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The Daily Nebraskan
VOL.1. NO. 20.
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Minnesota Snu'i'H Nineteen. - f si 1""
Y stover .iimI the Bos l'ut ii
.1 I'IucUn Fiirlit Airaiimt
Ili-ivy Odds. Detail
if tin (Jaine.
L T.
The lineup of the team was us
Minnesota, Rotors, L E. Fee
Flynn. L G. Pago, ('. Mueller. It G,
Evans. Thorpe, It T. Aune. It E, no
bio. Q. Allen. L H. LaFans. R H.
Nebraska C Shedd, R E, Westover.
('apt . it T Koehler. C. Ringer, L ('..
Strlngei. Vohs. L T. Cortelyou, L T,
Dra.n. Q. (', Shedd. Render. - H.
Kingsbury. L H. Crandall. L II Pills
bury. F B
Nebraska won the toss and chose the
weRt goal. There was a slight wind
fioni the north. At .'1 4(! Knowlton
kicked off behind the goal lines. String
er kicked out 50 yards. Minnesota
got the ball in the middle of the
Held LaFans was sent around light
end hut to no avail On the next play
the Gophers fumbled Nebiaska got
the ball Then Pill plugged thro
ils?ht tackle for live yards Then
again for three Kingbury made
nothing aiound left end. Shedd made
u ard tin o light tackle Nebraska
could gain nothing on the next play,
and the pigskin went to the giants.
LaFans plugod thio right guam for
2 yards Then Nebraska got the ball
on off side play Pill bucked center for
three The same thing and no gain.
Pill tiled left back but for no gain
Minnesota's ball Allen tiled, went
thro right side for seven yards Made
yards on the same thing again. La
Fans went around left end for two
yards Knowlton made six yards thro
left. All'jll bucked left tackle for
three yaids Allen tried the sania
thing again but "Dad" Westover broke
lino and spoiled the play.
Knowlton punted for sixty yards and
Diain brought back ten. The ball
was then on Nebiaska'a twenty-Hve
yaid line Plllsbury made a yard thro
cnn tut. Nebraska got ten yaids on
Minnesota's off side play Pill tried
ilslit tackle but no gain Nebraska
got ten yards more on a foul by Min
nebota Kingsbury made nothing thro
left guard Nebraska failed to make
required K gains. Minnesota's ball in
center of field. Allen made no gain
thro Westover. Knowlton made a
yard thro left guard. LaFans went
thro right end on a masB play for
yaids. Here Knowlton brojte IiIb fin
ger. He continued at full. LaFans
made two yards around end again.
Knowlton Bent thro left tackle for.
three yards. LaFans plugged 'center
for yards. Allen went thro right
tackle for one yard. He tried again,
hut nothing .resulted. Knowlton
punched thro right guard for yards.
Minnesota fumbled but recoveredthe
ball. The ball was now on "Nebraska's
10-yard line. It was the third down
and four yards to gain. Rodgers, the
Carlyle Indian tried a drop kick for
goal but missed. Nebraska kicked out
for thirty yards. Cortelyou tackled
Knowlton on the forty yard line. Min
nesota tried WeBtover'B tackle for no
gain. Allen hit the line for one yard.
He went thro right side for two yards.
He plugged the left side for two.
LaFans crowded thro the line for
yards Made a yard thro right end.
LaFftns failed thro left end It was
Minnesota's last down on the forty
yard line, four yards to gain. The In
dian made a pretty trial for goal but
failed Stringer punted and the
Gophers returned twenty yards It
was Minnesota's ball on Nebraska's
lS-yard line. Nebraska's backers
were fearful Allen bucked thro left
guard for one yard. LaFans the Bame
place for two ynrds. Aune bucked
loft side for a yard. Here Minnesota
got ten yards on an off side play. La
Fans went thro left side for four yards.
Knowlton plugged right side for yards
Allen thio the same place for two
jaids. Here Nebraska got the ball
on a foul by Minnesota Stringer
fell back to punt, but the ball was
fumbled. Minnesota forced Nebraska
to down the ball behind the goal lines,
thus scoring a Hafety and two points
for the Northerns The bleachers rose
and waved their colored tongues, yell
ing madly a t the first blood drawn
Stilnger kicked from 125-yard line.
Kingsbuiy made pietty tackle downing
Knowlton in the center of the field
Alien tried right side for three yards
Repeated for one LaFans made yards
on left side Here Hrew letlred from
the game Shedd went into guard
and Render came to right half Hrew
had been sick all moinlng and entered
the game under protest from Coach
Booth and I)r Buckley Minnesota
punted fifty yards Drain returned
five yards. Kingsbuiy made two yards
around right end Render made one
around left end. Minnesota got the
ball on downs Allen tried center.
LaFans plugged thio loft side for 3
yads Knowlton wont thro left side
for yards. Minnesota made yards
again in a fake to other side Allon
made no gain thro the line. It was
third down and four yards to gain
on Nebraska's five yard line. The
bleachers thundered encouragement on
one side, discouragement from Nebras
kas Westover's men held the Goph
ers and It was Nebraska's ball on
their two yard Rue
Nebraska got ten yaids on off-side
play by Minnesota. Kingsbury made
three yards around right end. Ne
braska fumbled again. Bender punted
thirty yards. Cortelyou tackled
Knowlton as he caught the ball.
Minnesota got twenty yards for inter
fering with free catch.
Allen made one yard LaFan3 two
thro left side, ent around left end for
yards. Aune made one yard thro left
side. La Fa n b tried it again but no
gain. Allen made two yards thro
right side. Allen tried a play around
right end for seven yards. Minnesota
got two yards on off side play. This
brot the Northerners to Nobraskas 4
yard line. Allen tried the line for
no gain. He tried center but only got
a yard It was the third down and
two yards to gain. Nebraska got the
ball on a fumble and kicked twenty
yards: Minnesota got the ball on trie
twenty-five yard line. Allon made two
yard thro right side. Rogers made
yard around right end. LaFans buck
ed left side for four yards, again for
yards. Aune for four yards. Allen
made no gain around right. I-ee cai
rled the ball over for a touch down
on the next play Knowlton missed
goal, score 7 to 0
There remained but two minutes
to play Stringer kicked oft for forty-five
yards Minnesota returned
tn yards Allon made no gain
thio right side Minnesota fumbled.
Then punted Drain fumbled but
downed the ball Kingsbury went
around rl?ht end for three ynrds. On
a fake quarter back play Nebraska
fumbled Half over at 3-18 with the
ball on Nebraska's thirty-five yard
ljne Score. 7 to 0.
During halves the Mlnpesota cornet
band marched and played about the
gridiron to the pleasure and enjoy
ment of the happy giants. Some chap
waved a Minesota flag over by the ar
mory and pandomlnium reigned.
Nebraska kicked off 35 yards. Rog
ciH skirted Nebraska's left end for
twenty-five yards. Drain made a
pretty tackle shutting off a clear field.
LaFans made two yards thro left end.
Anno made yards. Aune plugged left
tackle for two yards. Then Minnesota
began a mnich down the field, slow but
bine, dreadful to Nebraska. Westover
was hurt Minesota made no gain
on fake center play LaFans bicked
left side for one yard Minnesota
fumbled. Nebraska got ball on forty
five yard lino Kingsbury lost four
yard on an end run, Render made
two yards aiound left end Stringer
kicked to Minnesota's fifty yard line
LaFuns made two yards thro center.
Allen made a pietty ten yard spurt
aiound Shedds' end. Fumbled. Knowlton
ton made three yards thro center. La
Fans made yards thro left side. Again
four. Aune mado yards. Rogers made
three yards thro right side. Allen
made yards around right end. Klngs
buiywas hurt and retired in favor
of Crandall Minnesota made three
yards in aultlng the line. Aune made
yards on an end run Rogers made three
around right end. LaFans bucked
center for nothing. It was Nebraska's
ball on their twenty-five yard line.
Plllsbury made eight yards thro cen
ter. Crandall loBt one yard on end
urn. It was third down and 4 1-2 to
gain. Stringer kicked fifty yards
Drain got down the field but Inter
fered with Knowlton on a fair catch
and Nebraska lost thirty yards. Evans
went out of the game here and Thorpe
came in. It was Minnesota's ball on
Nebraska's forty-five yard line. Rog
ers made three yards thro right sido.
Aune yards thro left side. Rogers two
around right side. Aune five thro left.
Rogers two thro right side. Allen
two thro right side. LaFans went
thro left side yards. Here Nebraska
got the ball on off side play. Minne
sota recovered the hall on the noxt
play for the same offense. Then Min
nesota began her march for a second
touchdown. Rogers went around
right for yards. Aune thro left for
yardB. Rogers around right for yardB.
Then the Indian skirted the line from
Nebraska's two yard line for a touch
down. Knowlton kicked goal. Score
13 to 0.
Stringer kicked off for fifty- yards.
Doble returned twenty. LaFans tried
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With the V. M. ('. A. Plans Out
lined for Ililde and MiHHion
Stud. Sunday Talk to
E. T. Colton, International College
Secretary for the West, arrived at the
University Saturday morning for a
two day'B visit with the Association
here. - At first it seemed unfortunate
that he should have been scheduled
here at it time when the Interests of
our young men were so much centered
In the Minnesota-Nebraska game, but
notwithstanding this, he found Secre
tary Hubhell nnd several of the Cabl
net members here and preparations
were at once made for committee
meetings and private Interviews.
The rorenoon was largely taken
up by Interviews with the Cabinet
and points of Interest relative to our
Association were discussed. At 1:30
Mr. Colton met the Bible Study Com
mittee, which, thro the efforts of the
chairman, had been already doing
vory efficient work. One hour was
spent In this very interesting confer
ence, and the Committee, which was
well represented, will be able to still
further systemalzo and carry out their
important duties.
Mr Colton Is constantly visiting
th largest universities and colleges
from the Pnclflc Coast east to Illinois
and Michigan, with the express pur
pose of getting the best plans of As
sociation work and then giving them
out again to other associations. As
a result, he Is well posted on Associa
tion work In general and committee
plans as well and his suggestions are
very valuable. At 2:30, the Missionary
Committee met Mr. Colton to plan with
him Its lino of work for the present
year and also to decide on the nature
of the Sunday meeting.
The Committee .expects to equip a
reading table in the rooms with the
curont missionary magazines and in-
terestlng and instructive books on
missions to the reading of which all
men nro welcome.
From 3 30 to 4:30, Mr. Colton, who is
an ex-football man, was in the chapel
and read with Interest the bulletins
of the game In the north.
Yesterday was "Mission Study"
Sunday and at 4 p. m. about forty men
gathered at the rooms and listened to
one of the most earnest and emphatic
addresses that has been given before
the Association Jor some time. Mr.
Colton spoke on "A Catf to Missionary
ntelllgence." He began by remark
ing that altho the Nebraskans had
seemingly nearly all gone to Minne
sota they had evidently forgotten to
take touchdowns and the weather with
Mr. Colton said that nearly the en
tire student body of our country do
cldo upon their life work with prac
tically no knowledge either of the at
tainments or the needs of twenty
sixths of the world's population. He
asked for a wider view point on the
part of students.
He showed that a mon'Jndtead of
wasting his life If he enters foreign
work, no matter In what vocation, Is
much more apt to waste It ox a,t ledst
to have his influence for good, dwarfed
in this country where every position
is soiglit after by scores of men.
Flnnlly he showed that the call to
missionary activity was nO greater
upon such men as Paton, Pitkin and
Brockmajx than it is upon other men.
and the larger life which it led them
to seek and know -ought to energize
all men to intelligently seek the place
of largest Influenco and power In the
salvation of the- world.
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