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The Daily Nebraskan
VOL. I. NO. in.
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-4 41
Iim-nlii Doctors Kaaily I ofi'iit'! in
a Thirty Minute Contest
IMllsbury Again in
(he (ijimc.
Then1 was a game yesterday aftcr
noon on Nebraska field. Thr Lincoln
Medics with their grips and scalpels
trotted onto the gridiron about 4
o'clock. Thirty minutes later they
disappeared through the gate, beaten
by a score of 18 to 0. Nebraska had
scored three times. Stringer kicking as
many goals. Quito a smattering of stu
dents decorated the south and west
bleachers. Cheering was rife and the
Varsitj yell was actually given sev
eral times.
The Medics' put up a keen article
of football and deserve mention. Their
line was heavy and speedy. At one
time they punched through the 'Varsity
for gain agter gain over thirty-five
yaids. Then the 'Varsity braced and
got the ball. A touch-down followed
a moment later The Doctors were ut
terly unable to defend their goal The
way Nebiaska Interference linked
aiound the ends was wonderful. The
Medics on the other hand could not
gain a .ml on end plays Shedd or
Coitelyou stopped end plays befoie
they fonned Another noticeable thing
was the a Nebraska's ends got
down the field on punts They downed
the catcher as soon as the ball was in
his hands C.eoige Shedd litnbeied out
.it full tonight and the students were
joy ful. He is In old foi in and plays
both Indhldual and mass football In
bucking the line Nebraska hasjiever
had bis superior. In interfei ence he
is alwas there Pillsbuiy Is out. too.
Minnesota will hae to face her hoo
doo, "i ill" donned the moleskins
yr,terda He plays as fine as ever,
lle punts long and hard "Pill" neer
was much on the kick before and his
punting abilities came as a joyful sui to the. rooters.
Considerable time was devoted to
"Baby" Hickle of Ashland. He is be
ing worked up for u sub center. He
weighs consldeiable over the two hun
dred notch and is light on his feet for
his avordupois. Tobin was given a
trial on the 'Varsity at guard. He put
up a steady, heady play. Kingsbury
played full in his usual good form, al
ternating vlth Shedd. Ryan was not
out In uniform owing to his shoulder.
Bell did not apoar on the Held.
Nebraska Is becoming more confi
dent of a star team as every day goes
by. If Coach Williams' husky north
erners win from Coach Booth's boys
It will be because they play phenome
nal ball twice better than the season
Here are some of the men who will
go to Minnesota weurlng the Hcarlet
and cream: Koehler, Captain West
over. Shedd, George Shedd, Drain,
Ryan, Stringer, Ringer, Brew, Cortel
you, Crandall, Eager, Bender, Mulli
gan, Kingsbury, Pillshury, Maloney,
Bell, Johnson and Hickle.
Doane College plays against the
'Varsity Suturday. There will be a
rooters' section, reserved. Every man
should get some kind of a megaphone
ami prepare for events. Tonight on
Nebiaska field the rooting club roots
again. Come out and be somebody.
Help the t'niversity beat Minnesota.
Line-up of yesterday's game
Nebraska MedlcR.
Shedd L. K Campbell
West over I. T . . Unlng
Brew . . .1,. (1. . .. McCreedy
Koehlei . . .(' . Spealnian
Tobin R. 0 ... Smith
Stringer R. T Stiff
Cortelyou . R. 10. . .. Ilenton
Drain Q Latta
Mulligan R. H. Carr
Crandall L H Cressman
(1 Shedd.
Kingsbury V ... Stewart
Kxpi'UHOH for the Year Kniimcralnl
How the Money Will he
Spent New Series of
The Sophomore class met yesterday
morning at 10 o'clock in the old chapel
and elected ofllcers for the first semes
ter The following is the ticket elected
R. A. McNown. piesident. I. C Bald
win, vice president; Miss Jeter, secre
tary, Miss Edholm. treasurer, and
Charles R. Weeks, sergeant-at-arms
The largest number of sophomores
The cabinet mem be: s of the Y M C.
A and three of the boa id of dliectors.
Dr. H. B Ward. Dr. A. Ross Hill and
I)r B. L Paine, gathered at the city
Y. M. C A building last eening and
lunched together, previous to taking
up important matters In regard to the
finances and annual budget of the as
sociation. The social feature of the
luncheon was planned In honor of Mr
Hubble, the new association secre
tary The budget for this year as finally
made up is as follows
Salary of general secretary. . .$300 00
Improvement of rooms 7f 00
Telephone rental 3G 00
Commandant F. D. Eager leaves to
day for Western. Neb., where he will
he married Friday morning to Miss
Bertha Donzella Sawyer. After the
ceiemony the bridal pair will leave for
an extended trip thidugh the south
and oarit They will go first to New
Orleans and from there will take a
boat to Cuba. After visiting points
of interest on the Island they will sail
for New York and return homeby
way of BufTalo and Washington. The
entire trip will occupy about a month.
The bride Is a young lady of rare
accomplishments and popularity. She
Is a graduate of Doane College.
During Commandant Eagcr's ab
sence the cadet battalion will be In
charge of Captain Wilson of Lincoln.
i Printing
')0 00
Salary of janitor 22 00
International committee 4f 00
State committee 20 00
! Foreign missions
Football RaUy
This Afternoon at 4:30
Come and Bring a Tlegaphone.
that has yet been assembled, turned
out to the meeting yesteiday. The.
west section of seats was filled with
gills and the large hall presented
something of its old time appearance.
The piincipal featuie of the business
was the election of a president Mr.
McNown and Mr. Weeks were the can
didates The meeting was called to
order by Vice President Weeks, but
President Chambers arrived later and
took the chair.
A motion for an informal ballot on
president was voted down. Then Mr.
Buckner nominated McNown and L.
M. Huntington placed before the class
the name ot C. R. Weeks. The ballot
resulted, McNown, 120; Weeks, 17.
I. C. Baldwin was the only candi
date for vice president, and wub elected
Miss Elizabeth Jeter was elected
unanimously for secretary. Several
candidates were put up for class treas
urer. Miss Edholm was elected. For
sergeant-at-arms, C. R. Weeks was
elected unanimously, he being the re
tiring vice president.
The new president has not yet an
nounced any appointments. The
Sophomore hop committee will be the
first, and Is quite important, as this is
one of the most popular dancing par
ties of the year.
So iul woik 40 00
Office and incidental expenses 25 00
City missions Kl 00
Toi onto conference 15 00
Outstanding obligations 150 00
Total $81G 00
It might be stated that there is on
hand In cash and pledges a sum
amounting to about one hundred and
twenty dollars which will partly de
fray the Bmall obligations of the asso
ciation. The members of the cabinet are very
enthusiastic Id regard to the prospect
for this year's work and great expec
tations are Repressed for the near fu
ture. Mr. Hubble lends considerable
force and energy to the work and his
strength in association work is now
being shown.
There will be a speclul effort made
this year for the general Improvement
of the rooms and It is hoped to make
them the most popular and pleasant
gathering places on the campus.
Rumors are afloat in regard to some
unique social feature being planned
to occur some time about the holi
days thut will be a credit to the University.
Registration In the law school num
bers about the same this year afl It did
this time last year. If anything, there
is a slight increase in the enrollment.
Last night theie were 119 on the roll.
Owing to the Increase In the require
ments for entrance to advanced stand
ing, the number entering the senior
class Is somewhat reduced this year.
Those who have studied in law ofllces
aie required to present certificates
fiom the firm under whom they studied
showing what work was done In the
office and in addition take the Junior
examinations. This has had the effect
of leduclug the number of applicants
for advanced standing from twenty to
tluee. One of the three who took the
ex-iflnination failed to qualify and was
not allowed to enter as a senior.
Another effect of this rule hu been
to even up the two classes. Last year
the aenloi ( lasd was almost one-third
laier than the Junior class. This
goes to show that a large number do
not take the Junior work In college, but
entei the laBt year In order to be ad
mitted to tho bar by means of their
certificate. This year the two classes
aie about evenly divided. This the au
thorities say is as ft should be and
shows a more healthful state of af
fairs than existed formerly.
The college has taken a very decided
stand this year against correspondent
aad night schools. Neither of these
cfasses are recognized although a large
number of certificates from them are
presented every year.
Under normal conditions it is
thought that registration would be
much larger this year than ever before.
The Dally Nebraskan has arranged
for special telegraphic reports from
the big game at Minneapolis a week
from Saturday, Bulletins will bo sent
direct from the, gridiron every few
minutes during the play. They will
be announced from some convenient
place on the campus and posted on a
bulletin board.
All members of the Dally Nebraskan
staff are requested to call at the office,
134 No. 11th st.. between 1 and 1:30
o'clock this afternoon. Those who
desire to join the Btaff are also asked
to call.
Frank Mansfield of Omaha visited the
University this Aveek.
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