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TLhc Bath flebraskan
Vol. XII. No. 138
Price, 5 Cents
It -
Downpouring Showers Dampens Ar
dor of Enthusiasts Score of
Only 13-1 Results.
In a four Inning contest which whb
nothing short of a good farcial com
edy the Cornhuskers took the Univer
sity of Omaha for a good drubbing by
ft-Boorc nf 13 to 1, Thegame was
called at the end of the fourth inning
on account of tho great torrents of
sky juice which completely filled the
Omaha was unable to see any of
Jimmy Rodman's slants and made
three outs on easy pop ups. In the
last half of this inning tho Huskers
Immediately scored two runs.
The second Inning was little better
for the visitors and they succeeded
in fanning the ozone for three beau
tiful strike outs.
Tho Huskers duplicated the first
Inning In this and gave over the bats
to the Omaha lads.
The third Inning was a duplication
of the first two for the lads from the
metropolis but the HuBkers got on
their hitting clothes and after a
couple of two base hits by May and
Captain Towle intermingled with a
single or two the locals were able
to score six runs.
In the fourth frame a three base hit
by Perclval and the second hit of the
day off Rodman saved the visitors
from a shutout. Frank for Nebraska
Becured a three base hit and three
tallyB were counted in this inning.
The fifth inning was started in the
rain but only one man got to bat for
tho rain fell in sheets driving tho 51
fans to tho grand stand for protec
tion. The line up:
Nebraska Omaha.
Harte c Slotky
Underwood lb Adams
Jamison 2b Solby, J
Ross 3b Selby, P
Flory 8s Parish
Frank rf Aarons
May cf Reeso
Towle, Capt If Perclval
Two base hits May, Towle. Three
baso hits Frank, Perclval. Base hits
Off Rodman 2, off Dow and Adams
G. Strike outs Rodman 6, Dow 1,
Adams 1. Base on balls Dow 3,
Adams 2.
R. II. E
Nebraska 2 2 G 313 6 0
Omaha 0 0 0 1 12 2
Umpire Owens.
Owing to an oversight the name of
Ruth Squires was omitted from the
editorial staff of tho women's edition
of the Dally Nebraskan.
Sophomore Class to
Abandon Hop Because
of Conflicting Dates
The Sophomore Hop committee
have decided to abandon the class
hop this semester. It has been found
impossible to secure dates at Capital
Beach on account of so many other
dances being held there and it was
therefore deemed advisable to dis
continue the project. Instead there
will no doubt be a dance held early
next semester under the present ad
The SoprronTOTT clntt- -4 haudk
capped by a deficit of $65 hanging
over from last semester and with tho
numerous events yet to be held by
various organizations the risk is too
great to take any chances of Increas
ing the debt. An attendance of -a-sonablo
diminsions cannot be assured
and without this it would bo fatal to
proceed further in the matter.
The froshman class have almost
decided to abandon their hop of May
17 for similar reasons as they have
also come to the conclusion that there
are too many other functions during
tho remainder of the semeBtor. The
Junior Relief Hop will take place
upon May 16 without fall as this is
necessary to raise sufficient funds to
get the class out of debt. The tickets
for this event have been on sale for
the past week and quite a number
have been Bold.
The combined Senior masquerade
and hop will be given upon the even
ing of May 20. Tho fact that it is tho
night before Ivy Day will do much to
swell the attendance at this dance
so that it Is also assured of success.
Former Nebraska Girl Is First Wo
man To be In Complete Charge
of Field Experimentation.
Venus W. Pool, A. M., '03, has been
sent out by the government In charge
of field experiment on the diseases
of the sugar beet in Colorado. She
is assistant pathologist in the depart
ment of agriculture and is tho first
woman to be sent out in complete
charge of any field experiment work.
Recently a government bulletin has
been published giving tho results of
Miss Pool's study on the sugar beet
it Owing to tho fact that a part -
fc of the Girl's Edition was late -fc
in coming off the press it was -fa
Jc impossible to make campus de-
-fa liveries yesterday. Those who -fc
fa did not receive a copy will ob- -fc
A- Hgo the staff if they will call -fc
if for their Nebraskan at Station
if A this morning. -
i -
t ,
German Dramatic Club
Donates $10 From
Play for Art Studies
The German Dramatic club has ap
propriated $10 from the funds secured
from their successful presentation of
"Die Journallsten" and has made .1
present of the same to tho German
department. Tho money will bo UBod
to purchase art studies to be placed
in tho study rooms and clasB rooms
of the Germanic students.
Miss Heppner, who was abroad last
Bunnnor will probably bo intrusted h the selection jfa suUablc gift.
It may also be used aB tho basis of
a fund to buy something more ex
pensive such as a bronze statue or
large picture.
University Men to
Discuss Solution of
Liquor Question
Five University men will dusciiBS
the proper solution of the liquor ques
tion in the Temple theater, May 5th,
at 8 o'clock. The orations will be
judged by three Lincoln men not con
nected with the University. Prizes
of $25 are offered by the Lincoln W.
C. T. U. under whoso direction the
contest is held.
The discussion promises to be
snappy and well worth tho hearing.
The admission Is free and all those
interested should make It a point to
Othopedic Shut-Ins Are Object of
Their Attention. Give Children
Holiday Celebrations.
Chi Omegas everywhere are inter
ested in social and civic work and
Kappa chapter is no exception to this
rule, as its memmberB have undertak
en work at the Orthopedic Hospital,
centering their efforts upon tho chil
dren. Sunday was chosen as the best
day for this work, as many of tho
children go to school all week. Chi
Omegas read, tell stories, and sing
to them and take them flowers, cook
ies and Inexpensive gifts, which to the
girls mean little sacrifices, but bring
Joy to the little shut-ins.
At Christmas and at Easter, appro
priate celebration havo been ar
ranged. The work is so divided that different
girls go each Sunday and tho children
have their favorites and watch for
them each weok.
May morning breakfast at St. Paul's
Saturday, May 3. Breakfast served
from 7 to 9:30. Price 25 cents.
Kearney Normal-3:30
Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals Given
to Winners Commercial Club
Makes Appropriation.
Fete Day, the occasion on which
the Nebraska High School Athlotic
association meet 1b held on tho No
TmfsTuI "TTOTlrhnir been et for May
17 On this day any student that la
a member of the Nebraska High
School Athlotic association and eligi
ble under its rules and regulations
is ontltled to enter the meet. A suc
cessful conteBt from tho coinpotitorB
viewpoint, 1b asBiirred in considera
tion of the fact that the new clndor
track is in excellent condition and
that no weather conditions can havo
any material effect upon the events.
Each school Is allowed to ontor
ton men with no moro than two start
ing In each event. Gold, sterling sil
ver and bronze medals will be given
to the winners of first, Bocond and
third placoB, and silk badges to tho
wlnnerB of fourth places. A banner
will be awarded to the winning relay
team, no individual medalB being
granted to the individual members of
such team. A larger banner will bo
presented to tho team winning great
est total number of points.
The Lincoln Commercial club, in
order to retain tho annual meet in
Lincoln, has made a large appropria
tion to cover the local expenses of tho
meet nnd the University donateB tho
use of tho athletic field and tho track
equipment. Every effort will bo mado
by the University authorities to make
tho meet and Fete Day In general an
enjoyable occasion to all visiting high
school students. Tho following is tho
order of events:
Track Events: Preliminaries and
Beml-finals in 100 yard dash, prelimi
naries and semi-finals in 120 yard hur
dle, 880 yard run, finals In 100 yard
dash, finals In 120 yard hurdle, pre
liminaries in 220 yard dash semi-finals
In 220 yard daBh, finals in 220 yard
hurdle, 440 yard run, one mile run,
one-half mile relay (teams to consist
of four men, each man to run 220
Field Events: Polo vault, 12 pound
shot put, running high Jump, discus
throw, running broad Jump, 12 pound
hammer throw. Field and track events
will go on together, but as much allow
ance as possible will be made for
contestants whore events conflict. In
order to avoid danger to spectators
and contestants in other events tho
hammer throw will bo contested on
tho morning of the meet starting at
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