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State Bank
Points to its long
record of success
fully caring for the
needs of its custo
mers with just
pride, and asks for
future business on
its past record.
The Oldest State
Bank in Nebraska
Think of It.
Miss Florence Hopkins, of Lincoln,
is the guest of Miss Alice Newman,
his week.
A baby girl came to the home of
Mr. and Mrs. Mullholland Monday
Byron Way returned last evening
from the east, where he has been giv
ing music lessons.
Mrs. Mark Kathburn is entertain
ing Mrs. V. McKay, of Evanston,
Illinois, this week.
J. V. Becker, of Ottawa, Kansas,
pent several days last week at the
home of John Schmocker.
Homes can be amde more homelike
by using a Jewell Fireless Cooker.
Sold by Boyd & Ragatz.
E. H. Naumann will leave Tues
day on a business trip to Denver.
Colorado, expecting to be gone until
Mr. and Mrs. Goodrich, of Cedar
Rapids, who have been guests of
Dr. and and Mrs. W. S. Evans re
turned to their home today.
Mrs. B. B. Richards was called to
Oakdale Saturday evening by the seri
ous illness of her mother. Mrs. A.
The Jewell leads them all with no
tire no steam no smell no lost
flavor no burnt cooking. Every
thing just right. Sold by Boyd &
Mr. and Mrs. Horman and Mrs. C.
Horman. of Omaha, and Mr. Martin,
of Blair, were guests the last part of
the week of Mr. and Mrs. F. G.
Miss Garlow entertained at a 5
o'clock tea Monday in honor of her
guests, Mrs. McGraw. of Albion, Miss
Agnew. of Lincoln, and Miss Donnel
ly, of PlattMnouth.
German Methodist Sunday School
will hold their picnic tomorrow at the
home of John Wuethrich. At the
same time the ladies of the church
will hold their missionary meeting.
Fred Curtis is seriously ill at his
home on West ISth street. He had
been visiting a sister at Cedar Rapids
when he was taken sick, and last Sat
urday was brought home a very sick
80 Acres
of land within
2 miles of Col
umbus is offer
ed at a bottom
price for a
quick sale
Inquire of
Elliott -Speice-Echols
The Republictn Convention.
It was just a gathering of brothers
that was all. Everything went off
in the most harmonious manner that
any one could think or hope for, and
nobody was worrying about any lack
of harmony, for the simple reason that
there was no room for it.
It had been predicted by some that
there would be but a small represent
ation from the country precincts, but
nearly all of these were represented
and the greater part of them with full
The convention was called to order
by Bruce Webb, chairman of the coun
ty commttee, and the call was read by
the committee secretary, C. N. Mc
El fresh.
H. O. Studley of Creston was then
chosen as temporary chairman, and A.
J. Mason temporary secretary.
On motion of Judge Post, the cus
tomary committe on credentials was
dispensed with, and all townships and
wards presented their credentials to
the secretary, who called the role by
The temporary organization was
then made permanent, and the conven
tion proceeded to choose eleven dele
gates to the state convention held yes
terday at Lincoln. The following
were the delegates chosen: A. M.
Post, W. A. McAllister, George Fair
child, Frank J. Gerharz, Charles B.
Galley, C. A. Peterson, Carl Kramer.
V. F. Palmateer, Gideon Braun, II. J.
Hill and A. J.Mason.
Mrs. W. S. Evans entertained at a
one o'clock luncheon Tuesday in honor
of Mrs. Goodrich, of Cedar Rapids.
A large line of Hammocks
on sale at cost at Speice &
Misses Marguerite and Stella Becher
will leave this week for Shenandoah,
la., where they will visit with their
brother Charlie, for a few davs.
Miss Amelia Getts, of O'Neill, and
Miss Grace Thode, of Denver, arrived
Friday for a brief visit at the home
of their aunt, Mrs. Anna Anderson.
Miss Gwendoine Garlow is enter
taining Miss Margaret Agnew, of
Lincoln, Miss Donnelly, of Platts
mouth, 'ancf Mrs. McGraw, of Albion,
this week.
David Thomas and wife left yester
day afternoon for a trip through the
western states. They will stop at
Denver, Salt Lake City, Los Angeles,
San Diego and other places in the
Several young ladies, who for the
past two years have established the
"Noah's Ark" camp at Steven's have
organized a club by the same name,
which will meet every Tuesday.
Misses Dorthea and Lyda Weaver
entertained the club Tuesday and
next week Miss Ethel Baker will be
John Hinkleman recently purchased
a beautiful Cecelian Piano Player from
our dealer, R. W. Saley. it being one
of the finest instruments made, as
well as one of the first of that make
in the city, and Johnnie is staying at
home pretty close these days and
evenings. Call at his home and see
if we are not correct.
Wenzel Altman died at his home in
the east part of the city last Thurs
day afternoon. He was born in
Austria nearly eighty years ago, and
served in the Austrian army. He was
the father of George Altman. Funeral
services were held Friday at the Gass
undertaking rooms, from where the
remains were taken to Columbus cem
etery for interment.
Word was received in Columbus
Sunday evening of the death of Floyd
Munger. son of Samuel Munger,
which took place near Pocatello,
Idaho, that evening. No particulars
have been received, other than that
the body will be brought here for bur
ial. The funeral will be held at the
Congregational church Friday forenoon
at 11 o'clock, with interment in Col
umbus cemetery.
Columbus base ball stock has been
going for the past few days, the team
having taken the matter in hand and
decided that it could show the rest of
the state at few tricks. As a result
of the revival, tney have been win
ning over everything that faced them.
The boys are deserving of evrey good
thing that can be said of them, as
they have been playing against hard
luck, and now that the wind seems to
have changed, let us all stand up and
boost for our team. One thing that
is noticable is that while they were
losing the games, there have been
comparatively few times when the box
score records did not show that the
Discoverers had plaved better ball
tnan their opponents. Columbus is
now in sixth place, having lifted itself
out of the eeventh during the time
Kearney was here, and forcing Kear
ney down to the place held the past
few week by Columbus. If we suc
ceed in keeping up the pace we have
started, we will yet finish in a very
creditable manner.
5 PQiA"h.-
fKraB SkfjfaaaaSl
InJHXaaaLaV vsi 'miMB
w N GSav vtavLlaYlaaaaflvI
to you, you know that you are get
ting the best Coal and the most
prompt service possible.
For Feeding Your Live Stock
T. B. Hord Grain Co.
PHOXES: Independent
Bell 188
Gladys Levine, of York, is a guest
of the week at the A. C. Boone home.
Mrs. H. Robinson entertained at a
one o'clock luncheon today in honor
of Mrs. James Cramer of Clarinda,
Mr. and Mrs. Easton, of Cam
bridge, are guests at the home of
Otto Kummer. Mr. Easten has been
very ill with an attack of appendicitis
since his arrival.
Mrs. L. Enzminger is at the home
of her daughter, Mrs. Robert McCray
suffering with a severe case of blood
pisoning in her finger, caused by a
wire from a screen entering her finger.
Miss Kate Merz returned Wednesday
from a visit with friends at Boulder,
Colorado. She was accommpanied
home by Mrs. Hall, of Boulder, who
will spend the week at the Merz
Marriage licenses were issued to
the following this week: Louis
Jones, of Monroe, and Miss Anna
Biedmiger. of Humphrey; James Col
well, of Cornlea, and Miss Cecelia
Bender, of Humphrey.
Now. while people are talking so
much about standing Up for home peo
ple is a right good time for them to
show that they really mean it by help
ing a Columbus boy to win an automo
bile. Wilmer Barnes is one of the
contestants in the Daily News contest,
and if Columbus people stand by him
as they should, he can win it.
Division Commander Boone of the
Nebraska Division, Sons of Veterans,
announces that the organization will
take an active part in the Platte Val
ley district reunion of the G. A. R.,
which will be held at Central Cijy
August 8. Among those on the pro
gram besides Coommander Boone are
H. W. Rogers, of Fremont, and G. A.
Eberly. of Stanton, respectivelo sen
ior and junior vice commander.
Mary Briggs has filed in the county
court an information that Henry Shi
mek is the father of her child, born
April 18 last. Shimek is said to be
working with a threshing crew in the
country near Columbus. He appear
ed before Judge Ratterman and en
tered a plea of nt guilty. The date
foor the preliminary hearing was set
for August 16. and his boond for ap
pearance at that time was fixed at
$750, which was furnished.
Louis Jones, of Joliet township,
and Miss Anna Biedinger, of Humph
rey, were married at St. Francis
church in Humphrey Monday morning.
The young couple are well known toi
many of our readers, having lived in
this county all their lives, the bride
having been for six years a popular
teacher in the county schools. They
were in Columbus Monday noon be
tween trains on their way to Omaha,
and from there they will go to Den
ver ana otner western points lor a
honeymoon trip, after which they will
settle down on the farm of the groom
in Joliet township.
Inasmuch as Columbus people are
much interested at the present time
in bettering the streets an article
handed to us by Mr. Jaeggi and taken
from the Zurich Zeitung, published at
Zurich, Switzerland, will be of inter
est here. The paper states that a
new preparation has been discovered
that not only hardens the road, but
also acts as a disinfectant. It is
called "Intromit," and is described'
as being a clear colorless fluid, which
is soluable in water, and is sprinkled
on the streets in the ordinary method.
The mixture used in the first applica
tion is made up of one-half water and
the other half "Intromit." In a few
days after the first treatment the
streets are again sprinkled with com
mon water, which has a hardening!
eueci on uie cnemicai. it is also us
ed in offices and stores, where it has
a exerts a purifying influence. The
paper states that it is cheaper than oil,
and has been found to be much more '
eQticfantnnr in Qnririi1 n4 ,! ,,.
ious parts of Europe where it has been
Hillard Wilson, of Hastings, spent
Sunday with home folks.
Miss Elsie Adams, of Monroe, spent
Sunday with Miss Vivian Jenkinson.
Mrs. Jennie Hagel went to Omaha
Monday for a short visit with friends.
Mrs. Ralph Drake will entertain
the Afternoon Five Hundred Club Fri
day afternoon.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Cresap, of
Edison, spent Monday at the home of
W. A. McAllister.
Mrs. E. Garlow, of David City,
spent the week-end with her daughter,
Mrs. A. L. Koon.
Miss Violet Woolsey, of Wayne,
spent the week-end with her mother,
Mrs. V. S. Wooslcy.
Mrs. Herman Wolf left Wednesday
morning for Milwaukee for a months
visit with relatives.
Miss Grace Lubker left Monday for
Cedar Bluffs, where she will visit
friends for two weeks.
Mr. and Mrs. John McClenahan left
Monday for a three weeks' visit with
relatives at Primrose.
Mr. and Mrs. Dack,of Los Angeles,
will arrive Sunday for a visit with
Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Dack.
FOR SALE A Jersey cow, will
soon be fresh. Rev. H. H. Hack
mann, 108 West 8th street.
Mrs. J. H. Johnson and children re
turned Saturday from a month's visit
with friends and relatives at Omaha.
Miss Fay Scofield left Tuesday for
Harlan, Iowa, where she will be the
guest of her aunt, Mrs. Hans Hanson.
Mrs. Phil Echols and Miss Lyda Tur
ner went to Omaha Monday for a
short visit with friends and relatives.
Richard Odum and son, of
Island, spent Tuesday in the
city visiting
with Mrs. Eugene
Mr. and Mrs.
Center, sent
J. Sullivan, of Platte
Sunday with Mr. and
Mrs. Ben
Betterton and Mrs. Alica
Mrs.Kenyon and Miss Florence Hop
kins spent Monday in Oconee, the
guests of Mrs. Campbell and Mrs.
Misses Mary and Esther Wilson left
Saturday for Lincoln, where they will
be the guests of their brother, Erv
Wilson, for a few days.
Mrs. Hulbart.who has been visiting
her sister, Mrs. L. C. Voss, for the
past two monhts. will leave Thursday
for her home at Holton. Kansas.
Mr. and Mrs. Dan Echols and baby
daughter, of Excelsior Springs, Miss
ouri, arrived Tuesday for a brief visit
with Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Echols.
Mrs. W. D. Benson has been very
sick for the past week, being confined
to her bed. At this time her con
dition is reported much improved.
Several croquet sets left.
To close out will sell at cost.
Speice & Bower's.
Mrs. L. C. Voss entertained a few
friends at six o'clock dinner Monday
evening in honor of her sister, Mrs.
Hulbart, of Holton, Kansas, who is
her guest.
A pretty baby girl came to the
home of Mr. and Mrs. George Wins
low Monday. This is the first girl in
the family, and in consequence George
is wearing a broad smile.
that headache, nervous
derangements and other
ailments more or less seri
ous, are many times due to .
eyestrain. Glasses if pre
scribed by a capable Opto
metrist, will seldom fail to
give relief.
I test each eye separate
ly, with great care, then
prescribe just such glasses
as are needed. Any other
way is all wrong and apt
to be harmful.
If you come to me for
your glasses you will be
sure to get just what you
need ana none if you do
not need them.
I guarantee satisfaction
in every case.
Ed. J. Niewohner
Ours is a
Complete Line
Steam and Furnace
Now is the Time to Provide
for the Coming Winter
Coal is cheajer at this time of
year. You can get better service
in handling now than
when the rush is on.
Geo. A. Hoagland Co.
Richard Goehriag, Mgr.
The Aid Society of the German Re
form church are enjyoing a picnic at
Blazers' tooday.
Mrs. Edgar Howard entertained at
a one o'clock luncheon Monday in hon
or of Mrs. James Cramer of Clarinda,
Iowa, who is visiting her daughter
Mrs. C. H. Dack. Covers were laid
for eight.
The Sunday School of the German
Reform church held their annual pic
nic Tuesday at Stevens' Lake. A
large crowd enjoyed the day in boat
ing, fishing and games.
Mrs. Sam Agnew, who has been vis
iting with home folks, for the past ten
days will leave for her home in Omaha
the later part of the week, she will
be accompanied by her sister. Miss
Martha Hirschbrunner, who will visit
with Mrs. Agnew one week.
The New York Life has millions of
dollars loaned to therailrads, coqiora
tions and policy holders of Nebraska.
This company will pay out in Platte
county in the next few days $15,000
through Mr. C. T. Taylor, senior
Nylic, who is now in Columbus.
Miss Mary Wilson entertained
Thursday at a six c'clock dinner in
honor of Miss Florence Hopkins, of
Lincoln. Covers were laid for ten.
Later in the evening the young ladies
enjoyed a theatre party at the North.
Those present were Misses Hazel Mil
ler, Louise Sloan, Blrnche Dawson.
Gladys Moore, Alice Newman, and
Florence Hopkins, of Lincoln.
Wilmer Barnes, son of Mr. and
Mrs. J. J. Barnes, living four miles
south of the city, has decided to enter
the new automobile contest now be
ing started by the Omaha News. Mr.
Barnes has had some experience in
this kind of work before, and has made
good. Let Columbus people now turn
in and help a home man bring this
valuable prize to this community.
The members of the fire depart
ment had a jolly old time Monday
evening after their regular meeting,
being the guests of the Seagraves
company at a luncheon at the Orphues
hall. The Seagraves people feel very
kindly toward the Columbus people
and in recognition of the patronage
the firemen and members of the city
council enjoyed the feast at their ex
pense. A short time ago this office men
tioned the fact of a fine line of pianos
being received from the factory by R.
W. Saley. This week Miss Nellie
Christianson is the proud possessor of
one of these beautiful instruments,
and she is to be complimented on hav
ing one of the handsomest and sweet
est toned pianos ever seen here. Mr.
Saley has orders for three more of the
same style, and has just delivered
pianos to the following parties: W.
J. Benson, Frank Kelly, H. B. Cor
rell. Newt Irish, Ole C. Berry, C.
Maybon, George Thornburg, D. B.
Halstead, Austin Drum, W. C. Bar
tholomew, George Daugherty, J. R.
Taylor, G. Hastings, the new High
School at Silver Creek, and a large
double bank pedal bass Estey organ to
the Presbyterian church of Monroe.
The new fire engine is here, having
arrived last Thursday. Friday and
Saturday it was taken out for a run
about the city and Monday the form
al demonstration of the machine took
place on Thirteenth street, where a
huge bon fire had been built for the
purpose. Among the visitors from
out of town who were here to witness
the demonstration were the fire chiefs
nf Mumnhrpv MaHtcnn Srhnvlpr
. , ., , j-,
I Leigh and a number of other places,
j The fire committee of Grand Island
had expected to be here, but some of
them were called to Aurora as wit
nesses in the now famous bank rob
bery case and were unable to be here.
The machine did its work in a most
satisfactory manner and the officers
of the city and the department feel
that a large percentage of the losses
from fires, losses which have been
caused by water will now beminimiz-
jed, and that it will pay for itself
within a comparatively short time.
The Democratic Conveatioa.
The democratic county convention
was held at the court house Monday
afternoon, practically every township
in the county being represented,
while no symptoms of a fight appear
ed on the surface, and resolutiosn
endorsing nearly every thing and ev
erybody were enthusisatically passed,
a glance over the list of delegates to
the state convention shows that some
of the men who have been leading
workers in the party are conspicuously
absent. The convention was presided
over by Representative R. C.Regan
while George Bender, of Cornlea was
During a lull in the proceedings,
the convention was' addressed by
Willis E. Reed, of Madison, one of the
candidates for the nomination for
United States senator. Mr. Reed
was not here to attend the convention
by any prearranged plan, but chanced
to be in the city between trains, and
took advantage of the oppnrtunity to
The report of the resolutions com
mittee endorsed Bryan, and decided
that he is still alive in politics in
spite of tne numerous post-mortems
recently held; endorsed the record of
Senator Hichcock; commended Sena
to Albert and Representatives Regan
and Schueth for tneir work in the legis
lature; and endorsed John C. Bymes
for chairman of the state central
committee for another term. At the
close of the conventoin John Ratter
man and Jerry Carrig were re-elected
as chairman and secretary of the co
unty central committee.
Miss Geraldine gray left Thursday
for Omaha for a brief visit with
Mrs. Gus Prieb and children left
today fr a few days visit with friends
at Omaha.
Mrs. J. Fauble is entertaining her
sisters, Misses Pearl and Olive Casey,
of Council Bluffs, Iowa, this week.
Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Miller and Miss
Muntz, of Lindsay, spent the week
end with Mr. and Mrs. P. A. Peterson.
Mr. and Mrs. S. Iossi and Mr. and
Mrs. P. F. Luchsinger spent Sunday
with Mr. and Mrs. Simon Iossi on
Route 2.
Miss Sophie Moersen will-leave Fri
day for Crete, Nebr., where she will
be the guest of Miss Queen Heath for
a week or ten days.
Mrs. James Cramer, who has been
visiting her daughter Mrs. C. H.
Dack will return to her home in Clar
inda, Iowa, Saturday.
Mrs. Lester Gates, Mrs. W. J.
Walters and Otto Walters made a trip
to Silver Creek in their car Tuesday
to attend the ball game.
Mr. and Mrs. P. F. Luchsinger
have sold their residence on West 9th
street, and are moving today to East
9th to a home owned by Henry Boet
tcher. The many friends of Miss Anna
Boettcher are pleased to learn that
she is getting along as well as can be
expected, after the operation last
W. J. Walters went to Fremont
Tuesday as a delegate to the Demo
cratic convention. Before returning
home Mr. Walters will visit Lincoln
and Seward.
A letter received at the Tribune
Journal office from Richard Ramey,
who is now in Califorhia, announces
that he expects to be back in Colum
bus about September 1.
Mrs. Mary Lange and daughters,
Misses Marie and Pauline, of Piqua,
Ohio, arrived in the city last week
for a visit at the home of G. Frisc
holz and William Bucher.
Misses Maud Galley, Geraldine
Gray, Minnie and Martha Bucher will
be guests of Mrs. C. E. Pollock at a
house-party from Thursday until Sat
urday. Thursday evening a dancing
party will be given in honor of the
Mr. and Mrs. D. Thomas left Tues
day afternoon for Salt Lake City,
Utah, where they will visit their son,
T. D. Thomas, who is in the employe
of the Intermountain Demurage Com
pany at that place. From there Mr.
and Mrs. Thomas will go to Los
Angeles and later to San Diego, ex
pecting to be gone about six weeks,
combining business and pleasure.
Friday evening a merry crowd of
young pople wended their way, with
well filled baskets, to Stevens Lake,
prepared to enjoy a pleasant evening.
Afterthe picnic supper, the evening
was spent in boating and other
amusements. Those present were
Misses Enola Hall, Geneva Jones,
Helen McAllister, Blanche Dawson,
Alice Newman, Mildred Thompson,
and Florence Hopkins, of Lincoln,
and Messrs Henry Beecher, Lewis
Newman, Fred Rector, Gus Bergman,
Robert Anderson, Ralph Taylor, and
Roy Hall. Miss Janet McAllister
and Mr. Manly Logan acted as chapeo-rnes.
Many Uses
Try it on your floors,
front doors, woodwork,
furniture, refrigerators,
in fact almost anything
that needs refinishing.
Easily Applied, Qiickly Dried.
In Cans of all Sizes.
Think of It
Do you dance? O rpheus hall, Tues
day, August 1.
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Teeter have
begun houskeeping on West 13th.
The Maccabee's are planning a pic
nic for next Thrusday to be held at
Buffalo park.
Mrs. C. W. Ray and children will
leave the last of the week for Norfolk
for a visit with fiiends.
A dance will be given at Orpheus
Hall next Tuesday evening. Every
body invited.
Little Mary Scott entertained a few
friends Monday afternoon in honor of
her fourth birthday.
TAKE NOTICE My office will be
closed next week from Tuesday until
Saturday. Dr. E. H. Naumann.
Helen McAllister and Mildred Chap
in are spending a few days at the
"Moonshiners" camp at McPherson's
WANTED One 'large or two me
dium sized unfurnished rooms for light
housekeeping by a lady employed. In
quire Tribune-Journal.
Rev. Chas. W. Ray, pastor of the
Methodist chruch, left Tuesday morn
ing for Kansas City, Missiouri, where
he intends to spend his month vaca
tion. An exceptional line of
black leather hand bags at
greatly reduced prices at
Speice & Bower's.
Martin Postle, one oft he old time
residents of Platte county, and Ed
ward Dyke and wife, of Lincoln, have
been visiting in the city this week at
the Postle home.
The Jewell is as complete as the
Kitchen Range. It will Boil, Stea,
Roast, Fry and Bake. The aluminum
construction of the Jewell "guarantees
Purity, Wholesomeness, Cleanliness.
It has no equal. For sale by Boyd
& Ragatz.
Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Rush returned
Saturday from Estas Park, Colorado,
where they have been enjoying ten de
lightful days of camping. Before re
turning home they took in the sights
at Denver.
Miss Clara Reeder entertained at a
nine o'clock breakfast Tuesday morn
ing in honor of Miss Angew of Lin
coln, 'Mrs. McGraw, of Albion and
Miss Donnelly, of Plattsmouth, the
guests of Miss Garlow.
Mrs. William Lohr is expecting
her brother, Frank Heinemyer, and
family, of Shanksville, Pennsylvania,
Friday for a short visit. Mr. Heine
myer made the trip from his home here
in his car about two months ago and
spent the time in visiting in Nebras
ka and Colorado, but will leave the
first of the week for his home.
JULY I, 1911
Try a few Shares
in the
Columbus Land, Loan
& Building Association
Hookenberger &