The Conservative (Nebraska City, Neb.) 1898-1902, February 02, 1899, Page 14, Image 14

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    i 14 t bc Conservative.
accurate test ; for investment may in-
clndo "injudicious contracts , poor engi
neering , unusually high cost of material ,
rascality on the part of those engaged in
the construction or management of the
property , " and may bo far in excess of
the actual value of the property. Act
ual value of property is a good test , but
this is not always easy to determine.
At another time THE CONSERVATIVE
will quote further from the valuable and
instructive pamphlet of Mr. Dixon.
The palm of victory should by all
means bo given to Mr. Charles Dudley
Warner. His latest achievement in
book production is truly the grandest
work of the century. The ' 'Library of
the World's Best Literature , " as it is
happily called , might also well bo termed
the crowning of the world's best efforts
in the making of books. It is an embodi
ment of modern taste , judgment and
scholarship applied to the creation of a
treasure for both practical use and
supreme literary enjoyment.
To describe this magnificent "Library"
in a brief notice is simply impossible.
The great magazines of our time have
vied with each other in attempting it ,
and have returned to the subject again
and again , yet still leave much unsaid
both of prais o and description. Lot us
try to imagine in one vast work the his
tory and analysis of all great books and
literatures , the lives of all distinguished
writers , orators and thinkers , the critical
review and interpretation of the master
spirits of the past by the most competent
living judges and specialists , and finally
a complete library of the choicest literary
creations that have been given to the
world in all lands and times.
The mind is simply amazed at the
scope and magnitude of such a unique
work. And yet it was not made for
scholars alouo. It is thoroughly useful
and practical to all who cau read. It is
educational in the highest degree. It is
helpful to the inexperienced. It is
enjoyable to the most cultured and re
fined. It is inexhaustibly entertaining
oven to the more idler. It rejoices and
satisfies every mood and tense of thought ,
"from grave to gay , from lively to
severe , " so far as this may be done by
the poetry , prose , history , essays , biogra
phy , oratory , science , romance , humor ,
wit and wisdom of all ages and nations.
The mechanical features of the work are
in harmony with its noble plan. Over a
thousand portraits of authors embellish
its pages. It is besides a very marvel of
typographic beauty.
The introductory edition of the
"Library" is now obtainable through
the Warner Library Club at special
prices and terms , so as to place some
missionary sets in each locality. Wo
strongly advise all who desire to secure
this treasure to send name and address
on a postal card for particulars to
Western Headquarters ,
512-518 Paxtou Blk. Omaha , Nob.
The cold weather of the last few
weeks causes some very good people to
wish for homes in the sunny South and
there will be the usual amount of de
partures from this to that region during
the year 1899. Attention is called to an
advertisement of lands for sale in Geor
gia which may be found in another
The Affairs
of Europe
are faithfully portrayed in the original and
exclusive cable dispatches which THE CHI
CAGO RECORD prints daily from the leading
capitals of the old world. This magnificent
special service is in process of being greatly
extended so as to include every important
city in Europe ; and it is supplemented by
the full regular cable service of The Asso
ciated Press.
The Chicago Record , alone of all American
newspapers outside New York city ,
now prints original and exclusive
cable dispatches daily from
the leading capitals of Europe.
Georgia Lands For Sale
7COO acres of land at reasonable prices.
$7 and $10 to $12 an acre. These lands
are splendidly located and well adapted
to agriculture and horticulture. ' North
ern colonists are much desired and
special inducements for their settlement
are offered. Fine brick clay in abund
ance ; magnificent primitive forests of
yellow pine abound. Lime rock for
building purposes is abundant. Phos
phate beds are found in the vicinity.
For further particulars , address
CO. ,
Bainforiclge , Oa.
"The Perfect" Sprayer.
Will spray the orchard as well
as the potato patch.
Is the Best , the Most Effective , the Lightest ,
the Simplest , the Cheapest Machine
on the Market.
Uses the least poison I Uses the least water I
Never injures the plants 1 One pint equal to
ton gallons ! Works equally well with dry
No Farmer , GardenerJFlorist , Fruit Grower ,
or Poultryman can afford to bq without this
machine for one hundred times its cost.
For expelling and destroying potato bugs ,
cabbage , currant , tomato , tobacco and cotton
worms , plum curculios , codling moth and
canker worms , raspberry , strawberry , pear
and rose slugs , striped flea beetle , cucumber
and melon beetle , cattle , horse , hog and hen
lice , clothes moth , dog fleas. It will also pre
vent mildew on grapes , plums , apples , peaches ,
cherries , berries , cotton , and all kinds of fruit
and vegetables , when the proper remedies are
applied with this machine.
The saving of material with this machine over any
other will quickly pay for It many times.
A pound of poison in the pocket , a bucket of
water in the hand , and a Perfect Sprayer , the
farmer can go out and kill the bugs on a whole
field of potatoes or other crops in one-tenth
the time consumed in the old way.
For prices and further information address
( mentioning THE CONSERVATIVE )
Marshall , Mich.
Seeds Grow
and are always the
Best that Grow !
as proved by thousands of trials at our famous
FORDHOOK FAKMS , the largest trial grounds
in America.
Farm Annual
for 1899 mailed FREE to all
A handsome new book of 176 pages , tells
the plain truth about Seeds , including rare
Novelties which cannot be bail elhehere. .
Beautiful colored plates and hundreds of illus
trations from nature. Gives practicnl informa
tion of real value to all \\lio would raise the
choicest Vegetables and most beautiful Flowers.
Write a postal card TO-DAY I
W. ATLEE BURPEE & CO. , Philadelphia