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The Daily Nebraskan
VOL. I, NO 66
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Dr. Bessey Sets forth tho Advan
tages of Tree Planting Would
Tend to Conserve the
Water Supply.
The president's message in Its ap
plication to forestry was the subject;
of an address by Dr. Bessoy at con
vocation yesterday.
Dr. Bessey defined forestry in tho
words of President Roosovolt In his
message. "Tho fundamental idea of
forestry is tho perpetuation of forests
by uso." A froest, said Dr. Bessey. Is
a rank perennial vegetation which
docs not die aown but keeps growing
from vear to year.
Ho then compared forest land to
pralrio land with referonco to the
amount of moisture bold in tho soil.
-In-the forest-there-ls-a soft-spouayJ
soil filled with sticKS and roots and
envoi cd over with grass and fallen
leaves. This soil acts as a water re
servoir, soaking up largo quantities
of moisture when tho rains come,
and letting it trickle slowly away
through little brooks to water tne
la no. down stream.
"Forests are the sources of all large
rivers," said Dr. Bessey. Ho sh iwed
that the forests also hold the water
in reserve by protecting the ground
from tho wind,, which would other
wise cause evaporation. On the Other
hand, he said, that ram fall on open
land is subject to evaporation and the
ground 60on becomes ory. As there
is nothing to hold tho rain when it
falls, great torreuts rush down the
slopes and cause much damage, then
in a few days the torrents are gone
and tho ground is dry.
Dr. Bessey expressed himself as
well pleased with tho president's at forestry which is shown In
his message where ho says, "The
water .supply Itself depends upon the
forest." In tho arid region it is
water, not laud, which measures
production. Tho western hall of tho
United States would sustain u popu
lation creator than that of the whole
country today if tho waters that
uow run to wasto were saved and
usod for irrigation. The forest and
water problems are perhaps tho most
vital internal questions of the United
States.' In another placo ho savs.
"The. forests are natural reservoirs.
By restraining the stroamB in flood
and replenishing them in drought
they make possiblo the use of water
othorvnse wasted. They prevent the
soil from washing and so oroteot
the fltorngo reservoirs from flhing up
reserved in tho western states and
that ten million more were soon to
bo reserved in tho southern Allc
ghanics. This last summor tho Bur
oau Of Forestry sent a party into
western Nebraska and tho surround
ing region to study tho problem of
making trees grow on tho plains.
"Ton years ago" said Dr. Bessey,
"experiments wero ruado in the sand
hills which provo that pine trees
eighteen foot high can bo grown in
ten yoars. Tho government proposes
to rcscrvo land In Nebraska and plant
Dine on it. If this Is done, in twenty
rears from tho time of planting we
shall havo usuable forest timber."
Questions For Intercollegiate Con
testa Now Being BoloctedA
Special Bullotin to
Tho fact that tho Debating Board
has not announced much interstate
dobating news this week does not
mean that tho board is not pushing
tho matter of" selecting questions to
a conclusion with all possihle speed.
It has not annuonced the questions
beeauso it has not yet succeeded in
coming to aareemont with the three
colleges. It expects, however to
make somo dellnito anouncement by
Walsh Hall, Jan. 16.
Certificates for reduced rates to stu
dents and members of faoulty will bo
issued at the Executive Office Friday
morning for those obliged to leave
on Friday afternoon trainBand Frioay
afternoon for those leaving Friday
evening and Saturday morning. Cer
tificates will also bo issued any time
Saturday. Tlckocs aro only good on
trains leaving Friday und Saturday.
Tho rate 1& one and one-third fare
tomorrow morning.
The desirability of having the
questions settled beforo the Univer
sity clusses tomorrow night, no one
appreciates rooro than the board.
That it has not been able to announce
the questions before today is, tbe
board states, beeauso It is taking
especial care to havo genuinely de
batable questions. Had tho board
boon willing to sottle on a vague,
general question without a dolinite
Issue, It could havo anuounced at
olther the secretary of tho board or
with tho instructor in argumentation
and debate.
In caso tho questions are net decid
ed until after tho candidate leaves
town, tho board will thus bo able to
notify him without delay, and it will
do so in every case, what tho ques
tions arc. Tho best material in tho
University library on tho intorstato
questions will bo resorved at onco so
that it may bo accessible to all con
cerned not only during tho Christmas
recess but also thereafter.
Registration for the preliminary do
bato, tho board voted at Its last
meeting, will not ho closed until a
week uftcr tho last Interstate ques
tion is announced by tho board.
iTThe special offer of 75 cents for the remain
der of this semester made by the daily will posi
tively be withdrawn December 25.
All names must be new, on the list and be ac
companied by cash.
Tho twenty-sixth regular meeting
of the Nebraska section of tho Amer
ican Chemical Socloty will bo hold
in room 4 of tho Chemical laboratory
on Thursday, December 10, at 8 pm.
Tho papers to bo read aro as ft Hows:
Tho Indirect weighing of Quafltl
tativo Precipitates, Roscoo VV.
Thatcher. Report of tho Twenty
fourth General meeting of tho Amer
ican Chemical Society, Professor
Ffudsun H. Nicholson.
All those Interested arc invited to
for the round trip limited until Jan
uary 0, 1002, good to ail points in
Western Passenger Association.
with- silt. Forest conservation 1r
- therBfore:an essential condition ol
wator conservation."
The.8i)crt!:oi' raaldtalned that wo use
our forests too much as a farmer uses
his crops, wo out them down and
leave nothing. He declared tbo for
ests should be preserved for posterity,
and the forestry us a Bclenoo, alms to
show bow to preserve them and at
tho same time use them.
Tho president recopnueuas that the
Un erf States Geological Survey, the
Land, office and tb,a Bureau of Fores
try ho merged into ono office. Dr.
Bessey explained that these three
offices handle different parts of the
forestry work.
Ajlrto, tlio. -work which is being
.done toward the preservation of for-
-eats, Br. Bessev stated that fifty
- :. . . i,. i.-i uJ.
muiion acres ox lureau muu uuu uccu
Tho Seniors will hold tholr class
party tonlgt In tho armorv. Every
attention baa been given to makothc
party a success. Tho armory will bo
decorated prettily with tho Univer
sity and olass colors. Tho entortaln
mont will bo strictly Informal, as It
Is hoped' that tho class will become
better acquainted than at a formal
reception. All seniors aro invited.
The committee wishes to announco
Invite tholr escorts.
The athletio association voted $50
Tuesday evening to tno basket .ball
team. ThlB'money will bo used to
buy a basket ball and eight suits.
Thse suits will bo given to tho eight
men making the nest showing. This
s tho first time in tho history of the
University that tho basket ball team
has had-uniform suits. Tho offer
ing of these suits to tbe 8 best men
will it is thought creatQ enough com
petition and rivalry among tho play
ers to develop a strong team for this
season's games.
The, final examination In Contracts
was given in the Junior Law claGS
least ono question toaav. But the
board has insisted and still is insist
ing on defllto questious. This kind
of a question ono of tho institutions
Nebraska hopes to meet, evidently
does not want to debate on.
With this Institution the debating
board, through .Secretary O. G.
Home, has been arranging in corres
pondence by telegraph as well as mall
tho last thirty-six hours. Tho board
is Insisting on a final reply today and
to oxpedlate the opponent's decision
it has given him not only tbe choice
of one of sevoral questions but also
tbe choice of side.
From another of tbe three Jnstitu-XTbTiTTJelJramnn&njXpTroOiig
Jpn-anyJiour as. to the-question,
What tho intorstato questions aro
to oe tho board will announco bv
bulletin in University Hall Just as
soon as they aro known hero.
To provide, however, for a possiblo
delay of a day or two in settling tho
questions, the board. Issues to those
students who havo already registered
or the preliminary contest and to
.those whose registration is conting
ent utoon tho character of tho ques
tions! the following:
Present and possible candidates for
positions on tho Intorstato debating
teams will, beforo loavlng tho city
for the Christmas recess, leave their
addresses during tho vacation with
A special program of sacred mUBio
lias beon arranged for tho convoca
tion period tomorrow. A number
of features of unusual interest will bo
Tho address of every student,
should bo correct in tho student di
rectory which will bo out in a few
Today and tomorrow are the last
In ffhlch corrections can bo mado.
Students who haye moved since regis
tering should leave their correct ad
dress at Registrar's office at onco.
What promises to bonn Interesting
debato will take place in English 'A
the advanoed class in oral discussion,
this afternoon in tho Supreme Court's
decision on tho Porto Rico tariff case.
Tho question will bo, Resolved,
That the Supreme Court's dcciBiQiUn. wnH.ln
conBlBtent with the provious inter-
pretatluuB of tho constitution by
that court.
Tho speakers for tho affirmative
.will be Messrs, ,C. P. Craft and I,. P.'
Howltt, and for tho negative, Messrs
J. C. Douot and M. L. Hart.
Professor Charles A. Robbing, a now
addition to the faculty corps of crlt-:
ics that is ripping up loose logic', will
co-operate with Instructor Fogg,
criticising the debato from tbe pcint
of view of constitutional law.
Tho 'debato will bo he a in the old
chapel from 2 to 4 o'clock.
Tho vacation in the law school wJU
bo-tbo same as that of. tho Academic
College, beginning Friday evening
December 20 at' G o'clock and ending v,
at8 am. Monday, January."
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