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ExsK$ waaaaawsassa
Tbtt Kfekss ih. Baking Eoitir
Failures are alaoat Itnpoasible with
We Itaow that It wi& rh-e you better
We know that the bailer TrElbo purr
inoro wholesome.
T; know that it will be more evenly
And we know that Calnmrt l mete
KODomicGl. both la iu use and cost.
Wo kaow thre t'llnci because we
are put tho q-aliijr Into It wo have
aeen It t-J-d -'Ut la evcy way. It is
Cteflnowin tiIHom ot coa ana its
aalej are jrowine daily. It U the
asodem baVinz powdar.
Hcve you tried It?
Caiort I hlsheit la Qcalit
SEorte In price.
Sacetv j Hiehrat Awaii
Werid Pure Food EapoaiUoa.
&1 "- . ii
S? wtt. iSfBrKi
l. a r-r rf m t i
How wo'iid you Ilk-i an unbosseil ai'd
tobbyleus lcg.r!ati"e for a change?
3Tre. Vliiirtiwfi "oo Iilnjr N.rrnp.
ffVirrbU .( ii 3-. Unci,:. blt-iiv tHfciim:, r.ji:r,-!p-
tfciniiiiitiiiTiiiinT- i- ii '' tr-1i uhr wcaIa .lie.
Many a guilty man cscnnua becaiise
ha is so small ho coos right through
tha n-t.
Pcttlt's Eye Salve for 25c.
Relieves tnfi. conset-t-d. inflamed and
eore ;., t; :: -Uv Ktops ;,- nc.'iv. .Ml
Irueg-iAU or Howard Bros., Buffalo, X. Y.
avveetsst Success.
"Wht'3 tto n.eetest kiud of sue
ass?" "That which you nchievc by uctins
aontrary to the advice of your frkndu.
At the County Fair.
Visitor- A ml bo that Is what they
call thft v.ild hirse of r.v.agoala What
to you food It?
Zoo Attendant Wild or.ts.
Couldn't Do It.
T can't stay long." said the chair
man of tliH committee from the col
ored church. "I Just anio to t-ee 1!
ro' wouldn't Join do inlsGlun I and."
"Fo dV Ian' eake's. hnnoy." replied
the old niainun, "doan" ronio to mo!
1 can't tcs play a mouf-orsan."
Got Out of the Habit.
I eoo you hue cct a younc man
"Yes "
"Don't you think a. rretty t.'5rl
tenoRiapher adds a great deal to tho
attractiveness or an ofiice?"
"I suppose she does, but I can't
dictate to a woman somehow. I s'pOFe
lt'a because 1 have been married no
On th Senators.
The wit of HishOi Seth Ward
limuses Nasl'viHe frequently.
Ulfihop Ward. In company with two
'enators. came forth from a Nashville
reception tho other day and entered a
motor car
"Ah, bishop." said one of his com
panions, "you are not like your mas
ter. He was content to ride an ass."
"Yes. and so should 1 be." Bishop
Ward answered, "bat there's no such
animal to be cot nowadays. They
make them all senators."
All In Good Time.
Heven-year-old William had become
tho yroud owner of a pet pip. and In
sisted upon having all the caro of It
himself. After a few weeks, as the
pig did not seem to thrive, his father
aid to him:
"William. I'm afraid you are not
feeding your pig enough. It does not
eem to be fattening at all."
"I don't want him to fatten yet."
William replied, knowingly. "I'm wait
ing until he ge's to be as lenjr as I
want him, then 111 begin to widen him
out." T';-H!ts
A single dich of
with sugar and cream tells
ths whole stcry
'The Memory Lingers"
Postern rcea.1 Companj, LXi.
Estile Creclc, Hich.
cT I
it r
I fi h Fit til f
Scnor Thcophile Braga, Who Was
Chosen to Hold the Reins of
Portugal's Government.
Lisbon. Chief among those who de
throned Kii:g Manuel of Portugal and
sent him a fugitive to the friendly
asylum of olher shores is Senor Thc
ophile I'raga. first president of the
Portufse iepub'ic.
Senor ISrnga has been styled the
Victor Hur.o of Portugal. He is the
son of a Lisbon doctor and was born
In the Azores in 1S4T.. His connection
with republicanism began in 1S70. but
he did not become active in politics
until quite recently. Early in the
present year he was elected a deputy
for Lisbon and at ence. owing to his
ability as a speakrr. his great fund
, ".
Ser.or Thecphils Brnga.
of information, his standing as nr
educator and his power nf leadership
took a prominc nt r-i't among the re
I ublicans, who were reeking the re
generation of their country. Semi
llraga is a r' :inl v. philosopher, l'oi
years Ik- was professor of litcratun
at the High Literary College in Lis
bun and is an author of note. In ah
he has published 1150 volumes nnd was
the last man one would suspect of be
coming invohtd in a revolution. It
is too early yet to predicate as to his
future, but one would expect the re
public to be saf in his hands.
New One Recently Has Seen Four.c
in Mexico in the Falo
Amarillo Tree.
City of ?.cx'co Another practical
and vor' e.t nsive source of crude
rubber supply was recently discovered
in the vicinity of (Tunnajualo. It is
the palo amnriiio tiee. which grows
wild in a broad M-opc of territory hor
bering th Pacific coast and extend t?
towards the in'erior :ir 1'ar as Giuma
junto. Th commer :al pasFibi'itics ol
this tree as a producer of ruMu r have
been 'herouhly testrd by the Mex
lean gcvernment and by roprerent:.
tives of large Anioriran interests that
:;re imesting considerable capital ir
the new industry.
The p."lo amarillo tree bears no re
semblance to the guayulc shrub frrrr.
niiicli large quantities of rubber arc
being manufactured in Nortl em Mcr
ico rnd Southv. .Ttern Texas. Thij
tree Is also of a different species from
the rubber tree of the tropica! regions
.f Mexico and other countries. It at
tains a height of about 150 feet. Its
trunk gets to be of a thickness of one
to two feet. The tree is of rapid
growth, reaching a commercial size in
five years.
The news that the palo amarillc
tree in being utilized for the manufac
ture of crude rubber has caused a
number of independent rubber con
cerns to enter the new field of indus
try, to the extent that they are active-
! .
The Palo Amarillo Tree.
ly purchasing all the available tracts
of trees In the territory that has not
been invaded b' the pioneer company,
it is expected that a number of inde
pendent rubber manufacturing plants
will be crtiibl'shcd during the next
fc v.- months and that it will not he a
rrat while until the palo amarillo in
dustry will rival that of guayulc rub
ber. in which more than Cj million
dcdlars gold has been invested during
the last few years
With the assurance thrt the pale
Amarilio tree and tie guayulc shrub
can be easily propagated and tl:at
their growth is ariapti d to a large
area of country the question of the
possible permanency or the rubber
surply of the world is practically
Woman B'amcd for Suicides.
Philadelphia. That suicide in this
rountry is large'y contributed to be
cause of woman's invasion of man's
field of work is the opinion of Dr. John
Chalmers Da Costa. Moreover, he do
ciare?. this an.! e?-er i"s will increase
if women per-i?t in leaving the home
for business. In a paper read before
the American Philosophical society
here Dr. Da Costa said:
"If woman continues to invade man's
calling she will pay a dreadful penalty
In insanity and suicide and in the idi
ocy of her rrogeny. and she will wreck
the chief hope of civilization the
clea'i. decnt. happy home. The bla
tant and nililant suffragette is well
along on the highway of degeneration."
An Excancivc Snake.
Washington. Not every creature
can sv; allow annhcr bigger than it
self, but there is a 1'tt e wa'or snake
nt the Aquarium th.:t does this handi
ly. The water r---ko is a feet and a
half long and abj?. as big arcund as a
big lead pencil, say a scant five-sixteenths
of aa inch in dianeter. but it
will corner ami capture a ki'Hefish an
inch and a naif lorg and close to ha.t
an inch :n diameter and gulp it dowu
whole taci!y.
jimk 'i&i ,
jrb jisr. .v
JG&&&H. V-Afe?, j
wej a-13-
rf . - v -' J cjx- .-f
Entertains Friends
f I
Clara J. and I had taken possession
of our cute little dent in the middle
of an imposing stone pile with a Pull
man car moniker, and for two weeks
we roamed among the furniture stores
measuring chairs and things to see if
they were small enough to go ia the
however, the toy home was
ready, cad we moved ia.
Clara J.'s delight was boundless
when mamma and papa and Tacks
came up that first evening and took
dinner with us.
It's true we a'.i had to s!t edge-on
at the table and get our meat cut in
the kitchen so as to avoid hitting ecch
other on the funny bone, bat the idea
was good, nevertheless.
Surely it makes a chap's heart swell
up anil beat faster when he realizes
that for the first time in his life he's
payng house rent for himself and a
good man's daughter, oven if the
house Kn't any bigger than a minute.
Our first experiment in the kitchen
was a colored lady named Malvina.
She cooked entirely by hand, and
talked by machinery.
As a conversationalist she was a
faster tongue trotter than the janitor,
although his assortment of words
would probably get him the decision
on points.
Malvina was Inclined to be stout,
and every time it was her cue to come
in and wait on the table I got up and
eft the room, so that she could move
ihout without Injuring our guests.
In the first round Malvina spilled
i bowl of hot soup oc-r father's cow-
ick. which showed a pretty anxiety
on hT part to make his visit a mem-
trable one.
Papa expressed a desire to swear,
-o I led him out to the kitchen, put
is head In the dumbwaiter shaft, and
told hint to cut loose.
He fractured the walfc and stopped
very clock m tho house, but it made
Mm feel better.
Puring the third round Malvina
oatnc In with the lamb dhops. slipped
"Jim Framed His Face In the
on tho scjup-palnted floor, and handed
the whole plateful of hot meat to
He reached for one chop with his
left eye and took the rest ia his lap.
Malvina rushed cut in the kitchen,
crawled behind the gas range, and
refused to be comforted. She de
clared that some one had "cerifly
conj'nhd" her. and then she raised
her o!ce in lamentation and didn't
stop talking for three mortal hours.
Otherwise our first dinner party
passed off very pleasantly. Mother
expressed herself as charmed with our
entourage, and papa said that with
the exception of our facilities for
landing soup at the right wharf we
were all to the good.
The next day Clara J. suggested
that we give a house-warming to our
"I'm for It." I agreed, "but you murt
remember that w have quite a bulky
bunch on our list, and as we can only
cet a sprinkling of them in hero at
one time we'll have to give a con
tinuous." Clara J. undertook to arrange that
detail, and shortly thereafter we gave
our first public performance.
Eight friends arrived at the appoint
ed hour, and as there was only room
for six of them in the fiat we stood
the surplus out In the maia hall and
told them to hold an overflow meeting.
During the first half hour we enter
tained each other by getting wedged
in the sitting-room bo tightly that
Malvina had to pry us out.
After that we made a solemn com
pact never to try to enter any roora
In which four people had already as
sembled. This plan probably saved
the lives of many present.
After a time my wife started to play
the piano, and two minutes later the
man who lived in the flat above us
sent down word that his kid was
asleep, and if we didn't stop beating
the music box he'd have us all
I sent a nice, diplomatic message
to the man overhead, in which I men
tioned the name of a place that I'd
permit him to go to.
Then the man sent the janitor after
me. I told the janitor that this is a
free country, ami he replied: "Maybe
It Is, but you can't prove it"
So w started to cut out tho music
and started a quarter limit game of
Tho players were Jim Nelson and
his wife. Charlie Payne. Fred Par
dons. Clara J., and myself.
Jim Nelson thinks that when It
monies to peker he's about the warm--st
little bundle cf nerves that ever
uipped a Jack. To hear him tail:
LTL II 1 Iff Km
v )?y y m1U4 W I'll MS
you'd think ho wrote the game. He's
one of those fluffs who whistle for
the police when they lose SO cents and
get the frosted Trilbies when they win
a dollar ninety.
Charlie Tayno plays them close to
his shirt studs and always forgets to
ante. His bad memory has saved a
lot of money for him.
Fred Parsons is one of those loud
players. Kvery time he wius a pot
he bubbles all over like a seltzer wa
ter going in a glass. When he loses
lie hits the table and says: "Danima
Iuck!( Why didn't I throw away the
other card?"
i waru't wise to the abilities of the
o( iters, although I had a strong sus
picion that Ciara J. would put up a
regular Chc-rry Sister game. I had
never heaid her speak of cards, and
! war, i ropared to hear her ask any
minute if the king of trumps beat a
four Hush.
We played along for half an hour
without anything painful happening.
Clara J. handled iicr cards as though
they were perfect strangers to each
ether and she was a trifle nervous,
hut she trailed along with the bunch.
For Jim Nelscn they were coining
in carriages. He must have betn six
dollars in. and. consequently, he was
bursting with an Inward joy.
Then camu a jack-pet. which went
mound Hires or four tiiue-s, and was
finally opened by Jim. V. all stayed
In, and after Hie draw It was just be
ginning to look cheerful, when Clara
J. said eager!:., "Oh. John, do sixes
beat fulls?"
Everybody present dipped up a tit
ter, and the poor girl looked ready
to faint.
"S;ire!" I raid, just to bring her
back to earth, and the game went on.
Jim bet his quarter and Charlie
Payne raised him. Clara J. was next,
and she hoisted them both, to my
painful surprise.
Tno rest of us dropped out, and so
did Charlie on the next lap.
It was Jim and Ciara J. for It. and
Sickliest Smile I Ever Saw.'
I had to sit there and watch her being
dragged to the shambles, powerless
to help her.
Kery time Jim said his little
speech she was back at him with a
1 could sec a whole month's house
hold expenses traveling home in
Jim's pocket.
During those few terrible moments
I'M bet Mrs. Jim bought two new hats
and a tailor made with the spoils her
j robber husband was going to haul in.
it was cruel.
I tried to give Clara J. the bugle
to cease firing, but she never once
looked in my direction.
Jim had nearly all his chips ia and
Clara J. had reached over and
touched my stack for a handful.
The pot looked as big as a bunch
of Christmas money, and I began to
"Maybe It Is, but You Can't Prove It."
see visions cf deputy sheriffs running
off with our furniture.
Jim was breathing hard, and !
fancied 1 could almost hear him say
ing over and over to himself, "This
is a sin and I hate to do It, but I need
the money."
Presently, when all his chips were
ia. he repented and called Clara J.
As he did so he threw a king full
of bullets down en the table, and with
an apologetic smile proceeded to pull
in the gate receipts.
Ciara J. said very coolly, "Won't
you walk slowly, Mr. Nelson?" and
with that she spread her hand nut on
the able four sixes and a seven-spot!
Jim framed his face in the sickliest
smile I ever saw, and Mrs. Jim awoke
from her dry goods dream with a
start that nearly ipsct the table.
Clara J., the bunco girl! Did you
hear her Fty. "John, do sixes beat
fu:::!'' Itz' she a wonder, though?
After that the game seemed to
drag, and finally, when it broke up,
Jim was so much to the bad that Mrs.
Jim had made up her mind to dis
charge their servant girl as scon as
she reached home.
When the company was gone 1 said
to Clara J.: "Where did you get that
fourth six. and who taught you the
"Oh." she answered with a smile,
"I just picked it up!"
"Which," I said, "the game or the
She never did answer me.
(Copyright by G. W. Dillingham Co.)
Surgical Feat That Is the Most Diffi
cult Performance Known to
the Profession.
Gold, for the first time In the his
tory of ocular science, has been sub
stituted for the natural jellylike sub
stanco in which an artificial eye is
ordinarily set. In an operation at the
Jefferson hospital at Philadelphia
gold was used to form the eyeball,
with the result that the glass eye
has all the appearance of a real eye.
The fixed and stony stare which fol
lows the insertion of a glass eye is
replaced by the life and light asso
ciated with the sparkling eye of na
ture. This surgical feat, one of the
most difficult of performance known
to the practise, is considered by spe
cialists as unique in the annals of
ainrvelous operations.
William Senseman. a fifteen-year-old
boy of Buffalo, is the person who
is now carrying gold in his eye with
the same composure as he might car
ry that precious metal in his iceth.
Ten days ago he was playing in
the basement of his home. With a
hatchet he struck the concrete floor
ing. The cement was shattered and
one of the bits flew into his eye. The
tiny hit of cement pained his eye for
a time, but as the pain soon vanished,
the boy and his parents thought that
the particle had been naturally dis
lodged. Unfortunately, the sight of that eye
grew fainter and fainter. Then one
day the boy realized that blindness,
total blindness, had set in.
The hoy and his parents came to
the Jcfferron hospital. The X-ray
failed to locate the particle. Mathe
matical methods were then employed,
and the exact position of the bit of
cement was determined.
Then an incision was made, so that
the magnet could be used to draw it
out. lint the magnet had no attrac
tion for the cement and that plan
failed. IJlood poisoning was feared,
and it was necessary to remove tho
whole eye.
To this the boy and his parents ob
jected on the ground that a giass
eye vas so conspicuous. Thereupon
the surgeon were inspired to at
tempt tho daring operation by which
tho golden eyeball was set in the
empty socket. Then the glass eye.
or pupil, was fitted carefully into
tho golden ball.
The 1 rained observer ion of the spe
cialist would be required to detect tho
real from the false eye.
Department Store Manager Says That
Women Haven't Anything on Male
Folks in That Game.
The manaser of tho men's section of
a department store uncoiled a little
slam at the he-sex tho other day.
"Tho time has ahcut arrived." said
ho. "for male persons to stop giving
their women folks tho comic supple
ment chortle over their, the women's,
bargain-hunting activities.
"Wl.yfcr? Hecause in these days
women haven't got a single thing on
the nn!c foiks as bargain counter
P.onds. Then men are just as keen on
the trail of tho marked down stuff as
the women, and they're every hit as
pushy and scrappy In their method of
swooping upon tho bargain junk at
"Can't you see that it won't fit you.
you loh?" growled the grabber at the
man from whose head he had snatched
iio rat. "And it's just my size." he
added as he put it on. and he loped up
to one nf tho clerks, stuffed $1,125 into
the dork's hand and vamoosed like a
man running away from a cloudburst.
"'Well, of all the gall! grunted tho
man from whose head tho bonnet had
been snatched.
"'He was dead right.' growled tho
fellow in the rear rows who'd ob
served the Incident. 'Whatchoo want
to do hang around up front there all
day and give nobody else a chance?
"It's only in quite recent years, you
see. that men have come to appreciate
tho cleverness of the woman's idea
in buying bargain stuff out of season.
"Yes. it's time to dlspenso with this
comedy about women bargain hunters.
They're k-nn and nifty at that work,
but they haven't got anything what
ever on the male folks at that kind of
work these days."
This Cat Hare! to Kill.
When threshing operations were in
progress at a farm in Sherwood For
est, near London. England, a few days
ago. two workmen heard a faint mew
ing proceeding from the inside of tho
Etack built seventeen days previous
ly and presently discovered the farm
house cat that had been missing du
ring that interval.
Would Still Be Wcrk.
Rusty Rufus Say, Tom. wouldn't
it bo great ef youse could git all de
eat an' drink youse wanted by jist
prossin a Tectric button?
Tired Thomas It shore would ef
I lied somebody ter press de button
fcr me.
Dangerous Weapons.
Redd Do you think they will ever
use automobiles In battles?
Greene Well, if they want to mni
a slaughter house of the battlefield
they will! Yonkers Statesman,
Twin Extravagances.
"I don't suppose there is anything
gets out of date Quicker than a wom
an's hat?"
"Unless it is a battleship."
Some people are too fresh but the
same thing can't be said of eggs.
Pneumonia nd Consumption are al
ways preceded bv an ordinary cold. Hani
lins Wizard Oil rubbed into the chert
draws out the inflammation, breaks up
the cold and urevents all sericui trouble.
A bachelor girls' club Is an associa
tion of women who think they ara
more likely to get husbands by pre
tending not to want them.
Leri Sincle Binder 5c cigar stasis
quality most 10c cigars.
It isn't every hall player who
make a hit on the stage.
im .
AYegctable Preparation for As
similating iheFoodandnegula
ling Ihc Stomachs and Bowels of
Promotes Dicslion,Cheerful
nessand Rcst.Contains neither
Opium. Morphine nor Mineral
Not Narc otic
n.vpt tfoidDrSAMuumunr
Wiitkfjrttm 7mm
Ancrfrct Remedy forConsllpa-
(ion . Sour Stomach.Diarrhoea,
acss and LOSS OF SLEEP.
facsimile Signature of
The Centaur Company
Guaranteed under the Foodan
mmmmmmmmammmmmmmaam i
ii I
V !WvBrraaBaBBaBBv I
aaaaaajaaw , , , iai.mi f?T! if (WTTTfT7,TTTT7TTTTTffTfffflW
aaBaaaaaaaaaaaamaaaa -aavB..MbamaaaaaaaBawaaaaaaaaVT
Eases wopy o wia vmnim9mmmT.nwwmmmn. f
- a
Dry Your Clothes on a Wet Washday
With a New Perfection Oil Heater
- -'- 'gg"ar
It gives fust as much heat as you desire. It Is safe, odortet
and smokeless.
It has an automatic-locking flame spreader, which
)revents the wick from being turned high enough co smoke, and
s easy to remove and drop back, so the wick can be quickly
cleaned. Burner body or gallery cannot become wedged, be
cause of a new device in construction, and can always be easily
unscrewed for rewicking.
An indicator shows the amount of oil In the font. Filler-cap doeanot need
to be screwed down, but is put in like a cork in a bottle, snd is attached to tbe
font by a chain. Finished in japan or nickel, strong and durable, well-msde, built
for service and yet light and ornamental. It has a cool handle and a damper top.
DmknEmykn. If m at
aajaaaaaBF to ut mtartst agr a Urn Baaajpv
jfW Standard Oil Company Hk,
3 3.50 & 4 SHOES STCoSfS
Boys Shoes. S2.00. s2.50 A S3.00. Best im the world.
W.UDttmlmm $3AO,93.6Q mmt tt.OOmhumm I D,
arm mmakhrmtytmm mmat mtattm ammmmmt mmm I ixe that
utmr mhmmm tmm thmmrtcmln AtmmHma, mtHtmrm I my shoe
thm momt ocawmfea ahmma fmm jr tm Aiqr. a a
standard for orer 30 years, that I make and sell mora $3.00. $3lO and
$1.00 shoea than anr other manufacturer In tha U.S.. and that DOLLAR
foil 1KLLAK, I eiUAJIASTEE MY SHOES to hold theirthape. look
and fit better, and wear longer than say other $3.00. JIM or $4 00 shoea
tou can bur? Quality counts. It haa mada say shoes TMJ5 l.EADKKa
or the worl:.
loa will te pleased when yon bay my saoas beeaasa or toa friiirfias
flt and appearance, and when it cornea tlma for you to pnrehasa f 9r M .. w. L.
another pair, joa will be mora thaa pleased baoaaaa tha last VnSSfrrtTmm !&
ones wore to well, and rave Ton ao much comfort. am Un
ftailTIAU f None rrau'.oe without W. I- Dourlaa
wMW I IVIW .naineandDrlraitaiEwdoa the bottom.
it jocr dsaler cannot tavsll yon with W.I- Donglaa Shore, w
Household Lubricant
Is specially selected for any need In tho
home. Saves tools from rusting. Cancan
not break. Does not cum or become rancid.
tutors (rwywlsn
to arlL tala faawaa aew baak.
Brlaa lto turn famine M-
jour locauiy. a5T
MBonoiy ox "in
coaaBltalon. iMwl
aeaavv Chsriss ScrisiisrtSaas
1M (B, a.1 rata a.
llf n' L kmrinslTirkl.bniaM lj U-mvm.
tJWre-rrofolnna IHcaw.TartroaTloTajr,
do!nt iiirers.ieraruM inrrm. j
lar.MIlk tg.rayrS.ratUMMwa,rMMlya'a
fcUat. Bj aallMa, J.T.AlXUJpUaJUBjjaae
ma bb
Haver TaOa
matv ia
W. N. U- OMAHA, NO. 4S-1S1I.
For Infant! and Children,
The Kind You Have
Always Bought
Sears the
For Over
Thirty Years
i 111!
When clothes can't be hung
outside, and must be dried in a
room or cellar, the New Perfection
Oil Heater quickly does the work
of sun and air. You can bang up
the wet clothes, light your Perfec
tion Oil Heater, open the damper
top, and the heat rises and quickly
dries the clothes.
Do not put off washing to
await a sunny day in order to avoid
mildew. Dry your washing any
day with hot air from a
Ahnktcb mtMtn ol lirfaat
ytmn. wrtk fort
beca tha
ill. for Hall Ontor Cataloa.
mpmrm. c.JsrwcKlaas
Will Keep Your
soft as a glove
tough as a wire
black as a coal
(lacerpo rated)