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Vol. IX. No. 84.
.J! LltiUi.'Jll
Prict 5 CefitJi
cams., to Be 8ent to Omaha, Kansas
City and'8loux City High 8choo
Basketball Games to Be Held
on Local Floor.
team and has mot with success in this
lino of athletics. As yot no action has
boon taken by tho mombers of tho
At a mooting of tho athlotic board
lust ovoning sovorAl matters of impor
tance to tho university and to high
schools out over tho stato yoro trans
acted. Tho board oloctod tho assistant foot-
bull coach for noxt fall and also con
sidered tho matter of Bending teams to
the indoor moots at Kansas City, Sioux
City and Omaha. Tho matter of hold
ing tho high school basketball cham
pionship gamos at Lincoln was also
discussed by tho members of tho
Ewlrifl for1 Coach.
Onb of tho principal matters under
discussion by tho mombers of tho
board last evening was tho election of
tho asBls'tani football coach for next
fall. W. Vt. Swing was elected to fill
tho pbsitl6ri. Ewlug has for tho past
three years been n member of tho
vjvrslty football team and has played
tho poBiUon of guard and tacklo.
Xevor in tho thrco years-that ho has
been on the team hus tlmo been taken
out for him on account or injurlos or
nny similar thing for which time is
usually taken out in u game.
lu his tnr'eo years of oxporionco on
tho univorsity team Ewing has beon
uhdor tho tutorship of Coach Colo, and
next year ho is to bocomo Colo's
assistant. Ewing has had a number
of years of oxporionco also in tho
"plg-skln" gamo on tho Lincoln high
school toams, and thus has hnd tho ox
porionco of- all tho plays and tricks
pf tho gamo.
Teams for Indoor Meets.
Tho board-alsP-considorod-tho -mat-
tor of sending, teams to participate in
tho coming indoor moots nt neighbor
ing cities. It was (Jecldcd that tho
teams which would represent tho iS
vorslty a th'o moots at Kansas City
and Sioux City would bo small. TheBO
moots wilt b6 hold some timo in tho
near futuro, and tho men who are rep
resentatives qf tho university in each
event will comprlso tho teams which
aro eont to thoso meets.
Tlip team pn thq other hand tho
board; decided, Whlch would represent
tho university at tho Omaha moot
wouhf j5p largo and complete. -This
moot' ill ntf hold April 1st, and the
member p( tho track squad nro pro
pping already foe tho ovonta in which
thq unlyejg y will ba ontorod.
High 8chool Championship.
Tho board also considered tho mat-
Attack ot Throat Trouble Causes
Chancellor to Postpone Addresses.
Chancellor Avery has found It nec
essary to cancel a nnmber of his dates
for, addreBsos. Ho Was scheduled for
"fifteen days of this work undor the
auspices or tho univorsity oxtension
department, but on account of his
throat was unablo to fill tho last sev
oral appointments. Ho mado two ad
dresses a day and would likoly have
boon nblo to atnnd tho sovero Btraln
of tho work, but requests for oven
moro talks from tho popular chancel
lor gavo him so much to do thnt It
waB necessary to nrrango for somo of
the addrc8Bcs to bq made at a later
8tory of Labors Told and 8hakespeare
Presented as a Man Among
. Men by Professor
Will Be Known in the Future as the
Portfolio Club.
Tho art club held a mooting Satur
day afternoon in tho studio of Library
hall, at which they decided upon a
namo for tho club. Tho club will
henceforth bo known as tho Portfolio
Club. Tho organization of tho club
was offected a short timo before tho
CliristmnB recess. It is composed of
The most important documents ro
tating to tho Ufa of William Shakos
pcaro that havo booh unearthed in the
last 150 years, containing tho first au
thentic signnturo of Shakcspcaro found
sinco 17C8, havo boon brought to light
by Charles William Wallace Pu.d'.,
iiHsoclnto professor of English lan
guages In tho University of Nebraska,
who is now In London on a leavo of
absence; Dr. Wullaco spout nil of last
summor working in Loudon and mado
tho important dlBcovoiies concorning
Bluckfrlar's theater. Ho and his wife
wont to England again in October, tho
board of regonts granting him a loavo
of absence.
Years of Search.
Tho documents woro found by Dr.
Wnllaco and his wlfo, aftor years of
search, which Involved tho examina
tion of about a million documents,
among tho rocords of tho Court of Re-
along with other sots' of racordit.
"And tho result may host spend for
ltsolf. It is simply tho samo fooling
that has mado us cross tho water
cloven times, travel far enough to put
a bpk twico ubriut Jlio grid's middle,
spend annually moro than my salary
and work doublo tho timo allowed by
'tho union' moroly tc find out tho truth
and fict it right."
Such -in brldf hi tiio story or tho
most marvelous literary discovery in
moro than a century, mado by n No-
broska professor and his wlfo, who
hcrotoforo havo boon littlo known to
Urn great world outsldo of their own
world of books and class rooms. Thoy
havo found Indisputnblo ovldonco of
tho roallty of Shnkospouro and of his
charnctor aB a man, and found it
whore It might havo boon found cen
turies ago had othors had tho pationco
nnd porsovcroncb to Bonrch for It.
Money to send jack
Rumor Circulated that Omaha Is Qui
etly Raising Fund to Send In
List of Subscriptions
Btmlonts or former students in the
school of fine nrts at Nobraska and .wests In the public record office in
also a few students not registered In
tho department but intorestod in tho
At Kb meeting Saturday nf tor noon
the club discussed several articles on
art from tho viewpoint of tho artist?
Tho greater part of the meeting, how
ever, wus taken up in drawing from a
modoi. Tho mombers of tho club nro
permitted to worlc in any medium
when sketching nt the meetings.
Former Japanese Student of Unlver-
- sltyEaiftpYlagazlnc. -
Professor W. G. L. Taylor rocoived
a copy of "Tho Japan Magazino, '
which is published by tho Japan Mag
azine company of Tokyo. Tho maga
zine is edited by Yoshichlro Bryau
Yamashitn was a student In tho Uni
vorsity of Nebraska from 1898 to 1904,
London, whero thoy had lain absolute
ly undisturbed for 300 years. They
constitute tho record of a enso In
which Shakesponro was a witness, and
I In which tho complainant sought to
recover a sum ho nlleged his fnthor-
in-law had ugrccd to give him as a
dowry at tho timo of complainant's
In a most interesting copyrighted
article, which will appear in Hnrpor's
Magazino for March, Dr. Wnllaco tells
how ho and his wlfo canlo to discover
these documents of Inestimable value
to tlio English-rending world, nnd
jjivcB aU tho details of the JlltlaJiiL
man comedy in which Shakespeare's
part sliowed him a kindly, sympnthoiic
mnn in his relations with his neigh
bors. No other documents in exist
ence throw so strong a light on
"Shakespoaro as a Man Among Men"
ns Dr. Wallaco's article Is entitlod.
"Once more," Dr. Wnlluco writes,
"through tho over-constant and devot
ed assistance of ,my wife, and ns ono
Subscriptions aro coming in rapidly,
At tho present timo Blxty-four (loUnra
havo beon subscribed to sond Jack
Best to, Engl nnd, nnd moro Is coming
tn ovcry moment. Tha alumni of
tho stnto rofuso to bo loft out until
tho student body hns hnd Us chnnco,
nnd tho management was forced co
admit their subscriptions.
It in boliovod that by Saturday night
tho monoy will havo boon ralsod. Tho
organizations to which loiters havo
beon sont have not ropliod as yot.
Somo of tho organizations hold thoir
mooting)) Saturday ovoning nnd tho
sororltios and frntornltlcB mot last
night. Tho uctlon taken on tho lotters
at thoso meetings ought to bo hoard
from In u fow days.
Omaha May Give.
A rumor has uIbo boon circulated
that tho Omaha alumni havo boon
quietly circulating a petition to sond
Jack to England for tho summor and
Announcement Made Yesterday by
President Jones.
Tho committees of tho senior class
woro announced yostorday evening by
Presldorit Jones. This Is rathor early
for tho full appolntfnont of tho com
mittees, but tho president bollovcs
that tho early appointments will bb
conducive to bottor and qulckor notion
on tho part of tho commlttocs. Tho
committees follow:
Masquerade, Frod Hoffnlan, chair
man. Convocation, JoBophlno Huso.
Ralph Mosoloy, Floronco Rlddoll. In
vitations, II. O. Perry, chairman; Ed
Woods, A. E. .Westorvolt, Lois Fobs
ler, Ida Mlatt. Cap and gown, Carl
Mongol, chairman: Howard Shonff,
Margnrot Whoolor, Lucia Aronds. Ihat tho results of this subscription
Finance and auditing, Roy Cochran,
chairman; Paul Yates, O. E. VanBorg,
Esther Balloy. Baskotbnll nmnngor,
Dnlo McDonald.
Breakfast, S. A. Mnhood, chnjrmnn;
W. E. Byorts, W. J. Wohlonborg, f. M.
Clark, Edna Stovon, Mao Dion, Alfreda
Ivy Day, J. A. Cllno, chairman; L.
R. Heggolund, II. F. Wundor, H. O.
Bnumnnn, J. M. Alexander, A. T. Up-
tony Dnlo-Lapp, Louiso-StognorT-Mnrlo-
Tonaootz, Mnboilo McVeigh.
Athletics, D. C. Mitchell, chairman;
G. R. LeRoy, J. A. Ttynn.
Commomorntlon, H. C.'Fisko, chair
man; J. G. Mason, R. E. Waldo, Mary
Cook, Coralio Moycr.
Social, W. H. Burleigh, chairman;
R. E. Campbell, A. C. Schmidt, Mildred
Holland, Irma Franklin
will bo mailed to the Dnily Nobraskan
in a fow days.
Tho press of tho state hayo been
taking up tho matter and Nobraska
graduates from over tho btato qro .
working up enthusiasm which would
lu tho end sent Jnck to England with
out any other assistance Tho slu
dont body has been respbndlng to the
call for, subscriptions with; tho- utmoe't
rendincss. TIiIb Is nil tho mord iq-
jnurknbla,wJon lis romorabored that
l xtiltr titw fn nil nltrmt ilil'ia')
Ull JUtJ QJIU1IV, lit , .UWMW . . -- i f
in Bchool. Provlous to that tlmo of tho results of our research through
somo million of documonts, I havo tho
ho graduated from Wnshoda Cojlogo
pf Tokyo.
Whllp In tho university Yamashitn
lived at tho homo qf William Jennings
Bryan, who assisted -hlm-flnancjaljy.
Ho wos a hard working student an;i
took moBt of tho work In tho economic
nnd Amorican history dopartmonts.
When Mr. Bryan visited Japan on'
his trip around, tho world, Yomashlta
escorted him ovor tho Japanese orii-
lionor to present Shakespcaro ns a
man among mon. IIo Is hero as uu
mythical ns tho faco that speaks living
language to you across tho table or
up out of tho poBtllng strcot. Ho Is as
tor of holding tho clmmplonshlp-hlgltpire and showod him ovory courtesy
scnooi pasKqioau games on uiu univur
sity gymnarilum fld'pr. Tho onrd le--elded
Ihatthls would bo don6; and
thnt It ox&ud- an invrtation to all tho
hlghjcftpolp who wished to compoto
fithVVmPion'8h,P Kamos." Any
high, ,8cb.qpl tpam which wlshps to par
tlcloate In thoso games Is urgpd to
notljty "Innagor Eaor or Dr. Clapp, as
'thoy werfl appointed as a connlttoo to
tako chjifKjj, of ' thQ matter and Invito
tlcipaioT Ig this way tho champjon
! 8hli5of ijie'itajo hlh schools In has
f kotbairWlU bo do'flnltcly sottlod.
ji( 'ThQ iiajfCbr &f 'aeloctlng a coach for
tho faVslly track team was not actod
on ql,n(er ?ti ad. $?
SorQVme, "havo pjade nppllcatjon fqr
LtbQ'lto'sltldn'ktni'thq rumor among tlio
! stiid'e'riii1 of "fho- Univorsity Is to tho
Effect tljat I, P. Hqwitt will ho 0ff.ored
Stho posltlbti when th.q board acts oh
tho matler. M?. Hewitt Is at present
Icoaqb iqf the university baskptball
Tho following letter ncmompnnlqtl
tho magazino.
"Tokyo, Jan. 25th, 1910. ,
"Mr. Taylor, Doar Sir: I hnvoj,
fielved your manuscript a llttla wuilo
ago and had quto pleasure to havo
read tnom. I thank you lor yonr
kindness in romoraborlng of mo still.
I send y.qu herp my. magazino wlijeh
Just- havo out on 20tb lasT and lippp
yoi look otpr It If you hvp chnnco
please. TI1b Js qutq work for mo,
jjut fool sure It will be great success.
"I'm so anxious to got so many sub
scribers from my ojd pollogo p.qqplp
and send ChnnqoHor Audrws bo many
'nubscvlptlbn'" papers. ' Pjptfso ypU loojc
aftor' 'it In asking students thcro in
.- v " ''J-! i
iiniyqrsuy. i am prouu xpr going to
gdt many Bub'scrlbors frbm America.
. "Yours truly,
Tboprlco of tho magazfno Is 4: CO
ypnpornr; ;LMDaHff
real and humnnasyou and I who an
swer with word or touch or lobk."
Story of Ljiwsuit.
"Tho story of this lawsuit, qf the
facts leading nr to It, and of Shako
spoaro's part In It, Is a story of en
trancing Interest; but hardly less rc
markablp is tho story of tho patient,'
painstaking and laborious searchj
thrqugh which tho Iobraska. rofcBBori
ant, his ,wlfo attained tho success
which will bring thpm tho congratula
tions of all Utprary students a.nd tho'
gratitude of all lovors of Shakes
ponro," says tho London Tlnfca.
In his article JDr. Wallace tolls, In'
a slmplo and modest way, tho story ojt
that search of a million documents a1
search that, allowing but two minutes'
to each document, would mean 33.333J
1-3 hours; or ovor threo yeaTs ana
nine months' of. continuous worji Do4
scribing-thq worlc that be and his'
wlfo carried on so long In1 tho public
records ofllce nt, London, Dr; Waliaco
writes: . .'
"It was a long search: Thechic?
feeling thnt possessed us may bo1
gleaned from the fact that- wo crossed
tho ocean twice 'and- spent much!
mbnpy- amj-lopg labor to.cpn)pjqlo tljlrf
8tate Y. M. C, A. Meeting Closed Sun
day Night.
Tho t state YTM1. o! A, convontlon
closod on Sunday ovoning. Tho clos
ing address was given by Dr. Howard
Agnow JoluiHtpn, special guest of tho
convention. Robert VoIderi8nil, who
started tho association work in Ne
braska, offered tha closing prayer.
Tho iinlquo. method of adjourning asso
ciation conventions was carried out as
usual. Alt delegates and merabors of
the association joined' hands; forming
a largo circle Ovor throe hundred
andrflfty.mmbor,hiiU:1llJteUi hand In
ihand' nni?r"tllifc ha thft' tin HaV
blnci our hearts In Christian love."'
This samo method hns bedh used in
adjourning almost ovofy Y. M, d. A.
convontlon. This yonr, UowoVor, all
members of tho' Ydurig1 Women's .Chris
tian Association prfeserit Woro invited
to' form anotlier cl'rclo. Tfidy fielped
ib singing 'the song. AboUt'ond li'uri
d'red dnd twenty .Y. W. C. A. girls
joined Iho circle President W. J.
Hl(l thori declared tho convention ad
Journed. Thov state watchword for
this year was' chosen 1 Corinthians
lrl3. AWu thirty 'NebrasV. dele
gates were uro'sont at tlitf Sdriday
night mce'tlngj
IT - .. " '
tho student body hns not boon so
licited but that all tho subscription
havo been wndo without tho ngoncy of
Well Loved. ,
Tho fact that Jack Bost Is loved by
pvory man who bus ovor come In con
tact with him Is Illustrated by thu let-tor-
received by tho Dally NobraBknh
regarding tho subscription. It followst
"Gontlcmon: I notice In yestorday'a
i'ssuo of your paper tho propoBod plan
to sond Jack B. to Eng. ThlB Is tho
bost thing that you havo started. Why
should tho alumni bo put of it Wo
nil bad the borioflt of Old JtCck'B rub
bing and also tho mlBory of it, and I
for ono would. bo selfish enough' to en
joy it If ho should bo n littlo weaker
ns a sailor than ho wan a rubber. Any
way, hero's a ten spot and If moro Is
needed will bo glad to do my share
"Yours for the Unl, .
'rf. A. TUKEY." "
Tho list of subscriptions up to last
evening is as follows:
Gcorgo Holmes k . 110.00
i E Cottle, Edgar, Nob 1.00
V."K. Gor 50
"Stick" DePutron ..'.....'...... .25
Charlos Cobaldor ' -.25'
C. A. Green .. 1.00
H. A. Tukoy, Omaha ; ....' 10!00
Mutt Kobater .'...;.:..' .50
Bert Ba'rbor i ...... .t .50
W. F, Votaw .,.. 1.00
Guornsoy Jones f f . . '. 1.00
Travolor ........;.. ;25
M; P. 'Wallace, Kxfeter, Noti. . J . . v .50
J. C. Resslet .... . ;'. .' 1.00
Charlos Stnrmor ;."..'; ' 4.00
Ed Boehmet" ..; ...... :'.. i;00
AnonymoUs , : V2.00
Miscellaneous :.......... 1:50
Freshman Law 8thdentg?. ; v; . , , 47:00
f 'of " .
, Baked beansvbaked'o-i tup. bmlsei, Jun,or w 8tudentg'...';.r..,aB:(H)
IbVead, 10c..JatThf BoW-sf.Xftllri f TotaU.,.,...i....y.f4i80i.,
-.' (?JW&'-ilfVJ,