The daily Nebraskan. ([Lincoln, Neb.) 1901-current, March 10, 1902, Page 2, Image 2

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    V.'yff'T 'r
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S"V""V Twvl
k imyuw dTotd to U InUrMU f tk
Unlrtriltr of Nabrtika.
Tho Htwimrtiin Vol. XXX
Tho NtibriiHkun Vol XI
Tim Hciirlot and (Jrotini Vol 1 1 1
Btorllnn II. Mcdiw,
H W. Harbor.
UhiiH. I. Taylor '
UluiH. K. Wells f
it. t. inn,
MunnKliiK Kdltor
F.dltor In-Uhlof
IIuhIiiohm Manager
AhhIhUuiI Edlto
AhhocIiiIo Editors.
V ('. Hullo. It. A. McNown. II. O. Nolson
Win. Owe.
Dftii (hitldhcn.
Kntorod at tho post, ofllpe at Lincoln, Nob.
oh second class mall miiltur
r Th rabtorlptlon prio of th Dally Mcbrat
Uii U C for the oolleff year with a roralar do
Urarr btfor ohapol aaok day. Notlca, oom-
Bmnfcailont, andothar matUr Intended for pub
patlon, mail b handed in at tho Nabraikan
fflo Mfora 7 p. m., or mailed to tho editor be
fiiraSp. m., of the day proTloui to that day on
biqh thay are axpootod to appear.
Sobiorlptloni may b left at tho Nebratkan
offloa, at the Co. Op., or with Builneii Manager.
Bnbrlbora will confer a faror by reporting
promptly at thla office aay failure to reoelre the
AU ohancea In adrertlBlna matter mart beta
ee offloe by 8 p. m. on the day prerloua to that
which they are to appear.
Addreaa all oommanloationa to the Pally No
traakaa, 184 N. lit Bt., Lincoln, NobaU,
t .
Telephone 479.
Tho recont changn of weather was
doubtless accompanied by a wavo of
baseball spirit as was shown by the
lure number of men who came out
for practice last Friday afternoon.
Judging from tho spirit with which
the men aro playing and the interest
manifested by tho students tho baso
bail season promises to bo a very suc
cessful one tnis year.
Tno extract bolow, Trom a city pa
per oxpressos tho opinion of people
not connected with tho university In
regard to student pranks. It Is safo
to say that tho' student body as a
wholo does not look upon such de
preciations with favorablo sentiment
in as much as thoy aro of very rare
'The exceedingly childish past-time
of stealing ico oroam furnlshod onjoy
mont on Saturday of last wook for
tho sophomores of tho state universi
ty. The free.ors and their contents
woro tho property of tho juniors who
wore holding their class party in
tho armory. Such dopredations aro
regarded with favorable stfntlment in
student circles but to other people
tho repotltion of tho samo pranks
seem to Indicate a tiresome lack of
originality. n this ojoaslon tho c.o
packers wore roturnoo later in tho
evening with a note thanking the
juniors for tho refreshments which
had been so much onjoyed.
Tho unlvorslty is blessed with
kinds of sj.udets. As a rulo tho
dustrlous ones prevail, occasionally an
Indolent one may bo found. That
there arc a few over-industrious ones
hero was shown tho other ovoning
when a young couple sat at the north
.door of the chemical laboratory for
two hours in the faco of a cold wind
trying to solvo so mo dinloult prob
lems in mathematics by tho aid of
an aro liirht. It is needless to say
tho library was over-crowed.
Sidle's Sporting Goods House
Tennis, llase Ball and (iymnuaium Goods. Agency for
Herald and National Bicycles. Send us your Repair Work.
1304 O STREET.
PHONE F 1038...
Tho "Roosovolt" program given
by mombors of tho Union Lltorary
society last Friday night was a suc
cessful effort.""" The auolenco presont
was woll pleasod with tho ovonlng's
""Miss Nolson oponed tho program
with a pleasing vocal solo.
Mr. Thomas thon read a paper en
titled. RoosevolfuUKjjnMtton
by Mr. Pospisll who In a clear con
olso style dopicted tho youth, devel-
oplngXth8o talents which flnaljy
iiiado him "a sucoosstul'loador of 'men.
.Mr.' Rrown,Uln an excel 1 out essay
told of tho short milltaryjlfo of tho
president, in which timo his ability
asa manager was'attestcd to by tho
esteem of ills men.
Milok, followed bv reading
oxtracts from "Frontier
Types." Tho extracts Illustrated the
koen power of observation, and
knowledge of Nature, as well as
literary skill which have made Mr.
Roosovolt known to tho lltorary
Miss Mussotor and Mr. Cochran
closed tho program with a skillfully
rendered duot which su pleased tho
audience that tho slngors woro oblig
ed to respond to an encore.
Friday ovoning tho Palladian boys
ontortalned tliogirls with a special
program, tho chief feature of which
was a rarco ontitled. "The Yankee
Duollst." Mr. Hayes assumed the part
of the drawling Yankoo with much
credit to himsoif and to the great
amusomont of tho audience. Miss Storl
ing took tho part of Amanda with
whom tho Yankee was in lovo and
whoso stubborn undo in tho person
of Mr. Bruner, was much opposed to
tho union of tho two. Tho affair
ondod with a duel in which no one
was klllod and a "living happy fur
ovor aftor."
Tho dobato was comical In tho ex
trorno. all tho spoakors proving
thomsolves woll acquainted with tho
humor of the story of Carrio and her
Tho program was as follows:
Piano duot Miss Mussoter,
Dobato Resolved that Carrie
Lion bo commonuoment orator
tho class of llHW.
Affirmative Mr Pierce,
Plaok;! negative, Mr. llowitt,
To bin.
Tonor solo Mr. Ilutton.
Story Mr. McNown.
for Mr.
Soriir by Pall Hoys Quartette
srs. Ilutton, T-iylor, Clark, Stull.
Farco "A Yankee Duollst."
Mr. JIayos, Mr. Prunor, Miss Sterl
ing. Piano solo Miss Wells.
Nicholas Murray Butler, recently
clouted president of Columbia col
leu'o, Now, York, is'a closo friond of
President Roosevelt. llo was a
trussed political adviser of the latter
during his campaigns In New York.
H Is said that a'oabinet portofolio
has been offered him.
The Co0p.
UNI. Pins
Hat Pins
Souvenir Spoons
To tho first three
ladies purchasing
a souvenir spoon
and the first three
gentlemen pur
chasing a fob,
we will give 20
per cent off sell
ing price.
The CoOp.
is not the only place in town but it is THE PLAGE
to buy your Shoes. We have a full line of
the latest style Shoes.
The Omaha
Tenth and Pacific Streets, :
1 The makers of Hawes' I
1 hats say "Advertising I
I is simply this having a I
I good article at the right I
I price and telling all the I
I world you have it." I
I Hawes' $3 New York 1
I hats alpines and
I derbies are good hats I
I at the right price. Five I
I hundred agents sold H
I these hats last year to I
I three hundred thousand I
I men. I
lit art Ikr lot, ajfrmli or tkll aty H
I ewing;clothing I
J Our Spring Line of "
. hats
X Is now complete. T
: : : : Omaha, Neb.
2 ege olYers a graded
course extending1 over four
annual hObsions.
The J 1 vantages and re
quirement of tho college aro
fully up to the requirements
of the present times, and the
conditions laid down by the
association of American Medi
cal Colleges, of which tins
college is (member. For in
formation address.