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Vol IX. No. 109.
Price 5 Cents.
Kappa Psl hotiBO. Talks and a feed
and a general .good time are the pro
gram for tho evening. Every man
Interested In track athletics is Invited.
Several Prominent Lincoln Men
Be on Tost List and W. E.
Hardy lll Preside At
Lindell Hotel.
i'rovernor Shallenberger, Mayor Don
L. Love. Dr. James T. Iees, Superin
tendent Stephens of the Lincoln pub
lic BchoolB. W. B. Hardy, and "Bill"
Eaton, humorist, and the hoard or re
Ken tH will be the guests of the Ne
braska fraternities at a great ban
(uet to be held in honor of Chancel
lor Samuel Avery on April 13 at the
Lindell hotel. These men have ac
cepted the invitations of the Greek
letter men to lo honor to Nebraska's
IKjpular chancellor in the first annual
banquet that the local societies have
One idea has been paramount in
the minds of the fraternity men in ar
ranging this banquet that of making
the chancollor and the state feel that
the Greek letter societies of this state
institution lire a power for good and
that they feel a deep gratitude toward
Samuel Avery for the Arm hand e
has UBed in conducting affairs of the
University of Nebraska.
Working for New Spirit.
The Greeks -wish to bring together
every faction In the university that
this school nia become a greater
power In the educational circles of
the country, and that it may secure a
spirit of fair play a spirit which will
result in establishing Nebraska as the
leader In athletics and all branches of
endeavor in this section of the coun
try. Just because there is aJine of dis
tinguished men who will speak in re
snonso to the call for toasts, is no
uiirn this Imnnuet. is Koing to bo a sol7
emn occasion. On tho contrary, it is
going to bo a time for Jollification,
when all good fellows will get to
gether and have a big time.
The toasts will be limited to ten
minutes each. Tho subject matter of
each speech will be of vital interest
to every man in the university and it
will be put forth in a manner mai
will please every man who is present.
At this vital moment in the affairs
of the university, when more money Is
needed for jts professors, Us colleges,
and its maintenance, there can be no
doubt that Governor Shallenberger
will say something that every person
interested In the university will bo
eager to hear.
It will ho interesting matter that
the chancollor will have to speak on
for tho benefit of tho fraternity men.
Ho Is riot a fraternity man himself,
but he has come in close contact with
", " the Greeks of this school during the
' past year, and ho will say things that
ought to bo hoard by every fraternity
W. E. Hardy, who is to he the toast
master, is an alumnus of sigma Chi,
and is one of tho most active alumni
fraternity men in this section of tho
country. Ho is "next" to the affairs
of tho Greeks in this school. Ho has
a message from the fraternities that
will contain several meaty bones. He
takes the broad view of fraternity life.
Dr. Lees Has a Good, Word.
Dr, Lees, whose faithful work in tho
interfratornlty council has made him a
popular man with every one whom ho
has had dealings, will have just a few
tilings to say, but ho wTil put thorn
forth in a sincere manner. Ho has
"been a, father to the Greeks' of tills
school, and his words will bo accepted
by tho fraternity men as though they
were uttered by parents. ' v
Superintendent Stephens, Phi Delta
Theta, will tell a few stories regard
ing fraternities of the universities.
He lias some ideas about h'lgh seliool
fraternities that will be worth hear
ing. A member of tho board of regents
will speak for that body, and he will
let the students know what the gvo
ernlng hoarVl of this school, thinks of
the Grccksr -
Then "Bill" Katon, a humorist who
Is crowding George Ado, Chauncer De
Pew, and the other after dinner speak
ers for first place as the most popular
provoker of laughter, will be on hand.
He is funny to look at, but to hear he
is simply Irreslstable.
Several comedy "stunts" have been
arranged to make the evening a joy
ous one. There will be songs of all
kinds popular, university and oper
atic. There are going to be some
good Jokes on somebody, too. The
joke makers will spare no one; nobody
!b too high or too low in -station to
get "his" from tho fun makers on
April 13.
The fraternity men who are in
charge of the banquet will be pleased
to have any suggestions that may be
offered In conducting the affair. Two
committees have been appointed by
the Greeks. "Hap" Haliigan is In
charge of the arrangements, and
Olydo B. Elliott is chairman of tho
committe on toasts and entertainment.
These men will be glad to hear from
any one who has a worthy suggestion.
Tickets can bo secured from mem
bers of tho committees. Single tick
els sell at $1.
Thirteen Sophomores to Wear Pin of
Junior Society.
Thirteen sophomore girls were
pldeged to "Silver Serpent," tho hon
orary Junior girls' society. The names
of those pledged as given out last
night follows: Ula BatCB, Pi Beta Phi;
Laura Peterson, Alpha Oniicron Pi;
Nettie Hill. Alpha Chi Omega; Edith
Gannt, Chi Omega; Doris Wood. Kap
pa Kappa Gamma; TfiTzeTPerrinT Delta
Delta Delta; Louise Barr, Kappa Alpha
Theta; Cornelius Llndscy, Delta Gnm
ma; Hazel Johnson, Alpha Phi; Elsie
MathewB, Florence Hush. Mnrgurite
Kuncle and Alvlne Zumwinkel.
Over Six Hundred and Fifty Since
Friday Morning.
More subscriptions for the Corn
busker have been taken in a shorter
time this year than ever before. Since
tho stnff began taking subscriptions
Friday morning over six hundred and
fifty students havo subscribed for this
year's annual. This makes a total ofJ
over eight hundred copies that havo
been subscribed, for so far this year.
A tabic will bo placed in the hall of
tho library tills afternoon. -Those wiio
haven't subscribed and who wish to
do so will be able to subscribe at this
time. After today subscriptions will
bo taken at tho Cornhuskcr office un
der tho Administration building until
the entire edition Is sold. This will
give every student an opportunity to
A certain number of thfs year's
books are being held for tho alumni.
In case these are not all subscribed
for by the alumni they will be thrown
open to the students. A largo number
of alumni subscriptions hav.e already
been taken.
. Tells of Velasque.
Tho entire afternoon of Saturday
was taken upby the Portfolio Club In
listening to an address by Miss Hay
den on Velasque, Sho told of tho
work of the Spanish Tarllst, and was
illustrated by a number of copies
after his works which she made while
i In Spain. j
Attendance Equals 3,500 University
Band and 100 Rooters Cheer Ne
braska Burke Runs Exciting
Race Nebraska Stars.
Nebraska's track team got back Sat
urday from the big Omaha meet elated
over their winning first place over so
many of the crack athletic teams of
the country. The total number of
pointB won was twenty-one. Chicago
was second with nineteen points,
Kansas third with eighteen, and Iowa
fourth with fourteen points. Two hun
dred and fifty men took jmrt In the
different events. They were the best
athletes of the west, representing uni
versities, athletic clubs and high
Nebraska would have had a much
larger score had her athletes ' had
more experience and longer training.
.McDonald, Just out of the hospital,
was unable to do his best. Among
the Nebraska stars was Amberson.
He won the two! mile run by a full lap,
and did it in better time thnn it was
run in the United States last year and
nearly equal to the world's record.
Burke won the quarter-mile champion
ship of the west. The finish of this
event was one of the most exciting
things of the meet. It had tiie spec
tators on their feet, nnd Burke won
by a very narrow margin. His princi
pal oppon'enl was NevJtt, running un
der the colors of tho Kansas City Ath
lectlc club. He Is the same Nevitt
who played quarterback with the Has
kell Indian football team here last
Thanksgiving. Burke's work hns been
attracting much attention this year.
Three Trials.
Funkhousor starred in tne shot-put.
Three strnlghtTrlahTlie put the shot
over thirty-seven feet. .MoBt meets are
won by a put of thirty-live feet of less.
The meet lasted till about 12:30. The
university band was present to help
cheer the Nebraska men and there
were also about one hundred Nebraska
students present.
The attendance equaled 3,500. large
crowds were present from Des iMoines,
Kansas City and Omaha. A number
of world's record holders were present
to ucl as judges. Among tlieni was
Dr. Clapp of Nobraskn. J. E. Sullivan,
secretary of tiio Amateur Athletic
Union, who has had charge of tho
American Olympic team for tho past
four yenrs, was present. Governor
Shallenberger, who in his student duys
was tho champion sprinter of the Uni
versity of Illinois, was among tho dis-
tinguished guests. The meet was a
financial success.
The individual winners for Nebraska
were as follows:
Burke, first in 440-yard open.
Anderson, first in milo handicap.
Hoed, second in open 50-yard dash.
Funkhouser, second in handicap
Lindstrom, first in polo vault, tied
and won toss.
Collier and Flack qualified for semi
finals in hurdles.
Powers and .May qualified in semi
finals, in 50-yard dash. '
Tho whole team showed they were
not outclassed by any team in the
west. Tho relay team led against
Drake until the last man foil, and tho
Drake runner passed him before," he
could go on again.
The Omaha meet has given track
work a big impetus at Nebraska. T.hey
camo back with tho determination to
do things this spring. There is to be
a big boosters meetngvof track, men
to be held Thursday night at the Phi
Mlnneapolis Writer Suggests Him as
President of Minnesota U.
- Tlu'odoro-IlQosevolt-for-tho presi
dency of the .Minnesota State Univer
sity! This was tho suggestion made
to Governor Eborhart by a Allnnoap
oils writer. The correspondent makes
a strong case for (he former president
and Is sure that the lion hunter would
ho Just the man to train the husky
Gophers and grapple with all foot
ball and other questions of Import
ance that confront the head of the
great Institutions. He says:
"The question came ttp a short time
ago whether or not any effort had
been made to secure Theodore itooso
volt ns president of the University of
Minnesota. It would seem to us that
$25,000 a year to have him here as
president of the university, Inasmuch
as It would be the greatest advertise
ment that tho university could havo
and would double tho number of stu
dents." St. Paul Dispatch.
Varsity Men Commence Training for
Next Fall's Work.
Football again!
Yesterday a squad of about eight
men reported to Associate Coach Ew
fug for spring football practice The
work for next fall's football season
opens up this spring and tho men aro
thus brought into direct connection
with tho revised rules which will be
placed In effect next full.
A slight mistake in the timo sot for
practice caused a number of tho men
to report late yesterday. Today's
practice will open at 1 and close at 3
In order to give the athletic Held to
the baseball squad.
Try New Rules.
Coach Ewlng announces that tho
men will be trained In the new game
and play will bo run In accordance
with tho rules recently adopted by'tho
national rules committee. Yesterday
the men spent most of the time In
punting and catching the hall. If
enough- men roiort in the next few
days, teams will bo lined up nnd the
men will be taught the new game un
der a system of plays which are bek
Ing formulated by Coaches Cole and
Coach Ewlng wishes nil the men
who intend to be out for football next
fall to report for spring practice. Tho
work will commence 'at 1 o'clock each
day and last until 3. Tho spring p mo
tive will be carried on for about a
month nnd at that timo it Is hoped
that the men who will bo out for tho
game next fall will havo a thorough
understanding of the game and thus
bo able to go Into play without hav
ing to learn tho preliminary work
which would 'otherwise bo necessary.
The Rules.
Before adjourning its session Sat
urday to meot ngaln in Philadelphia
to, complete its work," the intercol
legiate football rules committee ten
tatively adopted six Important
changes. They probably will bo defi
nitely adopted at tho next meeting,
They are:
1 Removal of jho 5-yard restric
tion on tho player who receives the
ball from tho snap back.
2 A requirement that seven men
bo maintained by tho offensive on tho
lino of scrimmage.
3 Prohibition of tho flying tackle.
4 Division of tho game Into four
periods of 15 minutes each.
5 No pushing or pulling of tho
runner to be allowed. '
6 Limitation, of the onside kick to
twenty yards beyond the lino of
scrimmage. ' .
"Jasper" Clark Beats Gagnler in
Footrace and Draws Applause
of the Few Fans Who
Were Present.
With tho wind blowing at a two
forty gait Coach Carroll's pupils went
up against Don Dosplaln's Antolopos
yestorday afternoon, and when tho
smoke had cleared away thoro wore
12 marks chalked up for tho leaguers
wlillo tho Comhuskors had hut 5
simoleons to content thomsoIvoB with.
But with tho wind friBklng along.
"Cotton" Mathor, tho boy with the
black hair,' certainly in ado monkeys
out of tiro Antolopos for four Innings.
Not ono of Despnln's tried and trusty
warriors was ablo to nnvlgato around
the four BnckB nnd nnry-n-ond was able
to draw a freo tickot to tho initial
Game Fast.
Tho game yotBorday was a practice
gamo for Iwth teams, but neverthe
less both teaniB showed that they
wore ablo to play tho national game.
Botli teams played a steady game,
which lacked any spectacular features.
"Jasper" Clark, who officiates
around the initial sack for the 'Husk-
ers, was able to beat "Dago" Uagnier
to second In a footrace, which called
forth applause from the faithful who
Journled forth to seo tho gume.
Frnnk and Storms also tried tholr
hand nt twirling1 tho horso-hle for
tio varsity, and tho work they did
gavo Coach Carroll's heart an in
creased mlpltatl6n.
, The varsity lined up as follows:
Qreonsllt (captain), catcher; Clark,
first fjnse; Walters, second; dimming
and Lofgren, third; Metcalf, short;
TTutcliffe and
Mather, Frank,
and Storms,
Last of Series In Gym Contest Held
Last Night.
Tho closing cotests for tho univer
sity gymnastic championship ..wore
pulled off in tho armory last night.
Tablsca won ilrst place and, In addi
tion to the tltlo of champion univer
sity gymnnBt, will receive an "N,"
The horizontal bars and flying rings
were the events of last night, result
ing as follows: Horlzonal bars--Ta-blsca,
23.7; Dawson, 22.3; Moorh'ouso,
22.2; Weavor, 20.0 J Trump, 19. Rings
Tablsca, 22.3; Moorhouso, 21.7;
Dawson, 21.3; Weaver, 18.3.
This, togethor with tho result of the
previous contest, gives Tablsca 109.8; '
Trump, 108.8; Dawson, 101; Weaver,
7G; Moorhouse, 43.9; Rheeso, 30. The
team which will compote at Minne
sota in tho western Intercollegiate
gymnastic contest will bo chosen from
these men. The meet Ib to bo held
April 10.
J. L. Rfce'and J. E. Bednar Are Only
Candidates. '
The. position of Ivy Day orator will
be settled at a meeting of tho senior
class today. As yet thoro aro only
two candidates In the Hold, both mem
bers of the senior law, class and both'
university debaters. These men are
'John ,ln Rice and James B. Bednar.
Baked beans, baked on the promise
and served hot with delicious brown'
bread, 10c. at The Boston Luach.