The daily Nebraskan. ([Lincoln, Neb.) 1901-current, October 07, 1902, Page 2, Image 2

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The Daily Nebraskan
A nowBpaper devoted to the- Interest
of the Unlvorslty of Nobraaka.
(Published at tho
University of Nebraska.
A consolidation of
Entered at tho postofllco at Lincoln,
Mob., aa second class mall matter .
pubflcription Prlco 2.00 per year.
Circulator Fred K. NollBen.
Advertising Manager P. P. Duffy.
R. A. McNown.
Win. A Shock.
Carlton C. Wilburn.
Wm. Case.
Want Column.
Under this head the wants of the
Btudents will be care for dally. Havo
you lost anything? Have you found
anything? Havo you anything to dis
pose of? If so, Inform tho advertising
manager, 326 So. 11th, or apply to
"Dally Nebraskan" office.
Flvo cents a lino will bo charged
for each Insertion.
OfTlco Basement University Hall.
Postofflce Address, Station A, Box 13.
LOST Somewhere about the univer
sity campus, a Vassar Qlee club pin.
Finder please leave It with Miss Mabel
Stevens, or at tho "Dally" office.
Junior Sombrero.
The Week's Convocations.
Tho following is tho program for
convocation hour for tho ensuing
Tuesday, Oct. 7. Prof. H. R. Smith,
"The Coal Strike."
Wednesday, Oct. 8 Hon. W. H.
Thompson, democratic candidate for
Thursday, Oct. 9 Football mass
Friday, Oct. 10 Muslcale.
Monday, Oct. 13 Hon. J. H. Mickey,
republican candidate for governor.
Owing to tho detention In Colorado
of the Daily's athletic editor a regular
report of football matters Is not pub
lished In today's paper. More Items
of Interest from the western game will
probably bo found In tomorrow's pa
per. h
Bench work Beems very popular Just
now, since tho sun has been Induced to
shine again. Perhaps tho longing
glances cast toward tho untenanted
seats during tho recent rains moved
tho weather prophet to compoHHlon for
the clouds are gone and work has been
zealously renewed In that department.
Because a number of students of the
Minnesota university were arrested
for riding bicycles on the park walks,
several hundred attacked tho two
policemen who had charge of the park,
and the latter were badly worsted.
The following morning In chapel, Pres
ident Northrop upheld the officers for
enforcing the park regulations, and
condemned the Btudents for their at
tack. Ho further stated that arrange
ments would bo mado between tho re
gents and the park board which would
put an end to future hostilities.
The Junior annual board Is at work
upon the coming Sombrero. Tho mem
bers of tho board are so enthusiastic
and willing to work that in spite of
tho delay caused by the resignations
of Mr. Buckner and Mr. Huso, tho
Sombrero has prospects that are
brighter than any in its history. Al
ready some very good work has been
handed in, and a few are working on
material that will Boon be ready.
Plans for tho future will be discussed
at a meeting of the board today.
But tho board can not do all tho
work. Nobody expects them to do it.
Every member of the Junior clasB
should see that he has a share in the
making of a book which will always
bo to him a delightful Bouvonlr of
his college days. Let him who can
write a story make up his mind to
write a story. Let her who has the
poetic lnBtinct write a poem and hand
it to some momber of the board. Let
each one be on the alert for Jokes
and amusing bits of class and personal
history. You can havo as much to do
with tho making of the Sombrero as
the members of the board. If each
member of tho board Bhould write the
equivalent of six printed pages, and
it were all suitable, there would bo
an amount of material almost largo
enough to fill tho book, together with
tho Illustrations which wo wish to
have. Now each member of the class
may write six pages if ho so wishes.
No one will be limited. But suppose
each one wroto a single page, wo
should have enough and to Bpare.
Get to work at once. Don't wait
till the end of the semester and then
swamp the editor with manuscript that
Bhould be coming in now. If in doubt
as to the nature of tho work, consult
the editor or assistant editor and they
will do all they can to help you. Let
them see that you are willing to work
and they will bo encouraged to do
more work themselves.
A young teacher who was graduated
from the normal school was asked to
substitute in a higher grado than her
own. She was a little nervous over
tho temporary promotion and was
anxious that everything should go off
In the usual good order. While in
structing the class in composition sho
said: "Now, children, don't attempt
any flights of fancy. Don't try to Imi
tate the things you have heard, but
Just bo yourselves and write what is
really In you."
As a result of this address ono little
boy turned In tho following composi
tion: "I ain't goln' to attempt no fits of
fancy; I'm just goln' to write what's
in me and I got a hart, a liver, two
lungs, and Bomo other things like that;
then I got a stumick, and it's got in it
a pickle, a piece of pie, two sticks of
peppermint candy and my dinner."
Chicago Journal.
$35.00 - to $50.00.
Overheard between two young
ladies. First young lady. So he is
coming back to school. Do you sup
pose ho has mended his ways?
Second young lady. Very probably.
I have an Idea that ho has been darn
ing them all summer.
New Location Is at
1330 O Street.
Pool and Billiards in connection.
Capital Cafe,
121 North 11th. - Phone M050.
Caterers for Lunches and Banquets.
Open all night. Meals 15 cents
and upwards.
"What Is this chicken fence around
the field for?" asked the freshman.
"To keep the game free from fowls,"
explained tho upper classman.
And the game went on.
A freshman ono morning, quite dazed,
Swore the night before he'd been
hazed ;
But now it Is said
That he fell out of bed
And a bump on his cranium raised.
One Frat Man "Who is that awful
awkward, Inquisitive young fresh
man?" The Other One "Why, he Is ono of
our new pledges."
First One "Oh , ; beg pardon."
1238 O street. Now is the time to
secure good pictures before the
rush begins. Special attention
given to students. Prices that are
right. To be convinced call and
see for yourselves, at above studj0.
Bicycle Repairing
Best equipped shop in the
state; no kids employed
Shader. 1430 0 St.
Every recitation room of the uni
versity Is occupied at 10:30 dally. Ow
ing to this fact some of the interview
divisions in Amer. Hist. 3 will be
obliged to use the faculty study room.
Cigars & Smokers'
O Street
The college dally, though not so
general until recently, has boon in
existence since 1875. Tho Harvard
Crimson, which was founded In 1873
under a different name, was the first
collego dally. Tho Yalo Dally News
and Cornell Daily Sun followed In
1876 apd 1880, respectfully. The Daily
Prlncetonlan and Pennsylvanlan soon
appeared, according to the Record
Herald. Tho college daily Is held to
bo an essential organ In a major uni
versity as a faithful record of stu
dent opinion and college affairs. If It
has faults, in a number of universi
ties the faculty now make official use
of the dally. Notre Dame Scholastic.
Commenting on the refusal of Chan
cellor Andrews to accept an Increase
of a thousand dollars in his salary, a
contemporary says: "If the professor
has his winter's wood In, it Is all right.
Otherwise there Is u question as to
whether or not he should be restrained."
"The Biggest Sensation Every,
Golapsable Pocket Stereoscope
The smallest Stereoscope with the
strongest optical effect. Highly
finished indifferent colors with rich
gold and silver decorations (mount
ings). Including 20 V. F. Photo
graphs. Views of art (genre).
PRICE ONLY $1. 00. Sent every
where prepaid in letter form.
1232 O STREET,
Patent Writing Ring
The most important improve
ment of the age in the art of pen
manship makes the poorest writer
a splendid penman in a few weeks
by the use of this ring. Endorsed
by prominent College Presidents
and Boards of Education in Eur
ope and America. Sample dozen
assorted sizes sent post paid for
1.09, single sample 25c. When
ordering a single ring, state whether
for man, woman, or child.
119S. Fourth Street, Philadelphia.
President Roosevelt has accepted an
invitation to bo present 'at Princeton
at the inauguration of President Wood
row Wilson on October 25. Addresses
will be delivered by ex-President Pat
ton, President Wilson and Mr. Qrover
Cleveland. It Is not yet definitely
decided that President Roosevelt will
In all the universities of France
there are no papers, no fraternities,
no athletics and no commencement
exercises Kx.
Special Notice.
An experienced man direct from the
factory will measure you for a uniform at the
armory, 9 a.m. to 12 noon, and 2 p. m to 6 p. m.
the uniform at the right price the One at $12.25.