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No. J2J.
Chancellor Says He May Enter
the Law School.
James Beltzer will register Monday.
When Interviewed yesterday he said
he would register Monday In the law
school; that he had Interviewed the
chancellor, who had given him permis
sion to do so. Further, the registrar
Rtnteri yesterday that Beltzer could
register In the law school if ho desired,
aa the fourth term heglns Monday.
Baaehall enthusiasts will rejoice to
hear this news. Last Tuesday it was
published that Mr. Beltzer would not
he permitted to enter school, and
would soon return home The matter
was considered settled, but new devel
opments have taken plae with the
above results. Dr. Clements, chairman
of; the baseball committee, said that
this committee would now have no
Jurisdiction over the affair, and the
decision of the authorities in letting
him register would be consideied as
final action in the matter. Thus It is
a settled fact that Belter will twirl
the sphero for the Cornhusker nine
this year. This is very encouraging
to all vitally concerned, as he is con
sidered the best candidate for the box
in the field.
a t .;. .; $ ! -s-.3--.;fr .;. .; '$. !-;. ! ; 3 l ! ! ! ! --
Summer School Edition
This number of The NebtAskan
is devoted to the interests of
University Summer Session, June 12 to July 24
A Glimpse into the Past 'Plans And Prospects for this Year
Shall the Summer Session Be Made a Full Quarter
The People and Their Courses Other Features as Usual
J w V ' 4 W "
Roosevelt April 27th.
The Northwestern Meet.
In sanctioning the meet with North
western, at yesterday's board meeting,
the athletic board cleaily demonstrated
the Tact that track athletics will be
given more support than ever before.
In other years we have not had what
may be termed, deservedly, a good
meet. Track athletics, in fact, have
never been accorded the proper sup
port because of the scarcity of good
athletes or other unfavorable condi
tions, but this year will mark a new
era in this line of sport.
The conditions this season are, for
tunately, different from those of other
years; we have a splendid coach and
plenty of promising material. The
board recognizes these changed condi
tions and intends to give the men in
terested in track athletics an oppor
tunity to-show what can be done. The
The Piesldent and party will visit
Lincoln Apill 27, about 2 o'clock In the
afternoon. They arrive via the Bur
lington from Hastings and after the
exercises here leave over the Elkhorn
for Fremont. Congressman Burkett
will have charge of the program.
In 1900 a large number of Univer
sity students saw the President then
the Republican candidate for the vice
pi esldency on his campaign tour of
the west. A good many more expected
to see him last year, but were disap
pointed by the abrupt ending of his
trip on account of the Massachusetts
accident to the presidential company.
All of them will contribute to the Im
mense crowd which will undoubtedly
gather at the capitol grounds, where
the President will probably speak. He
will be escorted thiough the city by
the University cadet battalion and the
O. A. R. post.
German Acquisitions.
The German department is rejoicing
over the receipts of four very fine pic
tures. These pictures are photographs
from the original paintings, and all
the details are present. Two of them
are by K. Dlolltz, the famous German
painter. His "Nach Walhall." or "To
Valhalla," is well known to all lovers
of art; his other one 1b "Siegfried
Fafnerstoter" ("Siegfried slaying the
dragon"). The third picture is by C.
Ehrenberg, and Is known as "Die Nor
nen" ("The Fates"). It is a wonder
fully fine conception. The fourth is
"Weimar, 1803," by von Otto Knille,
track manager was authorized to guar- showing In a splendid arrangement
autee Northwestern $275. This means
that considerable work will have to
bo done In order to make the meet a
financial success, but it 1b believed that
If the efforts of those Interested are
properly directed a large crowd will
turn out. This will be the only meet
of any consequence held on our home
grounds and inasmuch as it is with
a strong team from one of the "Big
Nino" institutions It is felt that the
necessary support will bo forthcom
ing. The general feeling is that track
athletics should be given a fair show
and that the only way to do this is
by supporting the team on a large
scale, by giving the public something
worthy of their patronage. The pros
pects for a Btrong team have never
been more favorable and the athletic
board- is to be congratulated for the
stand it has taken.
the great German celebrities, including
poetB, critics, scientists and men of
scholarly attainments. These pictures
are exceptionally fine, and it is no
small privilege to be able to study
them. They will be framed and hung
In the recitation rooms.
Hteliier's Cold Cnpsulen
Positive cure for colds, grippe, acute
catarrh, headache, neuralgia and fevers.
Prepared only by Stelner-Woempencr
Drug Co., Cor. 12th and O, Lincoln, Neb.
Up to Omaha.
The students at the medical school
In Omaha and the alumni of the UnN
verslty In that city will have a chance
to support a real college affair by go
ing to the Glee Club concert next Sat
urday night at the First Methodist
church. Arrangements have been
completed to make this a big affair,
and all Omaha people who are friends
of the University will be out en masse.
Already enough tickets hav,e been sold
to pay expenses.
The club Is composed of twenty-one
members, counting reader and vocal
and Instrumental soloists. The pro
gram offered by the club Is extremoly
taried, from the light college and
comical songs to the heaviest works
of "Faust" and other strong pioduc
tions. Profehscr Starr, the leader of the
club. Is Instructor of vocal music In
the school of music and soloist in the
St. Paul's Methodist church of Lin
coln. The program given in Lincoln
in February was a decided success, and
the 'lull scored a high reputation.
Cards have been sent out this week
from the executive office addressed to
the University alumnae, and signed by
Drs. Bessey and Fling, Mr. H. G. Shedd
and Miss Edith Higgins aa committee
on arrangements, reading as "follows:
"Memorial services for Ellen Smith,
many years registrar of the University
of Nebraska, will be held in Memorial
hall on Friday, April 24th, 1903, from
10 to 11 o'clock in the forenoon. The
University Invites you to Join In this
last tribute."
Notwithstanding the censure of other
firms, during the past year we In
creased tho pay of all our tailors above
the union scale. Our purpose was to
bring In from other cities and add to
our already skillful corps of workmen
that we might do tho very best for our
patrons. A first-class cutter Is the
thing, but you must give him skilled
workmen. Paine.
Warner's Library Bill Is Indef
initely Postponed.
The three libraries owned by the
state and located In Lincoln will retain
their present systems of acquisition
and classification of books. Mr. C. J.
Warner's bill providing for making tho
capitol library more exclusively a law
library was Indefinitely postponed by
the senate Thursday, In spite of the
strenuous endeavor of its originator to
get It passed. Although the local in
terests affected by tho bill appeared to
favor It, and favorable action had been
secured on tho part of the house, the
protest of the legal fraternity through
out the state caused the senate to turn
It down. The reason given for such a
protest Is that out-of-town lawyers,
when coming to Lincoln to consult
books 'In the state library, almost In
variably wish to make use of other
than law books alone, and would find
it very inconvenient to be compelled to
travel about from one- library to an
other In order to obtain tho desired ref
erences. The senate has been unfavor
able to the bill from the first, and Mr.
Warner was able only by the exercise
of considerable pressure to secure a
favorable report by the senate com
mittee to which his measure had been
referred for consideration. To tho task
of winning over the senate in commit
tee of the whole he was unequal, and
his measure was numbered among the
University people have been rather
Interested In than concerned with the
progress of Mr. Warner's bill. Its
passage would probably have increased
somewhat the number 'of volumes in
Hand the general efficiency of tho two
libraries now located on the campus,
and would have decreased a little the
expense of maintajnlng a. I three, by
doing away with present duplication.
Not enough was thought of these three
gains, however, to cause an attempt to
secure the passage of the bill against
any pronounced protest from other in
terests affected by tho proposed trans
fer. For two years more, at least, pa
trons of the three libraries will find
them still conducted after the old
For rent soon several unfurnished
rooms at 312 North 14th.
Freshmen Are Champions.
At a meeting of the class athletic
board yesterday the Interclass basket
ball championship was awarded to the
freshmen. This settles tho much
talked of class controvcreyrAand the
attention of classes will now be turned
to Interclass baseball. A committee
was appointed to seo to the purchasing
of caps for tho freshmen players.
!' ! ! ! ! ! ; ! : ;! ! ! ? ! ! ! ! ! ! 'I- !
On recommendation of all the deans, the executive
office announces the Easter vacation will continue from
6p,m, Wednesday, April 8, to8 a. m. Wednesday, April . 5
Light colored suitings arc la demand
this season. I have a large assortment
of these goods as well as plain colors.
Try pno of my $25.00 suits. Bum
stead, In the Burr block.
Famous are selling Thompsons glove
fitting and G. B. corsets, regular $1.00
quality, at 59c.
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