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XZhc Dailv IFlebraehan
VOL. XII. NO. 39
Price 5 Cent
Miss YAtES Leads
Members of Dramatic Club Busy Work
ing Up Annual Semester Play
Prominent Students Are
in the Cast.
Katherlne YateR and Byrne C. Mar
cellus are to assume tho loading parts
in "AU-of-a-Suddon Peggy" which tho
University Dramatic Club will present
at the Temple Saturday evening, No
vember 23. Thlfl la n comedy In throe
actB written by Charles Denny. It was
originally produced at tho Duke of
York Theater, London, In 1906, and
later at the DIJou in New York under
the direction of Charles Frohman.
A mystery surround b tho plot of the
Play, which the members of the cast
will not divulge, brvo that the play Is
of the Frohman school and one of ab
sorbing Inteiest.
The cast that lias boon selected to
present the Dram Club's first semes
ter play Is an unusually strong one,
most of them having already appeared
before University audiences.
The complete cum Ih as follows:
Anthony, Lord CrockMithorpe
Earl Sage
The Hon. Jimmy Kcppel
Byrne Marcellus
Major Archie Phlnim Iteavls Gist
Lady Crackcnthorpe Miss Hills
Milllcent Keppel Clara Wilson
Mrs. Colquhoun Alma Plasters
Mrs. O'Maro Miss O'Keefe
Peggy Katherlne Yates
The piny is being coached by Flor
ence Farman.
"Elektra," the (Iroek tragedy of Eu
ripides, translated by Gilbert Murray,
will be given by the Coburn Players at
the Oliver Theater tomorrow evening.
A novelty of the play Is that tho
scene does not once change during the
entire length of the tragedy. Tho
scene of tho whole play 1b laid In the
Greek mountains of Argoa. The scenic
equipment showing the huge boulders,
the acraggley cypreeB trees and the
panoramic pastures is extremely real
istic. Particular attention has been
Siven the lighting, inasmuch aa tho
radius conies from above as real sun
shine. Shadows are cast which gives
the groupings the effect of being
wrapped with out-of-door atmosphere.
As the result, from the gradual coming
of the morning to tho sot of Bun and
darkness at the close of the drama, is
'n Poetic harmony with the whole auB-
tere beauty of tho play.
Mrs. Coburn will bo soon in tfie title
role of "Elektra" and Mr. Coburn In
me part of Orestes. Eloktra'a brother
i?tT,lltU?-efl,are Blmple' ate, and
m the barbaric color of the age.-Adv
Victory In Olympics Dependent Upon
Enthusiasm Shown Co-eds'
Presence Desired.
The freshman class will hold Hb last
big meeting before the OlymplcB thlB
morning at 11:30, Immediately follow
ing the convocation. A number of
good speeches are promiBod, and thtrtomo time, but circumstances have
final plans for the big scrap will be
announced in detail. Freshman capB
will also be discussed. Mr. Ankeny
of the Olymplo committee wishes It
emphasized that this meeting Is ex
tremely Important and that the victory
next Saturday depends to a largo ex
tent upon the amount of enthusiasm
displayed at this meeting.
The co-eds are particularly urged to
be present. Freshman class meetings
heretofore have been noted for their
lack of the feminine olemont, and it is
hoped that the futuro will see more
suffragettes In the audience.
Blue and gold have been selected as
freshman colors, and will be In ev'i-
dence at the gaincB next Saturday Mug hereafter the next companies In
morning. Arrangements have been 'order will be supplied in the same
made with a big department store to 'manner. j
furnish caps for the entire class at aj The second-year men of Sergeant
very nominal price Blue caps will be
worn with a gold "N" and the figures
"lCi." The first-year men express their
confidence In winning from the sophs.
and declare that they will be wearing '
their new caps one week from next
Saturday. Fuzz.
Prominent Shakespearian Actors to
Talk to Students ThiB Morning.
... . .. r. .
Air. ano Mrs. rouiirn 01 me i;ouurn
Players, who are playing at tho Oliver
this week, will speak at convocation
this morning at 11 o'clock. The Co
burns are playing a BerieB of Shake- (
spearian and classic plays all over the
country, and especially to college audi-
ences. When last here Mr. and Mrs.
Coburn attended convocation and made
some Interesting remarks on the na
ture of their work.
if The rooting committee of the if
tAt Innocents, composed of Coffee, if
if Meade and Slnke, has offered
if prizes for the host songs and if
if yollB submitted before Wednes- if
if day night. Eight reserved tick- if
if ets to the Kansas-Nebraska game Jfc
if will be given, one for each brig-
if inal Bong or yell. The commit- if
if too reserveB the right to reject if
if any or all turned in, but tho if
if winning ones will be put Into if
if use at the rally Friday. The if
if Glee Club has offered its ser-
if vlceB In helping to swing the if
if new songs. Quick action muBt if
it bo taken. The prize-winning com- -A-
positions will be printed in the if
if Nebraskan as soon as the de- if
if cisions have been made. -j
if if
Regimentals Will Be Given Out This
Week Quns and Equipment Dis
tributed to First-Year Men.
Tho new unlformB of the first-year
cadets have arrlvod and will bo dis
tributed among the cadets as soon as
possible. They have been expectod for
caused a delay In shipment and they
have just boon received by tho mili
tary department. Tho uniforms are of
tho conventional and official olive drab
as those of last year, with perhapB a
slight difference in the texture of the
In order that there will be no con
fusion In the distribution of the suits
among tho men, Lieutenant Bowman
has decided to give them out to one
company at a time, as the boxes are
marked according to the different com
TlniB Company A will be the
Vrst company to receive uniforms, and
the men of this company will receive
their "olive drabB" tonight. Each even-'
Johnson's squad have recently been
drilling with guns and are once more
regaining their proficiency in the man-
ual of arms. The guns and equipment
will be distributed to the new men in
the companies tonight, and although It
now becomes quite dark during the
drill hour, making the correct execu-
Hon of commands difficult, neverthe -
JIcbb the cadets will soon be able to
("shoulder arms" with the precision Of
.tho veterans. C. N. B.
rnccuiiAu cunui iid CTDnwn
rntonmnn oritur ur oinunu
Promising Material Uncovered in Ollm-
pic Tryouts Wrestlers and Boxers
Chosen Relay Team Later.
In the freshman Olympics tryouts
held last Saturday evening there waB
very promising material uncovered. ,l,e Nebraska High School Debating
Chairman Howard Ankeny predicts , league in 1908 and 1909. He attended
.that the freshmen are going to glve,Grand l8,an(1 oWvgo from 1909 till
HiPHnnhnmnrflim hnrri hn t tin for ( il vm-1 February, 1911, where he was on the
pic honors if the men show up as
strong In the other events as in thoi
boxing and wrestling tryouts.
Tho names of those winning out in
theBe tryoutB are as follows:
Lightweight, Hager 133
Middlowolght, Koppel 147
Heavyweight, Hoagland 1C4
Lightweight, Hager 133
Middleweight, Lonabaugh 146
, Hellman 148
Helghtwelght Not determined
There are a number of men yet to
try out for the relay and the tug-of-war
and theBe men have therefore' not been
determined. The names of these men
will be given out as soon as possible.
There are numerous applicants, and it
Is only a question of eliminating those
who are proven to be inferior to the
otherB. C N. B.
Dally Meetings to Be Held from Now
On Till December 6 Many Promi
nent Men to Represent
Nebraska on Teams.
The flnaTtryout for the purpose of
selecting the two teams to represent
the University In the Central Debating
League contests, December 13, 1012,
was held In Memorial I fall last Satur
day. The contestants were tho fifteen
members of the Intercollegiate Debate
Seminar (Rhet. 22), which were chosen
at the tryouts held last June IfluTOrW
ber 5. The squad has been meeting
dally for the purpose of threshing out
the question, and as a result a very
good showing was made Each man
was allowed seven minutes In which to
give his speech.
Illinois Team,
I Two teams or lour men each were
selected. The team which Is to debate
against the University of Illinois is
composed of (iu C Klddoo. 13, law
Ml. a graduate of the South Omaha
nigh School. He has been businesB
I manager of the Daily Nebraskan and
1 0f n,,. Cornhusker He is n member of
i iil Kappa Phi, Phi Alpha Tim. Iron
. Sphinx and th Innocents.
Byrne C. Marc Hub. '11, law 'M. is u
graduate from tht Brock, Xeb., High
' Q.lirnl ii,l ll, !,..-i, V, ,.-., I Ql,nn
"" '"" '" """"' "uu'-
11)10 he was on the team that de
feated Wisconsin on the closed shop
question. He has also taken a leading
part In University dramatic work and
has done a good deal of public reading.
Ho is a member of Alpha Tan Omega,
Phi Alpha Tau ai.d Delta" Sigma Rho.
C. A. SorensMi, h, of Loup City rep-
, resented the Loup City High School In
j freshman and pophomore debating"
teams, "rho Volante," and was tho
college's representative In the state
oratorical context in 1912.
Leslie A. Welch, '12, law '14, of
Wayne (alternate), was salutatorian
of the Wayne High School class of
1008. He was alternate on the Junior
clasB debate team In 1911. Ho won tho
iidivldual competitive drill in 1910, and
was captain of Company C. He 1b a
member of Delta Upsllon.
Wisconsin Team.
The team which (b to debate against
the University of Wisconsin is com
posed of:
Harry J. BurtlB, '13, Ib a Kansan
whose home is now in Lincoln. He
was a momber of the Junior law debat
ing team that won the class champion
ship last spring.
Ralph W. Garrett, '12, law '14, a
graduate of the Madison High School
in 1908. He took Phi pota Kappa
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