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    Ibe H)ail IRebtaekan
VOL. XL NO. 147.
Price 5 Cents
Annual Debate of High 8chool Debat
ing League to be Held in
Memorial Hall.
The fifth annual state championship
dobate of the Nebraska High School
Dobatlng League, consisting now of
sovonty of the principal schools of tho
slato, will bo held In Memorial hall.
Saturday morning. Tho debate will
Btart promptly at 10 o'clock. Admis
sion is froo. Tho proBldent of tho
Loaguo, Prof. M. M. Fogg, will preside.
Tho Judges will probably be members
of tho University faculty.
The eleven ropreBontatlvos of dis
trict championship schools are the
pick of some three hundred fifty stu
dents engaged In tho league work this
The question Is: "Resolved, That
the movement of organized labor for
tho closed shop should receive the
support of public opinion."
Tho program will bo as follows:
1. Lawronco Benson, Mindon, south
western district.
3. Lee E. Brown, Hastings, southern
5. Roger R Ryan, O'Neill, northern
7. Adela M. Kellenbarger, Morna,
west-central district.
9. Albert Bryson, Fullerton, north
central district.
2. Edgar Klddoo, South Omaha,
eastern district.
4. Augustus Ilolmig, Wymoro, south
eastern district.
6. Glen Goaly, Gordon, northwestern
8. Jesse L. Ertol, eneva, central dis
trict. 10. Arthur Ackerman, Lincoln, east
oontral district.
11. Philip T. Kohl, Wayne, north
eastern district.
Each contestant will Bpeak eight
minutes and then four minuteB in re
Professor Reed Announces an Altera
tion In the High School
According to an authenticated re
port from tho high school Inspector's
office tho number of University on
tranco credits necessary for admis
sion will bo raised from 28 to 30.
Latin will no longer bo required in the
high schools, but a department kopt
up in each where one may tako it.
In Its place there will be roquirod
six years of German or some other
live language. Only four hours of
mathematics will be required, tho
other hour being devoted to labora
tory work.
Four credits in English, two In
European hiBtory and two in labora
tory, in addition to the other twelve
points given by accredited secondary
schools in an approved manner, will
constitute tho entrance requirements.
Bot. 8em. Travels.
Tho members of tho Botanical Sam-
lnar go to Louisville Saturday for the
annual flold trip and picnic. Thoy
will leave Lincoln on the Burlington
at 7:15 a. m.r roturnlng at 5:45 p. m.
Nebraska Goes to Des Moines With
a Crippled Team, But Expects
to Make Good Showing..
Coach Stiehm yesterday registered
the entries for the Missouri Vatloy
Conference meet, to bo hold a woek
from Saturday at Dob Moines. In
spite of the fact that the men are re
covering from variouB ailments that
have been causing trouble, NobraBka's
chances in the conference moot JVLC
not such us that she should bo doped
above second place, as Missouri is
putting a most promising bunch of
athletes into the field.
Racoley's Injuries, received in the
Kansas meet is so far healed as to
allow him to be among tho entries.
Becker and McGowan, who have both
been out of trim with more or less dis
abling troubles, will run the half.
The following are the entries: 100
yard, Raceley, Christmas, May Wher
ry; 220-yard, Raceley. Christmas.
Wherry; 440-yard, Beaver, Brannon;
880-yard, McGowan, Becker; mile.
Anderson, 220 yard hurdles, Barney,
and a relay team.
From the men showing up best in
the M. V. meet will be chosen the
team for the Lafayette Intercollegiate
meet on Jfoe 1 Those who will be
sent to Iafuyette will probably be
Raceley, McGowan, Anderson and
May Queen and Daisy Chain Added to
Regular Features of Ivy Day
Sixteen of the senior girls are now
working on tho May-polo dance, to be
given on Ivy Day morning on the cam
pus, north of tho Administration build
ing. Two new features are intro
duced this year- a May queen and a
daisy chain
The queen of the May--Ixniise Burr
will be drawn to the May pole in
a cart by tho senior girls carrying the
daisy chain, followed by the dancers
in cap and gown, and last of all, by
the band.
Tho dance is uhder the direction of
Miss Day.
Mccormick resting well.
Prominent Junior Law Pulls Through
Operation Successfully.
Ix)Roy McCormlck, who was oper
ated on Saturday night for appendi
citis, is reported to bo recovering rap
Idly. He has gono through the oper
ation so well that his parents, who
had been notified at their home in
Orosl, Cal., have not been called to
the city.
Mr. McCormlck is a junior law and
is well known through the school as
the winner of third place In the west
ern intercollegiate wrestling meet at
City Faculty Defeated.
The local faculty wont down In de
feat yesterday before tho team repre
senting tho State Farm faculty. Tho
gamo was exciting throughout and
waB really a much better exhibition
than was expected. The score was 7
to 4.
mrs. conant delightsilarge :SEEkNG ORATORICAL HONORS
Popular Singer Gives Oscar Wilde's ,
'The Prince" In Temple
Once again Mrs. K. B Conant has
favored the students of tho Universi
ty with a musical treat. She has be
come to bo a very popular slngor
with the students, and tho announce
ment thot Bho would appear at tho
Thursday convocation wnn quite suf
ficient to fill tho Temple.
Her program consisted of three se
lections, one of which wiib a recital
entitled "The Prince." This work
was written by OBcar Wilde, ono of
Fngland's greatest writers. It deals
with the Btory of a princo who lived
unci died within tho palace walls,
never knowing of tho sorrow of tho
world. After death his statute wttB
pluced upon a pedestal overlooking
the city, and from the vantage tho
story of life Is worked out before the
bronze figure.
The theme tells of the Hwallow who
stops from hiB southern filght to con
solo the sorrowing prince. He nets
as a little messenger, taking from the
figure the Jewels from his sword hilt
and conveying them to the worthy
poor and suffering. Then winter
comes and the little bird dies break
ing the leaden heart of the statue
Mrs Conant's rendition was Intense
ly interesting. It was sympathetica!-
ly given and won the hearty applause
of the audience.
Glee Club Beings Its Financial Cam
paign Fine Concert Is
Tickets are now on sale for the
(ilee club home concert May 21. They
may be obtained from any of the
members of the club, or from the Unl
versify Hook Store.
Owing to the fact that the Mando
lin club will unite with the Glee club
this year In the concert, an especially
good entertainment Is assured for all
those who are interested in good
From a recent interview sith some
of those in charge of the concert it
was learned that everything is com-
ing along in good shape, from the re
heursals to the sale of the tickets.
Applications for election to the po-
sitions of editor-in-chief, managing
editor and two associate editors of the
Daily Nebraskan for the semester be-
ginning September, 1912, will be re-
ceived at the office of the secretary of
the student publication board, Adm.
203, until 12 o'clock, noon, Friday,
May 24, 1912. Applications are to be I
made on form which will be furnished i
by the secretary.
Student Control Favored.
The students of the State College
of Washington, at Pullman, . havo
drawn up and are now voting on a
constitution, which shall, if adopted,
govern them. This constitution con
cerns the dues, tho various funds, the
government of college organizations.
and the management-ot the different
branches' of 'college activity.
Six Students of the Law 8chool En
tered In the Competition Facul
ty Men Act as Judges.
The college of law oratorical con
test, tho annual contest for tho dis
play of the public spenklng ability of
tho University, Is to bo hold May 23.
The entries, which woro roquirod to
bo filed with Doan Hastings boforo
May 10, contain tho names of six con
testants and the fact that this is tho
largest number who over ontorod tho
affair beforo Is proof of tho fact that
an Increased Interest Is being takon
in such work.
This contest is opon each year to all
students in the collego of law and to
tho upperclassmen In all tho othor
colleges Each student entering must
choose his own subject, and tho two
showing the greater skill In composi
tion and power In delivery are glvon
the first and second prizes of $35 and
$l.r. donntod by tho law college.
Most of tho contestants for tho cur
rent year are well known In public
speaking circles and tho fact that all
have live and interesting subjects
promises a spirited fight for tho hon
ors The following are the entries: J. R.
Porbp8 ..The Nature of tho Profession
or mw"; D. M. Rogers, "World
Peace"; C. 8. Radcllffo, "Ho Con
quers Who Conquers Himself"; J.
Goldstein, "Prohibition and License";
J. L. Rowell, "8tate Control of Indus
trial Conditions"; P. N. Colo, "Capl'
tal Punishment."
The Judges of tho contest will bo
Dr. Jowett, Dr. Jones and ProfosBor
Omaha Clergyman 8ends Historical
Library an Account of the
Early Days.
Two new books have recently boon
presented to the Nebraska State His
torical Society One is a memoran
dum of the First Baptist church in
Nebraska at Bellevue. It was publish
ed in I860 and contains tho minutes
, of the early church meetings. Tho
treasurer of tho Baptist church in
' Omaha sent the book to the society.
The other is a memorandum of tho
. . kln(. of the LancaBter- Moth-
odat Soclotyi a religious organization
which held meetings In Lancaster
l ountv beforo ,,. ,, of Llncoln wa8
, dotormined. It was given by James
I K Q Young u Bon of ono of tho flrBt
I eIdenj of the HOclety
8igma XI Meets.
The members of Sigma XI will hold
an open meeting tonight in Chemistry
hall at 8 o'clock. This meeting Is of
especial Importance, for tho program
will lncludo speakers who aro author
ities In "their lino. Tho subject of
discussion will be Chemistry, to bo
dealt with in its several branchos as
Agricultural chomistry, Professor
General chemistry, Professor Dales.
Organic chemistry, Professor Foss-
Industrial chemistry, Professor Bbr
rowman. , ', -. '
t i
$ if ,"&' ',!)
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