The daily Nebraskan. ([Lincoln, Neb.) 1901-current, October 17, 1913, Image 2

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2Hjr latlg NrbraBkan
Property of
Editor In Chief
'r N
An m
Kenneth M Snyder
John L Cutright
Fred N. Wells
Managing Keillor
Associate Kdlloi
Associato Editor
Huplness Mnnagci J 1 Drisroll '
smhIiiiiI Mnniuvi LtankS I'eikins
iictilntion Mnnagei J '' Heaid
sTTTTr r 7j lion price $2 00 pel venr.
payable in advance
Single Copies .". nnlH each
Entered" at llir poHtollhc nl Lincoln,
Nebiaska, as e ond lass mail mallei
under Hi'' l "I I'onntcs, of M.inh
3 IST't
FIIIHW ()("1 OI'.KU 1
rallv is s I' duh-d l')i this nmi n
i ii Li. ;it which the lootball piopln-ts ol
.mil off ot the inmpus will peilonn
their rites The lliuht ol blids and
other barbaric signs will not lie used
hv these modern seei s Instead of no
Inn Into a trance the will remnin re
inaikahly awake Thev will base theii
predictions on the in inn. visible sinns
tit N'ebnnha spint. and foi that rea
son it is itnpoitant that the iall be a
t.vphal all I'nivcisitv aftair Fred
I J mi tt r, a Nebiaskan ol deepest dve,
will be chiei prophet assisted b tin
band, the team, Stielim. the Chancel
ldi. and all those niads back for the
bomecommn who can be induced to
lace the crow d
1 f ! Y7 "
vr v. I
kV Y I J
i "A VV-T-' -r x
!l U j)
K ... ,.,. I . -..,..., -.,,..,.
MaWr,, k
Lialtlmnrn N"vYorl
With the Greatest Trio of Stars
In the Good Clothes Game
Society Brand, Fit Form or Sam Peck
are the acknowledged, greatest makers
of Young Men's Clothes in the world.
Their product finds "high clothes tavors"
at Yale, Harvard and Princeton.
Because they arc specialized to meet the demands and metropolitan idrv,- of the
clean cut youn University Chap. Come and see these smart clothes at L.. mollis
largest and bt st young man's store. -::- 10 to 40 are the extremes Kit the
hit of today are the suits and overcoats we're showing at $20 and $25.
Mackinaws to keep you warm -- Rooters' Hats with Bands of v. - w-rsity
$5.00, $7.50, $10.00 and $12.50 Colors
The Store Ahead
' oppni t llll II U's offeicd b till- mIioI.ii
i ship ol ( '(( il Rhodes
Other tiling that v iM t nti i into t'n '
in il aciountlng ol th, .;.ime Saluidav
i.d piobabl.v e ei . fan has thought I
"ii in aie the wi.uner eonmions i . .. , , .
' t I I .1 . IIMIK I ' 1 w . . . . ... ...i . . . . . .
..:...! .1 ,.!,,,..,, ,f tl.. II..11 I
Wlllll, I lir i mimmuuii vi in. in ii
i ondit ion of mil t am and ot tin
"Getting Outdoors."
n some icspects comparisons ol tin-
methods einploved !lt (lllteretlt colleges
hi rn team, and the way the loot
et together undei the leadership
In ir cheer leadeis To be sure, the
est element, is our team versus
the (lopher team, but tin- Cornhuskers
will do their best it's up to the
weather man and the school to see
that the result is a laorable one
misleading 01 without lesult, bei aus(
ot tin- dissimilai it ol conditions m the
collects N( ei theless, in spite Ol the
various difterences, almost all ot tin
New England colleges hae certain
(uestions in common, and it sometimes
happens that it is interesting as well
las piotitable to look into the was that
oui tn-ighbois grapple with then pi oh
Down in Middletow n. Conn where
Kansas Wniversit v is ha nig tiouble Wesli-vnn Lniveisity is. situated, a
with the tango The best vvav to (lis no-l plan which seems c.-itiiin to in
pose of it would be in make M a u- i rease the number of men aailable
(puted study Little Hoc U ik i ".a lor athletic teams has been adopted
,.(1,. l-'ei tieshman is re(UUed to elec'
ome loim ol outdoor athletics which
TUP IIMPOPIII AR CLASSICS il'' U-M l"'sUe lllllll tile ( old W.-atll.l
V K A W JhW'3tfiU I V. 11
The Huffman s General Supply House
For our SCHOOL and OFFICE Supplies
We get more for our money at
208 South Uth Street -:- -:- Lincoln
The present unpnpulai M of tin- in
l'"ort live have chosen tia(k,
i ne in fht'ii i iiu mi mi i.i i ii 'i "
, ,, , teiiui-. lias a tollowmn ol loitv, twentv
(basics could not be belter illustrated , ,,
i audidates are out toi baseball, and
than by the ieeni examinations toi
, , , ,, tin iiesliman lootball squad is i on)
the Rhodes Schol.uship 1 hese eam
. pie-i (I ot tweniv i-mht men In a nu
inations are giv en in Latin, (reck, and
shell, one hundred and thirtv three
el mental v matin-mains, and out ot a ,,
K. , , men aie interested in and are actuallv
state the si.e ol Neluaska onlv tluc-
pai in ipatini? in athletics As many
men answered to tin- call 1 he eann
, , , . men tioni a siimle class in a small
nations are said to be ei tlioiinmb ,
, ioIIiji ai e (Ioiuk M'Kular athletu work
and concei ncd in mmhc ol the moi
, as tin ii out toi the same sort ot work
liukv points ol the subjects ( oik ei ned
, , , , i i -1 ill loin ( la-ses at Hi own It is
Hut nev ei thelcss th-v an- not iiiml'
h.t'i in pit-diet that such a svstem will
balder than the on. - m n to the Luc
x . . ai i H-iphsii ;i asl amount ol nood ( on
Msh school bov s iiiltilii-; Oxloid. .ind
Mill tin- llllplOV emellt 111 V.ilsitV atll
should not be ol siK h teillble piopol
l'-tu i ams wlmh must lin-vitahlv toi
i ions as to detel ( ollet;e student-, 11 om
low ( o.istder the oelielits vvhlih the
(oinpottni; In tin- eastiiu states
., indiv idual is ( ei tain to ie-eiv e Hiown
where more emphasis i.s placed on tin-
Mi laid
( la-sics than hei e m the west, the e
amination is moie contested. Often
... , LOST Nebraska seal pm; call L4L1
a many as twentv-hve or thirtv men
o up from a state, and the winner is
picked from anions the seventeen or Artistic dance programs and menu
t wenty who pass It Is time that more for particular people George Ilros
Ni bnihka underclassmen realized the Punters, 1313 N street
We Cater to Student Trade
Our Dining Room is Complete to mtm
you anything in the Eatable Line. Open
after the Shows, Dances and Parties. We
make our own Ice Cream, SheibcN .md
Punches for Parties.
1315-31N St. :: Lincoln, Nebraska
Gym Classes Begin
.No more span- hours and etia p
riods to loitei on the (ampus (!viu
nasiuni classes will begin next Mondav
ai cording to schedule posted
Patronize our