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In. the last nujpber of "Sclonce" Pro
fessor Bessey has a rovlow of a recent
botanical Work by prof. Conway Mc
Millan (U. of N., '85).
All of tho BtOdonta In plant pathol
ogy arc taking work In general bac
teriology In order to bo able to apply
tho , tcchrilquo of this aubject to tho
study of tbo parasitic fungi.
JTho students in forestry are now
taking Up the microscopic study of
ptao, spruce, cedar, and other kinds
(k coniferous woods, bo as to learn
their essential characteristics.
American history seminary 18a will
make a special Btudy of tho negro
problem this semester. A thorough In
vestigation will bo made of the various
phaaoa of tho question, and tho ener
gies of tho Instructor and pupils will
lio oxerted In attempting to form defl-
Wm. Hand Browne recently resigned
as instructor in electrical engineering
la tho University of IlIInolB to accept
a 'position aB technical editor of tho
Electrical Engineer, New York City.
Mr. Browne was for some time instruc
tor in tho olectrlcal engineering de
partment of this University, resigning
in. 1898.
A day or two ago Professor Bessoy
sent a couplo of Diamond Willow
stlclcB to Dr. Brltton, tho director of
the New York Botanical Garden, for
tb museum of that Institution. This
w(wtorn willow is a great curiosity In
tho east, and the sticks will no doubt
attract a good deal of attention when
they are placed on exhibition.
Professor Morltz, of tho mathemat
ical department, has been requested by
the 8mithsonian Institution of Wash
ington to furnish thorn with a copy of
bis doctor's thesis on "Generalization
of' tho Differentiation Process," which
appeared in tho American Journal of
University Social Events too Late
for Saturday's Paper.
Miss Margaret Dovey of Plattsmouth
Is plodged Delta Delta Delta.
Arthur Jaynos, Phi Kappa Psi, camo
down from Omaha Friday to attond
tho Junior Prom and tho Phi Psi in
itiation Saturday night.
Miss Mablo Cox entertained tho Trl
Delt girls Saturday- night at her home
In tho city. Tho party was given in
honor or Miss Dovey, who is visiting
her cousin, MIbb Jeanette Palmor.
The regular semi-monthly danco of
tho Saturday Night Club was given
Saturday evonlng at Walsh hall. The
members of the club and their guests
enjoyed tho good time that is a regu
lar feature of their entertainments.
The members of the Y. W. C. A.
Bible Study department, together with
some of their friends, enjoyed a very
pleasant evening last Saturday from
8 to 10 p. m. In the Art Gallery. About
sixty girls were presont and all do
clared tho occasion a social success.
Light refreshments were Berved and
tho evening was Bpent in various social
Mathematics during 1902. The article New."
attracted considerable attention at tho
Umo of Ita publication, and Is being
preserved by all libraries carrying at
all complete mathematical shelves.
MIbb Zora Shields, of Omaha, was In
itiated Into Kappa Alpha Theta lost
Saturday night. Following the admin
istration of the Initiatory rites, the
annual banquet of the sorority was
held in the ordinary at the Lincoln
hotel. The docoratlons were In tho
sorority colors, yellow and black. Yel
low daffodils adorned the tnblpR nnd
tho light was furnished by yellow can
dleB In black candelabra. Water-color
heads In black and yellow adorned th
place cards. Dinner was succonrinH hv
tho following toasts, Mrs. C. F. Ladd
acting as toastmlBtresB:
Martha Post "Kanna Alnha ThetA."
Jean Tuttle "The Old Order and the
Tho American history department
has Just Bent In an order for a hun
dred lantern slides, which will be
made uso of from time to time in il
lustrating various Important phases of
certain courses, particularly such as
the "westward movement" of Ameri
can population from the coast to tho
Mississippi valley, and the develop
ment of American social life. Tho
majority of tho slides are from tho
collection of Professor Tumor, of Wis
consin university.
Tho class In quintlllian which was
dropped from the Latin courses two
years ago, has been revived under tho
charge of Dr. Johnson. The book has
hoon used to a considerable extent In
tho education classes, as It treats of
the home-training, education and the
Instruction, by the rhetorician, of the
youth of Rome. Quintlllian was tho
first professor employed by the Ro
man state and his work was unex
celled by any of Its kind In Roman lit
erature. There are many fine pointfl
about tho work, which It is the Inten
tion of the instructor to bring out
attd emphasize.
Marie Nettleton "Cairo of Cordu
Nellore Wilson "Rho."
Laura Woodford "The Senior's
Alice Towne "Vive la Compagnle."
The girls present from out of tows
were Misses Nellie Randall and Georgia
aPtterson, Omaha; Ada Wilsey. Blair;
Luella Brock, Hastings; Ella Wirt.
Council Bluffs.
t t!T
It may be of Interest to olectrlcal
engineering students to know how
such companies as the General Elec
tric company, Schnectady, N. Y in
struct and train their men for promo
tion. F. L. Hunt, '02, in charge of the
Inductor motor tests, says that in the
wecjkiyymeettngs held by the heads of
'Sections In tho testing department, he
-learns that the management wants to
'treat the Btudents as well as they can,
, 'j.1 "w " " liiui ucjmi tiuum ior
t,W$F' many r tne,r technical men. They
111 :1 .irk . liftVft out rinwn rnmilrnrl Innirllia r i,n
$ :m'Wt '' tQ DQ nut ln on various tests and have
'J't"'- ovu mum uvcuuui Willi I UgUrU lO
f'it.- transferrins from one teat tn nnntimr
r-rvv4i ; . ,:..,.. ,--.... .
IfswrlD&fA'-r"11 MUYW ,wtey inaugurated tnree six-
aww-t n,y..
n tv
rt.L .'month factorv- coursea Whlnh nrn In
l1f tondo4 $obe preparatory, one for en-
IMl'commercial departments.
Little Gem hot waftlea served at the
erohamat-CaCa- 117 North 13th SL
,ny.e navo a large student patronage.
Phi Kappa PbI held Initiation Sat
urday night at their chapter house,
1005 K street. Dan M. Lennon, Bur
dotte Lewis, Alexander Hltchman and
Louis Folts were taken into the fra
ternity. Following tho Initiation a
banquet was served In tho dining room
and several of the active and alumnae
members responded to toasts, as fol
lows: "Our Mothers" J. D. Ringer
"Phi Knppa PbI" Q. shedd
"A ReBumo" j. j. Ledwlth
"Freshman's Trials" A. H. Scribner
"As Others 8ee Ub" E. H. Allen
"Our Standing" R. e. Dumont
"In the Sweet Now and Now"
C. Oberlles
Tho following were present: Messrs.
C. H. Gere, Allesworth, Oberlies, Mer
cer, G. Shedd. H. Shedd, Haecker,
Clark, Collott, Ringer. States, Douglas,
Scribner. Harris, JayneB, Ledwlth,
Allen, Buckley, Ramsey, Hubbard,
Bross, McCulloch, Southwlck, Christie,
Engel, Lohmer, Cook, Dumont, Morri
son, Pre8cott, Shimer, Reed, Crandall,
Hargreaves, Folts, Hltchman, Lewis,
Students, do you want to earn some
money? If so, address J. H. Loper,
Lincoln, Nob.
University Bulletin
JUNIORS meet in U 200, Thursday,
Feb. 12, at 10 a. m. Election of offi
ENGLISH 1$A. English 15a is re
quested to meet In M. A. 207, Thursday,
February 12th,
SENIORS. Class election, Tuesday,
February 10th, at 1 p. m., In old
chapel. Ralph W. Buck, President
Charter Day Address.
The annual address before tho So
ciety of tho Sigma XI haa como to be
regarded aB one or the most interest
ing and profitable features of the
Chartor day celebration at the Univer
sity. The executive committee fools
confident that the address this year
will not fall below the high standard
that has been maintained in tho past.
Whllo these lectures must . bo upon
some scientific topic, the subject is al
ways one of general Interest and is
treated in such a manner that it can
bo appreciated by any person of ayor
ago Intelligence.
The address this year will be given
by Prof. L. L. Dyche, of the University
of KansaB. The subject will be "The
Arctic Highlander." There is prob
ably no man In this country who is
bettor acquainted with the animals of
North America, or who knows more of
the conditions under which the people
live than Professor Dyche. Ho is not
only a scientific man of recognized
ability, but ho 1b also a famous hunter
of large gamo and has had many
thrlllng adventures. He has been all
over tho continent from Mexico to
Alaska and Greenland.
In 1895 he spent five months on the
Atlantic coaBt studying the country
and Its life, and collecting specimens
as far north as Cape Sabine, tho spot
made memorable by the starving of
most of the members of .ue ill-fated
Greeley Arctic expedition. On this
trln he secured hundrodR of vnlnnhlo
specimens, including Arctic hlrrfH. wnl-
ruBes, Beals, polar bears, reindeer,
narwhals, and a largo amount of eth
nological material from native Esqiil
mos illustrating the lifo history of
teso people.
The lecturo will be llltistrated with
fifty or more lantern slides made from
photographs taken by Professor Dyche
himself whllo on this trip to northern
Greenland, and will be giveh In tho
University chapel Saturday evening,
February 14, at 8 o'clock. There will
bo no admission fee, and everyono is
moBt cordially Invited to attend.
All of the students in plant pathol
ogy aro taking work In bacteriology
and bacteriological methods, since this
is now made one of the requirements
for entrance to pathological work In
Ike government service. J. L. Sheldon
1b giving tho instruction, and finds his
hands full with tho large class that
has reported for work.
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The largest Atid best equipped eating house
in the city... Furnished rooms in connection
J 130 N Street Lincoln, Neb.
for acceptable Ids.
fitete If pateatei.
t)riOA f Clin tAfmV B&nAM 1 AA
porannonu ftamplttftet.
ft?1 win
ITnhTi.l. II.
Equipped with Brunswick Continuous Mleys
Sold only by Harley Drug Co., 11th & 0 Sts
J he Overland Route
Via Omiha
2At ml shorter to . Lvke City
am,,f9 shorlor to Sun
c mlIf 8 shorter to . . Los AnIes
555 miles shorter to . . . Portland
12 hours quicker to Suit Luke City
16 hours quicker to San Francisco
16 hours quicker to . . . Los Angeles
16 hours quicker to Portland
Electric Lighted Trains Daily IV '
I P..II l..r : . ' I.
" "nun ciicfmni iurntheu on ai.iIlct)6(Mo
, E. B. SLOSSON, Ageut. . d
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