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Vol. Vin, No. 97.
Thomas, Landers and Beck Soliciting
Votes In First Year Class With
No Elements of Interest
Yet In Campaign.
With the sophomore election thiB
morning and the freshman meeting
Thursday there is still a remarkable
lack of interest in the respective re
sults of the second semester elections.
Although the sophomore organization
has had a contest on between two
aspirants for presidential honors over
since the opening of the semester, tho
light is proving devoid of intorest to
a great majority of the class. The
freshmen candidates have not been
in the field for so long a timo, but
their failure to stlp up enthusiasm
has been equally striking.
H. W. Coulter was the first second
year man to announce his candidacy
. for the sophomore presidency. Ho
entered tho running with tho open
ing of the semester. Within" a few
days Leslie Hyde of Lincoln an
nounced that ho would be a willing
recipient of the class headship. Carl
J. Lord of Randolph announced his
deBire for the office nt about tho same
time and it seemed that a contest
might develop of interesting propor
tions. The three men. concerned bo
gan soliciting votes actively and the
talk of a fourth dark horse added In
terest to the affair.
Interest Died Out.
c After being in tho race several
days, Lord decided to withdraw and
this left the contest to Hyde and
Coulter. Since that time the affair
has been lacking in interest and tho
prospect Is that the attendance at to
day's meeting will be small On ac
count of tho genoral apathy existing
it is absolutely impossible to predict
the result. Either candidate may
win In a walk or the result may be
close. Signs to point tho way are
entirely lacking.
Coulter Is a graduate of Canon City,
Colo., high school. Ho hureglstored in
tho college of literaturo, science and
arts. Coulter is a member of Phi
Gamma Delta fraternity. Hyde is a
Lincoln high school man, and he Is
? also enrolled in the academic college.
With Coulter and Hyde as tho con
testants there are practically no is
sues, .saye personal popularity. Al
though Hyde Is not a fraternity man,
'lie has friends among the Greek let
ter organizations and does not poso
as an opponent of tho f rats. Slnco
bqtfr.mei are academics there is no
, feeling between colleges. With theso
two factors, which are usually the
ones most prolific of election plat
forms, otil of consideration, there Is
not much left upon which a contest
of principlescan bj waged.'
First-year Men. ,
Thomas had th'o best of it in tho
freshman, class so far as securing tho
start wob. concerned. He announced
his candidacy several days ahead of
Sanders, who was second. out. Neither
came out until President Kerspackor
had published notice of his Intention
not to call a class meeting until some.
one had signified his dosiro for tho
This1 offer of Korspacher to
d down he job indoflnl ely brought
ranriftoBhkH the two
tH a reply in the shape of thtwo
Roland Thomas is an Omaha hlidi
Roland .Thomas is an Omaha high
school graduate registered in tho lit-
'.. V
orary college. Ho declar
igorous at-
elected ho will mako, a vigorous
tempt to pay off tho class debt and
that he will favor another class hop.
Ho is a momber of Phi Gamma Delta
Landers of Norfolk is a very popu
lar non-frat man. Ho 1b n member of
tho freshman basket ball five and rep
resented his class in tho middle
weight boxing contests in tho Olym
pics last fall.
Third Entrant.
A. L. Beck of 'Billings, Mont., an
nounced hiB candidacy for the freBh
man leadership Friday. Beck is
working hnrd and ho may be nblo to
Inject some lifo into tho flrBt-year
campaign beforo Thursday. Beck is
a non-frat.
Governor Shallenberger To Be Pres
ent at Annual Session.
As was announced last weok the
Graduato Club will meet in tho Tem
ple next Friday evening at 6 o'clock.
Governor and Mrs. Shallenberger will
be present and the governor will de
liver a short address. Dean L. A.
Sherman will alBo speak on the sub
ject, "The Lesson Unit in Graduate
Studies." Besides those addresses
tho following graduate students will
report on their own research prob
lems: "r"
J. G. W. Lowis American History.
Geo. R. LaRue Zoology'
Mrs. T. F. A. Williams Political
O. L. Barnebey Chemistry.
J. W. Roberts Botany.
Those in- charge urge
one be prompt so that
may bo served without
that every
the supper
delay at G
o'clock, and so that those who nuiBt
attend other meetings on the same
evening will not need to leave before
the exercises are over. It is also
necossary that all register beforo
Wednesday noon so that tho commit
tee may bettor know how to provide
for the supper. Reservations may bo
made at tho Temple book store or
with either Dr. Condra or Mr. Pool.
Tho notice of last weok gave Friday
as tho limit for reservations, but this
must bo done by Wednesday noon in
order to facilitate the work of the
Captain Worklzer Decides Twenty
four Too Many To Be Excused
From Drill.
At least one-half of tho men who
hoped to escape drill by joining tho
university chorus aro bound to bo
Beforo tho semester began Captain
Workizer had consented to excuse
from drill all mon who became mem
bers of tho chorus. But. ho :has de
cided that tho ranks of the cadet
battalion are too thin," and has modi
fied his promise by allowing but
twelve men to be excused. As twen
ty-four men had taken advantage of
the opportunity to escape drill, twelve
of them must now go bacfr to drill,
Airs. Raymond has been testing their
voices in order to determine whom
sho will allow to remain. Her decis
ion has not yet been announced, and
tho njen are anxiously awaiting their
fate. -' " ! ' '
Some of the men whq joined , tho
chorus in this way have febld their
uniforms , and wlli bo in a predion
mont if they happen to be among
the unfortunate ones.
During our three-day fountain pen
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brated original imported Dwarf Ink
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Regular price $1.50. Guaranteed non
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c&rrl Unlvorslty Book Stort, .
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Igjthat'aervea at The Bojitpn Lunoh,
Try it.
Universities of Missouri and Kansas
Will Each Be Met Here In Two
Contests In April and
Nebraska basoball schedule ) t It In
spring Is tho most attractlvo ono for
tho local diamond enthusiast that
has been mqdo out in recpnt seasons.
It calls for tho playing of twenty-six
games, ten of which will bo held Jn
Lincoln during April and May. Two
trips aro booked for tho local nine,
one being a Journey south during tho
Easter vacation nnd tho other a tour
of nor thorn Iowa and -Minnesota I ho
first week In May
The south trip includes ton ganio.u.
Kansas and Missouri will each be
playod on this trip in two games
apiece. Tho Cornhuskors .will appear
at Columbia, playing the "show-mo"
men on Friday and Saturday, April
'9 and 10. The following Fridnv nnd
Saturday, April 16 and 17, tho con
cluding days of the trip, the .Corn
huskors will bo in Lawrence, whore
they will clash with their old and be,Bt
rivals, the jayhawkors.
Haskells on List.
Tho Haskell Indians will also be
played on this trip, tho fray .being
pulled off In Lawrence on Wednes
day, April 14. William Jewel and tho
Missouri state normal will alBo be
On Thursday, April lf, tho corn
huskors aro booked to play two games,
ono being with St. Marys at St.
Marys in tho morning and tho other
with the Kansas agricultural college
at Manhattan in tho afternoon.
The northern trip will be started
Saturday, "May 1, the cornhuskors
playing Ames at Ames on that day.
Tho Iowa Btato univorsity nine will
not bo played on this trip owing to
the inability of tho managers "of tho
two schools to agree on a- dato that
would fit in with tho other games on
tho Nebraska schedule.
Grlnnell, Drake and Cornell will bo
tho other teams in Iowa that will bo
played. Tho tour will bo closed with
two contests against Minnesota nt
Minneapolis on Friday and Saturday,
May 8 and 9.
The home schedulo will include at
least ton games. Contests with Mis
souri, Kansas, Manhattan und Drake
havft already been contracted Cot
ner, Wesleyan and tho Nebraska In
dians will bo booked to' fill' out the
other dates in the local schedule.
Both Kansas and Missouri will visit
Lincoln, each playing two gamoB with
(ho cornhuskers. ' Tho Mlsosurl nino
is booked to appear hero on Monday
and Tuesday, April 26' and 27. Kan
sas will come on Friday and Satur
day, May 28 and 29. The- Kansas
Aggies of Manhattan are to bo played
hero on Wednesday, April .21.
-"'jAt Antelope Park.
All of tho homo games, will prob
ably bo played at Antelope park, since
tho university lias no athletic field of
Its own. Arrangements will be mndo
with Manager Green of the Lincoln
western loaguo team for the uso of
tho ball park, and tho games booked
not conflict with the league
utuuo, -
. e class hasketbalLfight seomsvto
narrowing race between
the freshman and junior fives. The.
r8t however, appear to
Tile ClaBS l)RBkQtlmll fl(rhf HRnniK. In
-. ... , , . v.
hayo a little, tho better, of the dope,
having played ono enme which "thev
. t, 'in--
won. W'lilfb tlio Juniors hnvo ono and
lost two games,
Tho seniors, apparently, are out "of
tho raco, having a rocord of two
games played and two lost. The soph
omoros haVo lost ono gaino and won
ono. t
Till) frnnlimnil linun linnn rrnnmnilu
conceded tho tltfo for tho -past fow
weeks, but tho showing of tho Junlora
against tho Bonlors raised, tho stock'
of tho fourth year men soveral per
cent. They now must bo reckoned
with In tho raco for tho pennant.
Baseball Schedule.
Tho cpmpleto baseball Bchedulo is
as follows:
Southern Trip.
April' 8- Tabor collogo at Tabor,
April 9 Missouri at Columbia.
April 10 Missouri at Columbia.
April 12 Missouri Stato Normal at
April 13 William Jowoi at Liberty,
April 14 Haskoll at Lawronqo,
April 15 (Morning),. St. Marys nt
St. Mrirys.
April in (Aftornoon), Manhattan
at Manhattan.
April 16 Kansas at Lawronco.
April 17 Kansas at Lawrence.
Home Games.
'April 22 Manhattan.
April 26 Missouri.
April 27 Missouri.
May 28 Kansas.
May 29 Kansas.
Northern THp.
May 1 Ames nt Ames.
May 2 Drako at Dcs Molnos.
May 4 Grlnnell at Grlnnell.
May 5 Cornell at Mount Vernon.
May 6 Decorah nt.Doco'rah.
Slay 7 Minnesota at Minneapolis.
May 8 Minnesota at Minneapolis,
Culminating Event In Girls
ball Thursday.
On next Thursday afternoon the
seventh nnnuaf girls' tournamont will
bo hold in tho armory. This ovont
will bo tho culminating feature of the
girls' baBkol-ball Beasoh. TJio teams
representing each of tho different
classes aro vory equally matched, and
although tho time for practice lias
been short, each team is going .into
tho event with tho determination to
. All girls wishing to attend the
.tournament will be givon a leavo of
absence at tho registrar's office,
which will permit them to skip their
clnssos. The tournament js scheduled
.to commence promptly at, 2 o'clock,
and those in chargo promise
will- bo oyer so that thoro will bo no
excuse for miBsihg 4 o'clock classes.
The personnel of tho class teams
is as follows: '
Freshmen Helen Dlnsmoro, Louisp
Barr,, Luck Kelfer, Janet Stevenson,
Mabol Salmon, Ella Vollstedt and
Colic Davis, subs,
, Sophomprcys Beulah Kadep (cap
tain), Jcssla Beghtol, Hnttlo Rollings,
Janet Qanioron, Vera Rogers, Cora
Brown. Amanda Clements and Clara
Erickson, subs.,
Juniors, Bertha.'' Luckoy (captain),
Grace Kimmel, Esther Bafley, Mary1
Herbert, Myra. Corner, Leah McCjuro,
Leotta Powell, '
Seniors Isabel Wolfe , (captain),
Marion ' Horton, Mao Williams, Mat?
tiO WOOdWOrth. LoralnA TTomnln
Clara Hermenson, Bessie Fry.
In order to introdiTon Snlr. foVm
tain iionn wo havn moJn .onn
monts With tho manufacturers tn nfiri.
tho Htiiflonta at a Hi ran Aar,a' Di
nil nnna o 1.1; i. ; '..
all pom at. one-halt Wilar retail
price,, Notice theje wonderful pricw:
$2.00. P9D. at.,900,, f3.00;(penV at ffto. '
$6,00 'values at 18.00 pens ki '
..w ,,,, wu uuuuiHii. regular reiau
XTii-- ii . - . '.
f3.85. - Sale W today, it Uni. Book
atnra i---- "v - - - -
Price. 5 Cent
Owing to Admission of New Colleges
the Entire Issue Will Probably.
Be Sold Before the Book '.
Goes to Press.
Tho Cornhuskor Is, to go to prOBB
by April 1st. This wrtB announcod
last ovonlng by tho. oditor, Mr. Rob
ortson, nftor tjio mooting of tho staff,
which was hold nt 5 o'clock in N 100.
In going to press on April 1st tho
book will breale tho rocord of any of
its predecessors. This is" over a
month enrllor than last year's an
nual, and it will moan tho publication
of the volume long beforo the' tlhio
for tho final examinations nnd ho pro
vent tho advent of such an Important
unlvorslty publication being loBt In
tho rush of other events which at
ways attend tho closing of tho "school
Not Dedicated Yet.
At tho Btaff meeting, last evonlng
it was intended to decide upon tho
porBon to whom this yoar's unnual
will bo dedicated, but as all tho mom- '
bors wore not presont tho comploto
vote was rfot cast, but tho decision
will bo mado in tho near futuro. This
dedication is ono of tho, covoted hoh
ors of tho university and lsgivon as
an appreciation of tho work of sonio
mombors of th'o faculty and tho part
hiB doparfmont has playod in tho uni.
Tho arrangements for this yoar's
Cornhuskor have boon completed and
nearly all of tho drawings,- designs
and wrltoups aro in. Tho book Itself
is to bo much larger than last years',
containing at loaso ono hundred moro
pages. It will havo twenty-four de
partments and the greater part of'
theso are divided' up. Into sections.
The Jpko department wiil bo by far
the largest department and will coyer
over twice as many pages as that of
last year. . Several now sections havo
also' been added to this" department,
which will cover ground never beforo
A New Design.
A now and original design byono
of thb staff artists has been forked
out for the arrangement 'Of tho, pic
tures and is one of tho clovorbst do
signs, in tho estimation of the oditor,
over published in a book of this' kind.
In tho Joke department cartoons wiil
bo strongly in evidence and those are
all to bo examples of good artistic
work. They are mainly take-offs on
university life in genortil. This. It Is
believed, will make thdm of broader
Interest to all of the students. !
Tho calender, that almanac of wit
and. satire, will bo mado one of tho-
Bpoclal features of the publication, it
Is to bo written up in the Almanac J
stylo, weather and all, oml(tlng per
haps, the patent medicine ads.
Tho contracts for, the sale Of copies
havo already commenced,, and all
the present indications are that the
entire Issue will be sold "beforo' tho
hooks go to press. There are seyeral.
new features attending the sale of
bookst this vnar whtoh will malm If
Imosl Inperativo that those desiring
tno DOOK Will have to nrriar It oarlv
In nrlur In onnnVn a .r rnun Ll.
, " bwm.u t,uw, uo tnti.
il.ot tU !. .11 1 S.l 1 i.
that tho agricultural school, the
school of music and the dental school
have all been Included In the anntial
"Lea an additional sale 'to members
.i.- ...i v -. 3 '
. . n
i m
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