The daily Nebraskan. ([Lincoln, Neb.) 1901-current, October 15, 1909, Image 2

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The Daily Nebraskan
Lincoln, Nobroflka.
Editor Victor B. 8mlth
Managing Editor K. P. ferlok
AMOclata Editor Carl J. Lord
Manager...!. ..W. A. Jonea
ABnltnnt ManiiRcr .0. C. Kllop
Circulator V. C. Ilaaaill
AnslHtunt Circulator P. T. Bturgls
Editorial and Business Office:
Poatofftce, 8tatlon A, Lincoln, Neb.
Payable In Advance.
8lngjo Coplea, 5 Cents Each.
Telephone! Auto 1888.
Night Phonea Auto 1888;. Auto 2683.
. 1
INDIVIDUAL N0TICE8 will bo charged
for at the rate of 10 oonts por Inuortlon
for ovory flftoon words or fraction thoro
of. Faculty notices and University bul
lotlnB will bladly bo published froo.
Entored at tho poBtofflco at Lincoln,
Nobraaka, as Bocond-clasa mall matter
under tho Act of CoiiRrosu of March 3,
Advertisements for tho want ad
column should be left at the business
office, basement Administration build
ing between 10 a. m., and 12 m., or
between 2 p. m., and 5 p. m.
Cash must accompany all orders for
Want ads, at the rate of ten cents for
each fifteen words or fraction there
of, the first Insertion; threo Inser
tlonB twenty-five cents; five Inser
tions forty cents.
Owing to the fact that 90
per cent of the Dally Nebras.
kan'a subscribers OUGHT TO
BE In Omaha for the Nebras-
ka-Mlnnesota game at the reg-
ular time for 'Issuing the Ne-
braskan tomorrow, there will
, be no Issue of this paper 8at-
urday, October 16.
BUDD'S $1.50 KIDD'S $1.15
Just ex little
$2.50 Hats.
Tho Som Bot inltlateB tonight. In
cidentally It holds a pio feed. Bo
ready, you medical students ; thore
may be nood of you tomorrow.
A student remarks that tho flro
scare in Mechanic Arts hall may have
been duo to a 'morning after" effect
of a Havelock visit. Nay, nay. Was
it not a professor who first found it?
Nor should anyone bo surprised that
a little steam should alarm inhabit
ants of Mechanic Arts. Thnt building
has so many fire-trap possibilities that
it Is no wonder that its rosldents aro
always on tho watch for a whiff of
Four men out for the presidency of
the freshman class. Verily, verily,
this warm fall weather has made tho
political boe work overtime.
Tho Pharmaceutical Society! Why
not call it tho Amalgamated-Associa-tlon-of-UnlvorsltywTirainedJDrugvClorkfl
and be dono with it?
men's Clubs has been meeting in tho
Temple. Incidentally it has been run
ning over and ovor-running tho cam
pus. Hopo they liked it.
That last Btraw hat, which has been
hanging on since Sept. 1, is gone at
laBt. It was laid away amid the
mothballs. Tuesday afternoon, brief
services being conducted at tho grave
by Rev. Mr. Owner.
Seven years ago Nebraska Bent her
gridiron warriors north and they
came back victorious. Four times
since then she has sent forth to Min
nesota a team of sturdy Cornhuskers
and they have come back beaten,
Last year tho wearers of. tho Scarlet
and Cream Journoyed north to 'the
Gopher field and snatched a tie score
from under tho very shadow of tho
goal posts. Tho wonderful stonewall
defense' Of the Nebraska line with-
8 .
Dean Sherman
5 T. M.
Btood tho plunging atack of Dr. Wil
liams' men at tho very last extremity
intervening between safety and defeat.
Such has been tho record of tho
paBt. Tomorrow tho Nebraska eleven
goes to Omaha to add anothor chap
tor to that record of victory, defeat,
and tlo. Two thousand students will
Journoy with tho toam to help in
making tho now chapter a glorious
one. Thousands of Omaha citlzons,
eager that their Btate may take its
proud stand among tho leading foot
ball commonwealths of tho west, will
bo on hand to give team and students
a hearty welcome and to cheer them
on to victory.
And it is going to be a victory.
Even tho pessimist will admit that.
For thore is no ono who will be will
ing to stand 'to tho front and say that
Nebraska's team is not going to ac
quit. ItBelf creditably at tho Vinton
Btreet park, even if it doeB not get tho
big end of. tho scqro. Nebraska's
cloven has boon in the habit of doing
tho creditable thing. It Is in the
blood and it is not likely to dlsappoar
at this date.
Coach Cole's pupils aro going to play
a manly game. They are going into
tho contest confident of playing tho
gamo in a way that will win them the
Sueetner this week
$2.50 and $3.50 Shoes.
admiration of Nobraskans nnd Minno
sotans alike. They aro going to win,
if that bo poBslblo with tho brawn at
their command. There is not a weak
ling among them. So far as effort
and 'spirit" can force them down tho
field, thoso men of Nebraska aro going
to plow down tho gridiron despite tho
opposing lino of Mlnnesotans. They
aro going to show tho northern play
ers, as they have shown them time
and time ngaln, that this university
sends out to fight Its battles men of
courage, men of brain and brawn, men
who can be magnanimous in victory,
and, If necessary', noble in defeat.
Thoy aro men who will fight to tho
laBt ditch, mon who will piny the
game with all tho fiery energy that
their powerful will can summon to
their aid until tho last whiBtlo 1b
blown, men who will not giveup until
tho timekeeper snaps tho watch for
the final.
Nebraska's team is going down to
Omaha tomorrow to a victory a vic
tory of score, if possible, but in any
case a victory of manhood.
'The committo on student organiza
tion is just now sending out to stu
dent organizations notices calling the
attention of theso bodies to the rules
in forco for tho regulation of social
ovonts which may bo given by them.
The rules aro chiefly tho same as
thoso which havo stood for several
years past. Thoy prohibit affairs of
a social nature save on Friday and
Saturday evenings and require all uni
versity parties to class at 12 midnight.
Officially sanctioned, chaperonos aro
required at all functions where wo
men aro present.
It Is presumed that in .putting those
rules forth, the committco is not aim
ing to correct any existing wrongs In
tho social fabric of tho university.
Most of the rules have been generally
observed during tho past year and
they would in any case continue to bo
observed by a majority of the students.
There have been, however, a few in-
uraauate uoitege
stances of infractions since the open
ing of tho year, and it is probably
these at which the rules are directed.
Students who consider the matter
a moment will find that the regula
tions aro nothing if not eminently fair
to all concerned. University students
have an inherent disliko to any regu
lation of their Bocial affairs, and it is
probably Just as well that they should
profer to feel somo independence in
such matters. But there is nothing in
tho ruleB which 1b more than all
should require without tho existence
of tho rules. The ordinary social con
ventions obtaining in all good society
demand Just what tho rules now is
sued ask. A reasonable closing hour
and tho presence of chaperonos 1b a
demand of general society usage arid
not exclusively a regulation of the
university authorities.
Student organizations will find that
tho rules cause them little trouble,
and observance of them insures each
organization against any hint of doubt
as to their following out of the cor
rect social conventions. For this rea
son, if for no other, they should bo
SIO.OO Crovenetts,
To Get Your Clothes Cleaned,
Pressed, and Refitted, Choose
Joe, The Tailor
Particular attention
given to Ladies work
and uniforms. . . .
University Bulletin
15, Friday, 11 a. m., Gymnasium
Junior football men.
15, Friday, 5 p. m., Memorial Hall
Senior clasB meets.
15, Friday, 5 p. m., Memorial Hall
Special convocation. Dean Sher
man. 15, Friday, 1 p. m U10G Meeting of
candidates for debating squad.
15, Friday, 8 p. m Palladlan Hall,
Temple1 Meeting.
15, Friday, 8:15 p. m., Union Hall
Meeting. 1G, Saturday Nebraska vs. Minnesota.
16, Saturday, 8 p. m., Temple Stu
dents' Agricultural Club.
17, Sunday, 4 p. m., Temple Y. W. C.
A. Chancellor Davidson.
19, Tuesday, 7:30 p. m., Room 2, Ne
braska Hall Forestry Club. Ad
dress by Dr. Bessey.
19, Tuesday, 11:30, Memorial Hall
Freshman class meotB. Election of
19, TueBday, 11:30, Temple Sopho
more class meets. Election of of
ficers. 21, Thursday, 11:30, Memorial Hall
Junior class, meets. Election of re
mainder of'clasB officers. Commit
too announcements.
22, Friday, Fratomlty hall Sopho
more dance.
23, t Saturday, Football Iowa vs. Ne
braska. 23, Saturday Meeting of Komensky
Will Attempt to Get Branch of Amerl-
can Society of Engineering In
Nebraska may have a branch of the
American Society of Mechanical En
gineers. This is the substance of the
fact that a number of junior and
Benior mechanical engineers met in
M. E. 204 Wednesday evening and or
ganized a temporary society for the
purpose of petitioning the American
About twenty of the most prominent
junior and senior mechanical en
gineers were present at the meeting.
M. E. Streoter was elected president
and William Burleigh was elected sec
rotary. Tho organization which was
formed is only temporary, its object
being to got a branch of the American
Society of Mechanical Engineers. A
committee was appointed to frame up
the petition.
Tho temporary organization which
was formed Is not intended to run in
competition with tho present engineer-
The Uni. Mandolin and Guitar Glub
wants more members. An opportunity will be given everyone
to join a club. Apply to
BYRON W. WAY, University School ol Music, 11th S R St.
WHEN we tell you about Kensington Clothes either
Suits or Overcoats its to let you know about better
clothes than you've been in the habit of buying.
They cost a little more, of course, but don't think they're ex
pensive for they're not. They're really economical clothes
because they keep their shape and look good about twice
as long as other clothes.
The new grays and blues, as they come out of our
of our new cabinets, pressed ready to put on, will give you
more comfort and satisfaction, yes more for your money
than any clothes you can buy.
Suits and
$15 to $50
P. 5.
So many women around
me can't keep the secret
The Palace
1419 O
lng society. It will merely attempt to
get a branch of the American society
here in tho belief that besides help
ing the momborB themselves, It wllL
greatly benefit the university and the
recognition accorded it over the
United States to have a branch of this,
organization established here. At
present there are two members of the
society here, Professor Richards and
Superintendent of Grounds and Build
ings Chowens.
List of Hostesses Announced for This.
Afternoon's Event.
Miss Ensign yesterday announced:
the following list of hostesses and pat
ronesses for the Friday afternbon tea
from 3:30 to 5 p. m. today:
Faculty Hostesses Mrs. A. E. Bur
nett, Mrs. M. K. Jewett, MrB. P. H.
Frye, MIbs Clara Conklln.
City Patronesses Mrs'. Don Love,
Mrs. M. A. Bullock, Miss Ida Robblns,
Miss Charlotte Templelon.
A commltteo from tho University
Girls' Club will as usual assist at the
tea table.
That simply means
clothing cut by a
smart tailor, pur
chased by a shrewd
buyer and worn by
a man with brains.
Are You Guilty?
Clothing Co.