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The Daily Nebraskan
, 1
VOL. I, NO. m.
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Bond, Gaines, Hood, Bender, Do Putron,
Rhodes and Raymond appear in the
latter squad, nnd arc daily giving an
exhibition of vory fast ball. Wright.
ProfesBor Wilson, of the Law School, Pre- Thompson and Sheimer liavo also beon
diets an International Arbitra
tion Court to Sottlo
Professor H. H. Wilson of the law
school spoke upon compulsory inter
national arbitration at convocation
yesterday. He said, in substance:
If the atmosphere were suddenly to
be drawn from the room the violent
pressure from without would instantly
crush the walls. The equal distribu
tion is all important. Hut so beauti
fully adjusted is this atmospheric en
velope that we pass through life with
out being conscious of its existence.
So it is with the legal atmosphere of
every community. Many a man passes
through life from the cradle to the
grave unconscious of its existence.
Not very far back in the history, of
the human race the individual depend
ed upon toree for the protection of his
rights. Then the power was taken
from the individual and given to the
public. A judge cannot pass judgment
upon himself, a sheriff cannot serve a
subpoena in a case in which he is in
terested; no man shall be the arbitra
tor of his own case. And yet today the
nations of the earth stand in relations
of absolute savagery.
To be a patriotic American one need
not hate a soul upon earth ; then how
absolutely devoid of sense that nations
should devote hundreds of millions to
maintain armies because this is the
only way to enforce their rights. To
day America stands as the confessed
policeman of the whole western conti
nent. Professor Wilson looks forward con
fidently to the tune when a court shall
be established in which every civilized
nation shall have representation and
no one shall help judge his own cause.
At mat time any nation which refuses
to submit to the rulings of this court
will be considered an international
bully. The spirit of the times Beems to
favor this Btep; and every civilized
nation shall stand pledged to uphold
the court. All civilization is ultimate
ly based on physical force as a last
resort. The decrees of the government
are supported by armed men. The
community stands behind the courts.
And thus the armed nations should
stand behind the common tribunal,
and every man uphold its decisions.
added to this squad as the most prom
ising of the new men, and are show
ing up well.
The unusually fine weather has been
extremely advantageous to the men
and the high wind which at present
prevails is the only disadvantage un
der which they are laboring. The
grounds have been rolled and the
strength of the battalion was called
into use Monday night to remove the
east bleachers to the south side, in
order that the grounds may be ar
ranged immediately.
At the meeting of the athletic board
Wednesday night it was voted to spend
$200 for the purchase of supplies. Nine
new suits will be bought, and, contrary
to the former custom, they will be
grey. The choice of this color was in
accordance with a vote of the men.
These suits must be turned in at the
end of the season, but every man will
be presented with a suit who serves
three years on the team. The old red
suits which were used last year will be
donated to the second team.
I. F. Myers, a student from Broken
How, was taken to the pest house yes
terday. He was suffering from a well
developed case of smallpox. So far
this is the only case reported among
university students.
Dr. Hay, who had the case in charge,
said last night that while Mr. Myers
was in a serious condition, the disease
had not developed enough to show just
what it would amount to. The patient
is being given the best of care and it
is thought that he is in no danger. Dr.
Hay also said that there were a mini-
Captain Smoke Examines a Sito for the
Cadot Enoampmont at that
Place. --Location Al
most Ideal.
Captain Smoke returned yesterday
from Seward, where he went to inspect
grounds for the cadet encampment to
be held In the spring. He was ac
companied by Edgar Clark of the chan
cellor's office.
Hoth Captain Smoke and Mr. Clark
express themselves as well pleased
with the grounds at Seward. The tract
examined Is used for holding the coun
ty fair and were Just newly laid out.
They contain a number of new build
ings which are very neatly painted.
The Blue river runB through the
grounds and furnishes facilities for
bathing and boating. launches are
maintained on the river and may be
used for a distance of three or four
miles from the fair ground..
One of the features that makes the
situation almost ideal for a camp is a
beautiful grove standing near the place
where the tents would be located. This
would provide shade for the cadets.
The center of the race track could be
used as a drill ground and as such
would furnish better facilities for drill
than at any camp held by the battalion
for a number of years.
The only drawback to tho place is
the lack of a good target range. No
suitable bank could be seen, and if
practice were held a pit would have to
be dug.
Seward is on the Burlington railroad,
twenty-five miles from Lincoln. As yet
no proposition has been made by the
citizens to induce the battalion to go
there. The grounds In question lie
example the recent union of Rush
medical school and the University of
The election of officers which was
scheduled to take place last night was
postponed until the next meeting.
Interest In the tournament to be held
by the class basket ball teams Saturday
night Is growing stronger every day.
The rivalry between the freshmen and
the Juniors is especially Htrong, since
neither team has been defeated.
Some of the classes are organizing
rooting squads and will be present In
a body to cheer their favorites to vic
tory. The line-up of the teams is on fol
lows: Juniors. Freshmon.
Ferguson, capt. .Forw'd. ..Lehmer, capt.
Magdanz Forward . . . Mac Donald
Noyes Center Hanklns
Hlltner Guard Hoar
Gilbert Guard Beers
The Une-up for the sophomore-senior
game will be:
Sophomores. Sonlqrs.
Myers Forward Kellog
Elliot Forward Nelson
Newton Center ..Thomas, capt.
capt Guard Teach
Andreson Guard Rose
The games will begin promptly at 8
ber of new cases in the city, nearly a
dozen having come down within the , nbout tlm0 blorUH from tht, edge of
Baseball men now practice regularly
In two squads. All new men who are
trying for positions have orders to
appear on the field at 1:30 and to get
through with their practice in time
for the old men, who do not appear
until 3:30. Captain Bell, Doane, Town-
last few days. It Is urged that ex
traordinary precautions be used to pre
vent the spread of the disease.
town and nearly a half a mile from
the business center.
I Owing to a professional call, Dr.
Word was received yesterday by Sec- Harry Everett waH llnable to attend
rotary Home of the debating assocla- j the meeting of the pre-medlc society
tlon that Colorado had consented to : Jaat nlght In h,B place Dr Ward
postpone the debate with Nebraska un- 1 ta,ked to th0Be preHent on preparation
til April 4. The first date agreed on I tQ tho 8tU(Jy of medicine
fell on one of the days of the Easter I A omnlinHr,i ,, tnr.t thnt t.h
vacation. For this reason Nebraska
asked for a postponement.
The annual dance given by the mem
bers of company B was held last night
at Walsh hall. The floor was crowded
with dancers who, under the charge of nlcal work
medical college and the university have
been drawing closer together in the
last few years. The university Is now
doing the preparatory work that was
formerly a part of the curriculum of
the medical schools. This leaves to
the medical colleges the purely tech-
Tho sophomores met yesterday
morning at 10 o'clock In the old chapel
for the purpose of arranging for a class
party and a baseball team.
Speeches were called for frequently
and enthusiastically applauded. When
ever the sophomore basket ball, base
ball or party was mentioned the ap
plause was deafening. Class spirit was
high. If there has beon any doubt In
the other classes as to the spirit of tho
sophomores, that doubt would certain
ly have been dispelled by a visit to the
It was decided to have a class party,
provided the armory could be obtained
for the purpose. President DavlB will
soon announce the committee.
Clark Bell was elected captain of
the baseball team and Amos Thomas
was chosen manager. Both were called
on for speeches and both responded,
saying that they wanted the players
to get out and work and the rooters
to get out and root.
The president appointed Sam Rees
and I. C. Baldwin to select yells and
organize the rooters.
Master of Ceremonies Eager, enjoyed
the dancing until a late hour. The
affair was purely informal. Most of
the officers and many others wore ca
det uniforms. This Is the last of the
military hops of this season.
As a result of this, said Dr. Ward,
students are Baved much time and ex
pense. Instead of spending four years
In tho university and four years at a
medical Bchool they can now take both
degrees In six years. He cited as an of the farm.
Dean Bessey is working on the
manuscript of a little book dealing
with elementary agriculture, which Is
to appear soon. He Is concerned with'
only that part pertaining to the plants
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