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Vol IX. No. 90.
Price 5 Cents.
ibe SJatlv
v .'
In Germany Men Aro Taught the In
significance of Private Interests
When Compared With
Public Welfare.
Governor A. C. Shallonborgcr gave
an nddrosa at convocation yesterday.
If attendance Is to bo taken as a
criterion for judging tho university
student appreciation of a visit by the
stato chief oxecutive, the governor
may consider his mcBBago and his
time well repaid.
In the course of his lecture, Govor
'nor Shullonberger sovercly censured
citizens of the United States for one
thing an inability or refusal to rec
ogoo the value of public service. He
emphasized tho facts that wo owe
moro to our state than to ourselves;
that wo attribute too much attention
to .the accumulation of tho dollar, and
as evidence of this evil in other coun
tries, he cltod Germany's attempt to
initiate this policy of subordination of
private to -public interests Into all lier
state Institutions. Ho doomed It es
sential that we stimulate and develop
a certain spirit of American patriotism
nnd Impress the obligation of render-'
Ing lndlvldual'servlces to our country.
He also robuked American people for
submitting and yielding themsolvcs to
tho politicians' appeal to public sontl
ment otherwise public prejudice
thereby causing all reform measures
to die a promature deuth.
Ability to Think.
In brlof, Governor Shnllenborgor
said: "Tho thing of paramount Impor
tance among the numerous things
which wo attempt to learn during our
university career is the anility to
think. Tho majority of us have a
jtrxngconcej)tlQnjof what suocesB
really Is. Wo haven't been taught to
perceive Into tho future and know that
tho accumulation of dollars ai)d mate-
t rial wealth is not success in fact, It
Is an insignificant factor In the field of
uctlvltlqs which properly make ono
successful. One thing abovo ull that
most of us lack is a truo realization of
the value and dignity of public ser
vice the voluntary service of an Indl-
' virtual dlrectod toward tho betterment
of his country.
One thing that we all prldo our-
solvos In is our origin. Every ono
points to his ancestors ub evidence of
his worthiness. I, like you, exult In
this peculiarity. My ancestors woro
all farmers. . First In Pennsylvania,
and from there tney may be traced to
the slopes of tho Alps, all as poor as
the crags upon which they clung-but
, frpo. Thoywere as independent as
Iho birds that fly; they briwod
autocrat; thoy -knew no aristocracy.
Friends, think what It means to live
as theso people lived; to throw off
the . sovereign shackles, to. enjoy free,
dom of speech, politics, and-religion.
Who wouldn't bo proud of such a fam
ily troo? Who wouldn't cry-out for
Immunity from royal ancestry?
.'i?..Jtw1cj vnn' dnn't nnnrfflntn
fyouth. You have an innate desire to
grow up;, to have responsibilities
thrust upon you; to bo wealthy ; to be
successful. You forgot that the two
ifilervcpnd'ltlons ore not synonymous,
Wealth Is not success. Gentlemen, af
ter due consideration, which ond of
ypu.wpujd change places today with
Rockefeller, Carnegie and other of our
consplcuoiitf conglomorators of the al
mighty dollar? 'He, who would has no
plage in an Institution of learning.
Condition In Germany,
VIp .Germany, men. are taught tho
insignificance of private interests
when compared with public Interests,
and as a consequence, tho most ablo.of
GcirmunB will Joll for a bare subsist"
once- In ordoT thai Ihoy may, T)y lutb
He service, remove tho debt which
thoy owo to their state. Tlioy con
sider it tho highest tribute that man
can pny thorn If thoy are reckoned
among tho state benefactors. This Is
the sjjlrlt that America must $nd will
"Another of tho great evils of tho
American Btato is tho willingness' of
Amorican citizens to yield to tho ap
peal of polltlclanB-thoroby cauBhTg
public prejudice against tho beneficial
movements. Truth, gentlemen, will
always triumph but not necessarily
until tho end. Because of this, poli
ticians have bo formulated their pub
lic speeches that public projudico has
destined a Waterloo for overy reform
measure. I, at present, enjoy moro
nowor than the king of England If, I
however, you should appeal to tho
Amorican public to mako mo a king
and Invest mo with all kingly powers,
thoy would revolt from tho very Idea,
but prefer rather to allow mo to exor
cise nil. kingly and. Bovorolgn preroga
tives under tho name, governor. All
because of public projudico.
"Tho greatest opportunity for an
American effort Is right hero at homo
the opportunity for ub to oncourage
the development of tho highest typo
and character of American citizen
Preceding the lecture of tho gov
ernor, Miss Malono of tho senior class
rendered a piano boIo. Tho senior
class has volunteered to provide a
musical number at overy convocation,
and it the subsequent numbers nro as
high clasB us tho one this morning, no
ono should fail to hear them.
Loss of Hqmmcll and Russell in These
Events Handicaps the Team,
"WKtciTWould OtHervvlie Be
Well Balanced.
Y. M. C. A. to Eentertain Men of the
Tho Y. M. C.'A. will hold a social
event for tho incn of the university
Saturday night Tho Boclal will In all
probability be held in tho university
Tho event promises to bo ono which
wlll furnish amusemenrrothoinen or
tlio univorslty. Tho enovlng's enter
tainment will consist In tho main of
contests between the different classes,
Smelling conteBtB, seeing "ontests,
milk races and similar contests will
omploy tho various faculties of tho
guests to tho utmost. Clothes pin
rnces, shot put and other events' may
uIbo bo pulled off.
rund Will Grow Rapidly With Arrival
of Large Subscriptions,
Tho money for tho Jack Best fund
has been pouring steadily Into the Ne
braskun bfllco during tho past few
.lays. The; first of- tho- cadet com
panies sent in subscriptions "yester
day. Money is coming In from every
class of university organization.
Fraternities, sororities, classes, clubs,
companies; alumni and Bible classes
are all roprosejrtert , on tho subscrlp-,
tio'n list.
Many of the organizations .have not
sent In, their, subscriptions yet.- With
what is expected to como in from tjils
source and tho subscription of the
alumni, togdthor with the miscellaneous-
list which Is growing steadl!
overy, day tho monoy will soon be
raised. In fact Jack's trip to England
b as good as assured.
' Tho subscriptions, up to date fol
low: , . J
Amount . previously- contrlb- -
uted ,.,! '.....'... .$15f.2p
Phi Kappa ........ k . i .. . . ! 10-00
Delta Upsllon ....
Dr. E. J C. Svnrd ,,,.,,., fif.
J. C. Knode . .'. ..,,.',
Anonymous .
,. ,
n T 1?lAolitilAn. ' ' .M
H. W. Spraguo
K, -, ,,...,...,
' '' O-l ""' ! '
Three meets. In tho noxt month..
That 1b tho program which tho Corn
liUBkor athlotes' haVo to fill In tho
noxt four weoks. With inoetB to bo
hold In Sioux City on March 12, ' In
Itnnsas City on March 19, and two
weeks iateT-tho'blgOmaliamootrthcr
track men at tho university oro busy
The line-tip of men who will repro
Bent tho university ut theBe nicets hns
jib yet not been decided upon. Tho
roprosentatlon of tho university at tho
SJoux City meet and the Kansas City
meet will ho composed of a few men,
while tho ontlre force of truck mon
from tho unhersity wtlll participate
in the meet nt Omaha. ,
Weak on Pole Vaulters. ,
The. track team will bo hamllcupport
by tho fact that thero 1b a scarcity of
pole vaulting niatorlal. This ovent Is
left open to no veteran except Gra
ham. Ilussoll has left school for tho
present semester nnd Hummoll will
bo out of tho meets on account of an
Injured ankle. This leaves the entlro
work to Graham, unless some excel
lent frcshmnu material develops In
tlio.ueat-.fujUire . AtprfiSPJiLther6 are
only two men working at. tho pdlo
vault outside of Graham. Theso are
Llndstrom and Hammond. Hammond
hns done no work In the vaulting line
except In Indoor meets. Llndstrom
hns done most of his vaulting out
doors and may be counted-onari a
strong man to bacl Graham up In. any.
of theso Indoor meets.
runs the university has a good line-up
of material, Campbell, Ileod, Burke
.and Amberson. arc a quartet of run
ners which are hard to beat In the
Missouri Valley. Campbell ond Reed
are tho mon to represent tho univer
sity in the short distance runs, unci
with Burko and Amberson on tho mid
dle, and long distance runs the univer
sity will be represented to ascertain
Good Freshman Material.
BesldOB theso men as veterans thero
are several freshmen who are doing
excpllent work,, in track athletics.
Funkhausor, who broke tho university
record In tho shot-put, will bo an able
second to "Sid" Collins with tho
weights. Collins for the past two
years has been considered ,tho best
wolghTman In the Missouri Valley,
and his work- will go far in winning
meets for the Cornhuskors. In tho
(fashes foy, a freshman, Is ono who
hos shown up strong, nnd along with
him are two sophomores, Powers nnd
Flaak. Powers has showed up well.
laBt year In tho 220 run nnd also In
tho short dash In tho Charter Day
moot this year. In the, "hurdles Flack
has shown good form and ought to
help Dale MacDonald-win points In
tho high and low stick runs. This is
tho limit of the material' out for par
ticipation In these meets.'
With, the number of men limited as
a rule to the veterans and with the
quality of tho newer men unknown,
Cuptaln Burke of tho track team has
been busy urging more men to got out
nnd take an interest In track "work.
Freshmen are, not barred from these
moots, a,nrt they may. participate If
thoy show that they have, tho quality
necessary to hold down places on tho
teams.-- ''
..-$l8140 At -the 'same tlmo theso men will be
All J'i" '
bonolltcd by coaching thoy recolvc for
thoso niootK, and thus be better pro
pared to win places In the meets
which they will ho eligible fdr noxt
year on athletic Holds at the univer
sity or at other schools.
Another sovero handicap to the
team will bo the loss of liummell in
tho high Jump. Huinmoll was tho
best university Jumpor, nnd with his
abBcncX) this ovent will all fall to
Graham, tho polo -vaulter. Graham
has jumped live foot soven Inches, but
in thin evont Hummoll had slightly the
better of the argument. In tho jump
thero aro a numbdr of mon who nro
adoptB at this part of track athletics
who would bo of valuable assistance
to tlio team ft tlioy" would report ' for"
Freshman Material Good Schedule
for Garnet to Be Announced
Soon Cornell and Grin
ned Dropped.
Michigan Students Loyal to Nebraska
NobruBka mon at tho University of
Michigan hnvo organized a Corn
busker club. Some of tho members
have novor attended tho University
of Nobrasku, but as residents of tho
state aro loyal to tho university. Tho
majority of the mon, however, have
attended tho university.
Tho members aro: Christopher Ab
bott, Hyannls; Leon Balloy, Max Mer
rill, Falrbury; Wilbur Campbell, Bel
den; John Chapman, Kearney; Eu
gene Donahuo, O'Neill; Carl Goohrlno,
Grand Island; Enrl May, Hayes Con
tor; Donzol Noll, Wymoro; Otto
Stofor, Wost Point; Carl Coo, Lloyd
Osborne, David Brodkoy, Lyman Bry-
son, Raymond Crossman, Itobort
Fishor, Louise Hallor, Doane Kollor,
Edwin Klrsehbnum, Arlnip Morpwtz,
Edwin Ho30nburg, John 7obstbr,
John Woodworth, nnd Eogar Snbrlskl,
President Hahne of Juniors Makes Ap
pointments for This 8emester.
...... -
President Hahne of tho junior class
tho following appointments of mem
bers of the class on committees for
tho present Bomcstor: -1
iMnnagor of Junior athletics, C. E.
Manager of Junior basketball, T, 55.
Ivy Day committee, II. M. Nplblo, A.
Bt Amberson, E. S. Munson, L: R.
Blanchnrd, Catherine Reoder, Corircllh.
LindBo'y, Sylvia Kllllan.
Social committee, A. M. Oberfoldor,.
chairman; B. M. Cliorrlngton, G, it.
Rushton, E. J. Leo, V. C, Hascall,
Helen Stelnor, JeBslo 'Beghtol, -Edith
Hnnno. . .
Junior convocation, .A. M. Hnro,
chairman; C. J. Lord. M. E. Barker,
.Grace Rohrbuugh, Ruby Barnes.
Class numerals, J. E. pike, chair
man; C. F. Styrmor, O. "E. Rood. '
Cornhuskcr comtnlttoe, J. E. Law
rence, chairman; Lynn Lloyd, Verna
Hyder. t- , -...,
The 'Olympic commlttoo holds ovor
this semester with the came members
as last someuer A. R. Raymond,
chnlrman; Tt. D. Garver, T. Z. Zachok
.and .G. H. Rushton.
Tho clnsB ca pcommlttco which was
appointed last semester has', not' as
yot received tho4uifllclent number of
orders for caps to socuro them at, tho
prlco offered tho class. Until 15 rfioro
orders nro recolVed by tho comullt-
teo the order for caps cannot ho sent
In. Tho lnombers of thochiss who
are engineers have not yet ireen rep
resented In tho order for caps and
thlB has held tho order hack. AJ1
members of tho class who wish
caps must order soon or the money
nlrpady collected will bo refunded and
no cups, wu uo purcunHca; -., ,v
BasoballproBpocts continue-to Ibokf"
brlghtor overy day,, Tho number of
mon uppcarlng dally Is rapidly In- -
'creasing. Moro candidates aro out
each porlod than tho gymnasium enn .
accommodate although ton "nioif ivof ICZ
at a time and thero are four porlods
each day. All or tho old men in school
hnvo appeared and. aro now working
out in earnest.
Coach Carroll yostorday carofully
examined tho condition of Nebraska
Hold and annpuncod that outdoor prac
tice will bogln today If tho woatlio'r re-;
mains favorable. Many -mon who
havo been unablo to get a place to
work out In tho gym will now havo ii
chnncc to begin work. Tho coach 1b.
anxious to havo u large squad out, as
.there will bo plonty of room for all to
practice. Ixjt ovoryono who can ap
pear ut tho Hold today at 12s 30.
Old Men Back.
Tho old mon who aro back are
Mathers, Olmstead, Metcnlfe, Sturtzo
neggor, Sleutor, Clarko and Captain
Greonsllt. All theSb"htori nrdxollglble
and aro practicing overy day.- -Thoy-should
mako a strong nucleus around
which n winning team can bo built
up. Among tho largo nunibor of men
who are out, tho fallowing aro some
who are doing very promising work
and show vnrslty material: Powors,
Waters, Kesslor, and' Boyles nt second
base; Woods, Lofgron and Fehlonian
At third; Hyde, Patterson, Radcllffo
ind Cochran for catcher, and Fordyco,
Baked beans, baked on the premises
and served hot with delicious brown
bread, 10c, at The Boston Lunch.
Rood, McNeil, Buck, Blish and a host
of othors for tho outflold.
' With Metcnlfo at short, Clarke at
llrBt, and Captain Gr.eonBlIt behind the
bat, an infield equal to any in western
,col lego circles should bo picked from
theso now men. GreonsIIi can bo used
at bccoiuI If needed, as ho played
thero a portion of last season and did
satisfactory work. Thero is still mi
shortage of pitching material, but
Olmstead and Mathers, who were with
tho team last year, are showing excel
lent early season form, and should
show an Improvement over last year's'
Freshmen Good.
Tho.freslimnn material Is tho best
tho university has had for years, and
Conch Carroll and Captain Greonsllt
aro delighted with tho work they are.
doing. Such men as McKlbbon, Jami
son, Slddell, McKinnoy, May, Miftui,
Klepsef and other promising players
look mighty good for a winning fresh
man team this year.
Nebraska's baseball schedulo will bo
announced In u duy or two. It has
practically been completed by Man
ager Eager. Thero will bo two trips
Las usual. rTho southern ono, through
Kansas nnd Missouri, will take , place
shortly after the spring vacation; Tho
northern trip -wjll he taken 'some tlmo
In May. Thero has been some trou
ble In arranging tho schedulo on ac
count bf tlio dropping of Cornell and
Grlnnell games on tho , northern
trlpN - -
It seems .that these colleges havo
decided not to abide by the Missouri
Valley, conference rules in rogard to
'thb playing of freshmen, and the rest
of the teams In .the valley have
stricken them from their ' schedules.
Their dates will probably, lie. rilled
with other colleges.. -,.'; -r s