The Conservative (Nebraska City, Neb.) 1898-1902, December 15, 1898, Image 1

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Ouo dollar and a half par year , in advance ,
postpaid , to any part of the United States or
Canada. Remittances nnvdo payable to The
Morton Printing Company.
Address , THE CONSKKVATIVE , Nebraska
City , Neb.
Advertising Rates made known upon appli
Entered at the postoillce at Nebraska City ,
Neb. , as Second Class mutter , July 29th , 181)8. )
oi-s , merchants ,
bankers , manufacturers and other la
borers in Nebraska who have absolute ,
abiding and fighting faith in the gold
standerd as a basis for American busi
ness should today withdraw from
Nebraska , how many farms , how
many mercantile houses , how many
banks , how many manufactories would
be left running in the state ?
On the other hand , if all the merchants ,
bankers and manufacturers in Nebraska
who believe in and advocate the free
coinage of silver at sixteen to one should
withdraw their capital and quit Ne
braska what concerns would stop run-
niug ?
Is it not perfectly within bounds to
say that at least seventy-five per cent of
the active capital in the state of Ne
braska belongs to and is managed by the
citizens who are for a gold dollar stan
dard and against the free coinage oi
silver ?
There is a vasl
amount of twaddle
evolved every year
in American newspapers and by orators
of the spell-binding brand about the
inate and inalienable right of suffrage.
Every year it is declared with more 01
less vehemence , that every citizen has
the right to vote on any and all ques
tions of government in his immediate
precinct or ward. Every year we are
surfeited with flabbergastio eulogiums
upon the priceless right of voting. This
doctrine of universal and unlimited suf
frage has been preached BO persistently
; hat many citizens think that by their
votes the rights of railroad owners , bank
properties and in fact of all corporate
capital should bo determined. But in
spite of all the exhortations in favor of
balloting upon all things and in all
places by all the -people , railroad , tele
graph , telephone , " buUding'aiidl6ari"com-
panies , banks and insurance companies
have insisted that in the election of their
boards of directors only stockholders
should vote.
Now those corporations have been or
ganized for gainful purposes , for making
money. And they obviously conclude
that to submit their affairs to the vote
and management of a lot of fellows who
have paid in no money and have no
financial interest in them would result
in ruin.
Government is a corporation but it is
organized not for making money. Its
functions are to
erfcy aud
religious liberty. The service rendered
by government to the citizen is only
that care and defence of his property ,
his liberty aud his life. And for that
service this corporation , called govern
ment , demands compensation in the form
of taxes. Every man should pay some
tax for this tremendous and vital ser
vice that the state renders him. Ho
should pay a head tax if he has no prop
erty to pay upon. And any man who
does not pay some tax should bo declared
not a stockholder in the corporation
called government. Thus he should bo
tribntiou for its maintenance.
The so-called poor man gets more oul
of government that is essential to his
own and his fanvi-
TIIE SO-CALLED lyg hftppiness fchan
POOR MAN. thQ so.cftllcl rich
man can possibly get. The latter maybe
bo deprived of liberty , of property , and
oven of life and his family not suffer for
money or that which it will buy. Bui
the man without personal and rea
estate must have liberty in which
to earn bread for his household and his
life is essential to the daily food of the
family. These the state protects. Foi
that protection ho should pay a head tax
Each December the la v should pro
vide that , every adult male in the com
monwealth shall pay at the office of the
county treasurer a poll-tax of atileast
two dollars. For that payment he
should get a receipt , a stockholder's cer
ificate , and at the ensuing elections of
the next year ho should exhibit to the
officers of the election that certificate
and upon it bo permitted to vote. None
but those who have contributed at least
that much should bo allowed to vote for
directors in the corporation called gov-
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This will not bo popular preaching
among politicians. But at bottom and
in truth it is the advocacy of justice.
Why should persons who put not one
penny into the public purse but who
are nevertheless protected in all their
civil rights by the laws which are en
forced by the agents of the state , who
are paid out of that public purse which
is filled by the people be permitted to
vote , to direct , to determine , possibly ,
the policies of a state , a county , a city ,
or a republic ? Only stockholders can
rightfully vote. Only stockholders who
have paid up their assessments in any
corporation should be permitted to cast
Too many fond parents are constantly
striving to secure something of value in
fortune or reputation for the sake of
their children , instead of exercising a
vigilant solicitude and discipline to de
termine what those children shall be
mentally rtnd morally. The father and
mother who wish to found success and
honorable usefulness in their offspring
can best accomplish that end by select
ing the practical knowledge and the
standard of right and wrong , which
those cliildron shall acquire and adopt ,
with conscientious and deliberate judg-
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ment. . i . „ ,
What shall my son be mentally and
morally ? Not , what shall my son have
in this world ?
Because in Ohio ,
Pennsylvania , Illi
nois , Now York , Nebraska , Kansas , aud
other states there is a mild type of small
pox prevailing THE CONSERVATIVE pub
lishes this week interesting , instructive
and useful information concerning vac
cination and smallpox and its symptoms
and treatment.
Parents should read this knowledge
carefully and act discreetly so as to pre
vent any possible epidemic of the disease
in any part of the United States.
Health officers must bo vigilant and im
perative. The people must obey them.
Severe penalties await thCcs who dis
obey and those penalties will be en
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