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TThc faculty clrcuB is a thing of the
pdfct and great are the feelings of
thinks and gratitude that went up
from many a professors heart, yester
day, at sundown, to think that ho had
survived the day; had not been
tramped on by the fearless riders;,
had not been killed by the savage In
dians; had not been scared to death
by tho Senior football warriors, or
had not'lost llfo or limb in the, per-
forhianco of his special stunt. Con
sidering the appalling dangers Into
which ho was at! times compelled to
rilah heedlessly much sympathy is ex
tended to the prof, who, after the
thing was all over with, said he felt
as,, wonderfully relieved as if he had
thrown up an alligator.
Shortly after the appointed time, the
University band, led by Bummy Booth
paraded over tho grounds. Bummy
gaVe them all kinds of football slgi
nils but tho band played on. Close
on their trait followed the Faculty
band "of several pieces headed by that
peerless leader, Prof. Ross. Just what
kinds of instruments they playe'd Is
not known. The like of them has
noVor heon .seen or heard in-musical
circles before and probably never
will be again. But the audience' 'en
Joyed seeing and heading tho band
nevertheless. Some people .even boasted-of
having recognized thONyafious
ail's tho band played and these wro
almost wild in demonstrating their
appreciation of tho performance. After
they had left tho field they were given
a place of honor in tho grand, stand
arid Sweezey, one of tho .prominent
players, treated his fellow brothers In
.misery with peanuts.
A largo portion of the time yas
taken tip by the cavalry cavalcade.
Abput thirty 'trained saddle horses and
a couplo of untrained burros made tho
spectators eyes water and heads swim
from tho tlmo they put in their ap
poarance until they left the field. This
pari of the performance was under the
chargo-of Captain Wo.rkizer and much
credit is duo him and Prof. Taylor for
putting in trim a herd Qf untamed
horses In so short' a time.
Captain Wbrkizer and Prof. Taylor
afterwards gave individual exhibitions
with; their horses;" Tho captain" per
formed ;darng .feafs in niountfng and
dismounting and tho tatter's did some
While tho horses were yet circling
back and forth in the ring tho smoke
of tho .pioneer's camp fire was seen in
tho distance rising to tho sky Away
off. to-tho south could be had glimpses
of savagd Indians with paint on their
faces and eagle feathers iq their hair.
Thole very actions indicated that they
' . had fire In their oyes and. murderous
.thoughts in their hearts. As they
drew nearer, the crowd was able to
' "respgaize among the .Indian braves,
tho famous old Sitting Bull, who had
played a prominent part in the massa
cre of General Custer. He .bad with
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8 , ON SALE AT .0
' - today, Wtpiuio ';.
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Harvey Injured on Account of
Hard and Uneven Field.
The varsity and scrubs played a
practice game on the athletic field laat
ovening at tho close of tho Faculty
foolishness program. The varsity was
composed of the subs nearly altogeth
er. The game consisted of one short
half of hard playing.
The varsity did not play on last
evening with tho snap they generally
do whop the old veterans are in the
line-up. Neither Cotton nor Wilson
were, on the field last night in their
football toga. Borg was on the .side
lines coaching tho scrubs, while West
over Was coaching the varsity in its
style of play. t Benedict, who was at
the end position on the varsity, made
some good runs and did some good
One of the regrctable features of the
game was the injury of Harvey on tho
scrubB. At first It was .thought that
his arm was broken, but upon medical
examination it was found thayt tho
ligaments, were torn. This accident
was due probably to the vory poor con-
' ... ... m v. -
dltlon. 01 tneMieip. An aiiernoon ot
horse-racing ami parading; made It
vory hard and uneven. The original
condition was surely bad enough, but
after yesterday's performance tho field
was unfit for football practice.
The number of men to be taken to
Omaha has not been decided upon, but
It is quite likely that a laVgQ num
ber will be taken. Booth wishes: to
strengthen his guard positions before
tho game with Minnesota.
Tho regular musical program will
take up tho convocation hour this
morning. Following is the. program:
(a) Fruhllngsllod; (b) Vellchon Uber-
all: (c) Ich Weiss Night Warum;
(d) Lass Mich Dem Auge Kussert;-
(o) In Alten Tagen. . .A. von Fioiltz
Mr. ueorgo jonnsion. '
Am Meer; Sorreo do lyenno.,
, .... 4 i . . . . . .Schubert-Liszt
Miss Aenone Poaton.
Onaway, Beloved..., Coleridge Taylor
Mr. Johnston.
President of the Freshmen Class
Names Men To Carry put Work
of the Class This 8emester.
President Elliot, of tho Freshman'
class, has made tho following appoint
ments on the various- committees this
semester. Tho appointments on some
other important committees will bo
made later. Tho appointments are:
Hop Committee R. Burkett, chair
man; Richard Patterson, m. aster of
ceremonies; Helen Day, Ellet B.
Drake, P. W. lancy, Gladys Daso'n,
Holly Clarl;, David Ayers, Albert Jen
kins, S. M. Rinakor, Vora Fink, W. V.
Konner, Mabel States, Horberf Avery,
Dwlght Wilson, Catherllne Doyle, R. J.
Soars, J. H. Falter, Clark Denny,
Football' Committee Miller Bene
dict, manager.
Basket Ball Committee Ralph Part
ridge, manager; Fred Day, assistant
manager; C. Walsh, coach.
Constitution Committee S. X. Rfn
akcr, chairman; Horace Burt, Vcrn
Glddlngs, Clark Denny, Rr L; Nelson.
Members of tho Inter-Class Athletic
Board O. D. Hetzel, Walter Walsh,
"Miller Benedict.
A large number of students have
arranged to go to Omaha on Saturday
to- aeo the Crelghton-Nebraska game.
The rate of one dollar and ten cents
over tho Rock Island Is surely prov
ing to bo a great drawing card. Ne
braska will be cheered to victory on
Saturday by as large a crowd as over
went away from Lincoln to a football
game, with tho oxceptlon of the Min
nesota game a few years ago.
Manager Morrison has arranged for
ttic convenience of the.' students to put
the tickets on sale In the Nebraskan
office this morning at ' Convocation
period. All those who have .not as
yet purchased .tickets should embrace
this , opportunity arid secure tickets.
The duty of- every loyal Nebraska stu-
dent Is to go to Qmaha arid give 'the
team your.ttupyon vocauy.
HAM,, 27W
,." - TTALT'S , .,-.
. TICKETS !,50
Eager, Cramer, ar(d Van Orsdel Elect-
ed Managers of the Baseball,
Track and Basketball Teams.
Tho Athletic Board mot In Dr.
Clapp's office last ovening to transact
tho regular business of tho board. The .
first thing under discussion was
gard to tho adoption of some official
design which could bo worked up Into
badges, pennantB, and pillow tops. Tho
following resolution was adopted by
tho Board:
"Believing, tho tlmo has now como
when Nebraska should havo nn' official
design which can bo worked up Into
badges, pennants, pillow tops, etc.; '
and slnco' the great seal of tho Unl- .
vorsity Is not roadily adaptable to tho
purposo, bo It
"Resolved, By tho Athletic Board,
that the secretary bo Instructed to re
ceive until November 15 sealed sug
gestions for such design. And
"Whereas, Ttho nanjoCornhuskor'
has by common consent been assigned
to Nobrnskat thereforo bo Jt
"Resolved, Tliat proferoncp bo given
to designs which most clearly and sim
ply involvo tho 'Cornhuskor' Idoa."
Tho eligibility of tho men on differ
ent athletic tonms was then discussed, .
and It was decided that this question
could bo settled for nil tlmo, by np
pointing a committee on eligibility, "
Thd- committee appointed w'aV Presl. ,
dent of tho.Board, pj. Locs,, Dr.. Chat-
burn, and tho captain of each athletic. -tQarri
ns ox-offlclo associates of the
committee.. These men only hold office
as members of this committee during
the seasorhof which thoy are captain. ,
Tho excurslonto Omaha -on, Satur- '
day was sanctionedby the Board, and
It was also decided Cbvsend the. band.
This insures tho successbftho excur
sion, as tho band with tho cp-bperation
of the authorities will bo thp means of
attracting a much larger crowd.
Tho next order of business wns tho
election of managers for thp. baseball,
track, and basketball teams. 'Earl
Eager was olectcd to tho position, of
baseball manager. Eager has been
prominent in athletics in thp Univer
sity oyer slnco his entrance, and this
election docs, not come as a surprise
to his friends. Dwlght Cramer, as
sistant manager of the, track team of
'OD, was elected manager of tho same.
Cramer Is. a member of tho, class of
'07 his home being In Omaha. R. A.
Van Orsdel, who was. chosen for bas
ketball manager,. Is a member of tho
class, of '00, and has been athletic edi
tor on tho Nebraskan, for the past two
semesters. '
The class In General Botany, com
monly known as Botany 1, Is larger
by twenty per cont than ever before,
containing' 118 students, while at thW
time last year there wcro 9S. As a
conseqUenco tho class room and labor
jatry are crowded. If tho lacrea la
numbers continues, It Is only a matter
of a short time before the department
wUl have to be supplied with larger
' St-
Dr. Haggard, -212-2-3 HWiarJs Bile
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