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Tbe S)aiip Tlebraehan
Vol. IV, No. 4?
Price 5
L I ,
University Given Much Credit!
at St. Louis.
Ww Rcflttonnlblr For Tlio Nlfito'H IMiip
The Nebraskan has received the fol
lowing most interesting lotter from H.
G. Ehedd. registrar of the university,
who Is secretary to the Nebraska State
Commission at the St. Louis expaitlo!
which has just closed:
"St. Louis, December 3, 1001.
"Editor Daily Nebraskan.
"State University,
"I incoln. Neb ,
Dear Sir:
"Having received numerous inquiries
irom university students and alumni
concerning the prominent part played
by the state university in the Nebraska
exhibits at the exposition which has
just closed, I desire through your col
umns to set forth briefly a resume of
the university's work nnd influence nt
the Universal Exposition of 1904.
"In the first place, the Nebraska
Commission has been composed of
men most friedly to the university, all
of them being college men and deeply
interested and closely connected with
uuTVeTBity work. Mr. C. H. Morrell,
who Is known to all the university
alumni at least, as regent for a num
ber of years and generous donor to
the museum in many ways, was ap
pointed upon the commission by Gov
ernor Mickey immediately after the
act creating the body became a law, but
arming to ill health and press of many
duties, was obliged to resign after
soverai months' service. Mr. Morrell,
however, has continued the most
friendly interest in the commission's
"It is largoly through the efforts of
.Mr. Peter Janscn, vice president of the
commission, who was appointed upon
Mr. Morrcil's resignation, that the
commission agreed to pay the cost of
mounting the university's steer "Chal
lenger," and place the same on exhi-
bition in the large exhibit room of
the- Nebraska pavilion, where it has
been gaxed upon by hundreds of thousands-
of admiring eyes during the last
seven ' mouths. The steer will be re
turned to the university as soon as it
can be boxed' and'shlpped. It is in ex
cellent condition and will make a val
uable addition to the University Agri
cultural Museum.
"Mr. G. W. Wattles, president, and
Mr. Matt Miller, treasurer of the com
mission, as well as Mr. Jansen, all be
lieve in the ability and energy of uni-ersitytralneaV-men,
and acting upon
this beliof have chosen over two-thirds
of the e.uploycs in -the Nebraska ex
hibit at St. Louis from the Nebraska
university men and women. Aside
from my own appointment as secre
tary o the commission, Prof. J2. II.
Barbour was appointed superintendent
of the educational and mineral exhib
its,, with Miss Edith Wobster, of .the
Geological department, as his assist
ant Mr. E. M. Pollard, superintend
ent of the horticultural exhibit; Is a
university graduate, ''nnd during the
two terms he was morabor oP-tho lcgts
lAture, jvas a strong friend of thp uni
versity in every way.
"The .commission recognized the
university fitly in assigning to Chan
cejlor Andrews tho invocation at the
" Nebraska Day exercises In tho Do
, partroenl pi Agriculture, the services
of, Prof.T. L. Lyon have been very
. aluabltflh. the collection of Nebras
. lea's various grains, and In tho mov-
fug ' plcfurV exhibitions, which have
wmnde Vib "Nebraska exhibit tho great-'WsV&e&yrtill-tho-elate
exhibits at
tho fairthe commission secured the
sqrvlces of E. H. Clark, G. C. Shedil. A.
S. lleasoner, Frank L. Rain, William
C. Mercer and Buoll Chesslngtou, all
.graduates of tho University of Kotrx,3
(Contlnuod on Page 2).
-- -
Annual County
Jrciii fr fr
Atmoty, December JO
Given under
Minnesota After Basketball Game
With Nebraska.
A pioposltlon fiom Minnesota was
received this morning tor a game Mith
them in Minneapolis In January. Ef
forts are boing made to bring the
five from Minnesota here this season,
beside our mooting them there. Let
ters regarding games have also been
received from the Chicugo Y. M. C. A.,
and the Des Moine3 Y. M. C. A. Games
will doubtless be played with both if
the ttip taken is In that direction. The
bubble blown by some local papers,
about a game of basket bull with Yale,
has been pricked, and there Is nothing
but wind In it, a3 ubiTnl. Yale conies
west for a sorles of games, but no
further west than Minneapolis, where
it is reported she plays Minnesota.
Tomorrow evening at 8 the 'varsity
opens the basket ball season with the
five from Highland Park as opponents.
Nothing or the strength of the men
fiom Iowa can be learned and this
heightens Interest as to the outcome.
Championship form is fast being de-
eloped by the "varsity and it is, of
course, not a question of defeat or
ictory tomorrow night, but rather one
of score. Quick's orchestra has been
sccuied for the dance immediately fol
lowing the game. Both doors will be
opened and lots of room -will be thus
available for dancing. The early hour
set for beginning the game will allow
dancing to begin at 9 o'clock and a
program of fourteen dances will bo
Son.e twtnty meiL-lnL&reited in'cross
tountry running met In Dr. Clapp's of
fice yesterday morning nnd discussed
inter-class runs. Plans weie laid to
run three times a week, at 5 p. in. on
Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.
The mon unable to run at 5 will start
at 4. To add interest an occasional
hare and. hound chase will be run, and
when the mon are in good condition,
the cross-country race for the- Inter
ciass championship will be run. The
work at first will be slow and runs
short, and distance and speed grad
ually increased. A lot of interest waB
thown and itjs hoped this will keep
up. This Is an excellent way to do
volop 'varsity material beside -showing
class spirit.
Lincoln Transfer Co.; beggagej
iione 17C. " 1
Basket Ball
Armory, Friday, Dec. 9, 8 o'clock
An Informal Dance Will be Given After the Game
- - --
Auspices of the Y. W. C A. !
Preparations for Art Exhibit Be
gin in Earnest.
Mntcrlal for the annual exhibit of
tho Nebraska Art association Is be
ginning to arrive. Last evening a
large consignment of pictures was re
ceived from St. Louis, where they
hao been on exhibition in the mag
nificent collection In the exposition.
Others will arrive soon from Pittsburg.
Pa., and at least eight moie will come
direct from Paris.
The exhibit this year Is expected to
surpass all previous ones in excellence,
on account of tho unprecedented op
portunity for securing paintings, which
has been afforded by the closing of
the St. Louis fair. Over 100 pictures
will be tn display. Just what ones
of special prominence there will bo has
not et been announced, but Mr. Hall,
president of tho association, expressed
himself as much pleased- with the out
look. Miss Cora Parker, formerly
head of the Art Department In the
unhcrslty, now a resident of Now
York, has had the selection of the ex
hibits In charge.
The exhibit will be hold la the Art
hall of the I Ibrary for three weekB
this winter, beginning probably De
cember 2G, nnd lasting until about
January 1G.
Red Lynx Saved.
Interest In the Sanmrian red lynx Is
growing. Dr. Bessoy and his asslstnnts
In the Botany Departmont spent some
time yesterday In looking through tho
records to locate the Chlcasha berry,
but were unsuccessful. Prof. Barbour,
however, came to the rescue. He says
he has them growing on his ranch In
Texas. Ho has telegraphed for some.
So many requests have been made to
dee the auimnl that tho owner has de
cided to make it an attraction at the
County Fair to be given by tho Y. W.
C. A. Saturday evening. Until then
no fuither description will be given.
Frank E. Leo, Public Stenographer
and Notary. Mh..2ographlc letters;
perfect imitation. 501-502 Richards
Blk. Auto 1155,
Overcoats! Our Ideal of whnt they
should bo. See then when you think of
an overcoat. Paine's.
For Furs see Steole, 143 S. 12th St
HighlancTPark vs Nebraska
Prominent Faculty Momber Paid
High Compliment.
In Oiu or the Foreiiionl Itoliiulnls In
llm Country.
A large and handsomely framed pic
ture of Dr. Charles K. Hessey has re
cently been hung In tho chief's ofilce
of tho National flureau of
Plant Industry. Moto than a
hundred boieatlstB of Washing
ton were present nt the ceromony
which was short but Impresnlvc. fcDr.
Bessey is the first of tho great botan
ist or tho world to bo thus honored.
Following the hanging of tho pic
lure, short tall;.? were given by Drs.
Woods nnd Webber and Mr. Shonr, all
graduates of the University of Nebras
ka and specialists In the Department
of Botany. Mr. Shear told or the largo
number of successful botanists of tho
country, who received tholr training
Irom Dr. Bessoy, naming Borne twonty
five men nnd women who hnvo a na
tional and world-wide reputation. Dr.
Webber, in a short talk, spoko of tho
modern laboratory methods used In
this country, for the introduction of
which Dr. Bessoy is lurgoly respon
sible. Dr. Woods followed with a re
Iew of his published works and his
great ability as a teacher. Ho told
how Dr. Bessey has boon vory Influen
tial in building up botanical science
in this country and especially ompha
Hized tho fact that the present stand
ing or the United States Departmont or
Agriculture owes Its success largely
to him.
Former Cornhuskers Will Attend
Big Banquet.
A largo number of invitations to old
university mon -who have mado repu
tations for themselves on Nebraska's
gridiron in recont years, have boon eont
out by the committee In charge of tho
-arrangements for tho Cornhuskor In
formal next Monday night nt tho Lin
dell. It Is 'expected that a hearty re
sponse will be made to these bids, and,
In fact, several "old grads." have al
ready expressed their Intention of at
tending. No effort will be mado to
clear anything on this year's banquet
and tho committee Is making every ef
fort to insure the success of the af
fair. An elaborate menu will bo served
and toasts will be made by various
men most prominontly associated with
the football team this year.
.The athletic board has not yet de
cided just what men are to bo awarded
.UN's" for t,helr-footbail work and un
til this is Bottled balloting fomokt
'year's captain cannot bo begun. It Is-
expected that tho ballots will bo out
this week. Scvoral mon are in tho
field and so far the race seems to bo
a close one.
Pictures framed and unframed, In
Pastel, Oils, Water Colors, etc., etc.,
will be sold at the Lincoln Book Store
Auction thiB week.
Rent a Remington at 'student rato
and keep your notes In good form.
Office Corner of Oliver Theater Bldp.
Elliott's Suitorlum, cleaning, dyeing
and repairing. Prices reasonable. 113G
O streot. Both phones.
Erie B. Woodward, M. D diseases
of oyo, ear and tiroat. 207-8 Richards
block. Phono CQC.
E. Fleming, tho Jewolor, Is showing
n nice lino of Christmas goodsj-Oomo
In and see.
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