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The Daily Nebraskan
VOL. I NO. 42
Practice For the Kansas Game Big
Orowd Expected Governor
Bavago to Attend. Great
Interest Manifested.
Tho football practice last evening
waB not of the best sort. Several of
the first team stand-bys wero sent in
early and kept out of scrimmage.
Stringer on account or ins eye,
Kingsbury with bis wounded knee
wore chased around Lbo fence twice
and dismissed. Both of theso bovs
will bo needed Saturday in tho mix
with tho Javbawkers. These South
erners are Nebraska's natural ene
mies on the border. It has always
given a Neoraska team untold pleas
ure to send a pack of Kansas men
home defeated. Thus It is that
Coach Booth is so zealous in the caro
of his students.
The 'Varsity completely smothered
tho Scrubs, but In the doing of the
need thore was lacking that quick,
-snappy play usuallv seen on -Nebraska
field, those nights. It was unques
tionably nuo in part to the novelty of
somo of tho defensivo tactics to bo
given Kansas and which good Coach
Booth saw fit to practice a few times.
Boll filled up Kingsbury's stab for
the work-out. while Cuff and Cran
dall aided tho mighty Pill to koop
Drain quite in. the back held. After
all it was almost tho usual crowd
that scampered over the field.
Speaking about tho Jayhawkers.
they are coming up in a bunch to
support their heroes, both with
money and enthusiasm. They can
claim somo of Nebraska's honor in
tho lights made against Minnesota
and Wisconsin if the Scarlet and
Cream go down before their prow
ne8S. Then besides this, there is that
ancient hunger for Nebraska's scalp.
Nebraska won last year. They havo
that to avenge. But when they get
bore Saturday they will find abroad
something they havo never seen be
foro Nobraska Spirit. It is the crea
tion of ono short year but of Hercu
lean power and strength. And baoK
ot this will be the football team.
They will find the new bleachers and
that -ixray-nrro-T;oTHirreF: Mmragur
Cowglll has arranged to put seats on
sale both down town and at tho Uni
versity, Thursday, Friday and Satur
day. From presont outlooks it seems
that a largo out-of-town crowd will
bo bore. William J. Bryan, Governor
Savage and Staff and other notables
will bo in Tjoxes to witness 1TI6 Mnrile
sons of Nebraska fall with tender
acts on tho representatives of their
Sistor commonwealth. Every loyal
son of Nebraska must go to tno game
Saturday. There must bo present
that Spirit vwhlch can overcome all
.obstacles and do anything.
Tho assuranoo that Governor Sav
age and staff wT no present will
aud something to jho dignity of the
occasion. A careful readjustment of
tho rooters will oe made beforo Sat
urday so that moro effective work
along those linos can bo dnne. A
meeting of tho squad loaders with
Dr. Cloments, was hold yesteraay and
It was dotormined to hold mass
meetings In chapel ono or two morn
lnus this week. Tho old songs will
bo rehearsed and somo now ones
The effectiveness of ttfo rooting
will bo Increased by tho oresonco of
Ilagenow's band. The University
band will Msc bo on tho Hold If terms
can be mado with them. The irarao
promises to arouse the onthusiasm
and bring out tho spirit of the stu
dents as it did several years ago. A
delegation of rooters irom Kansas Is
also looked for.
At least
be con-
Dissatisfaction is abroad among
tho recently applonted caaet olllcers.
H-indlcatlons are correct, resigna
tions will bo handed in today by a
largo number of the officers and non
commissioned officers. It was rum
ored about tho cam pus last night
that tho list would include men of
every rank. Tho greatest complaint
comes from the serceants and it Is
likely that tho bulk of tho resigna
tions will come from them,
two officers are also Baia to
templating taking the step.
The reason for tho step is said to
bo tho disregard of former rafik and
the appiontment of serveal men ovor
the hcaos ot men abo according to
the custom usually followed would
out rank them. 'The malcontents
claim that the recommendations of
last years officers were disregarded,
and men appointed to positions which
they did dot deserve.
The climax will come tonight at
drill. Tt is thought that most of
those who TntohcTto resign wOT have
done so by that time.
The defeat of tho Tlcere last Sat
uraay'was a sore disappointment to
Note'' Y. M. 0. A. Workor Advises
Young People to Sook Roligion
First-Will at the Aud
itorium To-night. .
Fred B. Smith, of Now York City,
a prominent figuro in the national
work of tho Y. M. C. A. spoke to
tho students yesterday morning at
tho convocation hour.
After being introduced by Dean
Sherman he expressed his ploasuro
at having the opportunity of spoak
Inc to such a representative body of
Mr. Smith has had a wonderful
exporlenco In the last few years In
his association with tho Y. M. C. A.
work In tho army, having labored
during tho Spanish-Amcrcan war on
tho advance lino of tho troops. He
Bpoko of his experiences In Cuba aud
of tho difficulty of holding an audi
ence of army men on duty, ano of
what a relief it was to speak in Sing
-Slog prison whoro the mcn-couldnoL
get away. Ho then went on to llkon
college chapol to prison and congrat
ulated himselr on his position before
the studonts in chapel.
Mr. Smith after reading a few
scriptural verses, gave out as tho sub
ject of his remarks, "What Think
ye of Ch-i8t?" He continued by
saying: There aro many problems
in life, and every day wo sottlo a
question which has an influence In
our life. Especially In college llfo
where every one is so busy thoughts
come so rapidly that wo nave not
time to give them ail consideration
"but there is one thing we should not
neglect, and that is the question:
"What think yo of Christ?" If wo
do not acknowledge it now we will
havo to somotime."
God, ho said, has a purpose in
every human life, and llfo will be
narrow and small unless one gives it
freedom, t IslHrportaut to havtrtbo
best collego training and other good
influences, but it is more imporbant
to settle one's relations with God.
Mr. Smith then In closing extondod
ao Invitation to all tho young men
of tho University to attend tho meet
Saxton was In command of tho com
pany during this your and was tho
originator of this plan.
-'ince the llrst organization tho
company has made a far roading
name for itself, and still maintains
tho high standard of oxcelloncy which
was set for it by its foundors.
Among tho captains who havo hart
command and who havo mado the
company what It has benn, aro W.
II. (Jury who Is now colonel in tho
regular army, Chas. Schwartz. C. W.
Weeks now llrst lleutonant in the
Philippines and A. L. Brown captain
for two years.
At proscnt A. M. Hull Is Captain
and 11. C. Pollard Is first sorgeant.
Captain Hull Is a veteran of the
SDanlsh-American war and a bravo
soldier. Sergoant Pollard who was
tho unaulmous cholco of tho com
pany for first sergeant is a
brother of E. M. Pollard tho first
sorgeant of tho original company.
Under its presont commander tho
company will undoubtedly stand in
tho front rank of military oragnlza
tioos. MnnynTcrtiTO traalttnnB-nnd-ploa
ant memories clustored around this
organization, aud Its old members
aro always lined with enthusiasm
when speaking of ll. Among Its
oustoms adherod to is that of giving
an annual ball. This ball is ono of
the most orominont affairs of tho sea
son. Sorgeant Pollard chairman of
tho committee on arrangements Is
making olaborato plans for tho suc
cess of this year's ball which will bo
hold at tho Lincoln hotel December
A ono fare rate Into Llncoln for
tbo Kansas game next Saturday is a
probability. Manager Cowglll, after
cousnltlng with local tiokot agonts
went to Omaha yesterday to talk the
matter oyer with the officials there.
This rate if mado will Insure the
largest crowd that has assembled en
tho camous this season. The fact
that it is an interstate game renders
it of moro than UBual interest.
score down to a reasonable figure
The Kansas City Star salo yesterday:
"Tho Tigers' supporters wore greatly
disappointed at their showing with.
Nooraska Saturday, and the Missouri
team is again back in tho ruck and
looked upon as easy prey for any of
UbiTBmall colleges.- By-tyingr Ottawa
Coach Murphy's eleven gave tho im
pression that thoy hadat last round
ed to, but it was all ovidently a false
alarm, Judging by the score of Satur
day. A 20 or 25 to 0 scoro was ex
pected, but 51 to 0 was too much.
And all the vvhllo tho Kansans wero
playing great ball against Haksell."
that team. While they did not ex-
hear him sneak on tHo subject, "A
Strong Man."
Word oomes from Elmer Shlnber,
ex '02, who Is located at Havana.
Cuba, to the effect that great Inter
est is being manifested in the 'Var
sity football team by tho former stu
dents who uro living in Havana. In
company with 0 other representatives
from the Engineering Department he
had made arrangements to have tbo
results of tho "Northwestern" gamo
cabled In case that game had been
Tho Pershing Rifles which is today
In all probably tho best drilled and
must olliclontly officered company in
the State of Nobraska. was first or
ganized in 1803 when Lieutenant
Pershing picked a company from the
University batallion to go to Omaha
to take part in the international
competitive drill where they won 81,
500 and tho oup whlcn is now so
striven for by tbo companies of tho
Geo. L. Sheldon was captain and
E. M. Pollard "first sergeant of this
company. During the following
year a medal was offered for the best
grilled man in tho company. This
medal was to be won three conscc-
utlve times before becoming tbo
property of the Individual. This sys
tem still continues. Joel Stobblns
and Jeromo Langer are the only men
who have succeed edln winning the
requisite number of times. Captain
Tbo Fresnman Class, after several
Ineffectual attempts at organiazton,
succeeded in filling out tho balance
of the offices yesterday forenoon.
Mr. uefler was elected vice presi
dent. Hunter and Dumont wero the
othor nominees for vlco president.
Mju -Dumont withdraw in favor of
Hunter Tbo voto on final ballot
Stood Lefior 45; Hunter 18.
Messrs Frank Beers and Mr. Barks
were nominated for treasurer. Frank
Boors was elected.
Miss Ruth Bryan was unanimously
L. M. Turnor
Sereeantmt) arms.
Burdotto Lewis was chosen presi
dent at a previous meeting of tbo
were ap-
a yoll
Messrs Bruce ano BTlloy
pointed a committee to select
for the class.
Forecast, for xjlncoln and violnity:
Wednesday fair; slight change
Weather report for 24 hours ending
7 pm. Tuesday.
HI chest temperature 58 degrees, fie
curing at 3:30 pm.
Lowest tomperature, 27 degrees,
occurlng at 7:15 pm.
Mean temperature 42 degrees,
wbloh Is 3 degrees above the normal.
No Precipitation.
Section Director.
First-Glass kerosene Oil Heater for
sale. Address, box 10, Station A,
L .'-
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