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be Sath IFlebraekan
'Vol. IV, No. 47
Price 5 Cents
1 I y - -- rj. " - - T- . . j 1. JF' 1 ' " iA
Nebraskan's Expert Announces
i Choice of Teams.
Si'vi-nil I.iiw mi It. -Woulil l)o Hlft
The mania for picking all-rtar'teatm
K-ems to have hit the college press in
cnery pin cT the country thin year,
and almost oery paj)cr on olir ex
(hang list litis "had its "athletic ex
pert" ( hoi-e an All-Aniciican team. Tne
only :-imliarit. between these teams
is the ftrnngo (act that each "export"
phis about .six of the men ol his own
team toi platen. The only "export"
tAiat si fnifi to hae been al.le to look
lejond the end of his own nose is the who picked the team for the
Sjran.1' Daily Orange. That team lias
men on it tVom eery part of the coun
try, and only one Syncuse man i.;
pli I c:. and l;c fur the treond team at
, It i-. a instery to us how an man
ah pretend to pick a team of the best
phi) era in the country when lie hm
not see:i s-onio of the teams at all, and
can gather his information lrom the
i (.port ol tiie games in the metropoli
tan dailies. Any one who read the le
portt of the games on our field in the
Chuago pipers will know how reliable
him h r-ports ure.
Wv.'e we to pick an Ail-American
ifjni. after seeing onlv two teams, 11
r.inoi? and Iowa. "Nebraska" would be
printed after the names ol half the
Ftarf However, we will confine our
selves to pit king an all-class team, for
we have seen every team play at least
once, a I'd have had the chance at least
to learn the merits of the different
men. Accordingly we select the fol
lowing" men as the best players on the
different class teams nt their respect
he positions:
Eadi I aird, Law 'Oti. and Cramor.
Tackles Gibson, Law '0;. and Mur-
rhy, '07.
Guards Wenstrand, 'CO; and Mc-
- Laiighlin '(..
Center Wilkle, Law '07.
Quarter Lantz, Law '00.
Halfbacks Ljttle. '07, and Cook, 'fifi.
Kuilback Schmidt, i aw, '07.
University Beats Wesleyan by a
Single Score.
The basket ball team detented Wes-
Moyan Saturday night by a seflro of
32-31. The score does not indicate the
, strength of the Nebraska team, Tor
they played ngaliiBt great odds. The
'.Wesleyan, floor is very small, being
much belp'w the regulation slzo of a
hasJierTToll court, and tho speutatorB
jWere seated along- the side UnoK and
'inanv times lnterfere.d ..with tho game.
'lJrQbably the most serious objection to
'the' court Is th6 lack of out-of-bounde
territory, at tho end, which hindered
'the or.k"oT tho Nebraska men mator-
Malti'. Wesloyan prolltcd by all these,
'especially tho walls at tho end. Jhe
.Nebraska team was 'permitted to use
tho)r team work hut "ory little, hut
Jtho individual work was flno. The work
of Captain Hoar at guard, and Meyer,
at center; we're especially worthy or
. .Hagonaick
....... Burrun
'White -.-... iSgrtofwnru
Atvood rorwaru.
'intpnii fi-nn i . .center MeydV
VmJth, B"n'l . Hoar (cap.)
.iCUns Buai d .... ... . -Boers
lflifjBtifutoE; . Wesleyan, Thompson
and Simonds; Nohraslta, DurKeo. '
OWcals Reforeo: Hewitt; .umplro,
Swan'.. ' - 1 ' ' '
I Freshman
Lincoln Hotel, Friday, Dec. 1 6
Admission, $1.50
Eddie Walt's Orchestra
Football Men Given Royal Re
past at "Sam's."
I a-?t eeni'ig the men of the loot
ball team, as well as others promin
ently connected with It, weic the
gucFts of Mr. Sam West or field at his
cafe on North Thirteenth street. An
elaborate menu was scived with all
the pood tasto which has made Mr.
Wofcterlleld's cafe famous, and a
splendid time is repotted. The lol
lo.ving were present: Alessn. Pcne
di(t, Mender. I 'org. Hunter, Cotton,
Ma -on, (Cy ), .Johnson, Edgar, Mason
(Glen)., Crai,;, Hlrknor. Robertson,
Fenlon, Shook. Hart a, Uenslow, Man
ager Davis. Coach Westover, Dr.
Pound, I)r 1 ees. Mr. Sherman of the
State Journal, and A. G. Schrolber, of
the Daily Nebraskan.
The men met in the Y. M. C. A and proceeded in a body to Mr.
W torllohh, sto ping at the ilty Y
M. C. A rooms, where they woreJ
tieated by Dr Condi a.
The menu was as follows.
Dressed 1 ettuc e
Queen Olives Canape Oeufs
Bullion en Tasse
Diked Rod Snapper, a la Oveiton
Potatoes a la Windsor
Fried Spring Chicken, Cream Sauce
Potatoes, a la Duchess
Ealnion Salad Mayonnaise
ho Cream Assorted Cake i
Cheese Walcr3
ClgaiF. Coffee
The toasts were to hae been given
as follows:
The KlekolY Dr. Pound
Mv Maiden Sneech.. ..Cant. Ue.iedlot
The Athletic Hoard
Dr. Lees
How It feels to He Out of the Game.
J R. Bender
Western Pool hall John Westover
My Football Nursery . . f. M. Hunter
Managerial Miseries K. F. Dais
T.u Daily Nebraskan contributed
the menu cards and the cigars.
A meeting of the athletic board wa3
held in Dr Ciapp's officer last evening.
The mooting wtis taken up with rou
tine business, and a discussion of the
schedule, liuf uollilng definite was an
nounced In regard to the latter. An
other meeting will be held in nbout
two weeks. In, the meantime, those
men who are qualified to vote for cap-
tntn will be notified of tho fact by the
secretary juf the board. They will bet-
luipounced latqr in the Nebraskan
Second Annual Conhtske
Liadell Hotel, December 2
Second-Year People Defeat El
dors in Close Battle.
A large (iowd of some ten or fif
teen persons witnessed two very ex
citing game of football on the campus
Saturday alternoon. The first one
was between the Sophomores and the
Juniors to decide the winner of the
Auidomic class ( liampionahip. From
the showing of the two teams In their
pr? iuis games an easy victory for
t no Sophs, was looked for by most of
the rooteif-, but from the (list kick
off until the lat fle minutes of play
it was a question ns (o the winner.
Cork at half for the Junior) made from
ten to twenty yards around the end
or through tackle time after time, and
for a time it looked as if the Juniors
had the game Iiuim up. In the last
;,ait of the second half the Sophs got
their machine in working order and
bucked their way the length of the
Jield for a toudidown Just before time
was called, Little smashing through
tackle for three yards after being held
twWe without any gain.
The second game was between the
Senior and Fteshman I aws for the
I aw championship, and was the best
exhibition of football noon on Nebras
ka fiold for many a day. The Soniors
leceived tho kick-off and failed to
make their distance tho very first
time. Ringer punted and on the first
play Johnson broke away for a touch
down. In tho eight minutes loft to
play tho Freshnjen repeated the opera
tion twice and the half ended with the
score of KJ to 0.
Hnnch Cantnin and Trainer Ringei
put some ginger into his men during
tne time uoiweon naiveb, unu m iukui
developed a very strong defense. The
feature of this half was Cotton's car
rying the ball T3f yards tor the Seniors
in 17 downs. His magnificent de
fense prevented the Freshmen from
scoring during this half.
By winning this game the Fresh
men won the law championship, and
by the new uiles adopted this year
hao a right to play the Sophomores
foT"the university champloiiEhlp.
Pictures tranied and unl rained, Jn
Pastel, OilF. Water Colors, etc., etc.,
will be sold ut the Lincoln IJoolu&tprc.
Aution this week.
Transfer Co.; ULggnsfe.
Plione 17G.
" .8:30 P. M. Il
Sophomores Rofuse to Meet the
Freshman Laws.
Tim j ('Inlm tlio ('liitiitploiinlilp l)oillr
I lie Knit m.
Next Thursday morning at II o'tlotk,
the Intor-class athletic board is sched
uled to meet for what Is expected to
piove one ol the Ktormlcst cesslona In
Its history The occasion of tho call
Is to awaid the inter-class football
( hanipionshlp. This has boon won
in the acadeinli department b the
Sol homorcs and In the law department
by the diss of '117 (Fjobhman). Tho
latter have challenged the former to a
lvrlili for the championship of tho nnl
. ctslly, but the Sophomores refuse to
Just what the outcome of the matter
will bo cannot be even nuesscd at with
assurance. The rules passed by the
boaid early this fall would seem to
lavor the case of tho laws. TIioec which
bear on the case road as followh:
"V. The teams shall he paired off as
follows in lootball and basketball:
Fieshnien-Sophomoies; Juniorii-Sen-lors,
Winners-Winners, Freshman
1 av. -Junior I aw; Winners-Senior
Law; WlnmiM of the cadomic cham
1 lonshlu s. winners of I aw champion
ship The last game shall determine
f championship of the unhers'ity.
"VIII Anv Kiinic ending In a tie,
other than the final game, must be
p!ued off, and any loam refusing to
plaj shall be defaulted. The malin
gers of the two teams may agree to
divide the money and championship
in case of a tie final game, but either
manager may demand a play-off."
On just what grounds tho Sopho
mores refuse to piny is :iot know.jjTho
laws, of course, clulm tho cumplor.Hhlp
by default.
Basket ball practico will bo hold
every evening this week In final pre
paration for tho game with High
land Park Friday evening. The men
are in good form. Last night Bomo
lightning-work at passing and goal
bhooting.was done. Tho price for the
gnme Friday night has been set for
25 ce.its per. This Is for the game
only. Those w lshing to dance after tho
game will bo charged 75 cents per
couple. This 75 vents includes admis
sion to tho game, and tho privilege of
dancing afterwards. Good music -will
bo furnished for the occasion, and- n
good attendance should be on hand
to take udvantago of the. two' attrac
tions. A CLASS RUN.
Arrangements Made for Cross
country Contest.
In order to keep tho-cross-country
men in trnlni.ig and- to keep up en
thusiasm In the work, an Inter-claES
run will be held some tjmo UurlnB
January', for which a number ' of
"handsome tropliioa have been given
by I incoln merchants. . Each r learn
will consist of five, men. . .The cap
tains havo been named as follows:
Soniors, '' Horho'rt States'; 'JUnlors,
Sampson; Sophomores,-"Havens; Fresh
men, Haubcr. The men will run threo
nlght3 a weqk for practice. .
A meqting will bo hold In Dr.
Ciapp's offico Wednesday inb'rning at
11 o'clock to discuss the work and
mako plans for the run.
Frank eTIcc, PuDUc'Stond$raplier
and Notary. Mlusogra'phlc letters
ported Imitation. 501-502 Richards
Blk. Auto 1155.
Armstrong. Clothing Coinpuny, .prac
tical batters. , : . T -
. fl
1 :
v t.