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'Barrett, J. C.
Ibe Bail IFlebraekan
No. J05.
Baker Instead of Kansas.
The management of the girls' basketball-
teams received a final message
"Wednesday night from Kansas de
manding "first team or none," and
were compelled to reply, "none." To
supply the place made vacant by the
Kansas withdrawal, the offer of Baker
"University has been accepted, and the
games for Friday night will thereforo
bo Haskell vs. Nebraska First Team,
and Baker University (Kas.) vs. Ne
braska Second Team. A match be
tween Baker University and the U. of
N. girls' team was almost arranged In
1899, then given up because Baker was
accustomed to outdoor and Nebraska
to indoor playing.
The names and positions of the Has
kell players have been received, and
are as follows:
Oma Waybourno (Wyandotte) and
Mary HauBer (Cheyenne), centers.
Alice Ma Cauley (Chippewa) and
Amelia La Blssonnlere (Wyandotte),
Mamie Setter (Chippewa) and Irene
Sarter (Clatsop), forwards.
Against these will play the Nebras
ka 'varsity team, captained by Miss
Elva Sly, '03: forwards, Minnie Jansa,
Cora Scott r centers, Pearl Archibald,
Edith Craig; guards, Alice Towne,
Elva Sly.
The Indian team Is said to play a
swift, clean game, and Is admittedly
stronger than K. S. U.
Society Programs Tonight.
The Pollodlans will give a program
on "The Beauties of Spring, from a
Nogatlvo Point of View":
Lincoln Sidewalks in Spring
Earl Brlgham
Beautiful Nebraska Spring. .S. E. Black
Spring Fever Anna Moore
The Grip Rena Nelson
Woes of Childhood In Springtime. .
Newell Elliot
Guitar Solo Mr. Daughters
Reading Mr. Baldwin
Vocal Solo Mr. Evans
Something by Somebody
Debate: Resolved, That woman's
"suffrage should bo allowed. Affirma
tive, Milek, Cowan; negative, "Walt
man, Berkey.
Vocal Solo Mr. Pfelffer
Instrumental Solo Mies Burkett
Recitation Mr. Qulnn
Reading Miss Wend
Vocal Solos "The Shoogo Shoo,"
Mayhew, and "Lovely Spring,"
Coenen Mrs. Geo. Gird
Ernest Thomson Seton will give one
of his famous stereoptlcon lectures In
St Paul's church Wednesday, March
18th. Admission 50c, children 15 and
under 25c. Students are cordially in
vited to attend. .
The hats that fellows buy at the
Toggery store these days are the very
latest designs in young men's headgear.
Haskell vs.
Baker Untbersity
Armory, 8 o'clock
The Pocket Book Case.
Later developments appear to Indi
cate that the letter published In yes
terday's paper concerning a Btolen
pocket-book was genuine In both ex
planation and intention. The lnidalB
attached to the letter, but not pub
lished in the paper, have been found
to correspond with those of an out-of-town
young lady who was at the time
visiting a University friend. So far as
we can learn, thore is no inclination to
push the Investigation any farther, and
It is hoped the unfortunate incident
may soon pass from University mem
ory. Just why such a surprising Im
pulse should have moved the young
lady to commit the theft is wholly a
mystery; but that it waB purely a
momentary "fall from grace," and not
any part of a deliberate course, ap
pears quite evident.
Meanwhile, petty thieving seems to
go on with scarcely an interruption.
When even steel rings are stolon from
note book, and small quantities of pa
per are taken therefrom, it is difficult
to determino whether the theft is
prompted by a desire for the property
or by pure malaevolence. It Is to be
hoped, In either case, that someone
happens on the culprit or culprits soon,
and through exposure or Its alternative
succeeds In putting an end to this con
stant annoyance.
Dante Address.
At the next meeting of the Graduate
club, to bo held Saturday, March 21st,
Rev. M. J. Stritch, dean of the college
of literature of Crelghton University,
will give an address upon Dante. Rev.
Stritch is one of the best informed
Dante scholars in the west, and the
Graduate club counts itself especially
fortunate In securing his services for
this occasion. The meeting will bo
held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. A. J.
Sawyer, corner of Seventeenth and F.
All local alumni are Invited.
Wanted Two young men, hustlers,
to act as partners with me in selling
tailor-made clothes to students. I
make the best clothes In Lincoln and
want the student trade. Bumstead, 120
North 12th, Burr block.
$$S I2 1 I $,$,?$2S
First Team
vs. Second Team
Tickets 50 cents
Warner's Library Bill May Pass.
Our reporter Is informed that Mr.
C. J. Warner's bill, drawing more clear
ly the line between the Capitol, State
Historical, and University libraries, is
very likely to receive favorable con
sideration at the hands of the legisla
ture, and bo speedily enacted Into law.
Mr. Herdman, of the Capitol library,
is reported as endorsing the bill, and
tho other two libraries, less affected by
the provisions of tho bill, are reported
as presenting no opposition to Its pass
age. If passed, It will probably bo
found necessary to Interpret tho "law
books" clause as embracing Buch books
as constitutional histories and records
of convention and legislative proceed
ings, such as Elliot's Debates and
Madison's Journal. If this Is not dono,
legislation and executive officials will
probably find the usefulness of tho
Capitol library for reference purposes
much handicapped.
A bill has also recently been Intro
duced permitting tho state historical
society to become tho storage place of
valuable sta'te, county, and local rec
ords of more than twenty years' exist
ence, In case they contain historical
material and are not in use In their
present places of deposit. The bill, If
favorably acted upon, will Increase the
value of the historical society's library
enormously for research work upon
state history, and will appreciably aid
several lines of work now under way,
but handicapped by the scattered con
dition of the original materials. Stu
dents of Nebraska history hope the
legislature may look with favor on
this bill, especially as it adds no ex
pense to the state budget, and Is opera
tive only on consent of tho local offi
cials, and so can produce no friction.
If you aro needing Spectacles or
Eye-glasses wo can give you a perfect
fit. Eyes examined free. Hallett,
Jeweler and Optician, 1143 0 St.; 30
years' experience.
?3.00 commutation ticket for $2.70 at
the Merchants' Cafe, 117 No. 13th St
Students are cordially invited.
Lincoln Local Express transfers any
old" thing. 'Phone 787.
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Campus Gleanings.
Unlvorslty Cnlondnr.
March 13. Company B hop, Frator
nlty ..all.
April 17 Senior Prom.
T. A. Green Is pledged Delta Upsllon.
Miss Margaret Porter is on tho sick
F. C. Volck is confined to his room
with sickness this week.
Tho class In dairy husbandry II will
meet at tho state farm Saturday.
Ross Druhnor, law '01, now practic
ing at McCook, spent Sunday with Uni
versity friends.
Tho fifth regular students' recital
of tho school of music will bo held ono
week from Monday In Memorial hall.
Professor Bessoy has just finished a
series of lectures on the structure and
classification of tho orchids, before tho
class In systematic botany.
A new Y. M. 0. A. mission study
class has beon organized and Is making
a study of a work entitled "Tho Geog
raphy of Foreign Missions."
Hugo Honlg has returned to his
work In tho University, after a week's
recuperation at his homo In South
Omaha from a spell of sickness.
Mr. W. B. Cartmol, U. S. national
bureau of standards, has completed hid
report of tho past two years' researches
and sent It to tho publishers.
In general botany Professor Bessoy
Is now lecturing on tho ferns. Tho
class Is engaged in laboratory work
on this interesting group of plants.
Miss Bonnio Forbes, '02, who entered
tho University tho first of this semester
for graduate work, has gone to her
nome at Fremont on account of ill
Dr. Skinner of tho physics depart
ment Is getting out a now vacuum
pump which is a decided Improvement
over other pumps from tho .standpoint
of rapid and thorough evacuation.
The regular meeting of tho Young
Womon's Christian association will bo
bold Sunday afternoon at 4 o'clock in
Union hall. Miss Alua Wilson will
sing. All women Invited to bo pres
A now baseball pitcher yesterday In
creased tho already copious squad of
Nebraska twlrlors. James Beltzer has
registered, and declared his intention
of trying for tho team of '03. Mr."
Beltzer is a man of considerable ex
perience, and filled tho box part of last
season for McCook. The number of
pitchers in proportion to catchers this
year is very striding.
The Palace Barber Shop; 8 chairs.
Oliver Theater Pharmacy.
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