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Entered at the postofflce at Nebraska City
Neb. , as Second Class matter , July 29th , 1898.
The attempt to
erican people with
the spectre of usurpation only makes a
general laugh. It is as absurdly pre
dicted by the paroxysmal exhorters for
Bryanarchy in the year nineteen hun
dred as the same emotional economists
prophesied the commercial calamities to
follow the gold standard in 1890.
In that year the candidate for the
presidency standing upon "that bad
eminence , " the Chicago platform , with
vehemence and zeal , proclaimed :
"The democratic party has begun a
war of extermination against the gold
standard. We ask no quarter , we give
no quarter. We shall prosecute our
warfare until there is not an American
citizen that dares to advocate a gold
standard policy. You ask why ? We
reply that the gold standard is a conspi
racy against the human race , and that
we should no more join it than we
would an army marching to destroy our
homes and to destroy our families.
"We believe that no language can
overstate the infinite distress that the
gold standard means to the human race.
"I believe we shall win now. But
whether we win now or not , we have
begun a warfare against the gold stand
ard , which shall continue until the gold
standard is driven from our shores back
to England. "
Ho wean a clear- eyed and unerring
prophet like Mr. Bryan , whose eloquent
tongue is constantly hurling hunks of
wisdom and gobs of truth into the re
ceptive brain pans of the plain people ,
stop this "war of extermination against
the gold standard , " for the purpose of
slaughtering a few incohate imperators ?
How can Ool. Bryan , who says "we
Dolieve that no language can overstate
; he infinite distress that the gold stan
dard means to the human race , " pause a
moment to merely squelch a king , a
monarch here and there ?
"The gold standard is a conspiracy
against the human race" and can Ool.
Bryan permit that conspiracy to cul
minate and catastrophe to come down
upon the human race like an avalanche
while he wanders off to knock poor ,
little Paramount Imperialism in the
head ?
What are a thousand kings and a mil
lion of imperators in the United States
compared to that Satanic conspiracy of
the gold standard against the whole
human race ?
"We have begun a warfare against
the gold standard which shall continue
until the gold standard is driven from
our shores back to England. " And ,
having so valorously spoken , how can
the great and only peerless now pause in
his ohivalrio charge upon the gold stan
dard merely to crush , under his thumb
nail , a few incipient microbes of'royalty
developing in the McKinley incubator ?
Why not , Oh ! Valiant and peerless
one , continue your deadly onslaught upon
the accursed gold standard ? Why miti
gate your majestic wrath as to that
octopnsal , plutocratic "paramount ?
Why switch off to another track and
plunge headlong to a deadly collision
with the paramount imperial train of
the money combine , the trusts , Mark
Hanna and Major McKinley to become ,
in November , 1900 , the paramount poli
tical cadaver of this wicked dollar-
above-the-man age ? Oh , why change
paramonnts ? Why dismount from the
paramount of eighteen ninety-six to be
thrown and stamped upon in attempting
to mount the paramount of 1900 ?
BANKS.The report of the
condition of Ne
braska banks , exclusive of Lincoln and
Omaha , at the close of business June
29 , 1900 , has just been made public. It
shows a most encouraging condition ,
financially , among the farmers of the
state as they are , in the main , the de
positors in country banks. Individual
deposits increased over $1,000,000 since
last April. The increase was from
$18,208,192 to $19,848,861. The gain in
the holdings of gold coin was $100,000
for the same period. The reserve has
also increased about 6 per cent. The
peerless prophet of disaster will certain
ly "view with alarm" these unmistak
able evidences of prosperity.
mount IB paramount -
mount to the domestic cat so is the free-
coinage-of-silver-at-16-to 1 issue para
mount to the imperialistic issues recent
ly hatched out by our peerless leader in
his Kansas City incubator. That was
the first brood of issues born of elec
tricity. Every one of them was begot
ten by the Lincoln lines of telephone and
telegraph. Issues by wire , issues while
you wait , issues by fiat are the mirac
ulous products of Bryanarchy.
the declaration of
the Kansas Oity convention , the Ger
man voters are still of the opinion that
honest money is the paramount issue in
the campaign. Dr. Pretorins , editor of
the Westliche Post , of St. Louis , al
though an ardent anti-expansionist , will
not support Bryan. In 1896 the doctor
was a staunch advocate of honest
money and he believes the money ques
tion is this year the most important issue
before the American people.
In explaining his position , he says :
1 'I have not abandoned my views , nor
do I consider it necessary or possible for
any man to shape his principles to full
conformity in order to support a candi
date or platform * * * Especially
am I opposed to free silver at 16 to 1.
No more dangerous political heresy has
been promulgated in recent years , and
the Westliche Post will look upon it as
an imperative duty to fight it until it is
squelched. Expansion is comparatively
an academic question ; free silver is
practical. "
The resolution adopted at Kansas Oity
expressing sympathy for the Boers , a
direct appeal to anti-English prejudice ,
does not appear to influence the doctor.
He says :
"As to the declarations of the two
platforms on the South African war , I
understand that it is necessary for the
republican party to take a conservative
position , it being the administration
party. As far as the government is con
cerned , it cannot actively interfere in
that contest , and the only thing that
can be done by it or any party is to give
the Boers moral support. The admin
istration acted with kindness in causing
its representatives to transmit to the
Transvaal the funds of which I had
charge , and it should be remembered
that it was President MoKinley who
offered the good offices of this govern
ment in settling the quarrel , "