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The Daily Nebraskan
VOL. I, NO. 130.
HI ''
Rest of Kansas Team Arrives.- Arrange
ments all Complete Nebraska
Boys Oonfidont.Band
Tho two remaining members ol the
Kansas debating trnm arrived in Lin
coln laM evening at 7:40 They wcro
immediately taken to tho Lindcll hotel
when tho Debating association has
opened its headquarters Tho thiee
inon make a strong toam and will give
Nolraska a hard battle All are 11011-
ommittal regarding the outcome but
expect to show tho Nebraska boys a
repetition of last yeai's out est
On tho other hand, the Nebraska
team is eonfindent ol its success, but
expects to win only after a seientifi and
hard fought out est.
Everything is in readiness I'oi the
debate. Chancellor Andrews who has
been in the east, returns today in time
to preside at the exercises The Ohan
1 ellor has taken much inteiest in these
mtei-stale contests oT debating and the
assoi nil ion is very fortunate in secur
ing his scrices for this evening. j
The University Cadet band will open
the program with a shoit conceit and ,
give the students auothei 1 lian to,
displav then enthusiasm and npp'ceia
t ion. I
1 .10 difficulty which it wa- found1
would arise oei t he solet lion of judge s
was happilv aeried Trot Fogg and1
,)0c. Home wtre in eonfeieiicc with
So Me Math, ol Kansas all Wednes
day evening and most of Thursclav re
garding the matter and llnallv ann- to,
a satisfue tory agreement 1
The third judge for tins re ipiocity '
debate was determined yesterday.
From the list of six Nebraska original
lv submitted, Kansas selected Judge
W C Hastings (University ol Chi
cago) of Wilber. and the Hon W I)
Mcllugh (Cornell University) of Oma
ha, lormerly judge ol the United States
district eouit Mr Mcllugh at first
said he could not come to Lincoln
April 2f. whoieupon Kansas selected
Judge T. L Norval of .eward The
day they chose him and he was noti
lleld that both"iuiiversities were agreed j
upon him. Mr. Mcllugh informed the
debating board that ho would after all j
be able to come and would do so In
the meantime Kansas, not duly in
formed as to the capable material, sub
mitted to Nebraska the names of two
gentlemen engaged in educational work
in Nebraska, but neither or them knw
anything in parti ular about reciproci
ty, the tariff question and neither of
them was particularly qualified to
judge debating. These tacts the de
bating board frankly placed befoie
Secretary McMath. of the ivimsas team,
when he arrived Wednesday night The
(.abating board assisted nini yesterday
in Retting evidence here and in Omaha
that Mr. McHugh and Judge Norval
would judge the arguments without
bias As tho result Mr McMath said
he was convinced that Nebraska's deal
ings were perfectly fair in every re
sped nnd he agreed that either Mr.
McHugh or Judge Norval would be
more competent and reliable than the
gentleman the Kansas association had
With all tho arrangements so satis
factorily completed, the university peo
ple may look for a good debate. All
that is lacking is college enthusiasm
to insure a crowded house Tho muss
meeting Thursday morning was not en
tirely satisfactory ie attendance
was small but did not lack in enthu
siasm Prof Fling and Librarian
Wyer did the talking. Both wore
strong in their appeal tor student en
thusiasm Mi Weir was glad to see
so many faculty members present (all
but three of the front row seats wore
empty) !)r Fling talked to tho
"othei" (leininine) side of the house
and urged the voung ladies to show
their independence and attend the de
late even if without male esc 01 1
The University Band
At, McMiioriiil H.ill
The Cedai Rapids league team de
leatecl the iinhorsitv nine Wednesday
by the score of 14 to 1 Although the
('dar Rapids team won. it seems to
have becjn over-confidence and unlucky
errors, rather than mooting profession
als, that lost the game lor the Corn
huskeis At the close of the lourth
inning, the scene stood ;! to 11 in favor
of the Nebraska aggiegatioii In the
filth the leaguers scored six points In
the sixth Hobby Oaines resigned his
place in the box to Lethebv. but the
playing continued disastrous to the
Hell lamily Tho boys are probably ro
se rving their energies for the games
Friday and Saturday.
Score by innings:
Cedar RapidH 0 0 0 0 (i 2 2 - 14
University . . . 1 2 () 0 0 (I 0 t) 1 - 4
Errors Cedar Rapids, .", University,
Hits Cedar Rapids, IT), University,
Earned runs-Cedar Rapids. 7; Uni
versity :t.
Mattery- Oaines, Letheby, Doane.
Or and Mrs. Hill will entertain the
Oraduate club Saturday evening. May
:;. i!Hi2
The class in constitutional law, un
der Mr. Cook, Is taking up the study
of ex post facto laws.
Candidates for University Track Team
Compete Tomorrow. Interool-
logiate and Kansas
The annual track athletic contest
will be held tomorrow afternoon at
2 HO on tho athletic field This contest
will be hold to select tho team which
will represent tho university in the an
nual intor-c-olleglato track moot and
also the one with Kansas university
Alieady much interest has boon mani
fested in track athletics as shown by
the many candidates who have turned
out for practice
The university has made special ef
forts to bring out men, as no doubt our
defeat by Doane last year was not duo
to the fact that the university did not
have good material, but because the
, material failed to turn out The inter
collegiate meet will tn"ko place on May
IT and Doane is to be represented by
a large delegation. The contest there
fore tomonow promises to lie a hard
one as tho men are anxious to give
the university the representation that
it deserves
The athletic- content tomorrow will
be conducted systematically in older
togivo the best men their proper
plae es. A clerk of courses will be
present to announce the results. The
crowd will bo kept in the grand stand
111 order to make room for the con
testants. The following are the entries:
High Jump: Pillsbury, Noyes and
Kellogg; 120 yard hurdles: ' Burg,
Pillsbury. Meyers. Hagenslck and
Brlggs; pole vault: Noyes, Hagenslck,
and Kellogg; hammer throw: Tobin,
Noyes and Martin; shot put: Tobln,
Pillsbury, Noyob. Martin, Hickel and
Briggs; diseussVTobin, Pillsbury, Mar
tin, Hickel and Briggs; 1 mile run:
Winchester, Lehmer, Mundorf, States,
Corr, Flansburg und Whedon; 2 mile
run: Winchester, Mundorf, Corr,
; States, Flansburg, Whedon; 100 yard
dash: Billiard, Bliss, Burg, Aydreson,
Pillsbury, Hewitt, Gould and Ludden;
440 yard dash- Hewitt. Spafford, Phil
lips. Ludden. Keyser and Hiltner; half
mile run: Hewitt, Lehmer, Mundorf,
Corr, States, Phillips and Gould; broad
jump: Hewitt. Burg, Andreson, Gould,
i-ageusick and Kellogg; 220 yard dash:
Spafford, Pillsbury, Hewitt, Phillips,
Ludden, Keyser and Hiltner. 220 yard
hurdles Lehmer, Meyers, Hiltner.
Hagenslck and Briggs
TA1NS. Delta Delta Delta sorority enter
tained last night at Walsh hall at a
very successful dancing party. The
parlors were decorated with palms,
screens and pennants with heaps of
oeautiful pillows. The dancing hall was
tastily decorated with numberless pen
nants of silver, gold and blue, suspend
ed from the celling The orchestra
hidden behind banks of palms and fo
liage. Ices were served throughout the
evening. The programs were the work
of one ol" the members of the sorority
and were pansy shaped. The program
consisted of about twenty dances.
The following were entertainers and
Misses Miller. Whitcombo. A11I1I.
Alice Aulcl, Moore. Cady. Casebeer.
Reynolds Bonnell. Lose h. Lulu l.osch,
Lauffer, Walker, Whlttier. Hemic e
Whittier. Mm ray. Salles. Du Toil.
Oriinason, Allen. Ouiiel, itoberts. Chad
wick. Palinei . Stewart Fli.abeth Dovey.
Plattsmouth. Alice Jordan, Kathleen
Fiskme St Paul Ada Kaiuan Oma
ha Messis longle.v. Law lei. Hum
phiey, .Mansfield. Hill, Roberts. Ko
ibue. Giolf, Huso. Barneh. Farney
.'.peisoi. Phillips, Milllken. Blown
Hess Wilson. Pollard. Liissioi . Clark.
Luiidceii. Peteison. Hansen, Koj.s,
Wells. Muelge, Kimball, Jones Matson.
Hawlej. Mills, Joiivenot, Appelget. Po
well. Andreson. Lehmer.
Chapeiones Mr and Mrs. Ode Rec
tor, Mr and Mrs Manahan. Mis. John
Morrison. Mr and Mrs F.d Hignell.
Mrs Casebeer.
VOCATION. Last Wednesday al convocation. Pro
fessor Brunei- gave a very interesting
and Instructive lecture on his recent
Hip to Cent nil America A large num
ber of exceedingly beautiful specimens
of birds, animals and nests were ex
hibited, which showed that the profes
sor had been well repaid for his work.
The difficulties under which the
naturalist must labor while in that
country wore well pictured. The for
est growths are so thick and the small
er plant life so abundant that persons
desiring to explore the country must
constantly use a knife with which to
cut their way.
Every form of plant life, said Pro
fessor Brunei-, is JJled with Insects or
various kinds. There are 770 different
species of birds to lie found In Costa
UIca and Ct5 different kinds of humming
birds alone. The different kinds of
botanical specimens are equally numer
ous, representing those which grow in
the South American countries and
those which grow in North America.
The speaker's story of the nativity of
the different species of birds was vory