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    Bailv Iftebrasftan
VoL X, No. 150
Price 5 Cents.
Barring Accidents, Nebraska Has a
. Good Chance of Scoring the
Highest Number of Points.
Eight men. loft yesterday- for Des
Moines, where thoy will compote to
day in all the preliminary events to
the annual Missouri Valley Confer
ence athletic meet. Nino men will
leave today, thereby totaling seven
teen mon to preservo the 1911 Nebras
ka supremacy in track and field con
tests. The men who left yesterday are
Iteed, May, Christmas, Russell, Pow
ers, Ankeny, Qlbson, and Amborson.
These comprise the champions of
speed and hurdle ovents, Blnce pre
liminaries in the dashes and hurdles
only will bo held. It is because of tho
large number of entries to theso
events that elimination is necessary.
The preliminaries will be held at 4
o'clock this afternoon. Tho Nebraska
men entered in the distance track
events and all tho field events who
leave for Des Moines today are:
Mellck, Bates, Bqcker, Anderson, Nag
ley, Black, Munson, Harmon, and Lln
Btrum. ,
Coach Field and all-yoar Coach
Stiehm left with the first division yes
terday. Dr. Clapp went to Des Moines
in advance of both sections In order
to be present at some early meetings
of tho conference.
Nebraska May Win.
Nebraska's chances- in tho Missouri
Valley meet are all to tho good.
-Coach Field, when., questioned con
corning tho probable result, replied
that the chances were tho "best in tho
world" for victory and that tho team
was prepared to take advantage of
them. Nebraska has taken tho pre
caution in this case that Minnesota
did previous to the Nebraska-Mlnne-pota
dual track meet, namely, two
weeks' preparation. Every man, addl"
tlonnlly, is in the best of form. Cap
tain Reed, who was sick during tho
Gopher conflict, Is in tho best condi
tion of tho year and anticipated to
make one of tho proverbial cleanings
in tho 440 and relays. Provided ho
and the rest of tho crow run tho sarao
race in tho relays that they did two
weeks' ago, few conservative followers
will squander any money on the pros
pects of tho rest of tho valloy aggre
gation. Tho track at Des Moines is
fellghtly bettor than that on tho Ne
braska, field, so that every indication
points to one of tho fastest meets in
tho history of tho conference. Tho
fact that Collins will not compete in
ihe weights will probably cut down
tho team average.
- k
AU1IUN IS rntmniunu!
i -' A r ,v
Seniors Who Would Have Two Skip
, Days Now Borrow.,'
' Senjors at the Temple High School
.decided yesterday that they would
haVe another skip day, Instead of the
annual "slouch day," but tho authori
ties did not see it that way. A peti
tion was sent to tho principal, .put be
fore he had time to act upon it twelve
of the fifteen students in the graduat
ing class) had disappeared. The chan
cellor, suspended: those Whd skipped,
and, their graduation is doubtful, so it
Is said.
The gala day has arrived and UiIb
afternoon at 1:30 o'clock tho univer
sity regiment will form for tho annual
company competitive drill. Many stu
dents laBt night were surprised to dis
cover that the exercises were going to
begin so early in tho afternoon, but
such Is the case., The bugle will blow
promptly at half past one.
Tho company sponsors will bo out
on the field as the special guests, In
fact, tho queens of tho tourney. It Ib
also expected that thoy will be pre
sented to the members of the various
companies beforo the drill commences,
although no official announcement has
been made to that effect.
Perhaps Company D.
For tho Inst two years Company D
has won tho compot and many are
predicting that with the traditions of
the company ns an inspiration the
crack company will como out ahead
again this year. All of tho other
companies are working their hardest,
to try to break up this aeries of D
company victories. Today's spell
down should thoreforo be one of the
most closely contested affairs in the
history of tho military department.
Tho annual company "Q" (shirt
tall) parade will come . off tonight,
closing tho oxerclses or tho day of
celebration. Tho ghostly soldiers will
fall In at about 7:30 o'clock at tho
east of tho armory and led by tho cap
tains of tho winning company no one
knows whore all tho lino of march
will be. It Is safe to say that some
of tho candy stores and soda foun
tains will bo visited and that hand
outs will bo in order to all of the
white robed night howlors.
Hideous Hilarity.
Strict military discipline will be
maintained, while on tho lino of march,
but all will give way to tho most hide
ous hilarity when the nightshirts are
torn In shreds and cast Into the groat
camp fire on tho athletic field. Every
mon In tho regiment will bo out for
tho celebration of tho close of ho
strenuous day. Officers and men
alike will don tho night caps for tho
frolic. Freshmen will bo In their
flrBt oscapado of tho kind. It will bo
one great grand gorgeous night of
At tho Junior class meeting yester
day officers for the 1912 Cornhusker
were elected. Dana Van Duson was
made editor-in-chief of tho book by
tho unanimous vote of his class. Ern
est Graves was given tho place o'f
sehTor managing editor as preferred
to Robert Ferguson by, a vote of 53
to 18. R. D Hawley was re-elected
to the student publication board as
tho unanimous choice of tho juniors.
Mr. Hawley has been the representa
tive of tho class In this capacity for
tho past year.
Tho final report from tho junior
play was read and showed that there
had been profits amounting to $1.04.
When tho treasurer had made his cal
culations it was discovered that tho
general treasury was over $30 In debt
and nothing with which to moot the
obligations. An assessment of 25
cents per capita was levied on all
members of the class.
At tho Bophomore class meotlng,
L. It. Ersklne was unanimously elect
ed as the sophomore member of tho
student publication board for the next
college year. The dance committee
report, read by Chairman Burton Hill,
showed that the committee had gone
in tho holo 30 cents. The champion
ship baseball team manager, L. It.
Owen, reported a deficit of $2.00 and
the hat was passed to get funds to
clear up theso two small debts. The
class awarded the right to wear the
numerals, "1913," to the members of
the baseball team and voted medals
for the members of their champion
debating teim.
The freshman class mot In the Tem
ple theater and elected Raymond
Smith of Beatrice as their publication
board member. There was little ex
citement at the first yoar meeting.
Tho hop committee reported a deficit
Ql $23, which is thought to be small,
considering the unfavorabTo circum
stances under which tho hop wns hold.
Tho class voted to refund the deficit
out of tho class treasury, imposing a
small levy If necessary.
Opera Orlglnallil By a Nebraskan Is
At a recent meeting of tho Kosmots
the following officers were olected for
the first semester of next year: Presi
dent, Henry F. Wupder; vice-president,
Olenh T. Whltcomb; treasurer,
J. F. Mead, and socretary, Burton Hill.
Much interest has already been
shown regarding the idea of present
ing an original opera, and several stu
dents and alumni have announced
their 'intention to submit original
work to tho committee. The Kosmots
offer a prize of $75.00 for an original
comic opera suitable for their use, It
will bo produced either tho latter part
of the first semester next year or
the first part of the second semester.
WaltV Orchestra
Tickets $2.00
Last And Largest Informal
Professor Qrummann Announces That
No Classes Will Interfere
Next YeaV.
In spite of tho exceedingly hot
weather, Mjemorlal hall was filled yos
torday for tho all-university rally. Tho
unlvorslty chorus sang a beautiful
numbor. Professor Orummann then
opened tho mooting to tho students
who asked for speakers thoy wanted
to hoar. Owen Frank was called for,
but couldn't think of anything in par
ticular to say, so was excused.
Bon Cherrlngton thon rosponded to
demands for his appearance. Ho
Bpoko of the Missouri Valley track
meet Saturday and aald the students
should let tho team know that thoy
were behind them and pulling for. vic
tory over tho other conference teamri.
Mr. Cherrlngton said that tho purpose
of the rally being to discuss student
problems, ho felt like saying some
thing about tho recent agitation in
athletics. Ho said that when wrong
was being done In athletics or in any
other branch of school life, It should
be brought to light In a manly and
straightforward way. But when tho
wrong was kept Bocrot for a year or
two and thon brought to light for
merely personal reasons that was a
different thing. Ho said that Mr. Col
lins having thought over tho matter
during 1907 and having concluded that
it might bo wrong to oven have help
In working his way through school,
had refused offers of ovory kind since,--Tho
students gave three rousing
cheers for Collins after Mr. Cherrlng
ton had finished his remarks.
No Classes Next Year.
Horace B, English was called for
and made a short talk. WR. Powers
spoke for tho track team. Ho said tho
team would do Us best and with no
hard luck ought to win. Professor
Orummann announced that next year
the senate had concluded to allow no
classes from 11 to 12 a. m. This
would allow tho convocation hour free'
and tho next half hour free for stu
dent meetings. Ho thanked tho stu
dents for their appreciation of the en
tertainment furnished during thd con
vocations this year and said it was
the best talent of the city and often
of the country.
Tho exercises were closed by the
singing of "Our Nebraska," led by the
chorus. . :
Preachers Prove Too Much for tbe.
Outlaws by 11 to 6. .
Seemingly unable- to get together,
the Outlaws, lost to the Cotnor Uni
versity baseball aggregation on Ne
braska field yesterday- afternoon. The
Cotnerites had lost , the first game Sf
the series and came down from4 the
hill determined 'to win. Thelr style of
play was, altogether too-much" for the
locals, who seemed rather listless, j
Score by tattings:
.,.,.. -" ; RiH.B.
Outfaws ?,i 0 6' 0 4"0-T6l5
Cottier i.O'M 3 0-4 1 11-744
jDKiiwdBtt rruuuy, joiwb 'and oUOi;
Slddons and Shagool.
. WhC