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Cures all blood humors, all
eruptions, clears the complex
ion, creates an appetite, aids
digestion, relieves that tired
feeling, gives vigor and vim.
Got It today. In usual liquid form or
tablets calk-d Sarsatabs. 109 Doses SI.
Act of Militant Suffragette That Waa
Too Arbitrary to Be Upheld
by the Court.
The results that may ensue from
being married to a suffragette were
revealed the other day in a London
(Kng.) suburban police courL Mrs.
Tunnicliffe took up the cause and was
not able to spend much time at home.
When the husband remonstrated she
f-imuly commanded her daughter to
pack hr father's gripsack and there
and then ordered him out of the house.
He went and then the lady sued him
for desertion and demanded alimony.
"Hut surely you did not take it so
feebly'" asked the magistrate of the
"It was no use objecting," was the
iiiiswer. "She wanted to be master and
said that if I annoyed her she would
jock mf up. I only too ansious to
go back home, but she would not let
The case was dismissed.
Funeral Ceremonies of Edward
VII. Attended by Representa
tives of All Nations.
For Three Days Subjects of the Late
Monarch View Remains Lying in
State Final Observances at
Royal Palace of Windsor.
United Doctors Release Mr. Pflug (
From Disease After Five Years
of Suffering.
Jacob I'flug. one of the most pros
perous and influential farmers of east
ern Nebraska, makes a statement in
regard to the United Doctors, those
expiTt medical specialists who have
their Omaha institute at 21)2 Neville
block, that is worth the attention of
every bick person. Anyone who is in
doubt about this matter should write
to .Mr. Pllug. or to the bank at Papil
lion, to ask about Mr. Pllug's standing
and reliability. Hero is his state
ment: Papillion. Neb., July 20. 1909.
I want to say to sick people that
for fifty years I was a farmer living
near Sarpy Mills. Five years aj.t 1 be
gan to run down, got rheumatism. .i::d
it got so bad I couldn't walk. My
stomach would not digest the food 1
ate. I was bloated all the time; my
liver would not do its work properly,
and I was dizzy and sick to my itom
ach. I was so nervous that I could not
bleep nights. The muscles all over my
body would jerk, and finally 1 became
to bad that I was unable to attend to
uiiy of my business.
I had taken treatment during all
this time from the best physicians I
could find in Omaha and the towns
surrounding my home, all of whom
did me no good and I continued to
get worse until finally my wife helped
me to the office of the Vnited Doctors
In the Neville block, corner Sixteenth
und Harney streets. This was on the
eighteenth day of April. The doctor
gave me a thorough examination and
told me he could not make me a boy
ugain, but would make me lots better.
I commenced treatment at once.
Hiuim iour weeKs i uau uegun to Im
prove, and now. at the end of three '
uiouuis. i am iceiing well in every
respect and do all the work about the j
farm. Yesterday I due notatoes and '
painted six rods of fence In half a
day, and my wife and I put up two
tons of alfalfa by ourselves.
I cannot say enough in praise of
the United Doctors and what they
bave done for me. Jacob Pflug.
London. Eng. With all the pomp
and formal obser-ances befitting the
obsequies of the ruler of a great na
tion. King Edward's funeral pageant
on :uay zi Is classed as the most Im
posing ceremonial In the history of
Great Britain's capital.
The streets through which the pro
cession passed were lined with upward
of C0.000 picked troops of the British
army, and among the mourners were
the rulers of every country in Europe,
or their representatives. In this as
sembly ex-President Roosevelt rode as
the special envoy of the United States, j
-!. iioiior oeing accorded Americas
distinguished representative.
At a conservative estimate 700.000
persons passed through Westminster
hall to look upon the coffin of the king
lying in state. Barriers were built, by
means of which the people were
ushered through In four lines at the
rate of 18.000 an hour. The body of
the late king was not exposed to view.
The mourners saw only the coffin,
with the official regalia and heaps of
Queen Mother Chose Hymns.
The hymns sung at the service at
Windsor were all of the queen moth
er's choice. They were "My God. My
Father. While I Stray." "Now the La
borer's Task Is O'er." and "I Heard a
Voice From Heaven."
Scotland yard had all Its detectives
on duty, and these were reinforced by
a hundred more from continental
cities. All visitors were watched, but
there was little real fear of anarchistic
would have been able to enter The
chapel was draped with violet hang
ings. Violet was the predominant tone of
all the funeral drapings and public
decorations, it being well known that
King Edward greatly disliked the
gloom given by black draperies.
The service held In Westminster
abbey did not form any part of the
royal funeral. It was a memorial
service held especially for those mem
bers cf the bouse of lords and bouse
of commons, who were unable to go
to Windsor.
Electric standards were fixed around
the place in Westminster kail where
the catafalque stood. The public was
admitted until ten o'clock at night
The catafalque occupied the spot on
which Gladstone's catafalque stood.
The Court at Windsor.
The court removed to Windsor the
day before the funeral. The arch
bishop of Canterbury, assisted by
Cauon Wllberforce, conducted a short
service at Westminster hall on the ar
rival of the body on May 17. The
members of both houses of parliament
attended this service.
Neither M. Loubet. M. Delcasse nor
M. Clemenceau formed part of the
French mission to attend the funeral
of King Edward. Premier Briand in
tended to go. but also gave up the
idea, owing to the fact that Emperor
William was there. Under these cir
cumstances the mission was purely
formal. It consisted of M. Pichon.
minister of foreign affairs; General
Dalstein. military governor of Paris;
Admiral Marquis and an attache rep
resenting President Fallieres
Roosevelt Among the Monarch.
Ex-President Roosevelt, who was
named as special envoy of the United
i States to attend the funeral of King
Edward, was presented to King George
soon after his arrival In London. Mr.
Roosevelt occupied a place with the
visiting mouarchs in the funeral pro
cession and attended the burial at
Jackies Drew Carriage.
King George being so closely
identified with the navy, the naval con
tingents took a prominent, part In the
ceremonies. Bluejackets drew the
gun carriage to Windsor, as they did
the carriage which bore the body of
Victoria, although on that occasion
they did so because the horses be
came restive.
Soldiers from the king's company,
grenadier guards, kept sentry watch
Hints For Hostess
Suggestions for Entertainments, and
Other Matters of Moment, Edit
ed by Madame Merri
Fortune Telling
arawmmmma mawm
ISP If frri
"I Jot trvu'i--J.u?'l '"'"' "-a -: i
$t mHmmmlwm3t' .?S3T?V A dSf'T' mk Bt
i-jv- -V -xrj Ur c.Xv4 3 W i r g lMidrrr7
-: ini
"", !M-B--l
,i ,.; v'' 7BVI
sVi'l'A'.S'.i "' .v'y! JVfHFi
mM$&im HHH
iS:.:-yhl ,.: :r.;v-; 1gJMB
The Sweet Girl Graduate.
This is the season when the "sweet
girl graduate" comes Into her own.
Nearly all f "? letters for several
weeks past bave been from either ju
nniors or the "grave and reverend se
niors" who are filled with anxiety as
to the proper thing to do, and the
juniors are so anxious to do them
selves proud In the preliminary enter
tainments for the graduating class.
Next to the weeding day there Is no
more important occasion than per
haps the day the bud makes her bow
to society, and not all girls do that;
most of them, however, are pretty
sure to graduate and marry. In this
age of elaborate entertainments those
for the young woman just leaving the
schoolroom have their full quota of
elegance. At a recent affair given for
the graduating class of a fashionable
school the centerpiece was a silver
basket filled with pink moss; instead
of a real silver receptacle, a basket
gilded or silvered would be equally
as effective. Candies of pink with
silver shades and place cards cut and
tinted in exact rose shades added
much to this color de rose table. The
nut holders carried out the same idea,
for they were tiny pink roses, the pa
per cases being inclosed in silken rose
petals. The Ice cream was in shape
of pink roses with stem and leaves of
green candy. At each place was a
long-stemmed rose, to which was tied
a small pink bag of satin which con
tained the graduate hostess' gift to her
classmates lovely amethyst pins.
Graduation presents are now upper
most in every one's mind, and belt
pins, hat pins, bracelets and collar
pins are all safe purchases set with
semiprecious stones, and any girl
would be delighted with a bit of real
Irish lace in lorm of stock, collar or
to put down the meaning opposite
Ad. lib.. At pleasure' R. S. V. P... Answer
J no John) If you please
F. O. B Free onJEt al And others
bnardjnbl Oarre!
Pk ParkJFla Florida
A. D..ln the year of i Viz .Against
our Lord (AnnolKs Kansas
Domlni)Clk Clerk
EMs Elizabeth) Hdkf.. Handkerchief
Vs Ajjalnstjjac Jacob
N. B Note wel!.MUe... Mademoiselle
or take notice) Fahr..... Fahrpnheit
Ga GeorgialPkgs Packages
Mfg. ManufarturingjC O. D. Cash oi
I. E. That Is) collect oa delivery
Can Canadaj
Does not take into consideration the oae f wfHtiel to won
a't happiness oaucly health.
The woman who neglects her health is neglectia. tho
Tery foundation oi all good fortune. For without health
love loses its lustre and gold is but dross.
Womanly health when lost or impaired may generally be
regained by the we of Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription.
TMIs Mrescrlptlem km, tormverMO yean,
ee curlai delicate, weak, palawTack4
wmmto, ky tkm JkauteTreefs mi tkamsaa
mm this t Im tkm privacy mt tkeJr kmmtem
witkeat tkelr- kawimt tm mmkmUt tm lamell.
cate mmmatimmlmia mm mfXemairely rmmmm
maat cxamtlaattmms.
Sck women are invited to consult Dr. Pterte fcv letter
wU "Pd sacredly confidential. Address World's Dispensary
M!lcLA"oc,at,on' R V He". M. D.. President, Bafalo, N. Y.
Da. Pierce's Gkbat Family Docto Book, The People's Common Sense
Medical Adviser, newly revised up-to-date edition 1000 pages, answers is
Plata English hosts of delicate qaestions which every woman, single or married,
ongbt to know aboet. Sent free, m plain wrapper to any address oa receipt of
21 onecent stamps to cover mailing only, or in cloth binding for 31 stamps.
A Letter Party.
People of older growth as well as
children eniov this after-dinner nas-
i time. The questions are all to be an
I swered by one, two or three letters.
Of course the hostess will keep the
key herself, just writing the questions
for her guests:
Name a bevoras T
Name a common bird J
Name one of tlie human organs I
What Is jealousy? N V
What Is It to surpass others? X I.
Name a summer dress Koods P K
Name the condition of winter pave-
Name ji rnuntry In Knsland S X
Name too much of something X S
Name a sailor'." response f i
Name a creeping plant I V
Name a kind of pepper K N
Name a void M T
Name a composition S A
Name a mournful poem L E G
An Abbreviation Party.
Each hostess may compile her own
list for this contest, but I give the
ones below as suggestions. The abbre
viations are to be written, the players
A Storekeeper Says:
"A lady came into my store lately and said :
"'I have been using a New Perfection Oil Cook-Stove all winter
in my apartment. I want onenow for my summer home. X think
Pertaining to Children.
The correspondent who wished a
fitting prayer and several quotations
maj find the ones given below to her
a rim.ivs FirtsT rrtAvnrt.
.tecus. tender Shepherd, hear me.
Bless thy Ilttl lamb tonight.
Through the darkness be thou near m.
Keep me safe "till morning light. Amen.
Childhood. That spring of springs!
Tis surely or.o or the blesscdest thing
That nature ever invented. Hood.
In order to manage children well. w
must borrow their eyes and their hearts,
see ami feel as they do. and judge them
from their own point of view. I pray
God to make parents reasonable.
Two Pretty Designs
From St. George's chspel, within the precincts cf this palace of the late
king his body was borne to the mausoleum.
over the body in the throneroom at
The Critic That picture looks like
3.3 cents.
Poor Artist I'll take a quarter cash
for It.
No Need to Longer Suffer from Kidney
Mrs. Catherine Sullivan, 1712 Mof
fatt St., Joplin, Mo., says: "Like most
elderly people. I suffered from kidney
trouble for years. My back ached in
tensely and ther6
was a feeling of
numbness In my
rpine. My hands
cramped and the
urinary passages
were profuse. Doc
tors prescribed for
me but I was not
benefited. At last I
began taking Doan's Kidney Pills.
They drove my troubles away, and I
now enjoy excellent health."
Remember the name Doan's
ror sale by all dealers. 50 cents a
box. Foster-Milburu Co., Buffalo. N. Y.
V' -A vv ''
attempts, because It was known that
every one under surveilance would be
deported from England if any trouble
were caused on this occasion, and it
was not likely that the persons of the
anarchist type would give up volun
tarily their safest refuge in Europe.
The procession to Westminster hall
May 17 for the lying in state was al
most on as great a scale as the fu
neral procession. The cortege included
King George and all the foreign sov
ereigns on horseback, and the queen
mother and tiie royal ladles in car
riages. When the funeral procession started
every street car In London came to a
standstill for a quarter of an hour. All
the public houses in London were
closed while the procession was pass
ing. No Distinction Shown.
There was no distinction as to per
son nor were there any ticket privi
leges for the lying in state in West
minster hall. All had to take their
turn in line.
At St. George's chapel, at Windsor,
from whence the body was carried to
its final resting place the carved
stalls were removed in order to give
place to timber seating. Otherwise
not a tenth of those entitled to attend
Buckingham palace. They were re
lieved each hour. With simple cere
mony some one of the visiting royal
ties entered the room every now and
then, and the widowed queen went
there frequently.
Body In Magnificent Tomb.
The body of King Edward lies with
that of his immediate ancestors in the
magnificent mausoleum at Frogmore
in the Home park of Windsor castle!
In this structure, erected by Queen
Victoria at a cost of $1,000,000. Prince
Albert Edward, father of the late
king, was laid to rest in 1861. In the
same year Queen Victoria's mother
the duchess of Kent, was buried in an
elaborate tomb In the grounds near by
In 11)01 Queen Victoria herself was
buried In the mausoleum beside ber
The structure is probably one of the
most elaborate of the kind in exist
ence. It was planned In minute detail
by Queen Victoria as a memorial to
the prince consoit. Tbe general pub
lic Is not admitted to the chamber
where lie tbe royal bodies in two im
mense sarcophagi, but the spot is a
great magnet for tourists, dozens of
whom inspect the marble mausoleum
yoi m i ill, i "
these oil stoves are wonderful,
comfort they are, they would all have
one. I spoke about my stove to a Jot
of my friends, and they were aston
ished. They thought that there was
smell and smoke from an oil stove, and
that it heated aroom just like any other
stove. I told them of my experience,
and ons after another they got one, and
now, not one of them would give hers
up for five times its cost.' "
The lady who said this had thought
an oil stove was all right for quickly
heating milk for a baby, ir boiling a
kettle of water, or to make coffee
quickly in the morning, but she never
dreamed of ucing it for difficult or
heavy cooking. Now she knows.
Do you really appreciate what a New
Perfection Oil Cook-Stove means to you ? No
more coal to carry, no more coming to th
dinner table ao tired out that you can't eat.
lust light a Perfection Store and immediately
the beat from an intense blue flame aboota
up to the bottom of pot. kettle or oven. But
the room isnt heated. There is no amolce, no
raetl, no outside heat, no drudgery in tha
fcitcaca where one of these stoves la used.
If only women knew what a
MW CammauMt Hate: Baaure If
m you get this atove see W v
that the name-plate
rcada New Perfection-" m
2Vew Perget ioit
Oil Cook-stove
It has a Cabinet Top with a shelf for keeping plates and food hot. The
nickel finish, with tbe bright blue of the chimneys, makes the stove ornamental
and attractive. Made with 1, 2 and 3 burners; tbe 2 and 3-burner stoves
can be had with or without Cabinet.
Every dealer everywhere ; if not at yours, write for Descriptive Cirenla
to the nearest agency cf the
Standard Oil Company
Glorious Colorado
No one can say he has seen the world
until he has seen "Colorado."
Write for the books that
picture and describe it
Electric block signals dining car meals
and service "Best in the World"
via the
Union Pacific
"The Safe Road"
Ask sbevt ear perssasly ccadected toars te YeKswsteae Nstieasl jfsrk ;
For full information, tickets, etc address
E. L. LOMAX, G. P. A.
Union Pacific R. R. Co.
Omaha, Nebraska
Never let matters come to an open
His Future.
Ella What did your r.gcd suitor say
when he proposed to you?
Stella Will you be my widow?
. . . l - rla,n an1 Inflammation iruzn !i.t-!ni
ft ?,nT bt"s.. Th "d allay th. awrH
itching of mosquito :5c. r ud ic bottlea
There may be people who think they
always get their money's worth, but
we never met any of them.
nr. rie-r' PIraant IVIIp; rrcula and invlr
nie -u.mich. litrrr and WtwvU. l-ncar-coa:2.
tin j. crannies, ca t-j to take. 1-oi.ui gripe.
It is the aim of the man behind the
gun to mnke his mark.
Smo!;ers like Leans' S'mzle Binder
cigar lor its rich, mellow qualm-.
Is what jou are worrying about
realir worth while7
Tragedies of the Sea
As vessels starting from ports thou
sands of miles apart pass close to each
other in the naked breadth of tbe
ocean, nay. sometimes eveu touch, in
the dark, with a cracK of timbers, a
gurgling of water, a cry of startled
6leepers a cry mysteriously echoed in
warning drrams. as the wife of some
Gloucester fisherman, with coasting
skipper, wakes with a shriek, calls the
name of her husband, and sinks back
to uneasy slumbers upon ber lonely
pillow a widow Doctor Holmes.
"Professor at the HreaKiast iauie.
That Depends.
Miss A. Does yor Lusbasd consid
er you a necessity or a luxury?
Mrs. B. It depends, my dear, on
whether I -m cooking his dinner or
asking him for a new dress. Boston
Just a Little Exercise.
he elevator conductor of a tall of
fice building, noticing that the colored
janitor had ridden up with him fcer.
-erci umes that morning, remarked:
Sam. this is the fifth time I have
. taken you up. but you have not come
I down with me" "Well, you see"
I Sam replied. "Ah been washin" win-
dows on de 'leventh floor, and every
u aim agin' Ah misses nah hold
and falls out." Success Magazine.
West Virginia Snake Crao
The snake crop In Cabell county Is
said to be unusually good this year
and farmers report It Is no unusual
thing to kill nine or ten In the course
of ploughing a field. They are prin
cipally or the black snake variety and
have not been so numerous in manv
years. Huntington Correspondence o'f
uteung intelligencer.
Cloth Costume.
CLOTH COSTUME. Here Is a use
ful costume of Amazon cloth in a
dark shade of brown; the skirt has
double plaits at front and back.
The Jacket is one of the newest
shapes that has a piece let in at the
lower part of side, curving up at the
waist hne; the right front fastens
over below bust with two large round
ed tabs, which are ornamented with
velvet-colored buttons and cord loops;
they are fastened by hooks and eyes
or press studs. The collar is faced
with velvet.
Hat of brown felt, trimmed with a
feather mount.
Materials required for costtae:
9 yards 48 Inches wide. 6 buttons. i
yard velvet. S yards lining silk for
Walking Costume.
t Jacket.
Walking Costume. This Is a amart
little costume of gray tweed; the
skirt is arranged in wide plaits
stitched rather more than half way
down; it Is cut to escape the ground
by two inches all round.
The coat Is a short pattern, the
long rovers which finish the top are
crossed over below the bust, the out
standing pieces being buttoned to
gether. The sleeves are finished by
silk-faced cuffs to match the revers.
Hat of gray straw trimmed with a
large bunch of Neapolitan violets and
Materials required: 7' yards 46
inches wide. f yards silk for lining
jacKet. -j yard silk for facings.
160 Acres Land Free
In Colorado. Good water, rich soil,
fine climate. Write W. F. Jones. 750
Majestic lUdg., Denver, Colo., for free
Book and Map of Land.
If you would please your neighbor
say less than you think.
Saaator DaMvar, ff lava, says: r
.aajcrrast or eateraBts from tbo United 8u.Ua
1 il will nHiunoo.
jwaator J.llir TMntl rnM m
Mit u eu rn uaua:a.
I ana wijut "Tnrro Is
. - . I
Tel! tlio dealer you want a Lewis'
Single hinder t.traiglit 5c cigar.
Don't criticise a fool; fools can't
help belntr foolish.
Mr. Wlnotow'a Soothtnc Syrnp.
FnrchllUrrn tfthinjf. wiftrn'ith.-turns, rrrluc In
SjnitiTiUuD.alljyuun..uru;niuU.t.ic. XrCfeUtili.
Self-love Is the only kind that puts
a man In the undertaker's hands.
Not Worthy of Notice.
"No. we hate decided cot to have
anything more 10 do with ber. Sue
really isn't in our set. When she
tarted for Europe last fall she never
eceived a single steamer letter."
Rose Maklna
Roses for the summer hat are made
of whatever pretty lace you have in
the house. Cream, white or black is
used, and sometimes a combination of
two tones, with the lighter for the cen
ter, will make more effective work.
The formation of the rose depends
upon the folding of the lace round a
given center upon the feeling of the
worker. It may be a thing of beauty,
a triumph of art such as the French
milliner will bring forth by her genius,
or a mere stiff little twisty thing of
lace looking very little like the flower
for which it is named. Examine the
hand-made rose. The art of rose-making
may be acquired if we bave it
The Way of Mankind.
"De world." said uncla Khpn -i.
sumpin like a baseball game. Some o
de men dat make de mos' fus is Jes
rootJn' an' not doln' a bit o de rea
Oily Skin.
The girl with the oily skin should
have a bottle of the following lotion
on her dressing table and use it sev
eral times a day. washing over the
face with a piece of gauze or old linen
-saturated in the lotion: One ounce of
mlverized borax, two ounces of pure
;lycerin and two quarts of camphor
When Usina a Plisse.
The plaited frill down the front or a
shirt waist may be fastened on most
effectively under five scallops which
lap from right to left. -
Eacii scallop Is finished along its
edge with smaller button-holed scal
lops, and the center front is covered
with a floral design Just within th
i ne piauea mil also Is scalloped to
match, and may be fastened securely
to the scalloped edge of the shirt
waist; or else to the plain edge by
buttons and button holes, so that it is
removable for laundering.
This last is a most serviceable
method, and Is more graceful in ap
pearance, since the five loose scallops
He easily upon the plisse and are less
stiff than If they were sewed fast
To Clean Copper.
To clean the copper bottom of your
boiler, wash it with a solution of salt
and vinegar, using as much salt as
the vinegar will dissolve. AddIt it
with a woolen rag. rubbing vigorously
and the surface will soon appear a
stain-free and bright as when new.
HmmaVlftjlTammWBAmmBl I
(lIlK Ihiasll
tha irnxmj cf to mint
fir A'lln T4&ktnv u
IOWA furmftia tlnnu.Ta
Our pruplv nre ptooac4
with iu 0rnai'nt and
trotfoa t law. ar.a Ihrj i
ten of ar.a
tbyrntJ coining.'
fMB:ln.f .iK....! t..
fB ramrra who mn:o C-wi.-ula
their boirte U urine lOiiu.
durlnaTjearadilud fntbeutiilclt
of tbe co ns) Cry wpwnrtl of
drain growing-, mhnl r.irm
taC. rnttlo rnblti artl lalr j ln
are nil profitable. jKrc lfrme-
" w iw acrmi art to l
ICO acre Fro-rmpt:.nH jit fJ.txt
pr arr within crrlal:i urrn.
ociTOoia ami rnun-lM-. In r,r
UenM-nt. cliaiafn Mnt-ircif.
SMv ".cnjuai Mnt-irfifctl.
tjjorlclirit.wooil. u;tf rriuuJ
vuiMuojr material pit-mijul.
TflP tvipf milt.n.tA I. ..I t...
ftOenj r-tilwnr rn I df;r:-
iim jMaiTUnl
I txu-.iil.ttt. "lj-tt
n1 nt
Rn nr.. -t:.. ..--'
tlon. wriio to hap' cf I -mlirr-tion.
tfttitn.-i. flin.. or to LitaiMiiau
Uevetumcct Acnt.
swBllMtlCf- Grto,M.
(I.'vadilrrmnrarijoij.) (3)
P. a a. coimzu.
M-rSU5iT,i3'.lt- Wrtta for Proof. Advto Fie.
. uuuu nana iwi oi . rBiiaaeipBia. ia
er Morphine HaMtTreatart. I
rree trul. Cues where tlner ,
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