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i- timr seasonahle now than nt any other time in the yeai. If you Lave
lilinitlini' that ubouiil l done for the betterment of sanitary cou-
(litiuriN you ouhl to Eend for us at once.
hut mc will guarantee to do ymir work as well, if not better, than you
could have it done elsewhere.
ill 4 13 W 13th St.
Columbus. Neb
i iai: i; ii :.-.
Klolll tint Illtl.Hilx.
IMu-nt word rvivl from Omaha
bt.itee that CJuy Meaty underwiul an
i.j.oriition ln-,1 Saturday. Sunt- tbeu ht
Iuih been luijtroviii hIuwIv with rliai. es
mioil for u complete recovery, providtnj;
if course, other complication-, .!o ""'
wt in.
. ,. , ,
limlt-ii Autiiie of I.elrade -a:.s a
, ,,, ,
C.-dar hmiils vihitor bundnv. Charley
is tfoini: to et a tryout with Columbus,
ui the Neinaeka league, ibis easvn. If
h makes jcoud, which no dult he will,
botli I!-Ic,railc and (dai will be t-t a
yoml ball plaer. Ohaiiey m speedy a line fielder, and if he hitH her out
a little oflenur be will win a berth Willi
rr.nn ilnliiii. i
Whilc Slaving himself. liur -j
lie... of fepuidiiie, cut his cbe-k. With-,
i- two hours erysipelas set :n ami s: J
dajrt later he died.
The -ouiity hoanl bail voted to furnish
enough plank for four Kmy roiul tlms
! ach township in the county. It id
i.niv up to the townships to make tin
dr:s and yet buy improvini: ihe roadn.
The friends of Chris L Voihl who
..I i ,. i. .1 -., ....I.. ....rtl. I
.nU,,.u,,.ra..... ...,..
.t of Clenoa but t.. '
a mile ft out St. I'M ward March 1st. were
siiriirised and hokld to heai til ins
,ud,lenleath which orcurr..,! laM Sa'ur
daymoru.ny. Obrin was ,.. Oenoa Mo..- 1
day or Tuesday and was apparently j
Z 1 health. Oil Wednesday he wan j
taken sick, ami a physician tuiimiioneil,
ulio oronoiineed his ailment measlea. !
An is sometimes the ease in adultt1. the
. .fsn vas very severe, but no one epect- j
d Uhns' eickmsH would ie-ult fatal.
Hebrew mpidly wor-e Friday and oa
Saturday pawed aw i .
I".."l III" V,..l.
lolin hehnn hauled some catll.- to
iMirkel at Columbus last Frahiy. whudi
is :.ouielhin unusual as they are y r-
nlly dneu.
Fanners have etarted to how sprmy
wheat ai.d it r-eem- that. thei i yoiny
Ik be more wheal sown thi ;. ear than
there has been for a number ol ear
litv Mn- Mill, r f i- Shell
(t.-eek Ijutheran churoh ceh s.r.i -d their
silver weddmy iiuiiiveisar. on ".jiies
ilav. A hiree crowd was m :i:ii.dniice
a-.d many beautiful gifts of silvet wvie j
! ,
iMVeii the hott and hoottt-s.
While driving ca'-tie at ihe home of
.!u Killippi Saturday morning Norman j which were tied up m Ins barn
Oehsner sustained a broken leg that will ; iast Sunday .Tamer. Smith sustained
put him oil duty for some tun-. I ue , tn,niv punful burns lo several ol his
horse ho wa riding -lippel and f-!l im j lingers. While the llaines wer raging
hiieh a manner as to bre..l. h-.s irub ... t ,, the t'ullison barn and there being im
above the ankle. mineut danger that his barn would be
I'red Ahrens wtio was i. unfoituuate destroyed Mr. Smith attempted to close
List winter as to hat ti tiiiib uioken :n j a binning tlooi, thinking lie wou'd llrjs
a runawav had the ame luub broken ' prevent the Humes from rcufhing the
again S:tluida morniae uir.t u .-n-. ..: rnals until he eyiihl release them
es above ihe former break. !! :s frm. their perilous position through au
milking a cow when his dor '.erm. :. :..r opening. While engaged in this
chase the cattle in the yard am! iiuin.g ' i..-'- I sustained the injuries as above
the stampede Mr. Aureus was rur., jt-: te. l'r.nnpt medieal aid was seem -one
of the animals stepping on hi? hub ) : h...-ver, and the lingers are getting
and cau-ing the break. ' a.iug 'i rely at last reports.
Gents' Furnisbiirig Goods
405 I lth Street.
A. Dussell (SL Son
I rum I l.i- (lazcttc.
A nii'idii-r of the farnicrfl living uloiitf
tin liee delivery liuea of mail out
' ,,f nni,viH Kan., have nulled down
j tUl.,r .ll!Uj ,oxeB m,j refused to accept
j tjieir ntIlii rroill (l currier recently
j jippoinled.
j , ...
Ij"int week the (iHzette erred in atatmj;
j ,.,,... .... ,. ,
t linn nit- iiiiuv ijukkj nieMJuieu lt. iiuii
,, ,, ,. . ,
Hire. F rioler, was from the phone pat
rons wv-t and north of I Sell wood,
ijiuro we hae lean.eil that those cunt
::ini northeast of IMlwood lilierally
donttted toward the present, and there-
fon we liaJieve in lining them justice by
; making this correction.
'ho i!di'-t person m Nebraska, Aaron
f '.'. .fif.ud. i;au jut died near LUco at
I tli- i:t)iif 11.1. Urailfoid was a reiuark-
itl.Ie limn :md ictained his mental facul-
.,M tl ,,, ljllK. f s (eath lie i.ever
IMUril, ,; , l:, Mipposed to have a
u.lnVl , t. , . Bradford necr rode on
, railnud train, -team boat, nor in an
aiitoiiiob:le; never saw an electric street
cir ami never rodeiu a street car of any
Intnl. I hniih able to read Latin and
! (h-rin-iu he never attended school after
he 'ih .i. He never sat for a photogra
ph. in-i win. in u building in which
llii'io , iim an !ov:itor and iiivir lunl n
or i;.t lo hls nu. Iwuvs tllII1Iljn
,,lf: ,K,in, WJlh sbt;jra V,r'MUvrd cabt
, ,, f . .
his vote lor .Monroe for president. Af-
,i . i . . . -, . .
ter thit he voteil at everv preMtlenlial
t,(rliI1 ,,, Iiever lnUwK much ,n-
i-kntkai. citv.
rrm i !- Neaj..ireil.
The health ollicers uaraiitineii John
Hastings at his mommy place hiht Jlon
day. .I.ihu has a mild case of smullpox.
1I ha.i been tlowu to Omaha last week
previous and it is presumed contracted
the dit tse while in thai city. As stated
'above the case is only a mild one, re
ports to the contrary notwithstanding.
Slo nil" Iler went over to Stronisbury
j the hitler part of last ,eek and placed
under arrest one Coo. Wright, who is
wanted oa a statutory charge at Krie,
Kansis. Wright had been working in
the vicinity of Hordvilio for a short tune
and had later gone to Stroiusbnrr',
where his arrest followed. The crime
with which lie is charged is a serious
one and it is alleged was committed
about a month ago. Sheriff Her took
the pn-ouer over to Aurora Monday
noon, where olhcers Iroin hne were
waiting l. return home witu their man.
While going to the rescue of some
From the lteinblicaa.
Will Smith returned Monday from hi?
trip to Illinois, much improved in health.
Mrs. L. l . llendryx was very sick at
her home in Kearney last week, but let
ters received by relatives here report
that she is improving.
Chas. Kerr and Gus Tessendorf ship
ped a mixed car of stock to South Oma
ha the first of the week, and they went
down to see them sell.
Chas Nunnally will leave Tuesday of
next week for uu extended trip through
the west, and he may possibly tind a
place that suits him and locate perman
ently. Thursday of this week the new street
gas light, recently purchased by the-village
hoard, was installed at the 'tank
corner, and that evening was givea: u
test. It proved very satisfactory ami
gives an excellent light, and can be 3t
to burn any number of hours. Ir. !
quite probable that later one or more if;
tbe lights will be installed.
Last Thursday evening a primary
election was held at tbe town hall forr-'
the purpose of selecting three candidates j
for village trustees at the coming elec
tion. C. W. Ilolhngshead presided aa
chairman and EL J. Hill was secretary.
Wm. Sigea, John Gibbon and H.J. HilL
were nominated for trustees for the term.
of two years. Wm. Sigea will suc
ceed J . 0. Head, whose term expiree,
and John Gibbon, who was appointed
in place of D. 11. Gipo. H. J. Hill, who
is at present chairman of the board, will
succeed himself. Last week an oppos
ing ticket, composed of A. C. Loucks, J.
Will Campbell and C. II. Kelley, was
filed by petition, but Messrs. Loucks.
aud Campbell who were satisfied with
the action of the caucus, declined to rnu
aud the ticket was withdrawn. The rea
son for the opposition ticket, so it was
given out, was to oppose the pool room,
but this could have hardly been the ob
ject, as the chairman of the village
board. U.J. Hill, proposed submitting
the pool hull matter to the voteis, to be
decided at the election. This offer waa
declined when it was thought there waa
hope for it second ticket, and after the
withdrawal of the ticket those opposed
to the pool hall asked that the question
be placed on the ballot, which will be
done, and all given a chance to express
their preference.
from the l)niiiii.nit
Jos. Kolluiun loaded a car with his
farm machinery and household goods
the latter part of the week and left for
Sidney this state, near where he wilL
engage in farmin. Joe had been keep
ing bachelor's hall here for some tunc
and will do the same m Cheyenne coun
ty unices he can induce some of Platte
county's handsome girls to share ranch,
life with him.
S. V. Schurr has been iu poor health
for a couple of weeks from an attack of
appendicitis, so he finally decided to
have the cause lemoved aud went to the.
Columbus hospital Monday for an oper
ation. He was accompanied by Mis.
Schurr and remained for treatment until
Wednesday when the operation was per
formed. Latest reports say he is recov
ering rapidly.
The barn of (1. U. JJiedinger, who lives
three miles north of town, was burned
to the gronud Tuesday evening, together
with three head of horses, a calf and all
the harness blankets, feed, rto., that
was kept in the barn . Two small stacks
of alfalfa and some straA? was .!.o burn
ed but the granuries, corn cribs and
other buildings were saved by the
prompt ellbrts of neighb.iiii who quickly
gathered to the scene. The'lJiedinger
family were about to nil, down to supper
at six o'clock when smoke was teen
pouring from the barn. In a few sec
onds it became a mass of llames and it
was impossible to save any of the con
tents. The loss was -partially if not all
covered by insurance and "dr. Biedinger
feels very grateful to those who rushed
to hi- assistance iu tune to save tbe
other buildings.
Fll-'ll lll ."'.
.Mpa. W. V. L'tld received a telegram
Tuesday that Ward Smith, her cousin's
husband, had died very suddenly at
(J rand Island. She left on the afternoon
train, accompanied b her neice who is
visiting her. Mr. Smith has been n train
dispatcher for the IJ. 1. for a good many
Tuesday afternoon sis the Union Paci
fic passenger was running up to the Y
the engine struck a team and wagon
driven by Chas Nichols, er.. and Thos.
Doty, at the crossing just north of the
stockyards A string of three or four
cars standing on tho stockyard switch
shut ot? all view of the approaching
train. Mr. Nicholas i.ud Mr. Doty were
breaking a mule, driving it with the
former's horo and they drove onto the
track direct 1 in front of the engine.
The force of the impact was suflicient to
carry the horses and wagon forty or
fifty feet up the track. Mr. Nichols saw
the enyiue and jumped just as itstruck
and was thrown to tho ground. For
tunately he was not badly hurt, suffer
ing only a few bruises and a general
shake up. Doty also saw the danger
but did not jump quick enough and was
thrown onto the pilot of tbe engine.
The horse had one limb cut oil and was
killed as soou as pobsible, while the
mule was apparently unhurt. The
wtgon was entirely broken np with the
exception of one wheel. Doty was
foucd on the pilot, as eoon as the engine
could be stopped. It was not known
how badly he was hurt and he was plac
ed on u stretcher acd harried to a doctor.
An examination failed to find any seri
ous injuries. His face and hefd, ami one
hand vers quite badly cat,
In the
Meridian Anne:
You will find us better
equipped that ever to
attend to your wants in
Electric Lighting
Electric Irons
Let us wire your house
Columbus Light,
Heat Sc Power Co.
Much Sickness Due to Bowel Dis
orders. A doctor's first question when consult
ed by a patient ie, "Are your bowels reg
ular?" ilu knows that !tt per cent of
illness is attended with inactive bowels
and torbid liver, and that this condition
must be removed gently and thoroughly
before health can lie restored.
Bexall Orderlies are n positive, pleas
ant and safe remedy for constipation
and bowel disorders iu general. We are
6o certain of their great curative value
that we promise to return tbe purchas
er's money in every cose when they fail
to produce entire satisfaction.
Kcxall Orderlies are eaten like candy,
they net quietly, and have a soothing,
strengthening, healing influence on the
entire intestinal tract. They do not
purge, gripe, cause nausea, ilatulence,
excessive looseness, diarrhoea or other
anuoyiug effect. They are especially
good for children, weak persons or old
folks. Two .sizes, 25c and 10c. Sold
only at our store the Kexall store.
1'ollook & Co., corner 1:5th and North
Dirt and Death.
When a celebrated 1'nris physician
was asked how the city could prevent
the coming of a plague then ravaging
other European places he answered,
"Boil your icer That tersely called
attention to the necessity of utter
cleanliness aud that even Ice made
from impure water carried disease.
"Yellow fever." said Henry Ward
Beccher. "Is God Almighty's opinion of
dirt." The chief contributing cause
toward modem elHciency in surgery Is
that surgeons have learned to keep
clean. Nothing is so spotless as a good
hospital. Everything is boiled and
sterilized beds, instruments, clothing,
washrags. floors, bands and finger
nails. That is why they save lives
there. Nobody would die If be could
keep perfectly clean. Death is tbe
final triumph of dirt. Chicago Trib
une. He Understood the People.
One of Jay Gould's campaign as a
dealer in railways was with the Wa
bash system of railroads. He got con
trol and after effecting a reorganiza
tion which increased the capital stock
and also the bonded debt sold them
out It is related of him at this time
that an associate said to him. "Mr.
Gould, don't you think you are Iwuid
Ing this much higher than the property
will stand?" "That may be." answer
ed be, "hut the American people are
mighty partial to bonds."
A Mero Trifle.
The young lady had won the phllo
pena. "Well," said the gentleman who
had lost. "I've lost: what shall I give
you?" "Your photograph, nothing but
your photograph." she answered. "In a
pretty little gold mounting set In a
gold bracelet, with a sprinkling of em
eralds and Just one solitaire one only,
mind you no more!"
Habit is the deepest
Baftre. Carlyle.
law of human
"What did the captain of the vessel
flo when he found the men were not
disposed to do their full duty?"
"He gave up the voyage and docked
the vessel."
"What then?"
"Then he docked the crew." Balti
more American.
Between Friends.
Bess He said my face was a ticrfect
poem. Jess It is like one of Brown
ing's. Bess What do you mean?
Jess Some of the lines are so deep.
Toledo Blade.
How blessings brighten as they take
their flight! Young.
We invite nil who desire choice
steak, and the very best cute of
all other meats to call at our
market on Eleventh street. We
also handle poultryand fish and
oysters in season.
Telephone No. 1. - Colambus.Neb.
The bet irripwtM land, with tbe beet
water right. Which has produced bum.
per crop for the past iit years. Prico
reasonable. Terms very easy. For par.
ticnlars write Isaac Conner. Omaha, Neb.
FroB the Jouraal.
On Moaday morniag t about eight
o'clock our citizens were startled to
hear the fir bell ring aad the shriek of
tbe lire whittle. The scene of tbe trou
ble was soon located at the Jos. F. Her
outbosie in the watt part of town.
Those who arrived first had quite a tussle
with Herout who bad fired hie barn and
corncrib and waa preparing to set fire
to the rest of hie buildings, bis mind
having become deraaged. It seems that
when he awakened in the morning he
waa filled with a desire to destroy, bar
ing brokea several windows in tbe bouse
and demolished a couple of chairs before
going outside tofire tbeplaoe. When
Dually overpowered and tied with ropes
he told those about him that they might
just as well let him finish tbe job aa be
intends to finish it later anyhow and
then take his own life. Mr. Herout was
taken in custody by Marshal Dickey and
removed to Sohuvler for safe-keeping
until Wednesday morning, when he bad
his bearing before the board of insanity,
and after all the evidence in the case was
in he waa ordered taken to Norfolk for
treatment. During tbe time of the
hearing at Schuyler heasked permission
to leave tbe room. He waa left alone
for a few miantea by the sheriff, in who
ee charge he was placed, daring which
time he set fire to one of tbe small oat
buildings in the court bouse yard The
officer saw the smoke and hastily quench
ed tbe flames. Mr. Herout has always
been a highly respected resident of this
community, has always been faithful in
the performance of bis duties aa mail
carrier ou route No. 4, and was f man of
good habits. His friends deeply deplore
tbe affliction that has come upon bim.
From the Sicaal.
Mrs. J. H. Beck, of Cheyenne, Wyo.,
arrived here Thursday morning for a
visit with friends and relative. Mrs.
Beck was formerly Miss Katie Mahoney.
It was a matter of some surprise and
much pleasure to tbe many friends of
Mr. William Scbelp lo see him on tbe
streets of Platte Center 'last Saturday.
His serious illness of the past two mon
ths or longer does not seem to have left
bis health in an impaired condition.
Two weeks ago the village authorities
gave an order for three more street
lamps like tbe ones now in use. A day
or two subsequent this order was in
creased to six. Theac lamps have arriv
ed, and a man will be here tbe last of
the week to set them up. An effort is
being made to induce tbe railroad com
pany to place a lamp on the street north
of the depot. With all these lamps our
village will assume quite a metropolitan
Last Thursday being a birthday an
niverssry of ltev. HiMnger, of the Ger
man Baptist church, the members of bis
congregation joined in a pleasant assem
bly at tbe church and spent the after
noon in a joyful manner. Tbe superin
tendent, Mr. Hobbeasief ken, and also tbe
organist, Mrs. Emil Scboeo, who arc ac
tive church workers, were not forgotten
on this occasion. Appropriate gifts
were presented to ltev. Hilsinger, Mr.
Hobbensicfken and Mrs. Sohoen ae a
slight token of the esteem in which these
worthy people arc held. The occasion
was one long to be remembered.
From the Sun.
Myron Thompson baa been having a
streak of bad luck this week. He ran a
nail in tbe bottom of bis foot which
caused him to navigate with difficulty
and we notice that be hae been driving
bis automobile minus one tire. Tbe
nails appear to have been wrong end up
with Myron this week.
When land in tbe vicinity of Shelby
began to sell for 9100 per acre many said
that tbe top notch had been reached
and it was time to let go. Some sold
and others held on. O. F. Hotchkias
held on until Tuesday when FredKumpf
tempted him with aa offer of $150 an
acre for bis IGO-acre farm one mile north
ot Shelby and he sold. Tbe sale of this
quarter section for $34,000 causes us lo
wonder at the lack of foresight of a lot
of us, to whom it seems but a few years
ago when the railroad company was
selling land in this same locality at from
three to five dollars per acre, and settlers
were relinquishing their homestead
rights for almost a song or deserting
them outright, fearing that tbe country
would never be free from grasshopper
If You Have Scalp or Hair Trouble
Take Advantage of This Offer.
We conld not afford to so strongly
endorse Rexall U3" Hair Tonic and con
tinue toscll it as we do, if it did not do
all we claim it will. Should our enthu
siasm carry us away, and ltexall "Do"'
Hair Tonio not give entire satisfaction
to the users, they would lose faith in us
and our statements, and in consequence
our business prestige would suffer.
We assure you that if your hair is be
ginning to unnaturally fall out or if you
have any scalp trouble. Rexall "!)3" Hair
Tonic will promptly eradicate dandruff,
stimulate hair growth and prevent pre
mature baldness.
Our faith in Kexall "U3" Hair Tonic is
so strong that we ask yon to try it on
our positive guarantee that j oar money
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do as we claim. Two sizes, 50c and
$1.00. Sold only at onr store tbe Kex
all store. Pollock k Co, corner 13th
and North streets.
Similar Tastes.
Bacon Have yon and your wife aba
Mar tastes? Egbert 1 think so. I
ion't believe she likes her cooking
Mtber. Tonkers Statesman.
Moderation la tbe silken string ran
nlag through tat pearl chela of all rb
An Unparalleled Record
HarriMan Mies' Bucemger
Beport for 1919 Show. Vic
tory of Stfetj Itafaa.
Unto ffeifc
Oie-mk; Ufcket Seal!!
The Kjrrla.auwav Uss earned 10 pet
ceat ef the eatlautedT U0O peswnger weJk
eC tke flatted State. r .1.0 p.
witaeur-fatal accident io aaree tee-auav
eh TM result la ascribed .to tbe instaaa
tJeaef safety devices and ! believed toUevs
ne araISI lathe raUrosd world.
The report, cinuhilng this data, 'juat has
eetaueeinpiled ! the offices of Julius KruU
caalR. director of maintenance and opera
tion oa the system. Including- the Southern
Bectflc aad Unlon-Paciac railroads, a total
ot 17,9 miles.
The total number of aeseagers c&rriel
oa a one mile' totals- was 8.00O.O0O.00O. .Tbe
'figures' of the country's railroads for 1910
have not yet been compiled by tbe govern
meat; but In 1009 the Interstate commerce
commission reported the number of jicssen
gers carried a -i9.000.Oev.ow. The fgures
for 1010 will not-exceed a. billion le
.Ho like HecordlXnowii.
Slany other railroad have- gone through a
year without a fat'a.lty .to any of its passen
gers. -but it is talJ-.that no-system has Tnade
this 'record for euch a larsv toist of passen
gers. Tbe results' on the Harriman .lines are as
cribed to a campaign waged by the'manage
ment for years to reduce accidents. The Kar
riman system now has mere miles of auto
matic block signal protection than aay other
system In the -world. Mr. Xruttschnltt ahn
zejf has directed special attention to the'sc
cident problem and began"evcral.years ago
to-bring about a .reduction-by givlr.ff com
plete publicity to all forms. of accidents and'
their Investigation, which, it is believed,
spurred both officers and employes to greater
efTqrts-to'safesuard hves Intrusted to their
care." I
Chicagt Tribune, February 12th.
Nat a StagU Fatal AccWewt.
The Rannu uses :cttrled 10 per
eat or tte country's estimated paswa
get trafle-for 1110. Jlet 4 togle fatal
aedieat occurred to p eager aay
wner the system.
This acaleresteat Is deecrlbei as ho
psrallelsd .la zauroadJag, and lt la at
tributed to the lastaUation f safety
vlcea-caleiy. If aot wholly.
If a small line gets through a. year
without a fatal accident the result any
Itself be considered aacMontal. A taat
system carrying millions of 'passengers
owes safety 4o ImproYemeats, care and
Cbicagt Record-Herald, February 15th.
Standard Road of the West
Let us send to you or give to
you, free, an interesting little
book, "Making Travel Safe."
Address your local agent or
Seed Grain Suggestions.
If you need good seed, ask the State
Experiment Station where to get it and
what it will cost.
If yon produce yonr own seed grain,
it is important to select it early out of
tbe best part of the crop and tuke good
care of it.
Are you testing your seed for germ
inating qualities? It is a simple matter,
acd the State Experiment Station will
send yon full directions fot doing it at
Whenever smut appears, treat tbe
seed grain with formalin solution. Get
tbe formula and method from the State
Experiment Station. The treatment is
very simple and effective.
By attention to these rales, you can
increase yonr crop from -1 to 10 busbclB
per acre, with very little extra expense.
Additional attention to cultural methods
and soil fertilization will add further to
the profits.
If yon have any good seed grain, you
should send a sample to yoar State Ex
periment Station, stating how much you
have and tbe price you want for it.
Yonr name will be listed and sent to
those who ask for good seed.
If yoar seed sppesra to be mixed or
fslliog off in yield, it will pay you to get
pare bred seed of tbe best strain adapt
ed to your soil and climate. If you have
any doubt as to what varieties to plant,
writs the Stats Experiment Station and
ask them which will do beet in yoar soil
and climate.
Yoa should never fail to use a good
I finning mill, ss)sctjng poly tbe heaviest
Owwatatt Drt to
and plumpest kernels of good body for
sowing, and avoid plauting shriveled and
dwarfed kernels. Wheat, oats, barley
and rye seed may be beet prepared by
fanning mills, which separate by size
and by weight, by means of screens and
wind blast. A good fanning mill, pro
perly used, will more than pay for itself
in a single season.
No. 11.
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No. 4
1:21 a in
no. 1 ....
No. 15....
No. 3 ....
No. 5 ....
No. 21....
No. 19....
No. 7 . .
.10:28 a in
.11:25 am
. 3:0.1 p m
. ft:Spni
. 7:2.". p m
. :!" pm
. 2:lUnni
.1120 am
.12:10 pni
. a J3 p m
No. 12
No. i;
i No. 16
No. 10 ,
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No. 291......
No. 21
iio, a
. 5:21 a m
. 2:W p m
. 2:1 p di
. 3:05 pin
. 5:57 p ra
820 pm
1:20 pm
3:00 p m
7:12 a m
:! p ni
No. 77 mzd . - d 7:20 a ni
No.2Vpas ..ri 7:25 pm
No. 30 pas ..a 1:10pm
No. 7S mxd..a 4:10 pm
No. 7!) inxd..d 6:00 am
No. 31 pas ..dlilOpm
No. 32 pas ..allSSnm
No. 80 mzd ..a : p ra
Daily except Sunday.
Nos. 1, 2, 7 ami 8 am extra far trains.
Noe. 4. 5, 13 ami II are local passsngsrs.
Nos. 58 and W are local freights.
Nos. 8 and 16 are mail traias oaljr.
No. 14 laein Omaha 4:45 p. m.
No. 8 dne in Omaha 5:08 p. m.
C. N. a I.
Tias Tails
No. 32, Pass, (daily ex. Banday ) Issts. ... 75 a xa
No. 32. Frt. & Ac. (d'y ex. Satardayj hr.50O p m
No. 21. Pass, (daily ex. Saaday) arnVe..fe2 P as
No. 81, Frt. & Ac, (d'y sx. Saaday) ar. . .0:15 a n
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