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ITbe Batl IRebraehan
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Vol. IV, No. 39
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Watch for the Special Football Issue
Regents Still Considering Inter
communicating System.
The Engineer nre Atixloiift for the
Automatic Telephone.
The matter of an intercommunicat
ing telephone system is still in the
hands of the committee of the. re
gents, and, although it is an assured
fact that there will be such a Bys-
tem, It Is not yet decided whether the
automatic or the Bell system will be
the lucky one.
Pressure is being broughtto bearonthe
regents from both sides, and lately the
engineering department, professors in
cluded, have become interested and are
straining every energy to have the au
tomatic people win oat. Feeling that
the automatic central exhibit, which
they promised to Install would be of in
estimable value to the engineers they
.seem anxious to have them get the
contract. At a recent meeting of the
engineering society, a petition
was drawn up and sent to Chancellor
Andrews requesting him in the inter
ests of the Electrical engineer
ing department to give the an
tomatlc 'phono the preference,
other things being equal. The entire
engineering department is wrought up
over the matter and all manner of
pressure is being brought to bear on
the regents. Said a representative of
the engineering faculty to a reporter:
We are anxious that the automatic
be given the contract, because of the
promise made that they would, in the
event of their securing the contract,
establish an automatic switchboard on
the grounds, In actual operation, where
the students could have access to It and
could study it. The advantage of this
to the engineers would be Inestim
able. The automatic system Is soon to
be universally used and expanded and
such an installment must prove a most
valuable object lesson to the students.
Many of the students will find in it a
new field for the development of their
energies and abilities. The old-fashioned
Bell system is a back number,
and tho system proposed by them
would bo much inferior and more com
plex than the system to be installed by
tho automatic.
If twenty 'phones were to bo used
the bell system would renuire twentv-
oue wires running from each 'phone,
while tho automatic would require only
three. Tho Bell system would bo for a
limited number of 'phones, while tho
automatic would bo unlimited."
Other departments are also becom
ing' Interested and are exerting their
influence toward tho automatic.
Another professor, not of tho engi
neering department, called at the Ne
braskan office and said ho hoped the
automatic system wljl be adopted, as
most of tho instructors had automatio
'phones in their residences, as also
did most of the students.
Another professor when Interviewed
"L much prefer tho automatic sys
tem as all the people and business
houses' with whom I have dealings
have automatic 'phones and have dis
carded their Boll 'phones, I mig
as well not have a 'phone as the one
sitting there on my desk, for It Is
practically useless."
Out of fifteen professors and in
structors visited by a reporter, one op
pressed a preference for the Bell, on
account of long distance advantages,
while tho other fourteen seemed to
favor the automatic, mostly on ac
count of tho connection It would make
with their homes.
Of course the matter still rests with
the regents who will decide tho ques
tion to suit themselves, but it Is
thought that tho system preferred by
tho majority of thoso who will use
them will finally be chosen by tho regents.
Thanksgiving Game
Tickets on Sale at Harley's Drug Store
This Morning.
General Admission, $1.00.
Reserved Seats, $1.25, $1.50 and $1.75
New Regulations Make Way of
Sluffer Hard.
A new plan of reporting absonces
and delinquencies has recently been
inaugurated in the university which is
more complete and more rigid than
any used heretofore. The old system
of reporting students after the third
consecutive absence has been aban
doned and In its place a report Is sent
to the registar's office each week of
all absences whether excused or not.
This gives a definite idea of the com
bined absences of each student during
any week, in all his classes, thus pre
venting his pleading sickness for a
certain absence when the record shows
that he was not absent at other classes
on tho same day. This report which
each instructor sends in also contains
a list of Btudents delinquent in their
work. If on a comparison of tne- var
ious reports submitted any student is
found seriously delinquent he or she
is put on "probation." Two weeks
are allowed in which to bring the work
to a creditable standing. At tho end of
this probation period a report is re
quested from the instructors under
whom the student takes work and If
these reports do not show a decided
improvement the student Is summoned
to appear before the chancellor, who
requests withdrawal from tho univer
sity. This Is the polite "suspension"
l.ireo students have been requested to
withdraw from the university this year
on account of irregular attendance and
delinquencies in class work . A few
are on the probation list at present.
Tho regular mid-semester delinquency
report, which is known as tho "black
list" is issued -as heretofore, and a
number of students are due to receive
reminders concerning their work.
It is not the intention to relievo tho
Instructors of any responsibility in Uroi
matter or noiding students to regular
attendance and to diligent work. The
co-operation of each Instructor is, on
the contrary still considered necessary,
tho work being merely systematized by
this plan.
With these changes in view the
limits of the Christmas vacation have
been announced. Tho. recess will begin
Wednesday, Deo, 23 at G p. m. allowing
two days for stud?nts to reach home
before the holidays actually commence.
The recess will end at 8 a. m., Wednes
day, Jan. 4, giving two days In which
to return to Lincoln after the begin
ning of the week. With these liberal
Hoik. W. J.
Men's Meeting
of the Nebraskan
arrangements early departures or lato
returnlngB will not bo countenanced,
and students must attend thoir
classes regularly, or Buffer tho usual
consequences. The Thanksgiving recess
begins next Wednesday at G p. m. and
ends tho Monday following at 8 a. m.
Preps. Favored by Luck Win a
Close Game.
The Freshmen law team lost its first
game of the season to tho plucky aca
demy team yesterday afternoon by the
score of 6-5. Tho Freshmon had the
better of tho game throughout, and
could make gains almost at will. Their
touchdown was made In tho first half
after about seven minutes of play, but
they failed to kick goal. In tho sec
ond half thoy pushed tho ball from
their 20 yard lino to tho academy ton
yard line, whero someone missed tho
signal, and Blrkner, tho academy loft
end, got the ball with a clear field
to tho goal lino. He then kicked his
(own goal. In tho four minutes that
wore loft to play the law men advanced
to tho fifteen yard lino where thnv
tried a place kick, which was blocked, lj?rf for ?il lB tno log,cal man-" If
and time was called with the hnii i 'tWlBconsin determines to go back to tho
and time was called with tho ball in
tno hands of the academy.
Adams at half and Schmidt at full
were tho sure ground gainers for the
laws, and Meyer at tackle showed that
his nickname, Hogan, was well ap
Commoner to Address
Mass Meeting.
Hon. W. J. Bryan will address the
mon's mass moetlng at the Oliver
theatre next Sunday afternoon,
taking as his subject "Tho Prince of
Peace." Mr. Bryan Is too well known
to need extended discussion -hero, but
his talk is ono which has already at
tracted mush favorable comment, and
and will prove one of the most popu
lar of tho series .which th,o Y. M. C.
A. is now conducting. Doors open
promptly at 3:30. Admission free.
Music at Chapel.
This is the programvfor chapel this
morning: t1
Concerto A minor . ? Groig
Miss Alleyno Archibald.
Orchestral parts, Mr. Eames.
3:30p m.
Oliver Theatee i
Thanksgiving Day
Nebraska's Coach Still Desired
by Wisconsin.
Tho Ilnilgor Contomplnto Abandoning
UriMltiitto Hyutom.
The Nebraskan has received roliablo
Information that tho "rumors which
have lately omanatod from tho Uni
versity of Wisconsin to tho effect that
the Badgers will ondoavor to secure
tho services of "Bummlo" Booth as
coach for thoir football team, aro not
as unfounded as thov havo boon pro
nounced. Tho Badgers aro Just com
pleting a comparatively disastrous
season, and much of tho blamo for tho
present stato of affairs is being charged
to the system of graduate coaching,
which has boon In operation at Wiscon
sin for tho past threo years.
Great dissatisfaction is being mani
fested by the student body, and our
informant predicts an early roturn to
tho professional systpm. It will bo re
membered that, at tho tlmo Wisconsin
adopted tho graduate Bystom In 1901, a
strong effort was mado to secure Booth.
Now that sentiment Is again in favor
of professional coaching, speculation
concerning available material is again
rife, and Booth has been settled upon
as tho man to again placo Wisconsin
on her foet. Yost was spoken of at
the first of tho season, and it was
thought possible that ho might bo re
tained on account of his known desire
to rival tho reputation ho has gained
for himsolf at Michigan. Tills has boon
disseminated by tho fact that Yost has
just signed another contract with
Michigan, and Wisconsin men aro call
ing for Booth Is "tho logical man." If
professional system, and wants Booth,
she will not want him for "another
year," and sho will not nulbblo over
salary. Tho work of Nebraska at Min
nesota has finally demonstrated tho
ability of Booth. McCormack, of North
western, could not pralso too much tho
"science" of tho gamo played by tho
Cornhuskers and tho Badgers aro in
tho mood to concurywlth McCormack in
this view, especially in view of tho
lamentable showing Wisconsin mado
in Saturday's gamo against Minne
sota. Anyono who desires to lnvestigato
tho Bourco of our information may do
so by calling at tho Nebraskan office.
The mon who will compose tho cross
country learn to represent Nebraska at
Chicago on "tho morning of Thanks
giving will be selected tonight. It has
been understood for sometime that we
would send a team, but tho Athlotlc
board took official action on the
matter Tuesday morning, and will ar
range that a team of five mon repre
sents Nebraska. Tho team will undoubt
edly bo chosen from tho following mon,
who have been doing the best work.
Captain States, Havens, Hausor, Heath,
Lutton anf Sampson. Cross-country
work received a severevulow at tho de
parture of Ed Ponrod; who was forced
to leave schoolhy tho death of his
brother. Penrod's work in cross-country
running was excellent, and the
team loses a valuable, man In his npt
being in school.
Frank E. Loe, Pubjic Stenographer
andVJotary. Mlu.3ographIc lettors;
perfect imitation. 601-502 Richard
Blk. Auto 1156.
The Famous will give a special dis
count of 10 per cent to university stu
dents on all purchases of millinery, kid
gloves, corsets, etc.
Elliott's Sultorlum, cleaning, dyeing
and repairing. Prices reasonable, 1136
O street Both phonos.
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