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The Daily Nebraskan
I',, - "'f.'CTSH )'-.- "-rj
VOL. 1 NO. 5-1
Coach Booth's Talents Portrayed by
an Omaha Nowspaper Ath
lete, Literateur, Music
ian and Lawyer.
Oncol the Omaha papers had I lie
lollowlng to sav concerning Coach
Hoot h, in a recent Issue:
W. II. Hooth, head coach or t lie
champion football eh ven of the tinl
vcrsitv of Ncnrar.Ka, is in Omaha tor
lew oays, visiting former college
mates or Princeton, the .school where
the bin gridiron Instiuctor learned
the k'niiic. J
Mr Hoot says iiiat, "he can yet make
no statement as to his plans lor next
year, since he has decided nothing
definitely so far II? Is tho recipient
of several oilers of coaching positions
at dilTerent universities prominent
among which is that Irorn the uni
verity of Wisconsin.
The coach looks every inch the
loitbah ulayer that he is. More than
Six feet tall erect and unuFinlly broad
with great girth of chest, the lamous
center who played on the Tiger team
so many yeais at that position, pre
sents a most striking figure, one that
people turn to follow their eyes.
One look at the giant's race and
his somewhat remarkable success as
an exponent of the college sport is at
once understood. Cleverness, origin
ality, initiative cnift, all are plainly
written tlieie. and behind them Is a
look of grim determination and un
daunted spirit that explains at once
why he holds the an miration and re
spect of Ills men so well.
Hut "Hiimmy" Hooth is not only
an athlete and a born fighter. He is
also endowed to an unusual degree
witli the gentler tastes and accomp
lishments. Possessed of a pleasing
voice, which slums plainly its back
ing ol a fine physique, the coach's
musical attainmets are considerable.
Add to this the taste; of a liter
ateur. widely cognizant In several
languages, and a bachelor's degree in
law, and the man who has br night
the Cornhusker team up to its pres
ent high rank can in no sense be
dubbed narrow or ithleics-bound.
Mr. Hooth intends to immerse him
self completely in tho practico of law
after one more season of coaching.
v I Ie will return to Lincoln today and
will shortly leave for the east, where
he will determine upon his next
year's whorcabouts. Eventually ho
intends to practice his profession in
Thus tar chances are very bright
for the retention of the Princeton
coach by tho University ol Nebraska.
Tho memners of t lie athletic board
are enamored of his work and he is a
unanimous favorite with the stu
dets and the members of the football
sauad. Any otlor made him will un
doubtedly be duplicated by the Uni
versity of Nebraska.
Efforts were made by local lovers
oi football to secure a post-season
, game tor Omaha between the Wis
consin team, cluunpion of the middle
west, ana the Nebraska team,
champion ol the Alissnuri valley
states. The contest was placed lor
Saturday, December 7, and theNc
braskaus had agreed to come, nut a
belated telegram from Manager Kll-
patrick of the Wisconsin team cut
short all further plans. It is said
that tho Hadgers had broken train
ing and could not-come.
1 1 lias been definitely announced
from the executive olllce that the
Christ mas vacatioi will begin Friday
evening December 20 and will contin
ue until Monday morning January .
This will allow students over two
weeks ol release from school work.
It is longer by several days than it
lias been for a nuinbur of years.
A special rate of one and one third
fares has been made to students on
all railroads running out of Lincoln.
The time limit set for these rates
will conlorm to the ion period.
Toe new I niversit y calenders which
have ust been issued h the young
ladies of the association are proving
a decided success ir the manner in
which the students are purchasing
them can be taken as a criterion.
Yesterday within an hour tourteen ( f
them were soul by one firm. An ex
amination of the calender will plain
ly show tne cause of their popularity.
They are souvenirs of the Diversity
uud arc fitting ornaments to adorn
the room of any students.
An address by Coach Hooth will oc
cupy the convocation halt hour this
morning. The coacn will speak on
football. Just what nhase of the
subject he will take up h run, an
The Sophomore lootbali team dosed
a very sucessful season at Kearney
Saturday by defeating the Kearney
military academy team. "
T I lis was the'last of'a series of "six
games; three of which tuey won by
decisive scores. The other three
resulted in tie games with no
score. The Kearney 'naino was the
only "uut or town" game scheduled
by ;iny class team this year, and was
secured through the efforts of Cap
tain Wilson, whose home is at
Kearney. The game was hotly con
tested at all points. The "K. M.
A " boys liowe( themselves to be
formidable opponents, even 11 lacking
the experience ol the "Sophs "
The games played and I lie icsults
are as follows:
Lincoln High school 2nd team, 0,
Sophomores (!. Scrubs, 0, Sopho
mores 0. Freshmen. 0. Sophomores,
2. Lincoln High School 1st team. 0,
Sophomores 0. Sen lors 0, Souho
mores 0. Kearney Military Acade
my (), Sophomores (i.
A letter lias been recently received
from Schuyler Miller stating that he
has at last reached London and has
been joined by Harry Shedd. As he
writes he sa)S that the city is envel
oped in one of those dense fogs. Mr.
Miller also states that he has finally
succeeded in obtaining permission to
enter the Hritish Museum as a reader
and that he is making the nest of his
time in going through the documents
which ho has been desiring tov ex
amine lor some time, and in examin
ing the pictures in the art gallaries.
John L. Kind, instructor in Ger
man in the Omaha high school
sperft his Thanksgiving -vacatj'.n in
Lincoln visiting at the Delta Tan
Athletic Board to Honor Fiftoon
MemborB of tho Football Squad
A Oraduato Manager
a Probability.
Fifteen sweaters with thcllarge N,
tho olllcial Insignia of the athletic
board, will be awarded to as many
men at a special meeting of the
Hoard to he field within a nay or
two. '. The'N's'will b given to those
who'; have'earned thc"right iNQvcar
them by reason "ol service on the
football team during the season just
passed It is probable that the mat
ter of a captain for nexlyear's team
will also receive a share of the at
tention of the hoard at t Ins special
meeting. Tne choice will be made
by the team some time in the future.
While no decisive action will ho
taken in the matter of a manager
for next year until the next regular
meeting of tho board, the fitness of
various candidates will he discussed.
There is a feeling or doubt on the
part of the members as Co just what
will be done when the time comes to
make a choice. As it lies now the
question is one between a student
and a graduate manager with the
chances sor. ewliat in favor of tho
lormer provided a suitable one
can be found. Only a few applica
tions for the position have come in
from the student body, and the lacK
of good material is evident. The in
creasing business attendant on the
new position. Nebraska finds herself
In makes the place-one of consider
able responsmillly. It will Un
doubtedly be a matter of but a year
or two until Nebraska has a salaried
There has heen some talk of select
ing II. A. Tukey, last year's manager
to look alter the finances of the
season next year. Tho story was
started by an Omaha paper. It is
not thought among football men
'that Mr. Tukey would accept the po
sition if it were offered him. Last
year a proposition was to him
but was reiused because- of business
interests in Omaha. It is not likely
that he would leave his business now
to devote his- attention to football.
Manager Cowgill has not expressed
his desire lor a reelection. If a grad
uate Is selected for the position it
will pronably He between these two.
The annual meeting of the "North
western Alumni Association" will
be held in Minneapolis, Minn., next
week. Professor John Hacli McMast
qr, of the College and Mr. K. C.
Kirk, the Dean of the Dental De
partment, will represent the Univer
sity at the reunion. The Associa
tion is composed of seventy-six Penn
sylvania Alumni of whom sixty
six are in Minnesota.
Tne "Colorado Alumni Association
or the University or Pennsylvania"
will also hold Its annual meeting
in Denver, Colorado, next week.
TJie foundation has been laid for
tho collego settlement building and
the carpenters will begin work the
last of the week. Tjero Is only
money enough at present to put up
the outside, but the rooms will be
furnished as qoon as possible.
Ed Tomas supplied a pulpit in tho
church at Murdock last Sunday.
Considerable stir was manifested
the latter part ol last week when an
Item appeared In a city paper to the
nflect that Captain Samuel Smoke, of
tho United States army, graduate ol
Wtst Point Irorn Missouri, had been
appointed at Washington, as Com
niun.1 of Cadets and Instructor in
military tactics at Nebraska Univer
sity. It seems that tho appiontmcnt
has come about through a personal
application of Captain Smoke. This
brief Item has caused more than
usual Interest because of the unset
tled a id dhmptcd stato ol affairs that
exists In the military department,
and because ol the absence ol all
other Information or Knowledge about
tho new apnointiuent .
It is according to rules and regula
tions that a competent regular army
oftlcer should be stationed at the
sMito univcrsit'es, but since, the
breaking out of the late war, when
the former commandant was needed
for service, no other appointrnonts
were to be mane until trouble should
cease and it was possible to again
station an otliccr here.
It has been the desire for some
time on the part f the University
authorities that a regular army man
should receive this appointment and
now tho hopes are to be realized.
When Captain Smoke- will make
his appearance at the University is
all a matter ol conlecture as no in
formation has as yet been received
concerning It. The absorbing ques
tion among the canets is, what effect
wlli his coming have on tne standing
and appointments of olllcers that have
been made, or will he made some
time in the future.
Chrysanthemums at tho green house
are almost a thing of past as they arc
rapidly fading and decreasing in num-
her. The supply Is not large enough
in tho first placo arid tiie lack of room
prohibits these (lowers remaining rar
into tho season. The space they have
occupied will be taken oy geranium
seedlngs iina cuttings of foliage
plants for use next year In campus
Fredrlc V. Taylor, Professor or
Horticulture, Mll-U, has presented tho
green houses with a very valuable
specimen of the l'onsylvanla variety
of the red carina. Several plants havo
already been uropagated and they
will prove useful, additions to next
years' decorativo work.
A double nasturtium has been
added to the plants on hand. It is
very rare in the wat but well known
in the east Tor decoratio purposes.
On account of the lack of room the
growing of roses and caruationp, with
a few exceptions, has been discontin
ued until proper space can bo provid
ed. The Botany department and
the United States experiment station
requires more and more space contin
ually Jrtul it Is gradually keeping
thoso in care of the g'reonhouses from
making additions or ureserving the
stock already on hand. It is feared
that if more room cannot In tlmo be
provided, there will be no way of
cultivating and preserving plants for
the campus.
The Domestic Science class had an
excursion to Rudgo & Ouonzel's yes
terday to learn the construction of
cook stoves.
f A