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Vol. IX. No. 122.
Price 5 Cents.
Believes His Plan Would Eliminate
Graft and Corrupt Politics from
Administration Points to New
The proposition of govornlng cities
by a board of commissioners lias a
staunch advocate In Mayop Don L. Lce
of Lincoln, who expressed nis views
relatlvo to this Issue In an address at
regular convocation yesterday on "The
Unpaid Commission in City Govern
ment" Numbered Timong other inno
vations in municipal government
which ho proposed was the election of
unpaid commissioners to appoint pro
fessional heads for tho departmental
divisions or city administration, there
by eliminating the greatest incentive
to public office -first money, tbon
In no uncertain tones, ho declared
that tho basic principle of the exist
ing method of procuring city adminis
trative officers 1b wrong both In the
ory and practice. Great money docs
not necessarily purchase great men,
and only by a reorganization of this
foundation can the cities of America
over reallzo their hopes for 'a pure,
unadulterated, and unprejudiced ad
ministration of their affairs.
Eliminate Graft. ,
As a"proluairTo tbc discussion of.
Mayor Love's, tho Junior class was
represented by Miss Genovlovo Har
mer, piano solilst
By way of explanation of his lec
ture, Mayor Lovo stated that ' he
would not endeavor to givo a com-,
prelienslvo treatlBo of tho subject of
commission city government, but
rather would confine his paper to a
presentation of one phase of tho is
sue, namely, tho question whether or
not tho aforesaid commission or coun
cil would servo with a view of secur
ing compensation. This constitutes
tho dlfferenco between a right and a
wrong commission city government,
and must bo the nucleus around which
tho fate of the question will ollug.
Tho commission form of governing
tho affairs of a city was dovlsed for
ono purpose tho elimination of graft
and corrupt politics from the admin
istration and if It fails Ut perform
thlB evidently desired expulsion, It
falls In every thing. Seven ly-llvo
cities in tho United StateB aroat pres
ent striving toward a por'eirtton in
this proposed reorganization, but gen
erally, because of lack of foresight in
adopting this non-salary amendment,
they do not get results. We propose
that tho commissioners of tho munici
pality servo without pay. Tho full
jsignificanco of this digression from
ho present unavailing city commis
sion may not he comprehended, but
nevertheless It exists. It Is merely a
utilization of the fact that there are
two sides,, or every government, tho
policy or political, and tho practical,
administrative or business, and an at
tempt to-base tho system on this dis
crimination. Tho importance of recog
nizing this difference, and as a conse
quence, making a well .defined separa;
tlon between policy and principle is
manifest to every student of tho com
mission city government Politics In
the administration side of tho city af
fairs1 will inevitably wreak destruc
tion or at least repression of tho city's
progress. Every city, to prosper, must
select 'administrative officers because
of their 'honesty, confidence and abil
ity, and not because of some party
platform or political doctrine to which
they adhere.
New Distinction.
A new distinction now arises. Men
should bo elected on questions of pol
icy. Men should bo appointed on
questipnB of principle. Tho city gov
ernment has been ono great failuro
In tho organization of local govern
ments because of a unity of policy and
administrative offices. They aro es
sentially at variance, and must bo so
treated. But wo aro confronted with
the proposition that tho commission
ers can't be appointed without involv
ing political prejudice. Very true, but
there Is an alternative which wo may
exercise In a limitation of tho powers
granted to tho commlslsoners. Permit
them hb a collcctlvo body to ordain a
policy, and then, In view of this deci
sion, appoint professionals or exports
to execute tho duties of the various
heads of governmental departments.
Their tenure of office would depend
upon their conduct as administrative
The compensating by money or fur
ther power of these commissioners
would Involve the very esBenco of the
political grart now apparent In so
many municipal administrations. The
greatest Incentive to political offices Ip
compensation thereby received, and If
such Is removed, the election of com
mlssloners will ovolve from tho pol
icy to tho principle platform. If com
missioners ndminister only so far as
tho declaring of a policy and tho ap
pointment of professionals to effect
this policy Is concerned, their posi
tions will cease to bo tho goal of
every grafting aspirant to wealth and
notoriety, and becomo rather the
means whereby public spirited citizens
may benefit their community. The
professionals appointed to tho depart
ments of the city administration will
then merely submit their reports to
iit impartial tribunal lQJLr.aUncatlon.
If such Is not forthcoming, tho ni
polntmont may be withdrawn, thereby
instituting a system of unbiased
checks on the different departments.
If adopted, this proposition would cer
tainly bo a step toward tho Ideal mu-.
nlcipal government
President of Chicago Gives Light
Standing of Men and Women.
Interesting light on tho comparative
scholarship standing of mon and wo
men college students Is furnished by
tho annunl report of tho president of
tho University of Chicago, Just Issued.
In tho proportion of students receiv
ing conditions durjng the year the
men vary from 20 to 10 per cent,
while from 10 to 4 per cent of tho
women were conditioned. From 10 to
17 per cent of tho men failed, accord
ing to tho report, while tho number of
women who failed was only from 12 to
8 per cent '
Y. M. C. A. and Y. W. Ct A. to
Big Stunt Saturday.
A Joint social will bo held Saturday
evening by the Y. M. C. A. and Y. W,
C. A. While the general aim of tho
social is to stir up Interest for tho
Cascade conference, thero will bo a
goneral good time. Dr. Condra will
glvp a short storeoptlcon lecture,
showing a number of excellent Colo
rado slides. A mock field meet will
bo held, representing somo of tho
typical stunts held at 'Cascade very
summer. Ono evening at Cascade Is
given over to Jollification, and all
sorts of stunts aro pulled off. Each
collego delegation presents a laugh
able stunt. Somo of them will bo re
produced Saturday evening. Refresh
ments will bo served. vA Colorado
mineral spring will be erected In the
Y. M. C. A. rooms, from .whlqh cool
rdlneral water will flow to quench tho
thirsty. TJcVots aro free to all who
wish to go.
Rest of Meet to Be Held Today
Fair Grounds Coach Pleased
With Showing.
Tho practlco track moot was startod
yesterday on tho Nebraska field be
tween teams captained by Guy Reed
nnd "Skinny" Amberson. Yostcrday
only field events were pulled off, and
the track events, tho runs and Jump3,
will be contested today on tho state
fair grounds.
Tho weather was rathor inaus
picious, a high' wind coming up about
4 o'clock and making tho field a very
dusty place. Almost all tho men wore
out and much Interest was taken In
the work. This meet will have noth
ing to do with Coach Cherrlngton's
choice for first tenm material. It was
mainly to glvo tho men tho experience
of a roal meet
On account of the very bad wind,
tho nolo vault and high Jump wcro
postponed until today, when bettor
weather Is hoped for. Tho coach was
very much pleased with tho work tho
men did, nnd especially with tho spirit
which was shown by them.
In tho broad Jump tho following mon
wero entered: Monson, Fleming, Hilt
ner. Landers, Neff, Beckman, Funk
houser and Gibson. Monson won first,
Hlltner second and Funkhousor third.
Monson's best mark was 18 feet 11
Tho results were very 'close Jn the
ahoUPUjL..J3honka won first with 3C.8,
Funkhousor second wTOrth?- and
Fleming third with 35.2. Seven big
men wore in the event
Eight mon contested in t8 discus
throw. Funkhouser won this with a
throw of 9Gi& feet Harmon was sec
ond and Gibson third.
In the 120-yard hurdles Funkhouser
won from Flack In tho final heat.
In tho 220-yard hurdles Flack won
first, with Powers second.
Harmon won tho hammer throw
with 182 feet 2 Inches.
Tho wind kept the men from mak
ing any low marks. Tho public Is In
vited to witness tho remainder of the
meet at tho fair grounds today.
Students of
the University
An opportunely to compote for eco
nomic prizes amounting to $2,000 has
again been given to tho students of
the University of Nebraska. Tho In
vitation comes from Professor J. Lau
rence Laughlln of the University of
Chicago, who 1b chairman of tho -committee
In charge of the contests.
Tho "prizes have been offered from
year to year by Hart, Schaffncr &
Marx for tho past six years and have
brought out so many excellent studies
of commercial and economic subjects
that they aro now renowod for tho
seventh year.
Tho subjocts of tho essays cover
such Important topics as;
The value of protectionism to
American worklngmen; .
The economic reasons for or against
building a deep waterway from the
Lakes to the Gulf;
The valuation of railways; .
Tho. effect of modern immigration1
in the United States;
Tho value of organized 'speculation;
Tho history pt the rato of Interest
In the United States.
' Tho universities whoso 'students
have produced winning essaya In tho
past are Washington and Lee, Har -
vard, University of Chicago, Oborlln
College, University of Wisconsin, Uni'
verslty of Pennsylvania, University of
Illinois, Woslcynn Unlvorslty, Tho
Branch Normal Collego of Pino Bluff,
ArknnBas; Northwestern Unlvorslty,
University of, Michigan and Bowdoln
Collego. . Somo of tho essays have
been of such merit thnt they have
been published in book form.
Tho prizes aro to bo divided as fol
lows: Class "A," firBt prlzo $1,000; second
prlzo $500.
Class "B," first prize '$300; second
prlzo $200.
Class B Includes only Uiobo, who at
tho tlmo tho papers nro sent In. aro
undorgraduatos of any Amorlcan col-
Llogej class A includes nny other
Americans without restriction. A con
testant in class B Is cllgiblo to a
prlzo In class A.
Members of tho committee In charge
of the essays aro as follows:
Professor J. Lauro'nco Laughlln,
University of Chlcngo, chairman;
Professor J. B. Clark, Columbia
Professor Henry C. Adams, Univer
sity of Michigan;
Horaco White, Esq., Now York
City; .
Professor Edwin F. Gay, Harvard
Want to Put Off Payment Until Last
Tho Ivy Day committoo reports that
the collectors are experiencing somo
difficulty In collecting tho twenty-llvo
cent assessments, by students desir
ing to put off buying the tickets until
nearly tho day of the ovont It Is abBO-!
lutoly essential that all or nearly nil
tho finances Bhould bo collected by
tho first of May, so that tho commit
too may know about how much they
can "Sp'tiHd" 6TTjmedals,-.lunchoB.otc.
This makes it necessary that tho
dents secure tickets promptly, and
help make tho day a grand success.
Ivy Day Is a holiday gJvon exclu
sively by,, tho students nnd for the
Btudenta of tho Unlvorslty of Nebras
ka, and tho attompt In made to make
It ono of tho most onjoynblo holidays
of tho school year. But tho commit
tee states that In order that It may
bo so, every student musl help boost,
If It only ho by his presence on tho
11th of May and his quarter paid
Professor 8tevens' Popular 8onn Hit
Reappears In Attractive Cover.
"Tho Cornhuskor," tho Nebraska
song written some tlmo ago by Rob
ert "W. Stoycns, made Its appearance
yesterday In. .a now and moro attrac-.
tlvo form than when published before!
Tho cover of tho music Is a noat pleco
of work In tho university colors, scar
let and cream, printed on book paper.
Tho last Issue of "Tho Cornhusker,"
although not nearly so attractive, Vas
sold within a short time after Its ap
pearance. Professor Stevens has sev
eral other songs under way which
will add a great deal to tho meager
song lore possessed by Nebraska.
Somo comment has, been drawn forth
from time to tlmo by tho evident lack
of any truo Nebraska songs. Conse
quently, when Mr. Stevens', song made
its appearance It was heralded with
delight and is now nYmly established
as the university song. The copjes
aro on 'sale at tho city music stores
and at the bbok stores.
Tho song 'which. Professor Stevens
has under way at the present time will
bo .entitled "College Memories," nnd
will bo dedicated to tho. alumni bf the
University of Nebraska.
Your car fare .would niv tnn a nl
runch at the Boston Lunch, wh,
Jhomej ' '
Nebraska Men Preparing to Fatten
Batting Averages Off of tho
Collegians' Star
Tho first gnmo of tho season on tho
homo fiold will bo played tomorrow
afternoon. Tho Nebraska Cornhusk
ors will meet tho collegians from Cot
ner in tho first gamo of tho soason
on tho now athletic field. Tho colle
gians aro reputed to have tho strong
est team in this part of tho stalo and
they aro coming determined to win.
In tho enrly games of tho soason
Nebraska met tho Lincoln league
team and Biiccumbcd to tho boyB from
tho M street park. Tho following, day
the lcaguo team mot thp Cotnor nlno
and tho result was much .closet' than
tho gamo tho provlous day .with tho
Nebraska team.
Nebraska Improves.
Ono of tho best games that tho
Cornhuskcrs havo put up so far this
soason they played agalnBt tho Wcs
loynn team Wednosday. At times tho
Cornhuskors lagged and seemed to bo
nBlcep and again thoy' would wakd up
and mako tho spectators hold their
breath at tho exhibition of tho gamo
that makes, tho country famous. Tho
team last year was noted for its wqll
balanced qualities and tho team tbta
yoar when It gots Into regular 'form
will bo as well balanced If not bettor.
Btu-rrnc'PJtch,nK 8taff la BtronK and tQ0
i .. " i, . . . f -
vuiuruus on mo xcam can oo aeponuoa
upon. Tho new men of tho team aro
still to stand tho fire of tho season's
games and this will glvo them further
development tor tho gamo noxt yoar.
Dally practlco Is tho program now.
Every man Is put thrpugh tho hardest
stunts, and nil aro drilled, by Coach
Carroll, with tho hopo that, the bat
ting averages will bo fattened bo for o
tho season cIobos.
No Class Game.
Tho gamo betwjeen- the froshmon
and tho sophomores yesterday after
noon was pootponed on account of the
grounds being occupied by tho 'varsity
team. Tho class games will bo played
as quickly as possible and doubt ex
ists as to who will be winners In the
class series. Six men of the freshman
team havo been found ineligible for
these class conteatsand this throws
the first year team Into a mlx,-,up, and
no organized team can. bri picked. The
quality o'f'thb rest ,of the1 teams is
unknown, " ' ' f
.8tandng Changes.
. Yesterday Delta Upsllon' defeated
Phi Delta Theta 9 to 8 and tho win- '
nors of the north division of' the Inter
fraternity league aro still unknown.
Sigma Chi still loads with tbre,o vic
tories and no defeats. In the game
yesterday Klepser and Gibson offlcl
ated for Delta Upsllon, whlib Howard,
Halftgan and Owen w'oro Phf'Deit
battery. (
Standing of tho teams: '
. 9
North Division W.
Sigma Chi .....A 37
Phi Delta Theta ...... 2
Alpha Theta Chi .',..:'. ,r2'
Delta Upsllon'.'. l
Phi Kappa Psl ;... 1-
Phl Gamma Delta .,.; 0
' South Division
Sigma Alpha Epsljoa .. 2
Alpha Tau Omega ",.;. 1
Kappa Sigma ,.,.. ....'.
3Igma Nu t. i
Beta Theta PI ,.,,..'. .
I Pet
0 1.000
1, .66J
' .500
" 1333
'2 .333
2 .000
1 Mi
!' Q9
. AH
Delta Tau. Delta f