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Qhe Bath) IFlebraekan
Vol. IV, No. 80
Price 5 Centi
Maso Meeting Discusses Y, W.
C. A. Pledge.
A o ii nlrie ruble Amount la Yet to be
About ono hundred and soventy
flvo girls aasombled In Memorial hall
yesterday morning at chapel time to
arouse enthusiasm ana make an at
tempt to mako up the remaining ono
hundred and fifty dollars of the Y.
W. C. A. pledge to the Temple fund.
Miss Brewster presided over the meet
ing. Chancellor Andrews, Professor
Wyer and Miss Howell had been
aked to address the meeting and all
n-ade short talks. Professor Wyer was
first called for and- stated that be
tween $1100 and $1200 had been raised
and considered It a -pity that they had
aa yet been unable to raise the entire
pledge. He stated that several of the
04 and '05 members of the Y. W. C. A.
had pledged and raised fifty dollars
each. Ho told of instances whoro
some of the members had secured
yrork down town to make tho money
to pay their pledge.
.The .Chancellor considered that
rords could not express tho ubo and
value that tho building would be to
the University. He Btated that the Y.
W. C. A. was a powerful influence in
the University for tho good and the
uplifting of the young women and
wished It to continue to increase its
Mies Howell discussed the ascetic
side of tho question and thoirospects
of the permanent home, for the asso
ciation that tho now building would
provide. A special appeal was made
to the freshmen girls who will bo hero
to enjoy tho benefits of the now quar
ters that tho building will furnish.
During tho time that remained Pro
fessor Wyer gave a "black board"
talk. Ninety-two dollars were raised
in five minutes.
Anyone desiring to aid the Y. W. C.
A. in making up tho rest of the pledge
should see Miss Brewster or Miss
Baker Uni. Saturday.
Saturday ovening tho 'varsity will
lino up.agalnst Baker University for a
game of basketball. This will provo
to bo a very fast game as this Univer
sity is playing good ball this year.
After tho game thoro will bo a dance,
music being furnished by Quick's four
piece orchestra. Tho game will bo
gin .at 8;00 p. m. promptly so tho en
tire program may be carried out.
Tho price of admission will bo 25
c-ents and 35 cents and tickets aro on
salo at the Co-op.
New Students.
Fifty-four new students registered
In tho University for work during the
second semester. The registration
cards distribute thlB number as fol
lows: College of Literature 27, In
dustrial 11, Law 8, Medic 4, Fine Arts
2, Domestic Science 1, Graduate 1,
making the total fifty-four.
Brie B. Woodward, M. D diseases
of oye, car and throat 207-8 Richards
block. Phone 666.
Address for Engineers
Andrew Rosewate
City Engineer of Omaha on "SEWERAGE"
II Room 106, Uni. Hall
" nirlnir E7A,3nn-
it nuaj i viuii, i
Inter-Class Championship to be
Tho third annual girls' Inter-class
basketball tournament will take place
this afternoon. The exercises will
commence at two and last until four.
Intense excitement is oxpocted to be
displayed by tho supporters of tho var
ious teams.
The different class leaders have pre
pared class yells and songs and it is
rumored that the renowned Ladies'
Boston Band will bo present to
give life to the meeting. This band
first entered into prominence In Unl
erslty life during the recent county
fair held at the armory. Megaphones
will be In order and every girl Is re
quested, to come out and lend their
The Senior team, which has won two
years, expects to fight desperately to
wrest tho pennant from Its rivals, tho
Juniors, who won tho championship
last year. Tho pennant Is a beautiful
silk emblem and worthy of tho effort
to be put forth by every team.
The lineup of tho teams for tho tour
nament this afternoon Is as follows:
Forwards Minnie Jansa (captain),
Adele Koch; Center, Alice Towno,
Guards, Ruth Woodsman, May Thomas
Forwards Pearl Archibald (cap
ttaln), Marguerlto Plllsbury; center,
Ina Qlttlngs; guards, Inls Everett,
Nellie Miller.
Forwards I.orrlne Hempol (cap
tain), Anna Zwonechek; center, Cecel
ia Foster; guards, Flossie Erford, Ima
Forwards Mattle Woodworth, Net
tle Stevenson; center, Thyrza Stevens
.(captain) ; guards, Mossle Kimmel,
Gertrude Friend.
Tho order of the matches will be:
Seniors vs. Junlois, first half; Sopho
mores vs. Freshmen, first half; Seniors
vs. Juniors, second half; Sophomores
Junior Prom
Lincoln Hotel,
Eddie Walt's Full
If Mt. V. t 4 W W fe fato.L
Public Invited j
Ca.,M, 1A Q it
vjlm ucii j ivy, u S. ill.
vb. Freshmen, second half. After those
gumes tho finals between winning
t6ams will bo played for tho cham
pionship. Tho longth of tho halves
will be fifteen minutes. Tho officials
of tho afternoon will bo Mrs. Clapp
and Miss Pound. An admission of 10
cents will be charged.
Tho girls' tournament will bo off tho
floor by 4 o'clock this afternoon so It
will not interfere with track work and
tho men preparing for charter day.
Rose water Speaks.
University students will bo glvon a
treat tonight in the address to bo giv
en by Mr. Andrew Rosowator under
tho auspices of tho Engineering So
cioty. Although tho address Is given
for the onglneers, tho general public
Is lnvted to attend, and tho lecture
will in all probability bo of interest
to everybody. Mr. Rosewater Is a
master of tho subject ho expects to
talk about, he having held the position
of City Engineer of the city of Omaha
for over twenty years. Ho haB also
been Identified with the municipal engineering-
problems of most of tho
larger towns of Iowa and Nebraska
and the western states, and on sowor
ago, paving and hydraulic enterpriser
he Is an authority.
The engineers aro particularly anx
ious to hear Mr. Rosowator on "Sow
oi age," as ho has Just finished tho
planning and construction of a now
sunltary sewer In Omaha, which Is of
the new Soptlc tank order, and Is
something now to westorn onglneers.
It Is hoped a large crowd will turn out
to hear Mr. Rosewater, as It was with
somo difficulty that tho engineers were
enabled to bring him hero. Ho is a
member of tho American Society of
Civil Engineers.
Professor Bessey is showing visitors
a sample of a wldeTyadvertlsod instru
ment for showing tho amount of mois
ture In the air, which ho Tias found
to bo absolutely worthless. It is ad
vertised as indispensable for schools
and yet it has no value whatever. Ho
pronounces It a fraud.
February (0
Tickets, $2.50
Committee Report is Heard. An
other Appointed.
Don Pound's Keslfftmtlon Probably to
A moss mooting of all tho law stu
dents was hold yesterday at 11 a. m.,
In U 207 to hear tho report of tho com
mittee appointed somo tlmo ago to
wait on Doan Pound, of tho law col
lego, and ask him to roconsidor his
resignation. Tho commlttoo reported
that tho resolutions, commending the
ablo work of tho Doan in building up
tho law school and oxprosslng tho
earnest desire of the students that he
should reconsider his resignation had
been presented to Dr. Pound. Tho
coimmlttoo reported further that when
asked to reconsider Doan Pound stated
that ho had mado arrangements to en
ter Into active practice and that al
though ho would always do all that he
could to better tho law collogo ho felt
that ho could not change his present
plans to Totum! to practice.
The Bontlmont of tho meeting seem
ed to bo that tho law collogo was at
present very poorly provided for and
that thla was ono of hto roasons for
tho resignation of their esteemed
Dean. After considerable discussion
S. E. Black moved' that a commlttoo of
mno bo appointed to dovioo somo
means of bettering tho condition of
the law college and that this commit
too be empowered to act as they
thought best. Two amendments wore
proposed aiming to cut down the num
ber of tho committee but both wero
lost. Tho sentiment of tho meeting
seemed to bo that this committee
should wait upon tho regents and do
whatever was possible to socure a
bettor supply of funds for tho main
talnenco of the law school.
Chairman Lantz announced tho fol
lowing committee:
S. E. Black, chairman.
Fred Lundin.
George A. Leo.
W. C. Parrlott.
Charles Ritchie.
L. P. Hewitt.
W. C. Ramsey.
F. W. Johnson.
James A. Clark.
The committee Is composed of three
students from each of the law classes.
Will Not Protest.
There has' been somo talk on tho
campus about disputing tho gamo with
the OmahhTY. M. C. A., but Dr. Clapp
says ncftfirfng will he done. Ho state
that tho difficulty arose over a foul
which ho called, and for which, referee
Nelson would not credit tho 'varsity
team. Nelson held that several points,
had not been credited to'Omt&a pre
viously on similar fouls as a reason
for not allowing the point
Tomorrow Convocation program will ,
be of a unique character. Thoppomf.
"Enoch Arden," by Tennyson, with, pau
bicale setting by Richard Strauss, , will
bo given. Mrs. C. F. Ladd will bo the
reader. with Misa Nellie Griggs, at. the,
Plano- ...i-.m
. I
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