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the Week's Summary
State Y. M. O. A. Convention.
Tho annual state Y. M. C. A. con
vention, which was held at Beatrice
during tho latter part of last week and
the foro part of this week, has been
generally votod the moqt successful
meeting of Its kind ever held In the
state. There were 270 dolegatcs pres
ent, seven colleges and academies be
ing represented besides the state uni
versity. No palnB were spared by tho
citizens of Beatrice In providing suit
able entertainment for tho visiting del
egates. Tho church ladles took It uponi
themselves to act as hostesses to all J
tho delegates during their Btay, and1
the delegates all speak In high terms
of the hospitable entertainment they
provided. Tho ladles of each denom
ination furnished a meal, and in ad
dition provided social entertainment.
Those who had charge of affairs were
very fortunate In securing men of well
known ability and established reputa
tion to deliver addresses before the con
vention. Among theBO were E. It. Rob
inson, International boys' secretary of
the Y. M, C. A.; George I. Coxhead,
general secretary of the St. Louis as
sociation ; Honry Ostram, the-'hoted
southern evangelist, and John P. Hlllls
of GreencaBtle, Ind., one of the lead
ing vocaliBts of tho country. The most
striking addrosses were delivered by
Rev. Conley of Omaha, on "What 1b
man?" and by Mr. Robinson, a prom
inent leader In Junior Y. M. C. A. work.
As a result of this convention, an as
sociation will be established in Bea
trice. Plans have already been formu
lated for a now building, modern in
every respect and to be provided with
pool and billiard rooms, a bowling alley
and rooms for various kinds of games.
In addition the building will be pro
vided with a gymnasium, bath rooms
and modern lighting and heating appli
ances. When completed It will cost
in the neighborhood of $75,000. Grati
fying reports of tho work being done
at various parts of the state were re
ceived and discussed. At York the Y.
M. C. A. haB completed planB for a
$75,000 building, which is now under
construction. The debt on the prop
erty of the Hastings association has
been liquidated and affairs are in a
very prosperous condition there. The
Chadron railroad association has been
completed and Is provided with efllclent
apparatus of all kinds. New boys' de
partments have been established at
Lincoln, Hastings and Grand Island
during the past year.
Tho following permanent officers
were elected: President, Dr. H. B.
Ward Lincoln; vice president, J. H.
Waterman, Lincoln; secretary, B. G.
Lewis, state university; assistant sec
retary, W. E. D. Young, Cotner; report
er, C. E. Symonds, Wesleyan.
Dr. Clapp will go to Superior Thurs
day to 'give a gymnastic exhibition.
Athlotlo Jottlns".
Tho principal athletic events of this
week are the two basket ball games
at Minneapolis. Last night tho 'var
sity met the agricultural college of the
Minnesota University, and tonight tho
game with Minnesota University comes
off. A telegraphic report of the for
mer is found in this Ibsuc Tho first
of the class series of basket ball games
takes place In tho armory tonight be
tween the Juniors and sophomores.
While progress is being made In track
work, It could be greater, as the men
are not turning out as well as they
should. Pole vaulting and high Jump
ers promise to be exceptionally good
this year. The baaeball-pTtchers have
now acquired the proper form of de
livery and will be tralnod In curving
next weok. Tho men are getting very
anxious to lay off the diamond. With
over twenty games in store they real
ize that something must be doing soon.
In the field of girls' athletics affairs
are very active. The first team girls
havo received their new suits of dark
blue and red, which give them an at
tractive appearance. Night practice
was held this week and the 'varsit
showed up in .fine form. This after
noon the first team plays an alumnae
five and tho midget tem will play the
second 'varsity. Next week come the
big games of the year.
Nttmoor I of a series of seven cartoons on Tho Advontures of Freshman, "Vyiljio
The senior baBket ball men held prac
tice yesterday at 5 p. m.
The U. of M. girls' basket ball team
recently defeated Superior by Bcores
of 15 to 11, and 9 to 7.
At Cornell the 'varsity baseball Bquad
recently numbered 81 . It has Just been
cut down to 50. Like Nebraska, they
are yearning for out-door practice.
Coach Strang of Colorado college
will award the best '03 batter a valua
ble gold medal, and a business firm
has offered a $10 fountain pen as a
prize for the best fielder. Such ln
d"ucements will no doubt add to the
strength of the team.
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U. of M. Dally. The Cornhuskers
will Bond up a good aggregation of
basket ball men and the game will be
a two sided affair. Nebraska" has hand
led a rather extensive schedule In good
ghape so far this season. Tho Haskell
Indians and the University of Colorado
and other neighbors of Nebraska were
defeated handily by them.
The profeBBor was In a reminiscent
mood and with IiIb usual completeness
and vivacity of narration he related
the following Incident, which occurred
In one of his Latin classes twenty
years ago: One morning while he was
seated at his desk, a big, overgrown
fellow of about forty . years of age,
who was noted for his stupidity, came
lumbering in some minutes before
class time and seated hlmBelf In his
accustomed place. Opening hlB book
ho stared fixedly at the pago for several
minutes, with such a puzzled expres
sion upon hlB face that it was evident
something was weighing on his mind.
The professor observed him In silence
for some tlmo and then asked If ho
could enlighten him In any way.
"Well, profeBsor," he Bald, "I would
like to have you toll me what book of
Titus this Is that wo are studying."
"What book of Titus!" exclaimed tho
professor, and It was evidently his
turn to bo puzzled. "Yes, sir; what
book of Titus," replied the other, as
he Btuffed his hands into his pockets
and pursed his lips with an air of the
greatest confidence. "Can't you be
more explicit and tell me what you
mean?" asked the professor. "Well,
here's the point," was tho reply. "Hero
Is the title TIT1 LIVII. Now, I want
to know what numeral does LIVII
stand for." Fdr some minutes the pro
fessor was deprived of his composure,
and ho at the same tlmo wondered
what Titus Llvy would think If hn
could see his surname mistaken for a
"What was hlB object In making that
long western trip?"
"He Intended writing a history of
the Platte river, and started- out to
find the sources."
Burt's Sultorum, 1231 O. Phones 47
and B995.
Willie arrives with his Pa at the opening of the school year, and Is con
ducted to the registrar. The sights Impress him immensely.
Knox College Student celebrates the
sixty-sixth birthday of that Institution
with a rich special edition with a
poster-supplement, "Vision of the
"Is it true that the four-hour . drill
regulation Is unconstitutional?" asked
the private of his neighbor.
"Certajnly," was the reply. "Any
drill whatever 1b against my constitution."
When going home, go easy, on the
The Bartram house of Philadelphia,
a unique memorial of pre-revolutlon-ary
days, Is described and Illustrated In
a paper In the March Delineator. John
Bartram, tho builder, was a farmer
who turned his attention to botany,
and eventually became tho most fa
mous American botanist of his day.
HIb house was frequented by uiustrl
ous men, among them the founders of
tho republic. It 1b an excellent ex
ample of colonial architecture, of good
proportion and homelike appearance.
Tho Interior arrangements exhibit tho
qualntness and simplicity of the times.
As would be expected, the garden Is
of especial Interest, containing rare
varieties of flowers, shruba and trees,
some of tho latter having attained a
great height and age.
Prof. "What class of people make
tho best mathematicians?"
Student. "The southern negroes."
Prof. "How do you make that out?"
Student. "Because they multiply so
Lincoln Local Express transfers any
old thing. Phono 787.
PlanB have been completed for tho
opening at Kansas City of a liberal
university, which will remove there
from Sllverton, Ore. The college will
be in charge of Thaddeus B. Wakeman,
formerly of New York, and a personal
friend of Col. Robert G. Ingersoll. Lec
tures will be begun this spring and the
regular classes will be lneUuted next
If there are any
thai are better than oars
ive have not seen them
If you have, come in and
tell us about them.
1 Wmwelfs
I3ih &&C.206 So. I lib St
1426 0 St.
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Why Cough?
There are a good many people
coughing these days who could
Just as well not cough at all.
Many people endure a cough pa
tiently because they have beea
disappointed hy worthless cough
remedies and dp not realzie that
there aro other remedies which
are wholly entitled to confidence.
, Our White Pine Tar
is ono of those remedies. We
have abundant reason to know
that this preparation is far su
perior to cough remedies usually
sold, and while it will not cure
every cough, it comos as near to
it as anything that modern
science can devise. You can use
it knowing that there is at least
nothing bettor, that It quickly
cures 90 per cent of all ordinary
coughs and that if it falls in your'
case we shall cheerfully refund
tho money.
Two sizes, 25 and 50 cts.
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