as
sociation the city association makes a
reduction of fee eiual to the fee of the i
University association. The city asso
ciation also provides a special nine
months' membership ticket for stu
dents at $7.50 whereas the twelve
month ticket cost $10.
I governing board of Delta Chi Fratern
ity and are returning home from at
tending the National convention at
Toronto and a tour of eastern states
Jones' Orchestra, L-9CG6.
Debel and Sorenson Advanced.
Niels H. Debel, '111, has been ad
vanced from scholar to fellow In po
litical science and sociology, to fill the
vacancy caused by tho appointment of
Evans A. Worthley as student pastor
,ior the Methodist church. C. A. Sor-
R R Monheck, H So.. C.E . 1!U1, enson, 'LI, Law '15, has been given
is now in the service of the topograph- 'be vacant scholarship
leal branch oi the United States (Jeo
logical Survev on topographical work ( Telephone Yule Uros Laund, y to call
at Auburn, Neb, in cooperation with for your work. R-2754
t lie state survey under Dr Harbour -- ...
QHuBfiifipb (EflUtmu
if Captain Rurdj is some bear-cat
if on the gridiron, but he will never
if do for a moving picture actor -
if "Star "
LOST Fountain pen on athletic field
Mondav, Oct. 20. Return to Rav
olllco. 10-22-5t
LOST Check book, near mechanics
arts bldg., Saturday. Return to Rag
10k W
JL ! Eg
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2 M I I t 4 i
Sot p"
Made in knee length,
with the very popular
belted back. A swag
ger model for college
men. Best of all ifs
made by
Hart, Sdiaffn
& Marx
$18 and up
r.ipjrl.-bt Man SchaTnrr te Mir
University School of Music
Established 1894
Offers the highest class of instruction in ;.l)
branches of music.
Students may enter any time. '
Anyone expecting to study music will do
well to get information concerning this
school before choosing an instructor.
Willard Kimball, Director
Ask for new catalog -:- : Eleventh and R Streets
Box Paper to suit everyone, with
and without University Emblem
Do we have what you want for a
little gift? Ask
The Uni Book Store
34 on 11th Street
in j , -
I "spa" I !( Rhas
I Cafeteria Plan I tl--JS!
City Y. M. C. A. 13th and P I
Drug Cutter