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Colombns TriboneJoorial
National, Political, Personal and Other
Matters in Brief Form for All
Classes of Readers.
Government finances for this month
Will not compare favorably with Aug.
1910. A deficit of $22,000,000 on or
dinary accounts already is shown In
comparison with a deGcit of $14,000,
000 last year. Customs receipts show
a decrease of $4,000,000 as compared
with a year ago. The government's
total expenditures for the same period
are more than $2,000,000 greater.
Undaunted by unfavorable atmo
spheric conditions, Representative
Ben Johnson of Kentucky made his
first flight in an aeroplane and gained
the distinction of being the first per
son outside of army circles to be tak
en up as a passenger in any of the ma
chines flown at the army aviation
school at College Park, Md. The Ken
tucky statesman made the trip with
Lieut. Harry H. Arnold, and remained
in the air twenty minutes and attained
a height of COO feet
Speaking in behalf of the negro in
dustrial school at Hampton, Va., or
which he is trustee, President Taft
voiced his indignation at the necessity
that such useful institutions must beg
for money and at the failure of the na
tion's many millionaires to come to
their rescue with contributions. In
the graduation of Booker Washington,
the president said, Hampton has done
enough to entitle it to the gratitude or
the country.
An outline of the program of legis
lation for the postal service which
Postmaster General Hitchcock will
ask congress to follow during the
regular session to begin in December;
has been indicated by Sir. Hitchcock.
Among other things he will recom
mend the establishment of a parcels
post service on rural mail routes and
the crystallization into law of pro
posed increases in second class mail
Next year's Grand Army reunion
will be held in Los Angeles.
Reciprocity campaign in Canada is
now in full swing.
The census bureau issued a report
on the value of Nebraska farm ani
mals. A severe storm in the south Atlan
tic coast caused some loss of life and
heavy financial loss.
Postmaster General Hitchcock has
named as a postal savings bank the
Topeka. Kas., postofflce.
Frances Madero was nominated by
the progressive party in Mexico as its
candidate for the presidency.
The work of cleaning up the debris
caused by the recent hurricane in
the south is occupying the attention
of many southern cities.
During the visit of John Jacob As
tor and his fiancee, Miss Madeline
Force, to Newport, it became known
today they signed the marriage agree
ment which Colonel Astor is to make
upon his bride.
The body of a man believed to he
Charles" Parslow, the second of the
alleged murders of Marshal Butcher
of Missouri Valley, la., was found in,
the Missouri river a mile from the
scene of the murder.
The government's recent decision
to impose the regulation duty of $4
a ton on refined sulphur from the
Pacakade volcano in Japan, has re
sulted in the resumption of business
by a sulphur refinery in Nevada
which has been closed.
Professor S. L. Curtis, instructor in
Greek at Yale divinity school and un
til recently acting dean of the school,
died on the Boston boat on the way to
Rockland, Maine, from Castine. Death
was due to an acute attack of heart
The two battleships authorized by
the last naval act probably will be of
28,500 tons displacement, or the big
gest vessels in the world. The larg
est ships so far designed of the
American navy are tne New York
and Texas with a displacement of
27,000 tons each.
The marital difficulties of Upton
Sinclair, the Utopian colonist and
socialist author, and Meta Fuller Sin
clair, who have been married eleven
years, reached a climax when the
author brought suit for absolute di
vorce, naming Harry Kemp, the poet,
as co-respondent.
Bagland. Ala., will get the five mil
lion dollar industrial school for white
children which is to be established by
the southern bureau of education with
funds given, ic is said, by John D.
Rockefeller, the Russel Sage founda
tion, Mrs. E. H. Harrison and others.
Contracts for the construction or
eight torpedo boat destroyers were
awarded by Acting Secretary of the
Navy Wintnrop.
Kansas City will get the 1912 con
vention of the Loyal Order of Moose
according to the vote taken at the
convention of the national order now
being held at Detroit.
Statehood for New Mexico and
Arizona on a basis acceptable to
President Taft was approved by the
senate through the passage of the
Flood-Smith resolution presented by
Senator William Alden Smith, chair
man of the committee on territories.
Walter Clyde Jones has announce!
himself a candidate for the republi
can nomination for governor of Illi
nois. A considerable number of the em
ployes of the Southern Pacific Rail
way company will be dropped tem
porarily from the company's payrolls
before September 1.
Twenty were killed and twenty-six
seriously injured at the theater panic
at Canonsburg, Pa.
Charged with impersonating a fed
eral marshal, Dave Colome and
Heine Hansen have been arrested at
Winner, S. D.
The total of the death list of the
wreck near Manchester, N., Y., now
reaches twenty-eight.
Robert Chasteen, city Marshal of
Ullin, 111., was shot and killed by un
identified persons.
Monument makers all over
country are in Cincinnati for
sixth annual convention of the
tional Retail Monument Dealers.
Sixty persons were injured, eight of
them seriously, when an express train
on the valley division of the New
York, New Haven and Hartford rail
road was wrecked by the spreading: of
Melvin Maniman's baloon, with
which he and five others will attempt
to fly across the Atlantic ocean Octo
ber 28, has been shipped from Akron.
Ohio, to Atlantic City.
A bag of American mail matter
which was lost overboard while being
landed from the. Hamburg-American
line steamer Kaiserin Auguste Vic
toria at Plymouth, August 11, was
picked up in the Helford river near
Falmouth. The mail bag was swept
away from the steamer by a wave.
In denouncing at the session of tho
national independent political league,
the lynching of negroes. Bishop Alex
ander Walters declared that President
Taft was "one of the weakest presi
dents the country had ever had. In
view of the fact that, he had remained
silent in the face of many lynchings
about the country."
Having a distinct recollection of ev
ery president in the United States ex
cept the first five, and remembering
when the first railway train was run
in the United States, Alvin Austin, ol
Chicago, registered for a home in the
Fort Berthold Indian reservation at
the age of ninety-four years. Mr. Aus
tin who was born at Sterlin, Conn.,
in 1817. is as spry as a man forty
years younger.
The raging storm which swept the
South Atlantic left its imprint on the
navy. Six torpedo boats were
wrenched from their moorings at the
Charleston navy yard and tossed as
toys high upon the beach by the nine
ty mile gale. Many buildings of the
yard are believed to be wrecked. No
estimate of the damage can be made
here because of the interrupted tele
graphic service.
Robert G. Fowler of Los Angeles,
Cal., is announced as the first formal
entrant in the coast to coast aero
plane flight contest for the William
Randolph Hearst prize. Fowler, who
will flly a biplane in his projected
trans-continental trip is expected to
start from San Francisco Sunday,
September 10. His route calls for a
crossing of the Rockies between Lara
mie and Cheyenne, Wyo.
Eugene Labine, a Marshal county
(Minn.) farmer, is harvesting 500
acres of wheat with one machine,
working day and night. The binder is
run with eight horses, four to a shift,
and a headlight is used at night The
night shift of horses stand the work
better than those used in the beat of
the day, and Labine predicts night
binding will become the vogue in the
At Kansas City, John Perron, twenty-seven
years old, a railroad clerk,
shot and killed Mrs. Margaret Gos
sard, aged twenty-five, wife of a rail
road conductor, and then inflicted
probably fatal wounds to himself. He
recently left a note saying he and
Mrs. Gossard alone knew the cause
for the tragedy.
Internal revenue inspectors in
search of illicit distillers have dis
covered that a man trap is being used
to discourage their investigations.
Two revenue officers said they just
missed stepping into a large steel
trap, presumably set for them by
'moonshiners" in Iredell county. The
officers had destroyed an illicit still
William Loeb, jr.. collector of. the
port of New York announced that an
American art connoiseur now in Eur
ope is under surveillance by the for
eign agents of the United States gov
ernment co-operating with the French
government in the search for the pic
ture 'Mona Lisa," Leonardo De
Wind's masterpiece, which disappear
ed from the Louvere some time ago.
The first great duty of the negr
is to teach his children that they
have lived an aimless, worthless life
unless they have accumulated some
of this world's goods,'" said B. K
Bruce, of Leavenworth, Kas., ad
dressing the second day's session of
the fortieth annual convention ot
the United Brothers of Friendship
and Sisters of the Mysterious Ten,
in Kansas City.
Minneapolis (Minn.) dispatch: With
every member of the credits' commit
tee present the F. H. Peavey refund
ing plan was approved. Holders "ol
outstanding commercial paper of the
F. H. Peavey and company practically
all sent their claims to the Minneapo
lis Trust company in accordance with
the plan of issuing in lieu thereof
three year collateral trust 6 per cent
notes of F. H. Peavey and company.
Two New Jersey communities in
special elections rejected tfie commis
sion form of municipal government
The city of Patterson cast 4.917 votes
in favor of the proposed law and 7,984
Securities Distributed, Subsidiary
Holding Being Divided Among
the Stockholders.
New York. The Standard Oil com
pany of New Jersey, the corporation
which has been the storm center of
anti-trust agitation throughout the
country for years passes out of evi
dence, so far as its present form and
functions are concerned.
After Friday this famous corpora
tion will cease officially to carry on
its operations as the heed cf a vast
organization whose activities extend
into almost every part of the world.
In obedience to the decree of deci
sion of the supreme court it is re
linquishing itscontrol of the subsid
iary concerns and today is the data
set for the ending of the old regime.
With the end of business day the
company's transfer books containing
the list of stockholders closed, and
the stock of its subsidiaries will be
distributed among the stockholders in
the parent organization of record at
that time.
The work of apportioning the com
pany's holdings of the stock of more
than thirty subsidiaries affected will
occupy at least three months it is ex
pected, so that the readjustment will
not be complete prior to December 1
Standard Oil stocks was traded in
Friday at about $625 per share, trans
actions being restricted to cash deal
ings of the necessity of affecting
transfers. A bid of $130 a share for
Standard Oil "ex-subsidiaries.' or
without rights to participation in the
distribution of subsidiaries, was made
by a ventursome trader on the "curb,"
but as no intelligent appraisal can yet
be made of the worth of the stock
when divested of its outside holdings,
the offer was not accepted.
Abort taxee yean ago I aaffeced with
appeadieitaa and after kaviac an operation
perfumed it left a with a severe case
ef hidaey treable. I was doctored by ser
era! physicians and gettiag no relief I took
the advice of a friend and procmred a bot
tie of Dr. Kilmer's Swamp-Root. After
Ukiac the eontenta of the fir bottle I felt
greatly relieved and decided to continae it.
After Miag the contests of three more dol
lar bottles, I experienced a complete care.
I cannot lecoauaend Dr. Kilmer's
Swamp-Boot too highly to anyone safer
ing from kidney or bladder trouble.
Yosts very truly,
. P. HTUkM.
CartenriHe, Ck.
Sworn to and ebaeribed before aae
thie July mh, not.
Notary Public,
B. Co., Ga.
News NeUa ef Interest from Various
frere Wist SwasmRael W Do For Ton
Send to Dr. Kilmer & Co, Bingham
ton, N. Y for a sample bottle. It will
convince anyone. You will also receive
a booklet of vahable information, telling
H about the kidneys and bladder. When
writing, be sure and mention this paper.
For sale at all drug stores. Price fifty
cents and oae-dollar.
in by
A Nebraska Farmer is Taken
Kansas City. Zeittie King of Cus
ter county, Nebraska, reported to the
free legal and bureau here that an
affable stranger had fleeced him out
of his G40 acres of land near Broken
Bow, Neb.
"The next fellow I trade farms with
'sight and unseen,' will have to have
hair longer than a railroad tie," said
According to King's story tiie stran
ger who visited him at his farm in
Nebraska traded him fifty-five acres of
land near near Unn Creek, Mo. 3Ir.
King gave the stranger a deed to his
Nebraska property and visited the
Missouri' farm, only to learn that it
belonged to a Topeka bank and that
the deed the stranger gave him was
Pjktutk. .mVisggggggggggev Ba"r
Mrs Justwco-Did you ever notice
how much baby hollers and kicks
Mr. Justwed Yes: I think he'll be
a baseball player when he grows up.
Name Taft Delegates.
Birmingham, Ala. President Taft's
administration was indorsed and del
egates were named and instructed to
support him in the next national con
vention, when the republicans of
Alabama held their state convention
Incident Overlooked.
A New England farmer, noted for
his uncontrolled temper, became con
verted, according to the St. Louis Re
public. A month later he was holding forth
to a number of friends and relatives
gathered at the Thanksgiving dinner
table on the subject of bis religious
principles, bis entire change of char
acter and his kind and forbearing dis
position. Finally growing enthusiastic In his
description, he called on his wife to
uphold his assertions.
"Jane," he shouted, "you haven't
had an unkind word or deed from me
since I got converted now, have
There was a dead silence; then
came in meek, yet reminding tones
from the other end of the table.
"Jerome, Jerome, you've forgo: the
time you bit me."
High Price Paid For Beef.
South Omaha. The record price
for corn-fed cattle was paid when the
Swift Packing company bought eigh
teen head from E. T. Graham of Cres
ton, Neb. The price paid was $7.90
per 100 pounds, and the cattle aver
aged 1,620 pounds each.
Not Coming to Omaha.
Omaha. Postmaster General Hitch
cock has notified the Commercial club
publicity bureau that he has changed
his plans and will not be able to at
tend the national convention of post
masters at this city.
Pat Was More Than Willing.
A very pretty girl who recently re
turned from Ireland tells of an en
counter with an Irish cabby in Dub
lin. She had started out from the
hotel to do some shopping, but de
cided Instead to make a tour of the
city on a jaunting car. Arriving at
the first car stand, and having se
lected the smartest looking vehicle,
she told the driver that she "wanted
to engage him for the day." Pat.
never backward in paying homage to
beauty, earnestly replied: "Begorra.
ma'am you are welcome. 1 only wish
It was for life!"
Ambassador to Italy.
Tokio. Thomas J. O'Brien for four
years American ambassador to Japan,
sailed from Yokohama Friday on
board the steamer Shin Yo Maru to
take up his new duties as ambassa
dor to Italy.
Speaker Clark will reply to Presi
dent Tafft's tariff speech.
Champ Clark replies to the recent
speech of President Taft's on the
tariff legislation.
Kruttschnitt says it will mean
chaos to grant the demands of the
union leaders.
Mayor Seidel of Milwaukee is being
sued for $50,000 for alleged slander.
Lieutenant Zolotnehin, a Russian
military aviator, fell with his aero
plane while making a flight at St. Pe
tersburg and was killed. i
Redmond Barry, attorney general
of Ireland, has been appointed lord
chancellor of Ireland. ,
President Taft is preparing to at
tack the insurgents and the demo
crats on his western tour.
At the age of 94. Alvin Austin, ot
Chicago, has registered for a .home
in the Fort Berthold Indian reserve-
' tioa drawing.
Marries His Nurse.
Boston. Mass. John Eilerton
Lodge, son of Henry Cabot Lodge,
was married Friday to Miss Mary
Catherine Connelly, who nursed him
during an illness in a Boston hospital.
Mr. Lodge fell in love with his nurse
and married her.
A Sandwich Filling.
A delicious filling for sandwiches or
crackers is made by mixing equal
parts of cream cheese and snappy
cheese with French dressing to a
smooth paste, then stirring in it
chopped red peppers or chopped olives.
This paste should be very creamy and
put on thickly, at least a quarter of an
Inch. It is nice between salted wafers
or on thin rounds of brown or rye
The friends of humanity will de
precate want whatever it may ap
pear. Washincton.
After a False Start.
Ice Man Shoots Wift
St. Joseph, Mo. Following his
wife's refusal to return to live with
him, Ott Anderson, driver of an ice
wagon here, shot and killed the wo
man and then killed himself. They
had been separated it is said.
Big Registration For Land.
Minot, N. D., Tho total registra
tion for the opening of the Berthold
reservation is 18,807. There are two
more registration days, and the gov
ernment officials predict a total reg
istration of from 20,000 to 22,000. -
Latta Still Improving.
Rochester, Minn. The condition-
of Congressman J. P. Latta continues
to be very encouraging, and, unless
something unforseen develops, there
is little question but what he will re
Names Dix as Possibility.
Buffalo, N. Y. Chairman Norman "E.
Mack of the Democratic National com
mittee, in the September number of
his democratic magazine, presents
Governor John A. Dix of New York as
a democratic presidential possibility.
Governor Dix is the fifth prominent
democrat to be brought forward by
Chairman Mack in a series of articles
en democratic presidential possibili
ties. The others are Governor Jud-
son Harmon of Ohio, Governor Wood-J
row Wilson of New Jersey and Gov
ernor Marshal of Indiana.
'In 1890 I began to drink coffee.
"At that time I was healthy and en
joyed life. At first I noticed no bad
effects from the Indulgence but in
course of time found that various
troubles were coming upon me.
"Palpitation of the heart took unto
itself sick and nervous headaches, kid
ney troubles followed and eventually
my stomach became so deranged that
even a light meal caused me serious
"Our physician's prescriptions failed
to help me and then I dosed myself
with patent medicines till I was thor
oughly disgusted and hopeless.
"Finally I began to suspect that cof
fee was the cause of my troubles. I ex
perimented by leaving it off, except
for one small cup at breakfast This
helped some but did not altogether re
lieve my distress. It satisfied me.
however, that I was on the right track.
"So I gave up coffee altogether and
began to use Postum. In ten days I
found myself greatly Improved, my
nerves steady, my head clecr, my kid
neys working better end better, my
heart's action rapidly improving, my
appetite improved and the ability to
eat a hearty meal without subsequent
suffering restored to me. And this con
dition remains.
"Leaving off coffee and using Postum
did this, with no help from drugs, as 1
abandoned the use of medicines when
I began to use the food drink." Name
given by Postum Co., Battle Creek,
"There's a reason.' and It is ex
plained in the little book, "The Road
to WellvflkV in pkgs.
Ever reatl the aWre letterr A ae
ra-Strata tame fbm. Taey
bm rh ax ai
Andrew Howard, a pioneer ef
Podge county, died last week.
Aurora is making preparations for
a lot of street paving soon to begin.
The Polk' county Jeachers Insti
tute had an an attendance of about
Beatrice repaving has been blocked
by a number of property owners who
refuse to sign petitions.
The fifth annual picnic of theXMd
Settlers of Boone county was a great
success. m -
Robert G. Douglas has been elected
captain of company H,. First regiment,
Nebraska national guard of Osceola.
School bonds of the city of Kear
ney to the amount of $40,000 have
been bought and delivered to the state
treasury. The bonds run twenty
years and draw 5 per cent interest.
Dr. J. L. Pierce of Lincoln has been
appointed to a place on the examining
board of the state dental board in
place or Dr. C. F. Ladd of Lincoln, re
signed. Fremont festival, from September
25 to 30, promises a big time. Four
bands have been engaged and pre
parations for a great event are going
Danna D. Little, jr., a young man
21 years of age, was killed by falling
into a gasoline engine at the home of
his parents, ten miles nothwest of
Osceola. Death ensued a few hours
after the accident.
Through efforts of Rev. E. D.
Eubank, of Broken Bow, a Christian
church has been organized at Co
burg, Custer county, and a house of
worship built. The church will seat
250 people and will be dedicated with
in a few weeks.
Aviator Dickson of the Curtiss Avi
ation company made a pretty flight
at Grand Island, though he was not
completely familiar with the machine
and did not allow for sufficient space
to stop it after alighting and dashed
into a barrel of gasoline and a grand
stand post, quite badly damaging the
machine. The avitor escaped injury.
Charles J. Gtfeene, a prominent at
torney of vlmaha died in New York
soon after arrival from Europe, where
he had gone in search of health. For
many years he was attorney for the
Burlington railroad, and a man who
took much part in political matters
in the interest of the republican
G. W. Comstock and Bartlett Rich
ards, two of the quartet of cattle
barons who have been serving sen
tences in the Adams county jail un
der indictment from the federal gov
ernment, will be released from cus
tody September 29. The other two
men have been at liberty for some
time, having each drawn lighter sen
tences. The two young sons of P. L. Sine,
traveling salesman for the Carpenter
Papaer company of Omaha, drove
their father's large touring car from
Lincoln to Hastings to meet their
father. The boys are but 10 and 14
years of age and came all the way
unaccompanied. This is probably the
first time that boys so young have
made this 100-mile drive in an auto
mobile alone.
A. E. Sheldon, who has been inves
tigating the history or agriculture in
Nebraska, has found a new record
showing that winter wheat was sown
in 1861 oh the Ponca Indian reserva
tion and a good crop was harvested
in 1862. The wheat was planted by
Indians under the direction of a far
mer employed by the government.
The crop was sown on the reservation
near Niobrara.
Swan Polsen, a well known citizen
of Swedish nationality living east of
West Point was adjudged insane by
the commissioners on the complaint
of J. W. Rich, United States mail car
rier, whom he threatened to shoot by
reason of a fancied grievance in the
alleged abstraction by some one of a
valuable book from his mail box some
years ago. He brooded over this im
aginary grievance until his mind has
given away.
Miss Eunice Murphy arrived in
Valentine from Independence, Mo.,
accompanied by her attorney, Mr.
Kelly, and was immediately arrested
by Sheriff Rosseter on the charge of
inciting the four men now in jail to
murder Charles Sellars. The exact
date of her preliminary trial has not
bepn set. but it Is thought it will be
soou. She is going to stand trial and
the case will be hotly contested on
The Lion Bonding &. Surety com
panj of Omaha has brought suit in
district court of Lancaster county
against George W. Losey, the Farm
ers & Merchants bank and the Capi
tal Fire Insurance company, asking
judgment against Losey and the bank
for $2,000 and that plaintiff be subro
gated to all of the rights of the in
surance company as against the oth
er two defendants, who are charged
with wrongfully converting to their
own use $3,000 belonging to the in
surance company.
At a special meeting of the city
council of Beatrice the recommenda
tion of the water committee that a
reservoir he constructed of concrete
near the new city wells, to hold 1,000.
000 gallons, was adopted and bids will
be advertised for for its construction.
October 18 is the day set for the
dedication of the $100,400 Odd Fel
lows' home in York. The grand lodge
meets in Lincoln on October 17 and
will adjourn on that date until Octob
er 19 for the purpose of taking part
in the dedicatory services. Special
trains will carry the members of the
grand lodge to and from York.
Prof. Albrecht, who for some years
has been principal of the German
Lutheran parochial schools in West
Point, has left for Alma, Kan. He
has been employed as principal of the
parochial schools at that place.
The Fairbury Commercial club is
making elaborate preparations for an
old settlers' picnic which is to be held
there September 14. This old settlers'
picnic is an annual occurence. Here
tofore it has. been held at Endicott
Governor Aldrich and other prominent
speakers have been secured for that
BmavrnV mw- 'alaS BmaabmaWatV
Bnma aaftWbad
By Lydia E. Pmkhun's Vegetable Compoomi
The Change of Life is the most critical period of av
woman's existence, and neglect of health at this time
invites disease.
Women everywhere should remember that there is no
other remedy known to medicine that will so successfully
carry women through this trying period as Lydia E.
Pinkham's Vegetable Compound, made from native roots
and herbs. Here is proof:
lUtJck, Mas, I cannot express what I
rent throaffh darter the Change ef Life hef era
tried IiTdia E. Pinkham's VegetaMe Com
i. I was Im such a nerveas coaouaan I.
uld not keep still. My limhs were coM. I
creepy sen tie amel ceaM mot aieea
rats. I was flmallj teM y two ahysiclaae
' I read one day ef the wemeterfal cares made
Lydia E. Pimkham's Vegetable Comaeaad1
id decided to try it,aad It has mwdemeawell
oman. My aeich feers aad frieada declare tt
kas worked a miracle for ate. Lydia E. Piakkam's Vegetable
voaiDoaaa is worth Its weight la cold for woaaen duriac this
period of life. If it wffl kelp others yea aiay publish this
letter." Mrs. Nathan B. Greatoa, 01 Xo.MaimStXaticcttus,
CornwallTillc. K. X. "I have been
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound f
some time for Change of Life, nervonsneas,
a fibroid growth.
"Two doctors advided me te m to
hospital, but one day while I was away TisitinfrJ
I met a woman who told mo to take Lydia E.I
Pinhham's Vegetable Compoand. I did so and II
know it helped me wonderfully. I am
thankful that I was told to try Lydia E.I
Pinkham's Vegetable Compound." Mrs. Wn.
Cornwall ville, X. Y., Greene Co.
The makers of Lydia . Pinkham's Vegetable Com
pound have thousands of such letters as those above
they tell the truth, else they could not have been obtained
for love or money. This medicine is no stranger if has
stood thetest for years.
For 30 years Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable
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xemnaie lua jam hck woman aoes justice to
merseu wno wui not xry cats iamo
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has thousands of cares to its credits
anaamntMrs. Pinkham Invites all stok
afBw to write nor for advice. She has
guided thousands to health free of charge.
Address Mrs. Pinkbaaa, Lynn. Mass.
rpmrnr E2M
aw ammmmk . am tammmmm
TerrmmmsVT 3i iVam
fir. AK )
V-X ."'Vi' The
'K WiU
Milady Who Is Particular Insists
on Having Nothing But
Defiance Starch
for dresses, skirts, petticoats, eta
Defiance produces a finish "and
freshness impossible with any
other starch.
Best Hot or Cold Water
Starch Ever Made. One Trial
Soon Convince You.
Big 16-ounce package for
10 cents; only 12 ounces for
same price of any other kind. ,
Not Beat Because it Is
Cheapest, But Cheapest
Because it Is Best
Manufactured by
Defiance Starch Co.
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